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QA: What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS Health

Continuing from the previous posting. QA: What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS. In this posting, I shall diagrams the health connection to ORMUS elements and to Quantum Alchemy based on the Matter-Being Paradigm. I never use any of these ORMUS metals, and have no knowledge of its health effects, good or bad. I have read some of the health benefits, but no ill-effects can be found, from the Internet. Since, most of the sites I found were commercial, could their reporting be biased toward the health benefits aspects only.

Again, I shall present this Alchemy—Quantum Health and ORMUS—Acu-Pont connections via diagrams only. I will, using these diagrams, to illustrate the Quantum connections to these Acu-Point Circuits and Chakra Circuits (notice, each Chakra circuit is formed by a Holon of three Acu-Point circuits). I will not comment on the good or bad side of these ORMUS metals with respect to health.

In short, the main connection of the Acu-Point circuits to Alchemy and ORMUS metals are the Holon of Du Mai (Mo) 督脈, Ren Mai (Mo) 任脈, and Chong Mai (or Mo) 沖脈 (as illustrated in Diagrams 2 and 3). This Holon circuit is connected to the individual’s Spirit and Soul, i.e., the individual’s Logic-Information (in the Logic Vacuum) and Information-Energy (in the Information Vacuum) Potentials. Spirit-Soul Logic-Information Potentials are often referred to in acupuncture books as ancestral energy or Ch’i (the Pre-Heaven Chinese Character). The Nei Çhing (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) offers a fascinating concept pertaining to this ancestral Ch’i:

Each of the five viscera contains only one single organ exept the kidneys; why? The answer may be presented as follows: There are, in fact, not two kidneys [kidney acu-points], because the left kidney [acu-point] is a kidney [acu-point], but the right kidney [acu-point], because the left kidney is a kidney, but the right kidney is called Life-door. Life-door stores the energy of spirit and pure energy [pre-heaven Ch’i], and it is the root of virginal energy; Life-door is the store of semen [essence] in men and is connected with the womb in women. Hence, there is one single kidney.

Commenting on this passage, Royston Low have this explanation.

Naturally, this only makes sense when we remember that tradition is referring to functions rather than actual organs, and traditionally, the left kidney is water and the right kidney is fire or the Yang aspect. The three most import of the extra meridians [circuits] are Du Mai, Ren Mai and Chong Mai, and these all take their origin from the kidneys. Very roughly, Du Mai may be regarded as the storehouse of Yang, Ren Mai as the storehouse of Yin, and Chong Mai as the chief purveyor of the ancestral energy itself.

In total, there are three diagrams describing these connections, which are shown below.




The Second Diagram:



tem-2 1

The Final Diagram:



tem-2 2

The Collapsed Information-Energy onto Energy-Mass, which in this case becomes human physiology is shown in a previous diagram of a previous posting.