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On Creation & Co-Creation


The Creation Model proposed within in the Matter-Being Paradigm is a self programmable Vacuum Computer in ten dimensional line diagram logic. This model is derived from the Chinese Philosophy of



I-Ching Cosmology

The Void (Wu Chi) yet The Logic of the Cosmo [Tai Chi –> Li of all li (or Monad of all monads), where li –> the logic component of matter]

Tao Te Ching Cosmology

Tao produces One

One produces Two

Two produces Three

Three produces All Things

Tao (–> God, which cannot be expressed)

The Tao that can be expressed

Is not the Tao of the Absolute.

The name that can be named

Is not the name of the Absolute.

The nameless Created Heaven and Earth

The named Formed the Mother of All Things.


Formation of the Logic Vacuum

Within the Void, Existed the Logic of the Tao –> God, or the Vacuum

  • The Tao created the Logic of One, symbolized by a neutral line - – –
  • The One created the Logic of Two, cymbolized by yin and yang lines –      – – [and formed the Bigram Logic]
  • The Two created the Logic of Three, symbolized by the Trigram & Tetragram Logic [8 Yin-Yang Trigram Logic formed the I-Ching Octagon and the 64 Hexagram Logic. The Yin–Yang–Neutral Logic formed the 81 Tetragram Logic. The Logic of Three also created the 3-D Logic, namely the Logic of Space (remember, not the physical space but its logic component)]
  • The Three Created all 10-D of Line Logic for the Vacuum Computer [yin-yang, neutral ine (i.e., free will), bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, and the logic x, y, z of space]

Formation of the Information Vacuum

Simultaneously, the Information Vacuum is formed in the interactions within the following two Mandalas


With this introduction, we can now formulate the Creation Cosmology based on the Chinese Philosophy of the I-Ching–Tao-Te-Chng–Tai-Hsuan-Ching. This Creation Cosmology is shown in the following mandala.

Please refer to the earlier postings in this Website for details.

Further mapping of this Creation Cosmology into a Holon is shown below.

tem2 2

and in Holon Mandala,

tem2 3

The Biblical Creation was developed in postings: 6 Days of Creation I & II.

The following is the mathematical definition for Octagonion, as defined in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octonion

In mathematics, the octonions are a nonassociative and noncommutative extension of the quaternions. Their 8-dimensional normed division algebra over the real numbers is the widest possible that can be obtained from the Cayley–Dickson construction. The octonion algebra is often denoted O.

Possibly because they don’t offer an associative multiplication, the octonions receive less attention than the quaternions. Despite this lack of popularity, they are related to a number of exceptional structures in mathematics, among them the exceptional Lie groups. Additionally, octonions have applications in fields such as string theory, special relativity, and quantum logic.

As for its cosmology, it is very similar to the I-Ching. This similarity is presented in the following paragraph developed by Toney Smith in http://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/ichgene6.html

Chinese cosmology begins with the undivided Tai Chi, then separating into Yin-Yang, … : Let o represent the undivided Tai Chi, a scalar point of origin:

Tem 3

Then add 4 vector directions of Physical Spacetime: 1, i, j, k  of the quaternions to get the 5 Elements:

Tem 4

The 10th direction is the Yin-Yang reflection of the 8 vector directions   1, i, j, k, E, I, J, K.

Now, identify the 3×3 square with the Magic Square

Tem 5

whose central number, 5, is also central in the sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which sequence corresponds to the octonions 1,i,j,k,O,E,I,J,K whose total number for each line is 15, the dimension of the largest Hopf fibration and the dimension of the imaginary sedenions.

If you take into account the direction in which you add each of the 8 ways, and add all directed ways together you get a total of 16×15 = 240 which is the number of vertices of a Witting polytope.

The total of all 9 numbers of the Magic Square is 45, the dimension of the D5 Lie algebra Spin(10) that is used in the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model in which the D4 Spin(8) subgroup of Spin(10) corresponds to 28 bivector gauge bosons and the 16-dimensional homogeneous space Spin(10) / Spin(8)xU(1)


We shell now return to the Logic Big Bang and breaking of the Pre-Heaven Octagon leading to the Final State Octagon (namely the Post Heaven Octagon) and the Open Octagon. This state is again shown below.


tem2 2

Notice, both the initial condition (pre-heaven octagon) and the final condition (post-heaven octagon) encoded logic are protected from modification during most of the co-creation process unless the logic vacuum is penetrated, namely by “opening or breaking” the Octagons (e.g., the many little Big Bangs as described in the posting: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer.

The above mandala on Co-Creation connects to the mandala formula derived in postings QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence 1 & 2. As for the Matter-Being concept of Evil Co-Creation Logic, see the later posting On Good and Evil.

The Holon of the Creation-Cosmology developed in this posting plus the next two postings, On Force and Motion and On Size of Elementary Particles, begin the development of a Holon Science for Matter-Being Paradigm.