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QA: What is the Formula for Information

This posting opens the experimental phase for the Matter-Being Project, namely to extract information from the Non-Local Vacuums and convert it into kinetic energy in a deterministic way. Ending this first phase also implies a successful conclusion of my 50+ years of Research into Knowing the Unknowable.

I asked this Question, What is Information in the late 1950s. My evolving answers to this question [from Information —> Yin—Yang—Li in wave-communications to Monopoles—Soul-Mind—Spirit-Mind as Intention defined within the Observer-Observed Frame of Reference] are in all contained in my writings as listed in the previous posting, QA: Wing Pon’s Writings and Videos. It took more than 30 years for the answers to mature enough so that they can be presented.

The difficulty in understanding the concept of information is that its meaning resides in the Logic and Information Vacuums as non-local communication between the Observer and Observed within a mutual frame of reference. On the side of Matter, the concept of information is connected to what I referred to as monopoles and when monopoles interact with charged particles, they become magnetic monopoles. Outside of the Vacuums, this magnetic monopole tunes into magnetic dipoles. On the side of Being, the concept of information is connected to the intention of the mind and is also defined by an Observer-Observed frame of reference.

In addition, Information involves the magnetic component in the form of information-energy coupling, whereas, energy has to do with the electric component via the energy-mass coupling. Their interface is in the mappings of

tem-2 3

In this collapsed interface, information turns into mechanical in the form of motions and works that satisfies the Newtonian Paradigm, which is uniquely defined in space and in time. Yet information is non-local in its nature. It is the mechanical constraints, or the mechanical reference frame, between the Observer-Observed that information is being localized in the day-to-day world for mass objects.

Before giving the Matter-Being Paradigm’s formulation for Information, let me define Free Energy and Superconductivity from the concept of Information. Free Energy / Superconductivity is extracted from the Logic / Information Vacuum, as shown in the diagram below.

tem-2 4


INFORMATION is defined as a Change of State in a Known Observer—Observed Reference Frame. The State is defined in the Holon 1—2—3 as shown below. Again I shall use diagrams—mandalas—flow charts to define this Change in State.


a. Energy-Mass: Movements (Mechanical Information) in the form of Changes in Position for the Holon


b. Change of States in Information-Energy, Side of Being

tem-2 2


b. Change of States in Information-Energy, Side of Matter

tem-2 1


Involution (9)—Evolution (6)—Entropy (3)




A change in the Vacuum / Information State via the Holon of Monopole—Spin—Octaves is as defined above. Notice the physical states are dominated by Energy rather than information.

Detecting this change in the Vacuum / Information State is listed below.

Detecting a Change in the Vacuum State

  1. Kirlian Photography (e.g., on Acu-Points)
  2. Discharged Imaging in Living Systems
  3. Bio Photon (Similar to electroacupuncture, such as Vega Testing)
  4. Acu-Points (e.g., electroacupuncture, Vega Testing
  5. Over-Unity Outputs (Faraday Disc / homopolar machine, Bio Cold Fusion)
  6. Live Cell Dark Field Microscopic
  7. Radionics (Mind-Matter Interaction, e.g., the 172 Bio atomic table, and the Acu-Point Quantum Instruments)

Notice, the above listing contains the works from Mesmer to Tesla to Reich and beyond. This listing of known Information detection methods, within today’s technologies, can be reduced to

  1. Acu-Point Detecting (including Bio Cold Fusion in the 172 Bio atomic table, namely Spiritual Chemistry that relates to Alchemy)
  2. Dark Field Microscopic (approach to understanding the boundary between life and non-life. Remember there are minds within their own perspectives in both living and non-living systems)
  3. Magnetic Monopole / Dipole in the Faraday Disc set-up

Furthermore, we need (in these detections) to balance the subjective (the biological side of Information-energy with the physical side of energy-mass, namely forming a conservation amongst Information—Energy—Mass; namely by balancing Being [Subjective, Reading with the Mind] with Matter [Objective, i.e., Meter Reading])

In the Matter-Being Paradigm, human information is embedded in Acu-Points—DNA—Blood, where blood is a Transmitter—Filter—Transformer of Information.

Understanding the Detected Changes within the Vacuum State

  1. Shielding Unwanted Free Will Information
  2. Information is defined by the Observer-Observed Reference Frame
  3. Let Information through the Shield via a strong intention established by the Observer-Observed Reference frame

In short, there are two fields: the Entropic Field of Unwanted Free Will and the Organized Field of Intention.


Using Acu-Ponts as the reference frame, the following two examples have been shown to be very positive and successful with repeatable deterministic results.

  • WebHealth, Objective Understanding the right-brain formulated Logic Potential of Acu-Point Circuits. The results are objective (outside Operator-Patient interactions). What is needed is the patient’s confidences and beliefs. The patient’s symptoms appeared on the computer monitor, which the patient can read and compared with his or her feelings. Thus, the patient’s confidences and beliefs are resolved.
  • Acu-Brain. Needed is the Patient’s Subjective Understanding of the Mind-Soul connections between the Patient’s Intention and the Patient’s connections to the manada (the Acu-Brain), plus the confidences and beliefs that the Acu-Brain can heal. Here, the patient must be able to put himself or herself in a  somewhat psychic (or mind-soul) state. The patient also needs to somewhat understand the Matter-Being Paradigm, i.e., the operator needs to explain the concepts of the Acu-Brain—mind-soul—mind-spirit connections.

The works from Mesmer to Tesla to Reich and others using detection instruments stated above also demonstrate the ability to extract vacuum information. The results of these detections are not repeatable when wanted and without any theoretical explanation, these results are treated as anomalies from today’s physics.

The reason the extraction of vacuum / information works for Mesmer, Tesla, and Reich is because these inventors are somewhat psychic, i.e., in a connected state of mind-soul or mind-spirit between Observer-Observed, even though they have no theoretical understanding.