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Paradigm of Love

This Paradigm of Love [<–> God] is a Holon Paradigm in Free-Will—Mind—Acu-Point, which is illustrated in the diagram below.

This Paradigm of Love will also be examined in the GUT Monopole Scale.

The details of the items illustrated are explained in various Postings within this Website. Furthermore, as stated before, the maturity of the Author’s understanding increases with respect to the progressing posting dates. Thus, the diagram below contains the Author’s most mature understanding on this subject.

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Self-Love is an ascended state defined by the Holon: Kindliness Without [ ]—Sageness Within [聖 人]—Godliness in Self [仙人]. The Chinese Philosophical correspondence to this ascended state is shown below, which connected to the Acu-Point Networks [Ren Mai, Du Mai, and the Chakras].


The Health State of the Chakras together with Ren and Du Mais are computed in the Health Computer, which includes remedies for Perturbed corrections. Remember, the Kingliness Without—Sageness Within—Godliness in Self Holon also connected to health; namely, mind-soul-spirit health.

What remain to completely understand this Paradigm of Love, as diagramed above, are the inner wording of this Self-Programmed Vacuum Computer. John Archibald Wheeler first proposed this computer for explaining the Quantum, as described in the diagram below.

tem2 08-10-40

Besides the Quantum, the Vacuum Computer contains also the Records of What?

What are these Self-Encoded Programs, started with God’s Input Programs that caused this universe to be formed and continue its formation beyond space and time?

The Self-Encoded Records are the Logic-Information imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in the Minds of God, the Minds of the Cosmos, Nature’s Mind, and all Living Minds. These Records contains also the imprint of all the incarnations and their reincarnations in all lifetime for the New, the Old, the Master, and the Ascended Souls in all realities. They are the etheric records, holographic repository of Logic-Information generated by the Mind-Soul-Spirit of all human consciousness. The Logic-Information that makes up the entire Computer Records is the Love generated by each and all Free-Wills—Minds—Acu-Points from gravitons to all living Souls. Every Being (Living or Non-Living) in the Universe contributes to and assesses these Vacuum Records. Because we are all created by the non-local connection to the Logic-Information of Love, our divine birthright includes having access to the divine wisdom and knowledge of these Records through our collective soul-spirit consciousness via the intentions of all the New, the Old, and the Master Soul in each Moment of Now. These are the Logic-Information encoded in this Vacuum Computer, besides the Quantum.


Extending the GUT Monopole Model to Explain the Vacuum Computer and the following mappings between the two Paradigms.


Paradigm of Standard Model <—-> Model of Love


  • Souls of Atoms-Quanta <—-> Wave Functions
  • Points in Feynman Diagrams <—-> Incarnations / Reincarnations of Particles (Wave Functions)
  • Living Souls: Primitive, New, Old, Master <—-> each of their entire incarnation-reincarnation records are encoded in the Computer.

GUT Monopole—Souls In the Universe

The standard model, which most physicists accepted as an adequate description of nature for distances larger than 10 -16 centimeters—the scale size of the W and Z gluons—did not have monopole solutions. But the moment physics went beyond the standard model by attempting to build models that unify the strong color force with the electro-weak force as in GUTs, they found that the topology of field configurations allowed for lots of monopoles. These monopoles, because they occur in GUTs, are called “GUT monopoles.” … The mass is about one hundred times the GUT mass scale (1015 times the proton mass)—about a microgram. This is an immense mass, far larger than the mass of even the smaller macroscopic objects like bacteria. Such GUT monopoles, if they exist, would be wonderful, exotic objects never before seen. … Monopole once considered mere curiosities, were now forced on physicists thinking about the early universe. According to their calculations, there should be many of them—far too many. Where are they?

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The amazing GUT monopoles carry inside them the entire thermal history of the universe. They are amazing onions, with each layer corresponding to an era of the early universe. This history goes all the way back to the time they were created, the time in the early universe when the temperature was so high the GUT symmetry was exact. Heinz R. Pagels: Perfect Symmetry

tem2 2

GUT Scale <—-> Soul Information Storage

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This concludes this Posting. What remains in this research is on the self-program ten dimensional coding mechanism of this Vacuum Computer.