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Co-Creation Holons: Past-Present

In the following, six Flow Chart formulas described, in general and also in summary, the non-locally connected theory of everything encoded in this Participatory Universe of Past—Present—Future knowledge and knowingness in the form of Holons: from elementary particles to atoms, from acu-points and chakra meditations to alchemy and future technology in free-energy. Remember mind—soul—spirit formula for non-local connection among various disciplines can only be formulated in the form of mandalas—flow charts, which are descriptions of the observer-observed reality.

Thus, this multi-discipline, multi-culture, multi-frame of reference, and observer depended reality is presented below without further verbal or mathematical explanations. However, some verbal descriptions of Holons and/or their components have been presented, from the author’s reference frame, in previous postings. In fact, the information presented in this Website increases in content and clarity from the earliest to the latest postings.

Before entering into a display of these six Flow Chart Formulas, I shall point out the following two items that have not been discussed in all previous postings. That is (1) the Frame of Reference that bracketed each of the 27 “alchemical elements” and its particular logic in each of its observer-observed situation. Also (2) hydrogen is not part of the 27-element set. Adding a hydrogen / para-hydrogen pair (i.e., electron-proton and positron-proton pair), we have a total of 28 elements. Here hydrogen / para-hydrogen serves as free will for all the alchemy reactions. With the collapse of these 27 S—B—D elements and their individual frame of reference / observer-observed logic, the entire stable atomic periodic table is formed. Thus, both items need to be understood, which become the agenda for our future experimental research becomes. We also need the understanding of the five-elements participation within these clusters.

Completing the Atomic—Bio-Atomic—Para-Atomic Universe in five element representation:

Holon S—B—D represents three of six Occult Micro P.S.I. Groups. The other three forms the Holon Tetrahedron—Cube—Octahedron and are represented by the Bio-Information of Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon.  Adding Hydrogen (free will operator) and Iron (teleportation operator in Mass—Information—Logic) from the D group to Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon, the five elements for the Atomic—Bio-Atomic—Para-Atomic Universe is formed. Thus, in the interacting cluster, the Bio-Information Holon of Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon must be included.

tem2 6

Finally, the above Holon of three Holons forms the Matter-Being Holon Chemistry representing Modern—Occult—Ancient knowledge and knowingness.

Next, the Six Flow Chart Formulas for Past—Present—Future Holon of Co-Creation: Remember, within a Participation Universe, Past and Future are in the Present Mind—Soul—Spirit Observations.

Diagram Formula 1


Diagram Formula 2

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Diagram Formula 3

tem2 2

Diagram Formula 4

tem2 3

Diagram Formula 5

tem2 4

Diagram Formula 6

tem2 5