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QA: What is a Number


Numbers are like the Math Operators. In physical dimensions and today’s computer logic, Numbers are quantitative defined. However, in the self-programmed vacuum computer, Numbers are also defined qualitatively. See the Table below.


In short, the quantitative meanings of these Number Operators are their Energy-Mass representationS. The qualitative meanings of these Number Operators are their Logic-Information representationS. The harmony between these two sets of Operators is in their Information-Energy property of the Information Vacuum. That is, the resonance between these two sets of Operators is this Information-Energy. This, in fact, explains the Ancient’s Sound Creation Technology; namely

    Creation —> Resonance between Audible and Inaudible Sounds
        • Information is from Inaudible Sound and Energy is from Audible Sound
    • Audible Sound —> Frequency Vibrating in Energy-Mass
      Inaudible Sound —> Number Series Vibrating in Logic-Information
      Resonance —> Collapse of Information-Energy into Energy-Mass where

This is also a resonance between Base-9 and Base-10.

Let us revisit the following diagram before concluding this Posting.


Examine the above set of Holon numbers with the following set:

1—0—9 –> Brahma Creation: Vacuum Computer, Logic-Information

    Vacuum, Universe of Spirit

1—2—3 –> Pre-Heaven: First Brahma-Day, Information-Energy

    Vacuum, Universe of Soul

3—4—5 –> Post-Heaven: Second Brahma-Day, Energy-Mass, Physical


5—6—7 –> Post-Heaven: First Brahma-Night, Spirit-Mind and

    Soul-Mind, Living Universe

7—8—9 –> Pre-Heaven Return: Third Brahma-Day, Ascension, Image

    of Brahma

I shall stop here since the qualitative aspects of Number have been thoroughly presented in the Book and introduced in previous Posts. Remember, all answers presented are depended on the observer’s frame reference (namely, the Author’s) as discussed in the previous Post.