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On Reincarnation

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This completion contains the Logic-Potential and the Information-Energy Paths for what I refer to as Soul-Spirit Genetic, which defined and is pre encoded in the Vacuum Computer at the “instant” after the Big Bang and at each Incarnation.

The Universe (Post Heaven + Opened Mind Octagon) including Human Logic is now far away from these steady states, but not at the Instant after the Big as shown in the 4 diagrams presented below. Finally, this Post will formulate the purpose for Time Travel.


tem2 1

tem2 2

tem2 3

This purpose for Time Travel, namely to perfect one’s path of enlightenment in becoming God’s Image, an ascended state (on a return information-energy path) whose logic-information was defined and encoded inside the Vacuum Computer at the instant after the Big Bang for all of us Humans. This path includes the evolution of knowledge and technology; namely the evolution from individual’s right-right maturity to individual’s left-right maturity and finally to humanity’s left-right brain maturity of today.

With this postulate, humanity needs also to understand the words of God (recorded in the Bible, more than 2000 years ago in story format) in today’s scientific-technological language of objectivity. This objectivity “or our brain”, at the present stage, needs the subjectivity of our heart. Now, if we integrated the two into a technology of love, humanity will be at an ascended state, and earth will be a place of heaven.

The Matter-Being Paradigm is my humble contribution toward this initial step toward the beginning of a third Millennial Kingdom beginning in the year 2033. Adding to this beginning is my preliminary testing on the realistic nature of such logic of Karma and Destiny based on the numbers and the birth date’s 10—22—27 formula. These testing are based on 40% of the known formulation on Karma and Destiny that is programmed inside the Webhealth system. The results are very positive at least they prove to me that Karma and Destiny do exist based on these formulas. These testing also indicate to me that the accuracies are very much affected by one’s free wills.