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QA: What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential


The question should be: (1) What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential for this Observer. Thus, to answer this question, I have to answer two other connected questions: (2) What is my connecting reference frame in answering question (1), and (3) what is the set of constraints in which this frame of reference is based on This set is a Holon.


  • Answer to (1): The TEN Logic-Potentials are shown in the I-Ching Octagon; represented by the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 [the Creations of all 8 numbers] at the middle. Now add free will to this set of states represented by 9-numbers, which gives 10. These TEN States are this observer’s TEN Logic-Potentials.
  • Answer to (2): This Observer’s Reference of Frame is the Matter-Being Paradigm as presented in this Website and in all other Observer’s writings.
  • Answer to (3): The constraints in this set of Reference of Frame [namely the Matter-Being Paradigm] is the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching, namely, octaves of 0 and 1, and the 64-Hexagrams, in short, the Yin-Yang line-diagram logic set. Notice, including free will represented by the neutral line, we have the complete set of line diagrams for the “virtual machine language” of the Vacuum Computer.

Combining the I-Ching 64-Hexagram Yin-Yang Logic [which, according to GNOSIS, represents TRUTH] and the Tao-Te-Ching 81-Tetragram Yin-Yang-Neutral Logic, the events of the entire universe from the Big Bang to Now and to the Potential Future can be self-coded by this set of 64-81 line diagrams in the Vacuum Computer.

Number Game in Base-9

  • 64 reduces to 1, the Spirit of the Universe. However, it is not complete and needs 2 (the Soul) and 3 (the Mind) to form the Holon. As said in the Tao-Te-Ching, One produce the Two, The Two produce the Three, The Three produce to 10-Thousand Things. Finally, comes the 4 (the Brain that is part of the Mind = Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit Communication) to complete the Creation. In other words, 4 represents interactions in unity within the 1–2–3 Holon.
  • 81, with its neutral lines represents free will in picking the observer’s Trigrams and Hexagrams, by changing one or more Yin and/or Yang lines within these line diagrams. Notice, a Tetragram is formed by adding one neutral line to a Trigram, or two neutral lines to a Bigram. In addition, a Pentagram is formed by adding two neutral lines to a Trigram, and so on. Remember, adding a neutral line implies exercising  the Observer’s Free Will.
  • Lastly, let us divide 81 by 64, we have

81 / 64 = 1.265625 –> 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 +6 + 2 + 5 –> 27

Namely, the 27 Information-Energy Paths is the hexagram set derived from the Observer’s 10 Logic-Information Potentials. Furthermore this 27 Information-Energy Paths in turn reduces to the 27 Mind-Soul-Spirit paths within the 3 Octave Levels, namely 3-Mind x 3-Soul x 3-Spirit = 27 defined in a 6-D Triangle Holon Mandala.


The above derived set of 10–27 is the base set in which all other event sets in the universe are reduced to. Remember, this is “My Set, or this particular Observer’s Set.” Other Observer can derive the Observer’s own set of 10–27 with the Observer’s Free Will. All sets are non-locally connected and/or entangled; thus all set are reducible to the basic number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10–27 Set.

Once an Observer derived the Observer’s Set that answer will satisfy the three questions posted, all events of the universe should be able to reduce back to this set of 10-27 except, when error and/or difficulty in the Observer Logic occurs, modification of the set is expected.

Therefore, the key in understanding the universe is to reduce all questions-answers on How the Universe Function back to this Basic Number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10-27 set.


  • Modern Physics: 10 —> String Dimensions, 27 —> Orbifold Dimensions, in a Six-Dimensional Triangle
  • Spirit-Chemistry: 10 —> Categories I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII [Noble Gas], IX [Meta Noble Gas] and Free Will, 27 —> the S-B-D Isotopes [27 Nuclear Tunneling Elements]. See Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics and QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry. Collapse of (10, 27) —> the 81 Stable Atoms. The corresponding ten Logic Potentials are the 8 Meta-Elements plus Occultum and Adyarium (See Book).
  • Kabbalah: 10 —> Sephira, 27 —> 22- Hebrew Letters plus 5-Consonances
  • Virtual Machine Code [I-Ching–Tao-Te-Ching]: 10 —> Six Line-Diagrams Logic [binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, and thir logic-information octagon coordinates [pre-heaven, post-heaven and the thought octagon, see page: God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution] that correspond to x-y-z coordinates. 27 —> The Manifested [in Divination, by consulting the Brain-Soul operator] line-diagram logic, which co-created the Observer’s Own Hexagram Set.
  • WebHealth: 10 —> Acu-Points, 27 —> 22- Individual’s Health Path plus 5-Stabilizing Elements. Collapse of (10, 27) —> Individual Recovery of Ill-Health.
  • Human Destiny: 10 —>4-Pairs of Birth Coordinates = 8 plus place of birth = 9 and Free Will make 10, 27 —> 10 Celestial Stems, 12 Terrestrial Branches, and 5 Elements. This in WebHealth, this is referred to as SOUL-GENETIC. Next Collapse of (10, 27) —> Genetic Chemistry.
  • Etc.

Within each of these examples, there are still many unanswered questions. Notice, the Free Will component is most important in the collapse of any (10, 27) sets or in the Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy.

All (10, 27) sets are reducible to

  • 10 —> Nine Numbers + Free Will, 27 —> Mind-Soul-Spirit in each of the three octagons, which manifest the Observer’s Hexagram Set within the 64 Hexagrams.