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Wing Pon’s Writings and Videos

The reason for this Post is to give the reader a sense of the Observer-Observed and their point of reference in which this Paradigm was created up to 2010. Notice, the Observer—Observed—Frame of Reference is a continually changing Holon. Likewise, the contents of the Paradigm are also in a continually changing State.

THE OBSERVED: This posting contains the direction of Wing Pon’s Maturity and his Observations, represent the contents of the Observed in writing this Paradigm, which Wing Pon’s intellect has taken him for the last 55 years.

THE OBSERVER: The Observer is written in the Biography page and in the posting, What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience.

FRAME OF REFERENCE: The subject matter expressed in this Website gives an indication of the Observer-Observed Frame of Reference. This Frame of Reference is always within the contents of Being and Matter.


The following listing represent Wing Pon’s (or the observer’s) latest (2009-2010) understanding of this Paradigm

  • Website: www.holon137.com (2009 -, dates posted): The Paradigm is summarized in the following represents the most Mature Observation
  1. Posting, QA: What is Quantum Meditation
  2. Posting, QA: What is Quantum Logic
  3. Posting, QA: What is Quantum Computer
  • Book: Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics, Chemistry, Genetics, Technology, 2009
  • Paper: Faraday Cage for Information-Energy/Free Will, 2009


Writings that represent Wing Pon’s earliest thinking that leads to the present Paradigm.

  • Book: Journey into a Science of Reality: An East West View of Reality, Vol-1, 1978
  • Manuscript: Conceptual Mapping of Chinese Philosophy and Contemporary Science, 1978, 200 pages
  • Manuscript: Conceptual Systems Approach to Chinese Medicine, 1978, 196 pages
  • Manuscript: Physics of Consciousness and Parapsychology, 197, Part-I, 204 pages, Part-II, 397 pages
  • Manuscript: Wave-Particle Concepts in Indian Philosophy, 1979, 207 pages

These early writings set the pattern of Wing Pon’s earlier (college days) thinking.


Listed below is the 55-year evolution, from 1954 to 2008, of Wing Pon’s writings, Grouped in Three Stages.

6 Book-Length Manuscripts leading to the Book “The Matter-Being Project” (2003 -2006)

  • Vol-1, Glossary/Technical Notes for the Holon Theory of Everything (2003)
  • Vol-2, Physics of a Non-Local World (2003-4)
  • Vol-3, Body-Soul-Spirit Health toward Ascension (2004)
  • Vol-5, Soul-Spirit Chemistry—Health—Medicine, Co-Creation and Free Energy (2204-5)
  • Vol-6, Epilogues: Monopole Technologies, By Produts of the Holon Paradigm (2005)

9 Full-Length Lecture Videos, 1995

  • Video-1, The Holon Method, 1:2:36
  • Video-2, Physics and Physiology of the Spirit, 2:12:00
  • Video-3, Physics and Physiology of the Soul, 1:56:00
  • Video-4, Physics and Physiology of the Body, 1:44:00
  • Video-5, Physics and Physiology of the Mind, 1:51:47
  • Video-6, Physiology and the Path of Ch’i, 2:14:00
  • Video-7, The Holon of Spiritual Development, Part One, 1:50:00
  • Video-8, The Holon of Spiritual Development, Part Two, 2:21:01
  • Video-9, The Template of the Universe and Human Spirit, 1:41:00

3 Printed Books of Unedited Lecture Notes (1995)

  • Vol-1, Neo-Taoism: Putting God Back into Physics, 289 pages
  • Vol-2, Neo Taoism: The Holon Method, An Inspirational Outline on Reconstructive Knowledge, 289 pages
  • Vol-3, Neo-Taoism: Completing the Physicist Theory of Everything within Mind-Soul-Spirit as a Quantum Participator, 123 pages

1988-1990: A Proposed Scientific Foundation for A Holistic Science, 8 Manuscripts

  • Connectivities in Reality, Life, and Humanity, 288 pages
  • An Extension of Einstein’s Energy-Mass Conservation Law, 315 pages
  • Coordinates for the Description of Karma and Destiny, 271 pages
  • Cosmological Foundation for Holistic Science, 332 pages
  • Psycho-Physics: A New Science of Mind-Matter Interaction, 230 pages
  • Psycho-Physics: Quantum Connections and Mass-Free energy, 220 pages
  • Psycho-Physics: Information Chemistry and Psychology, 223 pages
  • Six Days of Creation, A Logic-Information Cosmology: Resolving the Difficulties in Quantum Realities and the Big Bang, 336 pages

From 1954 to 1984: Intellectual-Intuitive understanding of Eastern Philosophy (emphasis on Chinese Classics) and Western Science in the form of General Systems Theory. Results are summarized below.

  • See Background Thinking at the beginning of this Post