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Participatory Universe: Line Logic & Geometry φ

This posting complete the posting on Holon Physiology IV: Junk DNA-DNA Logic by developing the line-diagram logic for a Participatory Universe; namely the Observer-Universe from the Tetragram points of view. The Big Bang in the concept of the logic of these line diagram is created by the Self-Observations within the free will lines inside the Tetragram (i.e., the observations generated by the neutral line in the production of either a yin or a yang line to form the Trigrams and the Hexagrams). These observations collapses onto the line diagram logic of the Hexagrams that forms the Junk DNA-DNA and the 81 stable atoms in the periodic table.

These activities are illustrated by the Holon Flow Diagram Logics as shown in this posting. We shall begin with the Holon: BASE-9—TETRAGRAM—PARTICPATORY UNIVERSE that generated the system of Base-10 numbers and Sacred Geometry-f, which lead to the collapse of the Tetragrams onto the Hexagrams and thus generated the Atoms, Junk DNA-DNA, and so on.

tem2 2

Portrayed in a flow diagram:

tem2 3

The Tetraktys with its Invoution—Evolution Vortexes:

tem2 4

The Soul–Spirit Logic of the 5-Elements:

tem2 5

Next, look at the collapsed Hexagram logic mapped onto the Genetic, namely the Amino Acids and the number of Synonymous Codons:


The number of Synonymous Condons:

tem2 6

Next, the mapping of Hexagram Logic onto Electron Shell Logic: Perhaps the best fit is between Trigrams and the Electron Orbit Shell. That is, a pair of Trigrams inside a Hexagram is mapped onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit. I have not completed this mapping; therefore I shall used the Hexagram Logic mappings to illustrate this idea.

The First Example:

tem2 7

The Second Example, using Hexagram mapping:

tem2 8

Explanation of the previous diagrams on Hexagram Mappings with the numbers of Yang Line:

tem2 9

Again, instead of using pairs of Hexagrams as shown in the previous two examples, a pair of trigrams inside a Hexagram should be used to map onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit.

Finally, the Collapse of 81 stable atoms.


This concludes this posting.