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Participatory Universe Revisit & Paradigm Update

This is the final posting on this Paradigm. To complete the introduction of this Paradigm (with a more mature update), a Bio-Quantum Physics  is suggested base on integrating the Mind-Spirit / Mind-Soul  connections between the 5-branches of  the I-Ching Logic and Occult Chemistry as interpreted in this Website. Furthermore, the Physicists Math Model will also be described in this Final Posting in the context of Matter-Being Paradigm. The Dimension Holon will also be defined in this Posting. Love and Free-Will Dimensions are defined inside this Holon.

There are 150 Postings, as a whole, with the first Posting Posted in Nov 2009. Formulate—Describe—Illustrate this Paradigm is not an easy job due to its [Non-Local]—[Collective-Interconnected]—[Top-Down/Bottom-Up] nature. Some of the concepts Posted in earlier Posting are not complete and confusing even to the Author, as viewed from the perspective of today’s understanding. This is the reason why the Author through out these 149 Postings reminds the reader the fact that the Author’s maturity in Formulating—Describing—Illustrating the concepts hidden inside this Paradigm are progressively increases within each new posting.

There are two key concepts in this Paradigm. These two concepts are in understanding the spaceless-timeless natures of both the Vacuum and the Participatory Universe. Both concepts will be revisit and their clarity updated. The first 4 diagram formulas are on the Vacuum, while the second 3 diagram formulas have to do with the Participatory Universe.




tem2 1


tem2 2


tem2 3

In short, the Holon Realty of Observer—Observed—Reference Frame will not come into full potential, for most humans, until the Millennial Kingdom where the moment of NOW becomes automatic within ones brain function. For these individuals, the Holon of Wisdom—Knowledge—Knowing is accessible in ones free will. Within the Participatory Universe, this Holon state existed inside the Vacuum Computer State and can be assumed to be available to us NOW. This is the hypothesis proposed within the Mind-Being Paradigm. Thus, taken the encoded state inside the Vacuum computer, the needed 33.5 per cent enlighten population (within the NOW Scale, as shown in the above diagram) for mass ascension is definitely available at humanistic quantum jump, if humanity not destroy itself in the process.

Remember, the needed 33.5 per cent has to do with the spirit-logic state. With this, we can now revisit the participatory universe hypothesis as shown in the following three diagram formula.


tem2 4


tem2 5


tem2 6

This Pre-Natal Reincarnation-Ladder connection can be preliminary determined via the 10-27 formula structured within the 5-branches of the Mind-Spirit / Mind-Soul I-Ching Logic, see next section.


The Vacuum can be stated by mappings the 5-branches of I-Ching Pre-Quantum Logic onto Modern Physics to form Post-Modern Physics using the 11-Dimensional Holon as stated in Vaccum-3 above. This is a Mind-Spirit, Mind-Soul Pre-Quantum Logic. See Diagram below.

tem2 7

VACUUM I-CHING LOGIC CONTINUE, at the Present Maturity

tem2 8


tem2 9

This Post Modern Physics starts with the 10-27 Formula. One of the main purposes of this Website is in introducing this Post Modern Physics to the public. This introduction is based on the above 5-Branches of Vacuum Logic. Notice, to formulate this Post Modern Physics both Modern Science and I-Ching Logic must be properly mapped and integrated. In short, this Vacuum Physics is an integration of I-Ching Logic, namely the 27 isotope formula in Occult Chemistry integrated with the 10-27 vacuum dimensions in Mind-Soul-Spirit Self-Health, to form a Post Modern Bio-Quantum Physics.


The Dimension Holon is defined as Base-9 Numbers—Dimensions—Base-10 Numbers. There are both Base-9 Qualitative Dimensions and Base-10 Quantitative Dimensions. The Base-9 Dimensions are formed by the Spirit-Mind Operator. These are the Vacuum Dimensions in Spirit-Logic illustrated in the Vacuum-3 Diagram. The Base-10 Dimensions are the Dimensions of Macro Objects (formed by the Brain Operator) defined in 4-Dimensions of space and time outside the Vacuum.  Interacting between the two forms the 10-Dimensions of Strings and Branes. These Interacting Dimensions are formed by the collapse of Logic-Information of the Spirit onto Information-Energy of the Soul via the Soul-Mind Operator.

In short, Dimension are formed inside the Holon Operator of Spirit—Mind—Brain/Heart. The Diagram shown below is an attempt to illustrate some of these interacting Base-9 and Base-10 Dimensions. Both the Love (via the Spirit-Mind Operator) and the Free Will (via the Brain Operator) Dimensions are shown in this Diagram below.


One More Update

THE HOLON OF BEING-MATTER CONSERVATION: This is the Conservation between Observer [O] and the Observed [O*] formulated as follow:


In short, one can also say that this Final Posting is a complete Update on the Matter-Being Paradigm (with a higher maturity).

From what is presented here, this Paradigm definitely provides a Holon Theory of Everything, not only in Physics but also in Metaphysics and Everything Else. This explains the positive-negative health of low frequency electro-magnetic radiations (e.g., cell-phone etc), electro-acupuncture (e.g., Vega testing etc), and other psychic-spiritual phenomena. At the same time, this Paradigm resolved the controversies of the Schrodinger’s Cat, Velocity of Light restriction, and integrates Quantum Physics with Relativity.


Scientific Discovery, in this Paradigm, is created by the Mappings between Observer’s Spirit Mind and Involution Logic encoded in God’s Vacuum Computer. The result is governed by the Observer’s Frame of Reference.


Used as an example in the above diagram is today’s discovery of the Higgs Particle provides the following mappings: Logic Intention —-> the Logic Higgs interaction, Reference Frame —-> Standard Model of Elementary Particles, External Energy Structure (part 2 of the Reference Frame) —-> CERN Atom Smasher.

Notice, within the Matter-Being Paradigm, there is no difference between Creation by the Soul-Mind Intentions of the Ancient and Creation by Spirit-Mind Intentions of the Physicists. However, Creation that is 1-1 onto mapping between Involution logic and intentional logic requires the intentions of an integrated Spirit Mind and Soul Mind via Base-9 (Ancient) /Base-10 (Modern) Integration. Creation in this Post Modern Full Brain Maturity, the External Energy Structure will be replaced by extracting Free Energy from the Monopole—Mind—Dipole Holon.