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Holon Physiology-I

Holon Physiology in the next seven postings

  • First posting: Holon Physiology-I, The Big Picture: This Big Picture on Spirit-Soul—Physiology, from the Big Band to Information-Energy Health, is presented in Diagram Formulations.
  • Second posting: Holon Physiology-II: Logic Component in Physiology
  • Third posting: Holon Physiology-III: Logic-Information-Meridians
  • Forth posting: Holon Physiology-IV: Continues Information-Energy Meridians
  • Fifth posting: Holon Physiology-V: Functional-Energy Medicine and Pre-Post Natal Psychology
  • Sixth posting: Holon Physiology-VI: Energy-Mass
  • Seventh posting: Holon Physiology-VII: Classes and Clinical Works-WebHealth

Review, Diagram Formula – 1

Review Diagram Formula II

tem2 1


Extension Formula (1)

tem2 2

Extension Formula (2)

tem2 3

Extension Formula (3)

tem2 4

Extension Formula (4)

tem2 5

Extension Formula (5)

tem2 6

Extension Formula (6)

tem2 7

Extension Formula (7)

tem2 8

In the Next Post, the details of the Logic component in the Holon Physiology will be presented.