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Being–Becoming–Finality Holon

This posting completes the concept explanation of the eight Chinese Manada Holon, i.e., the 靈-魂-魄— 身-心-靈—精-氣-神 Holon. At the same time, the posting introduces for the first time the Mind Holon (and the Brain Holon), namely, Soul-Mind—Spirit-Mind—Heart-Mind. Remember Soul-Mind is defined as Brain-Soul interaction, and Spirit-Mind as Brain-Spirit interaction. Thus, Heart-Mind is Brain-Heart interaction. Remember also, Heart-Brain is connected in a common acu-point circuit. It is the Brain that possesses the knowledge—believe—Intention. It is the Brain that commands our Free Will. Remember also, spiritual reincarnation happens at the Brain-Death moment, i.e., at the moment the physical brain dies. This moment is infinite, yet it is just a Moment of Now as viewed in the spirit. Remember, spirit has no space and no time. It is the responsibilities of Heart-Mind, via Logic—Science—Humanity of Love, that Creation / Co-Creation and ascension happen. That is, the Heart must be pure with God’s Love, before the left-right brain can be truly integrated and Creation / Co-Creation happen.

In addition, pure love alone will satisfy the State of Godliness in Self, a state ready for ascension. Completion of the Eight Manada Holon is formulated with the Universe’s Being—Becoming—Finality Holon as shown below. These diagrams formulated the Matter-Being concepts of Channeling-Prophecies.


The Mental Chemistry for 9 —> 3—3—3 is formulated in the diagram shown below.

tem2 1

Next, some examples (mostly in left-brain channeling) of the Being—-Becoming—-Finality Holon are depicted below.

tem2 2

Finally, the Universe’s Being—-Becoming—-Finality can be completed with the following diagram formula.

tem2 3

And the diagram

tem2 4

I shall conclude this posting by saying that if humanity does not puts in a sincere effort to educate itself in understanding Mind—Soul—Spirit as addressed within this Website, especially the last six postings including this one, the chance for humanity to survive (until 2033) is not good. Obviously, this conclusion comes from the belief of this Observer himself. To correctly bring in these Mind—Soul—Spirit concepts for the purpose stated above, the practical sides of this Website need to be addressed.

Before leaving, the Brain Holon(s) will be formulated below.


Communications in the above local—Non-Local Connectivity are in Holon or Holons, i.e., it involves all three components. At each moment, one (and/or two) component may be more active than the other.  Which component(s) and which particular Holon(s) depends on the Observer’s Free-Will—Intention—Reference Frame at that particular Moment of Now.