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Deterministic Quantum

Deterministic Creation -> Deterministic Quantum Collapses

To recreate this Universe to its likeness, the accuracy of the creator’s design must be 1 part in [10exp(10)]exp(123). As for the uniqueness of an individual human as compared to other humans, Professor Ayala’s calculation indicates that the average couple could have [10]exp(2017) children before they have one child identical to another. To me this design on both the Universe and the human being can only be explained by the accuracy of God’s vacuum computer. This preciseness definitely suggests a deterministic Creation, and suggests that quantum collapses (output of the computer) are deterministic rather than probabilistic. (See Chapter 5 in the Book)

Creation from Computer Code inside the Logic Vacuum
Versus Co-Creation from the Physical Space of 3-D

The Observer and the Observer’s Frame of References
Frame of Reference for Being

    1. Green -> Particle
    2. Red -> Soul
    3. Blue -> Spirit

1. MIND-SOUL-SPIRIT in a state of knowingness

    Frame of Reference in Being Logic: Heart-Soul and/or Heart-Spirit (Acu-Point States) -> Unconditional-Pure Love and/or Pure Consciousness, respectively

2.  in a state of thinking via correct knowledge

    Frame of Reference in Matter Logic: Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit Actions

3. Internal Observation: module to module communication in Involution logic

    Frame of Reference in Computer Logic: Reading-translating-encoding the Observer’s intention into line-diagram logic and/or executing computer codes

Another set of Reference needs to be considered, which is shown below

Remember, Logic Photon and the Speed of Light are logically connected to the free will neutral line and number 3, see the Book for details.

The Tunnel is the involution-evolution tetraktys/nano-tube and the two base-9 number series, as shown in the previous diagram (namely, 3-6-9 and the music of sphere series).

8-Tunnel Elements are

    Helium–Meta Helium
    Neon–Meta Neon
    Argon–Meta Argon
    Krypton–Meta Krypton
    Xanon–Meta Xanon
    Kalon–Meta Kalon
    Meta Kalon–Kalon
    Radon–Meta Radon

The 27 Isotope Elements are

    Li, F, Na, Cl, K, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Br, Rb, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, I, Cs, Sm, Er, Tm, Re,Os, Ir, Pt, Au, At

Electron Tunneling Elements

    Besides those 10 stated in the previous paper,
    the most important are Adyarium, Occultum

Conclusion: Deterministic Quantum
From the above diagram, the quantum or bio-quantum is a deterministic information particle existing in and as the cluster of H(172). Notice, a quantum is local while the cluster is non-local connecting both sets of the table in the form of a hologram, namely hydrogen(1)–Meta-elements–hydrogen(172). This local/non-local hologram exists in an information vacuum as information-energy, while its collapse forms the energy-mass. It is within the energy-mass that singularity connection between energy in the soul and mass in the particle that entanglement exists. This singularity connection is the Holon Free will–Intention–Consciousness, and thus the origin of non-local/local entanglement between the 3-D world and the soul world. This Holon can also be formulated in connection with the following Holon:

    Free Will -> Logic Photon, connected to photon-phonon coupling and photon-ion coupling
    Intention -> Information and/or magnetic spin potentials -> Monopoles and/or Magnetic Monopoles
    Consciousness -> Teleportation into the Logic Vacuum

Thus, for a deterministic quantum technology shielding this Holon’s unwanted information-entropy is a necessity. Remember, electron tunneling involves the breaking of the space that separated the electron orbits from their nuclei.