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Formula-27 Looks at Future Physics

In the opinion of Formula-27, future physics and technology are in information manipulations, thus, let us start by further examine the properties of information. To do this we shall first repeat this definition as diagrammed in previous Posting.



Today Information technology is exploding rapidly but in the physical area. Future technology is in understanding and developing the non-physical side of information. Another words, future technology is hidden in the nine Chinese Characters formed in a Holon, as shown above.



From this, we have the following Holon, Diagrammed by Components


The Holon of Magnetic Photon—Photon of Free Will and Light—-Electric Photon. Magnetic Photon <—> Low Energy Photon, Electric Photon <—> High Energy Photon. This first Diagram connects with the possible activities in Free-Energy, high or low energies. Also, connects to zero-point monopole-dipole activities.



It is this middle component of the Holon generates the Information through the 9-Chinese Characters and their mutual interactions within this diagram and with Diagrams 1 and 3, see the first Definition Diagram.



Scan 1

This is the output Holon Component. It connects to possible Alchemy activities; namely the 27 Isotopes within the 172-Element Table. This Output Diagram #3 connects to the bottom set of Postings

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And the diagram below:



Images of Monopoles


The First two diagrams sure look like “right-brain” visions formed in NDA. On the hand, the third diagram is a “left-brain” picture on non-physical information of monopole-dipole. The proposal here is that Physicists like Dirac, Heisenberg, Wheeler, and many others possess what I called “left-brain” capability in activating their “right-brain” Holon of Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being-In-Matter abilities. See Diagram below.


In conclusion, future physics involves with Bio-Quantum. That is. in this Bio-Quantum, it definitely deals with perceiving and understanding non-physical information in a integrated left-right brain Holon of Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being-In-Matter. Furthermore, the mirrors depicted in the previous Posting definitely help in one’s understanding.

In fact, the entire Involved—Evolved—Karmic State of the Universe with everything and every individuals are encoded in the Logic Mirror; namely

Scan 1

Thus, from this Mirror we can do reverse engineering to understand GOD’s logic. From this Mirror, each one of us also know our Karmic—Involved—Evolved states. But we only knows this through non-physical information when our Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being-In-Matter Holon is informed. Furthermore, the entire informational events of the Universe and with us in it, from Begin State to End State, can be perceived at the moment of NOW. Remember, time is only a teleport operator in generating the NOW.

GOD’s INVOLUTION LOGIC ENCODED IN THE GUT Monopole: “A GUT monopole reveals the entire thermal history of the universe. As one proceeds to the center of the monopole, broken symmetries are restored. Outside the monopole is the world of broken symmetry. Just inside, the electro-weak symmetry is restored, and at the very core, about 10(-29) centimeters across, the full GUT symmetry is restored, Heinz R. Pagels, in Perfect Symmetry.


0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0


This is the beginning of God’s computer logic (the Involution Logic that generated the physical constants, etc). Next for the remaining encoded logic of the computer, both the codding of all positive or negative Karmic—Involved—Evolved States generated by all GOD’s Creations are self-encoded.

Today’s strings, branes, loops, and other topological models rely too-much left-brain thinking with litter right-brian intuitive visions for understanding non-physical information. In intuitive visions, we need to follow the footsteps of our ancient ancestor.