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Physiology III of 靈-魂-魄—身-心-靈—精-氣-神

This posting continues the physiology of [-魂-魄][-心-靈][-氣-神] via God’s Holons [9-9-9] — [6-6-6] — [3-3-3] together with the Being Holon [9—9—6], and the Matter Holon [9—9—3] as described in the previous two postings. Through these Holons, the mysteries hidden in the common energy concepts of (1) Subtle or cosmic energy, or energy generated by radionics instruments as expressed in today’s New Age Sciences; (2) breath or life energy as expressed in the philosophy of vitalism; (3) sex energy as expressed in Tantra (4) the death touch energy in Ch’I or Qi Kung (referred to as Dim Mai); (5) the healing energy of acupuncture and many more will be explained.

These energy mysteries are quoted below:

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Energy (esotericism)

This article is about spiritual energy… The term energy has been widely used by writers and practitioners of various esoteric forms of spirituality and alternative medicine  to refer to a variety of phenomena. Such “energy” is often seen as a continuum that unites body and mind. The term “energy” also has a scientific context, and the scientific foundations of “physical energy” are often confused or misused to justify a connection to a scientific basis for physical manifestations, properties, detectability or sensing of “psychic energy” and other physic phenomenon where no presently known scientific basis exists. It is sometimes conceived of as a universal life force running within and between all things, as in some forms of vitalism, doctrines of subtle bodies or concepts such as qi, prana, or kundalini.

Spiritual energy is often closely associated with the metaphor of life as breath – the words ‘qi’, ‘prana’, and ‘spirit’, for instance, are all related in their respective languages to the verb ‘to breathe’. Sometimes it is equated with the movement of breath in the body, sometimes described as visible ” auras”, “rays”, or “fields” or as audible or tactile “vibrations”. These are often held to be perceptible to anyone, though this may be held to require training or sensitization through various practices.

In short, the common denominator for all these mysterious energy concepts is generated by the monopole—dipole or the Tao—Yin-Yang impulse energies initiated by the Local—Non-local actions of converting Involution / Evolution Logic-Information onto Information-Energy as expressed in the diagram shown below.


The above diagram further explains the Local—Non-Local connectivities in Alchemy—Free-Energy—Chakra Physiology from the Holon process of God’s Input—Involution—Evolution. It also explains the transmutation Holon of Being Chemistry—Humans—Ascended Humans through the conversion between Tao / Monopoles and Yin-Yang / Dipoles. In addition, as shown also that these processes are carried by the In-Out Vortexes of a spiraling open nanotube.

This impulse energy could also be destructive, as in the death touch energy via Ch’I or Qi Kung attack (referred to as Dim Mak). Quotation from:


Known in Cantonese as dim mak and in Japanese as kyusho jitsu, the touch of death is said to be something like acupuncture’s evil twin. The idea is that chi, or energy, flows through the body along lines called meridians. A blow or squeeze applied to certain pressure points on these lines will supposedly put the whammy on the victim’s chi, leading to incapacitation or death. Though none of the techniques of dim mak seems likely to work consistently as advertised, medical journals describe many incidents in which a seemingly mild trauma results in disproportionately serious injury, and the sites of some such traumas correlate with dim mak pressure points. Cases like these include:

Commotio cordis, also known as cardiac concussion. This is a syndrome in which a nonpenetrating impact to the chest causes heart failure but little or no structural damage. The classic victim is a kid or young adult who takes a baseball, hockey puck, or other hard object in the chest, but a 44-year-old teacher died when she caught an elbow while breaking up a fight at school. About half the time the victim collapses immediately, and in the balance of cases within a minute or two. Death is thought to result from ventricular fibrillation, a state in which the lower heart chambers start fluttering and stop pumping blood. One study of 128 cases found that 84 percent of the victims died, and nearly all the survivors received prompt defibrillation. Relatively little force is required for the killing blow–one researcher estimates that the blunt instrument need be moving at only 30 mph. Don’t think this is something you’ll be able to pull on the next ninja who leaps from the shadows, though. Animal experiments suggest that you’d have to strike within a 15-20 millisecond window in the heartbeat cycle to have a reasonably good chance of taking down your attacker.

Trauma to the carotid artery. Located in the side of the neck, the carotid artery provides blood to the head. Pressure on the carotid sinus, an especially sensitive area where the artery divides into two branches, can damage the blood vessel walls, leading to stroke followed by partial paralysis, other neurological problems, and, once in a while, death. The precipitating event can be surprisingly trivial–a karate chop has been known to do it, but so has the strain of playing the French horn.

Miscellaneous unexplained injuries. A 13-year-old girl fell in gym class, struck her head on the crossbar of a hurdle, and died. Finding little obvious trauma and stumped for a cause of death, doctors blamed “transmission of a concussive force through the reticular activating system.” Michael Kelly, an osteopath and author of Death Touch: The Science Behind the Legend of Dim Mak (2001), claims that the hurdle hit the girl on the “bladder-10″ pressure point at the base of the skull, “one of the most lethal dim mak points.”

Case reports suggest that incidents like the above are mostly accidents, more often than not unrelated to martial arts training or theory. The question remains: Can some dim mak practitioners achieve these results at will? I’m skeptical, but sometimes you have to wonder. In a 1999 report in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, C. Terry et al tested a dozen participants in a demonstration of kyusho jitsu pressure-point techniques intended to produce “knockouts.” Experts hit the volunteers with successive blows at prescribed spots, e.g., just above the right wrist, just above the right elbow, and in the middle of the back. The recurring result: a “period of unresponsiveness” lasting from 11 to 55 seconds. The tests, which included EEGs and the like, showed no loss of blood flow to the brain or other obvious physiological cause. Were the KOees going into a hypnosis like trance or faking it? The authors think not, commenting, “The exact mechanism for this phenomenon remains uncertain.” I’m not about to invoke chi and meridians, but it’s possible there’s more going on here than we currently understand.

And in the positive state, these monopole—Dipole and/or Tao—Yin-Yang energies were recently discovered in Acupuncture, as quoted below (from Google Search on Brain Acupuncture):

CNN – Brain imaging suggests acupuncture works

archives.cnn.com/1999/HEALTH/12/01/brain.acupuncture/ Dec 1, 1999 – Under brain imaging, the brain “lights up,” or shows activity, in specific areas when a person experiences pain. Following acupuncture

Acupuncture stimulates brain metabolism in dementia patients…

chinesemedicinenews.com/…/acupuncture-stimulates-brain-metaboli… Jun 25, 2007 – Needling specific acupoints may help patients with dementia, a recently published study shows. The acupoint combo seems to increase …

Biology News: Acupuncture activates the brain

www.bioedonline.org/news.cfm?art=1739May 1, 2005 – Acupuncture has a measurable, if mysterious, effect on the brain, UK scientists have found. The study adds to evidence that patients benefit …

Acupuncture Makes Strides in Treatment of Brain Injuries, PTSD…

science.dodlive.mil/…/acupuncture-makes-strides-in-treatment-of-br… Jun 20, 2011 – Military field physicians are using the practice of acupuncture to treat cases of mild traumatic brain injuries (mild TBI), including concussions…

What we have here are the initial left-brain rediscovery of the fully matured right-brain Acu-Point and the Alchemy-Transmutation Technology of the Ancients.

With the above diagram summarizing the left-right brain physics-physiology-chemistry guided by the Involution-evolution of the Big Bang, we can now write down the entire input of God, namely free-will—line-diagrams—number 9 (expressed in Base 9). This diagram (referred to as God’s Octagon) is shown below. These then are the computer codes for God’s Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer.

tem2 2

With God’s Encoded Logic shown above, the following Holon Geometry for this Universe is proposed.

tem2 1

In addition, the components in this Holon form a Wraparound Universe (although I don’t know what this wrapping formation looks like, or how the wrapping works in forming this Universe). Notice,

Open Face —> Two Dimension Logic (e.g., as shown above, an octagon / tetraktys); Wraparound —> forming a 3-Dimension topology (spiraling nanotube).

For insights, see Jean-Pierre Luminet’s The Wraparound Universe, and Lisa Randall’s, Warped Passages.