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A Story on the Spirit World-1

Continuation on my story taken from Volume 1 of 6, Knowing the Unknowable: Glossary/Technical Notes fro the Holon Theory of Everything, 2004

Now that all of you have had your trip to the non-local world explained by your host, Knowing the Unknowable, and that you have traveled through Volumes One and Two, I will in this session instruct you about the meaning of The i Inside an Eye, which is also the name of your vehicle for this second part of your trip. The people here call me The Mighty i. The meaning of the letter i as it was used in physics, mathematics, and in the human psychic was defined, explained, and clarified in your trip through Volumes One and Two. Here I will tell you the meaning of this word Eye and its relationship on the letter i.

In your trip through Volume One, you learned and witnessed the language used by the number people. You also learned a little about their culture and their personalities. In your trip through Volume Two, you witnessed the non-local world with its logic of space, logic of time, logic of motion, and so on. You also experienced the singularity-speed-control Holon and witnessed the physics inside of a singularity. This is the Holon of i-w-e, a technology that you all witnessed a technology that is equipped inside your vehicle called Logic-Information.

The i Inside an Eye

Here, in this second part of your trip, you will experience this place called singularity with your Acu-point/Chakra physiology controlled by the same i-w-e operator control you have experienced. This time, the i-w-e operator control is one of the technologies integrated within the technology of The i Inside an Eye. This combined technology is equipped inside your vehicle for this trip. With the help of this technology, I will also provide you with the knowledge of how to activate your Acu-point/Chakra Holon by yourself. Remember that although an acu-point is constrained by its local physiology, it nevertheless connects directly to this place called “singularity”. With this combined personalized technology, this singularity can be a personalized place, a soul-spirit home for you during this trip. This is also a station in which you will stop, if only for an instant, on your way to your next ascended state of Being. Without this exciting technology, this trip for some could not be completed in many lifetimes. However, with this combined technology, this singularity place is within the control of your own acu-point Holons and within the time frame of this lifetime. We have individualized this combined technology for each of you. The activation will speedup soul evolution and spirit involution for every passenger on this trip. Later on you will learn in more detail that evolution is the developmental process towards our next state of Being, while involution is the developmental process towards our next stage of ascension. Thus, this combined technology will take you instantly into your next ascended Being state, all the way up to the home of Christ and God. You can now experience what you learned on your trips through Volumes One and Two, even if these experiences only last while you are with us on this journey. This all happens with the help of the combined technology implemented in The i Inside an Eye. In simple language this means that without any assistance, we plod along evolving bit by bit in many life times while struggling to match our progress to the blueprint of our final destiny prepared by the Creator. With these combined technologies and the knowledge you will learn on this trip and on your previous trips, your soul-spirit development toward ascension will take the shortest path with the least duration, namely at an instant. For those of you interested in learning the finer techniques of activating this Acu-point Holon without the help of these combined technologies, you can return to this place after your trip as often as desired. There are courses for this purpose of which I shall later elaborate further. I shall now begin a discussion on the meaning of this letter i from the perspective of the word Eye.

With this introduction of the combined personalized technology, I can now discuss this other Eye, spelled “E, Y, E“. This Eye relates to the third eye in us humans. This is not the third eye located at the forehead between your eyes, as described in  literature. This third eye describes a Holon of three Acu-points, which is connected to three Chakras. These three Chakras are the crown (or the 7th) Chakra, the Ajna (or the 6th) chakra, and the Heart (or the 4th) chakra. I shall come back to this subject a little later. Let us first discuss the numerological significance of this word Eye, spelled “E, Y, E”, for God’s Encoded Message is numbers. In the Gnosis, the ancient Christian theology, E and Y correspond to the numbers 5 and 7, respectively. Therefore, the word “E, Y, E” corresponds to “5, 7, 5”. You have learned in your trip to the non-local world through Volume Two, that the number 5 has to do with stability through learned communication, while number 7 is a spirit number. Furthermore, number 7 has to do with co-creation through intentions. Thus, this number 7 implies a connection to God via intention. Finally, the word Eye implies stable communication with God using one’s intention. In addition, this intention is surrounded on both sides with the conditions of stability.

This is very interesting if we examine this meaning with the first Holon of related acu-points in the technology of The i Inside an Eye. This first Holon is shown in the following diagram.


Notice, the third eye as drawn is located at the forehead between the two eyes. This is in fact the popular location for the third eye. I will continue this discussion in the next diagram later. The third eye, as the psychics use it, is very unstable. It represents intuition, but embedded in this intuition are psychic powers and self-ego in the form of domination. Anytime one deals with one-sided self-domination and self-ego, one definitely encounters turbulence, and hence instability.

The Acu-point GV-20 corresponds to absolute knowingness with respect to one’s learned knowledge. It is one of the key Acu-points for the spirit, and can be represented by the number 7, which is an intentional connection to God. It is the signature used inside God’s World. Thus, GV-20 is one of the key acu-points for ascension development. On the other hand, CV-17 is a stabilizing point for the entire acu-point network. Hence, CV-17 not only integrates, but also helps to maintain a steady state condition of the entire acu-point system. This control process is through stabilizing the Triple Warmer and the Heart Constrictor meridians. GV-16 is also a stabilizing point via left-right acu-point integration. Thus, activating GV-16 will integrate the dual function of your left- and right-brain. However, activating these specific Acu-point functions is only possible when you are in a somewhat healthy state. That is to say, your body-mind/soul-spirit physiology must be in a steady state condition. I shall come back to this point later. Thus, locating the third eye at the back of the hindbrain to coincide with GV-16 will promote stability. As you will discover during our trip through Volume Three, these three acu-points are only a few of the total sets of points making up what we discovered as the Acu-Brain. Remember, from Volume One, the Acu-Brain is the brain that controls the functions of the entire acu-point network. Remember also that this network of acu-points is the physiology of your spirit. On the other hand, your Seven Chakras, also consisting of acu-points, is the physiology of your soul. Thus, the Acu-Brain is the brain that controls your soul-spirit physiology. Controlling your Acu-Brain is the key for spiritual development, which is an important step toward ascension. You will learn the physiological details as you go through Volume Three.

Next, a word on the three Chakras is in order. First, Chakras 7 and 4 are two of the Holon components for ascension. The third component of this ascension Holon is Chakra 2. Thus, this ascension Holon corresponds to your spiritual signature. Through this Holon, God recognizes you as you. It is through Chakra 7, with the proper intention, where you connect with God. Through Chakra 4, with the Thymus, is where your physiology recognizes you as you. Through Chakras 7 and 4, constrained by your degree of development in obtaining your states of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without, is where you communicate with the world. So it is through your Chakras 7 and 4 that the world recognizes you. Remember Chakra 7 implies your knowledge of God, namely in God’s knowingness, God’s wisdom, and God’s Love. On the other hand, Chakra 4 has to do with communicating outward, in the sense of intellectual love. Intellectual love is not emotional love or passion. Intellectual love corresponds to love with understanding, through spiritual knowingness, which is formulated in terms of learned knowledge. In short, this is God’s love with human understanding. The popular name for this is unconditional love. Second, Chakra 6 is the chakra that corresponds to the third eye. In popular understanding, this third eye is at the center of the two physical eyes. Thus, it carries the function of integrating both our left and right eyes, which corresponds to integrating our left- and right-brain. This integration is from our neuron, or bio-electromagnetic physiology point of view. As said before, this integration can only happen when we put our third eye at the back of our head, which is at GV-16. With respect to our soul-spirit physiology, this integration integrates our left-right acu-point networks. Thus I have explained the stabilizing and the intention functions of the word “E, Y, E” or “5, 7, 5” from both the Chakra/endocrine and the acu-point standpoints.

Finally, this Eye as diagrammed above would not function correctly in the sense of spiritual or ascension development until the prerequisite is satisfied. The prerequisite, for ascension development via the third eye is a harmonious state of body-mind/soul-spirit health. This state of harmonization is connected to the physiological meanings of the letter i [=(-1)1/2]. The human meaning, expressed in the Bible, is i am, i am that, and i am that i am. In your trip through Volumes One and Two, you witnessed not only the teleportation power of this i; but you have also learned that this i is one of the keys in understanding the Holon Theory and its paradigm. Remember, in your trip through Volume One, you saw the following mappings amongst the initial Beings of elementary particles and the Beings of the human.

Thus, in our course in spiritual and ascension development, we start with the condition of your body-mind/soul-spirit health. The first attempt is to correct, the best we can, your physiological illness condition. Next, we work on your body-mind/soul-spirit health condition. Finally, with your illness condition, if any, and your health condition corrected, we will next work on your spiritual knowingness and its associated learned knowledge. Remember, informed free will has to do with your degree of knowingness with associated learned knowledge. This last part is intentional training, namely to perfect your state of informed intention or free-wills. After you have completed this course, in the three parts as discussed above, you can then practice “your i inside your Eye,” as depicted in the above diagram without the combined technology. With the assistance of the Health Computer, the experience of our nano-Eye technology to be explained later, most of our students do actually graduate from this course. This is a three-year course. Notice, three years of your life is a short time to speed up your ascension into your next state of Being. Without this course, or without the help of this technology, one could go through one’s entire life without ever ascending. Since none of you have gone through this course, we have developed a nano-Eye, a product of nanotechnology to replace your personal training. This nano-Eye is also a tool we use in this course. We implemented this nano-Eye in a helmet. This helmet activates your third eye and depends not on your health, but on your mind. Next, to guide your mind within the proper frame of reference for spiritual awareness, this helmet is connected to my helmet and utilizes the i-w-e speed control technology. As I said before, this i-w-e speed control technology is the same technology that all of you witnessed in the vehicle called Logic-Information. Remember this i-w-e technology is one of our breakthroughs in singularity technology. In short, this helmet serves as a cranial biofeedback mechanism between your mind and the mind of your host, which is I, your Mighty i. You might say that this helmet is a bridge, the i-w-e bridge, joining your three-dimensional human world of psychological complexes with the spiritual world of God’s Knowing. This is your ascension bridge to God. You may also say that this helmet creates the i with the intention produced by your third Eye, and connects non-locally your acu-brain with the acu-brain of your host, The Mighty i. Putting all of this together in an integrated way is the technology we refer to as The i Inside an Eye.

During this trip, you will also wear a necklace with an acu-ball sitting on top of your thymus. This acu-ball is an emulated acu-brain containing the essential acu-points that must be controlled at all times while you are inside this place called Singularity. The control is for putting your body-mind/soul-spirit health in a steady state. This acu-ball is again a product of nanotechnology. If you look closely, this acu-ball has 36 faces. Each face corresponds to a set of acu-points, and is programmed by your host to maintain its logic as you travel through the singularities to the non-local world and back. Each program, encoded in each set of acu-points, represents a part of your logic physiology. The 36 programs encoded in these 36 sets of acu-points taken together will put your physical Being in a steady state. With the connection between your acu-brain and the acu-brain of your host, these encoded programs can be maintained during the entire trip and reactivated back to your original physical state after you return. When reactivated, your physical Being will return to the normal condition as before. There are no dangers in this reactivation process. Hundreds of people have taken this trip and returned safely without any ill effects. The reason that your body-brain logic needs to be maintained and reactivated is because, within today’s co-creation technology, only your soul and spirit are able to travel through singularities to the non-local world. Your physical Being must remain on Earth during the entire trip. Your helmet, with the i-w-e operator control, is a Lorentz Capsule that teleports your soul through the quantum world of singularities to the spirit world of non-local logic. The Lorentz Capsule is a dimensional shift time capsule into the three noticeable regions of singularities. These three regions are the i am, i am that, and i am that i am. In the first part of your trip, you witnessed these three regions in the teleported state of your mind and spirit. In this teleported state, you witnessed God’s Creation, the Big Bang, and the birth and death of physical matter. With this i-w-e operator control technology, you not only witnessed but you also helped co-create. That is, this helmet with its hookup to The Mighty i, namely your host, means that you can participate with your host’s mind in the co-creation process. With this helmet and your host, not only your soul-spirit, but also your body is teleported. This is the reason why reactivation is needed when you return from these singularities at the end of your trip. This is also why the acu-ball is needed. Notice, in the first part of your trip, reactivation is not needed for the simple reason that only your soul-spirit was teleported.

With this helmet, we can now expand the above diagram to include the next step of our discussion. This next step is depicted below.

tem2 3

Remember that e takes us to a dimensional shift toward the birth and death of visible matter, namely the co-creation process of this visible 3-dimensional world. On the other hand, the speed control of w brings us into a world of all knowing, while the speed control of i takes us to the quantum world of mirrors. Notice, as shown in the above diagram, the speed control i is in all three individual i-w-e controls. The reason for this arrangement is that we humans live in a four-dimensional universe, with 3 visible dimensions and 1 invisible dimension. This one invisible dimension is the time defined as Now, which is directly connected to i. Therefore, it is through the control of i, and only i, that we enter into this singularity, in which the w-e speed can happen and will happen instantaneously for the purpose of a dimensional shift. This dimensional shift is controlled by the intention of our third Eye.

The acu-ball on the other hand, helps keep your body-mind physiology in a steady state so your mind can be in a steady state with the mind of your host, The Mighty i. In this second diagram, the Chakras are all integrated into two Holons, namely (7-4-2) and (6-5-1). As shown in the first diagram, Holon (7-4-2) corresponds to i am that i am, while Holon (6-5-1) has to do with i am that. Missing in this diagram is the stage of i am. This stage is related to Chakra 3 and the Hara and will be discussed in a later diagram. With this introduction, we can now combine these two diagrams on The i Inside an Eye into one integrated diagram. This diagram is shown below.

tem2 1

What are added in this third diagram are the key acu-points for Chakra 2, namely, the left and right Ki-1. With the left-right Ki-1 added, which is related to left-right brain functions, the numerological meaning for the Eye in numbers (5, 7, 5) are again verified. That is to say, stable and perfect intention corresponds to having a harmonious state between the left and right brain functions, which is indicated by the left-right Ki-1. These three diagrams complete the discussion for the The i Inside an Eye. What is left for discussion is: How does The i Inside an Eye correlate with the rest of the human physiology, namely Chakra 3 and the Hara. With your helmet and the acu-ball, you need not worry about this physiological connection. This connection is implemented in the nanotechnology, namely the nano-Eye and the Acu-Ball, which takes the place of maintaining a continuous steady state condition in all of your physiological functions.

You will learn the details of all these acu-points and the answer to this last question, which involves the physiological connections to The i Inside an Eye, during your trip into Volume Three. The purpose of this place is for all of you to experience what you will learn during your trip plus what you have learned in your previous trips. With this introduction on The i Inside an Eye, your helmet, and your acu-ball, you can now begin your experience when The i Inside an Eye is turned on. But before we turn the power on, it will be helpful for me to give all of you a preliminary idea of this physiological connection. This preliminary information will help each of you to understand what you are about to learn in your trip through Volume Three.

First, this physical connection has to do with the popular notion of something called the microcosmic orbit in Ch’i/Qi-Kung training. This microcosmic orbit corresponds to the well-known teachings, in the Ch’i/Qi-Kung circle, on the Yoga/Taoist physiology in the training of physical immortality. This is the initial step toward spiritual training. Before you take this trip, I want to disclose the misconceptions embedded in the popular and even the Masters’ misunderstanding of this orbit. These misconceptions are so important that they will be repeated on your trip through Volume Three.

[Story Continues in the nex posting, Part II]