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Clark Viehweg–A View From the Right

Mr. Pon asked me to describe my experiences viewing life from the right brain and I am happy to oblige.  I do not pretend to infer that my visions of reality or that my observations are anything more than my own interpretations based on my beliefs, truths and the knowledge I have accumulated.

In an unfortunate incident on Christmas Eve when I was four years old I lost my right eye.  Consequently everything I have seen since that moment has been created by the right side of my brain.  While the images that I see are all right brain created, the thoughts, ideas and emotions these images produce come from both sides of my brain.  Naturally, anything of a linear, analytical nature comes from my left brain influenced by the knowledge, beliefs and truths I have accumulated regarding the laws of our universe.  At the same time my right brains responds holistically to the mandala each individual image represents.

Our brains mind is a very powerful machine.  According to modern science the human brain is the most powerful organ in the universe.  Given that our brain has its very own mind this should present us with some idea of the power of our brains mind and the influence it has on our daily experience of reality.

Our left brain deals primarily with events and history recorded from our past so that our thoughts and feelings come from these past experiences.  Our right brain is not limited to past observations and depending on our ability to disengage from those mundane material thoughts originating in our left brain clamoring for attention we can tune into our real mind which connects us with our spirit and the universal mind.  Some might call this universal mind the cosmic mind, the mind of God or the Akashic Records.

Our real mind is actually part of our soul which contains all of our history as a being.  Whether or not you believe in reincarnation we (you and me as beings) did come from someplace existing as something before coming to this life and we will continue to exist as something after this life is concluded.   The history and finality (destiny) of our being is contained in the mind of our soul.

Our mind, the mind attached to our soul is in reality our mind-brain interface as well as our soul-spirit interface.  It is through our mind (soul) that we can access our spirit and the infinite beyond.  Throughout my life I have journeyed into this vast uncharted and unknown universe seeking answers to life’s big questions such as why are we here, what is our purpose and where does life lead?  What happened to us before we came to inhabit this existence and what will happen once we leave this life?   I was struggling with these questions forming my own version of reality when I met Mr. Pon some twenty-five years ago.  As his Holon Theory of Everything progressed over the years I was often sitting by his side arguing some of the finer points concerning our spirit, soul and the nature of God.

Over the years I have wrecked my physical body to the standpoint where dwelling in the flesh is usually a painful experience and consequently I have spent a great deal of time out of my body exploring what Mr. Pon refers to as the vacuum.  By whatever name you wish to give the universe outside of our own time and space; that is where my visions and journeys usually terminate.

At a very young age I learned hypnosis and how to hypnotize myself.  This proved invaluable in preparing for exams in college and later in my business career.   From hypnosis it is a short step to learning about the psychic realm and the illusion of power that come from being able to read people’s minds.  Developing my psychic powers was instrumental in helping me strengthen my right-brain observations but eventually I stopped spending time in the psychic realm.

First, everything in the psychic world is immediate.  Everything you experience is of the moment.   These experiences are valid and one hundred percent accurate.  While in a psychic trance it is possible to predict with one hundred percent accuracy what will happen in the next moment of now.  However, for every moment of now you extend into the future your accuracy becomes less and less.  The reason for this is free-agency.  There are billions of souls on this planet and every single one has free agency.  Not only that but everything else has free agency as well; however, in this analysis we will only dwell with human beings.

Since everyone has free agency it is impossible to know exactly what each of these beings will decide to do in the next moment of now.  People can and do change their minds all the time.  This is the primary reason psychic have such a poor track record when it comes to predicting the future.

The primary reason I stopped dealing with the psychic world was the power trap.  Psychic ability gives one the illusion of great power which feeds the ego.  The more psychic power you accumulate the greater the ego.  Ultimately you discover that this is a trap.  While you can become very powerful, know everyone’s secret and have some inkling about what will come next, you will be forever stunted in your spiritual growth.  By the time you become aware of this trap it is difficult to give up the power and take the ego hit.  Fortunately I was able to let go of this power and ultimately regain my normal footing.  While I can still access the psychic realm when the need or desire arises, I try to stay well out of its seductive grasp.

Having said all that, the development of my right brain was instrumental in providing me with access to the universe beyond which I what Mr. Pon really wants me to discuss.

Infinity is impossible to discuss in rational left-brain logic.  The first time I experienced the great beyond, (my term) I was scared to death; afraid that I would never find my way back.  I was alone, no guide to help me navigate this uncharted space.  My experience was of being in such a vast open unending space that I felt even less than insignificant.  This first visit was very short and it was only after many, many subsequent trips that I began to understand why.

This realm is not a universe of the mind.  Rational, everyday thought is not permitted.  As soon as you utilize your brain, or your mind you are immediately dumped back into your body.  It took me many years and a lot of discussions with Mr. Pon before coming to understand what was happening.

I enter this universe with meditation.  In the beginning I used yogic breathing along with meditation and chanting to clear my brains mind and stop all the chattering.  At some point in the meditation when my brain stops with all the random thoughts I find myself on the threshold of infinity.  Somewhere along the way I discovered that if I programmed a destination into my meditation at the beginning of each session I would eventually end up in that location.

For instance I would focus on love.  My intention, my desire, and my focus was to know, feel, and experience everything there was to know about love.  When I ultimately entered this Universe I became pure love.  I actually became God.  Everything in this universe and beyond is composed of pure love and everything happens simultaneously, at the moment of now.  The feelings and sensation of pure love is completely overwhelming.  The human body in completely incapable of experiencing pure, unconditional, divine love.  We can only experience this love through our spirit.  Once I found myself into whatever universe, (space) I entered I could dwell there forever, if I did not engage my brain.  As soon as I had even the sliver of a thought, such as “wow, this is beautiful” I was immediately shunted back into my body.

Over time I discovered that this universe is the foundation of our universe where everything originates.  I could have no thought there, that is I could not think or use my brain, because thought brought me back here; however, if I went there with a thought, I could experience every aspect of that thought and the consequences of that thought.  In Mr. Pon’s language he would probably call this pre-heaven or perhaps simply the vacuum.

At the very beginning I did see colors and in retrospect I believe I was passing through the outer edge of our universe zipping through galaxies across time and space.  Ultimately I only saw white which is all I ever experience at this time.  I seem to be surrounded by infinity where time and space do not exist.  All that is, is pure emotion, pure feeling.  What I experience is the feeling behind whatever thought I had as I began my meditation.

What these experiences mean to me is that our journey has no beginning and no end.  It is never about getting there, because there is no there-there to get to.  It is always about the journey; our endless, beautiful, fascinating journey.  This life has been full of hardships, pain and suffering and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I know that every single experience I have had only makes me wealthy in some aspect broadening my ability to live, love, grieve and enjoy the sun.  We are endless and have infinity before us to reach perfection, should such a state actually exist.