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QA: What is Logic-Information


Lets examine the word Logic without its Information component, i.e., without an observer, hence no any communication.

  • Logic –> Information Potentials –> Rules, Natural Laws, Operators (Monopoles, Magnetic Monopoles –> Magnetic Potential
  • Rules –> Right-Brain –> Qualitative, Inductive, Empirical-observation
  • Natural Laws –> Left-Brain –> Quantitative, Deductive, Math-theoretical
  • Operators —> Math, Numbers (in Numerology), Mandalas, 5-elements, etc
  • Computer Codes (8 information dimensions and 3 physical dimensions)
  • Thinking-feeling (i.e., the brain component of the Mind —> Mind Operators)


To explain, these “definitions or concepts” as it apply to the English word Logic, an Observer is needed; namely the information communicated to the Observed. In putting me as the Observed, the following examples for the meaning of the Operators are given.

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    Math Operator (Magnetic Monopole, Lorentz / Physical Constants)


tem2 1

tem2 2

Shown above are

  • 6 Operators –> dot products, cross products, Partials, i, t –> Now, and
  • c —> Light
  • i —> Teleportation

The 6 operators in the above set of equations are the dot and cross products on both E (electric field) and B (magnetic field), the partials derivatives on both E and B with respect to t, the imaginary number i, and the time operator t. In this paradigm, i is taken to be a teleportation operator between non-local and local. Furthermore, t is a Now operator that connects 3-D space with the vacuum by “putting holes” in space. In the vacuum computer model, “putting holes” implies all computer codes in all subroutines are connected and/or entangled. But it needs the operator i or the Mind operator to execute these connections. In the extended Maxwell Equation, it is the magnetic component that contains both the Now and the i operators, which implies the existence of only the magnetic monopole with no electric monopole.

There is also a sixth operator, which is c, the local—non-local Lorenze / physical constant operator. On the Non-Local side,

  • c —> as the Time Operator; namely the Moment of Now
  • c —> the Free Will Operator

and in the Local-Non-Local side

  • c —> Velocity of Light Operator, Connecting Physical Space with the Vacuum

In Conclusion

This term logic is taken from the Chinese Neo-Confucian concept of matter, which is defined as a tri-state, namely yin—yang—Li. The correspondence mapping for this Holon is: yin ←→ particle; yang ←→ wave; and Li ←→ logic. Whether man-made or self-organized, all things are formed with a definite plan. This plan is the Li, or the system’s logic component.