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QA: What are Information Crossover & Space

Both the meanings of Information Crossovers and Energy Collapse in generating Space at the quanta state of Now are shown below in the form of left-brain mandalas.

tem-2 3The Crossover involves the entire encoded logic of line-diagrams (yin lines, yang lines, neural lines, bigrams, trigrams, tetragrams, pentagrams, and hexagrams, see the Book for detail).

The following is the Creation of Space mandala.

tem-2 1

Thus, Space begins (or first appeared) in the separations of the nucleus and its electron orbits. Notice, the nucleus is the “smallest” system larger than the size of a quanta. The moment of Now for the atom or other larger systems is  real-time.

Within this Matter-Being Paradigm, Space-time is Space-Now. Now connects the local, non-local, and local / non-local constraints created by Observer-Observed generated Lock-Key communications. Lock-Key is the Quantum Psi and Psi* wave function where Now is defined (see the posting QA: What is Heisenberg Uncertainty).


This Paradigm is in the preliminary developmental stage, yet it provides a concise language for communication between physicists and meta-physicists in the attempt to develop an integrated left brain / right brain science of the future.

A Wild Idea

Neutrinos Participate in the Generation of SPACE

Presented in the Book is the following wild proposal. The constraints in the formation of SPACE have to do with the Holon Actions of (1) beta decay / synthesis, (2) the transformable actions of the Neutrino Holon, and (3) the Transformable Ch’i-Qi Holon as shown below.

  1. Electron Neutrino—Muon Neutrino—Tau Neutrino
  2. Yang Qi—Ch’i—Yin Qi
  3. Beta Decay / Synthesis

Holon (2) defines the Aether. Qi and Ch’i are created in post and pre-heaven, respectively. The three neutrinos in Holon (1) are mutually transformable under the transformable actions of Holon (2). Action (3), with the other two Holons, put constraints on the structure of the nucleus (inside) and the electron orbits (outside) separated by SPACE, which is a polyhedron. See book for details. After this polyhedron proposal, I discovered Jean-Pierre Luminet’s book  where he proposed a Wraparound Universe folded like a dodecahedron.