Vaccum Computer Self-Program Line Logic

This post uses the self-programming function as an example to illustrate the working mechanism of the 10—22—27 formula.  This is the 10—Stems—12—Branches—5-Element formula on describing Information—Energy executions inside the Vacuum Computer. Specifically, this posting will illustrate that the soul-mechanism is self-generating the Virtual “60 cycle Calendar” operating within the 10—22—27 formula. The diagrams within this Post specifically illustrate the Line Logic differences between the Tetragrams used in the T’ai Hsuan Ching and the Hexagrams generated by I-Ching logic.

T’ai Hsuan Ching

  • T’ai Hsuan Ching <——> [Soul—Self—Spirit] Holon Execution inside the Vacuum Computer, where the Observers are the Free Will Neutral-Lines inside the Tetragram Logic used by the Computer.
  • Computer Execution generated a Virtual 60 Information-Energy Cycle Calendar, with an embedded Self-Generated Free Will Field of beneficial and perverse Qi—Ch’I
  • Perverse Qi—Ch’I is contained inside the self-generated free will neutral lines embedded inside the Bigram, which in turn embedded inside the Tetragram.
  • Notice, this Virtual Calendar is self-formed within God’s Holon, which is 9—-9—-9.


  • I-Ching <——> [Soul—Observer—Spirit] is a Holon collapsed state that contains the vacuum computer’s output in a binary state where the human diviner generates the free will.
  • Pre-Heaven Octagon <——> Observer is God, who in turn generated the Big Bang and Involution Line-Diagram Logic for the Universe.
  • Post-Heaven Octagon <——> Observers are the Created Matter-Being Holon of [Celestial—Terrestrial—Living] Matter—Being Objects, while the Observed is the Free Will Neutral Lines inside the Mind Octagon; namely the Tetragram lines. This operation defines the act of divination.
  • The Calendar, self-generated within the 729 unit cells, inside the Vacuum Computer mapped onto the physical calendar in space-time, which establish a correlation between the two.


Each of the top four and center layers

tem2 5

Each of the Bottom four Layers

tem2 6

Dates and Time in each Layer.

tem2 4

81-Tetragrams mapped onto a Calender

tem2 3

Remember, this self-generated calendar contains both perverse and beneficial “dates” without any external (input from the physical space). However, external interaction as observer—observed will bring in another perverse and beneficial, information-energy, set specifically applied to the observer. Remember also, these beneficial–perverse Non-Local—-Local Information are bio-quantum in nature and have only nano effects.

We can now formulate the following summary:


Notice, there is no Body-Brain involvement in these computer execution.

Next, with Human–Brain intervention.


Notice, Humans can also intervene with their states of --, but this must be in a human state of ascension.

With the above soul-computer execution formula, as shown in the above two diagrams, soul-observations can now be explained.


The Participatory Universe implies an Observer Participatory State that carries the following concept-definitions for descriptions of Soul-Computer Execution.

Preliminary Concepts and Mappings

  • Neutral Line <——> Free Will and the Photon’s Logic Component. Thus, embedded in Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy is Photon Interactions, which imply Light.
  • The Participatory State is directly connected to the state of the Observer. The Observer state can be an active Brain-State or an inactive Brain-State. Active or Inactive is depended upon whether the observation is within or outside the Observer’s Reference Frame. Active or inactive is also dependent upon whether the observation is intended or unintended. The Observer’s participation is a function of the observer’s action operators. These operators are best explained with the nine Chinese Holon Characters the mapped onto the Holon of Brain—Soul—Spirit.

Mapping of the 9 Chinese Characters as Observer’s Operators

  • The Observer’s Self-Participatory Operators are: (1) the Brain; namely with (the spirit-mental state) in --, (2) the Spirit with in -- (the state of spirit in self), or (3) the Soul with (the heart-mental state) in --. In addition, the embedded concepts of a body, in the Chinese characters, have the following mappings: - —-> physico-chemical body, - (the acu-point circuits of Tw-HC, or the corresponding Heart-Brain Circuits) —-> soul body, and - (the seven chakra) —-> spirit body.

With these Soul-Computer execution concepts stated above, we can know state the following generated computer-execution phenomena.

  • Information transfer is visible, in bright light (photon-photon interaction)
  • First recognized information-energy form, within one’s frame of reference, are past or potential future relatives (these are the clearest knowingness embedded in one’s frame of reference)
  • Active Brain State implies the use of a computer driver or intended observations, while passive Brain State implies unintended observations
  • Spirit-Operators are always active with intention coming from God’s Involution Logic, thus the soul-body is always self-executed by the spirit operators
  • The degrees of knowingness in these self-observer computer executed phenomena are directly connected to the observer’s evolved state of its reference frame
  • The active Brain State, or intention, must be “thought out” before entering mind-soul observation
  • Intention can only be formed by the Brain’s mental driver, outside soul-computer execution
  • Intentions self-formed inside soul-computer execution are by one’s heart (i.e., sageness within and kingliness without, which are the soul-operator states), or by one’s spirit-self (spiritual-ness in self, the spirit-operator state)

The above bullets explain the journey of one’s soul according to the Matter-Being Paradigm.

Finally, with this posting, the reader can now study the Lo Pan. The Lo Pan was originally a scientific instrument, used for astronomical observation, the purpose of which was twofold — firstly to keep the calendar in synchronization with the seasons, and secondly, as an instrument of divination.

Participatory Universe: Line Logic & Geometry φ

This posting complete the posting on Holon Physiology IV: Junk DNA-DNA Logic by developing the line-diagram logic for a Participatory Universe; namely the Observer-Universe from the Tetragram points of view. The Big Bang in the concept of the logic of these line diagram is created by the Self-Observations within the free will lines inside the Tetragram (i.e., the observations generated by the neutral line in the production of either a yin or a yang line to form the Trigrams and the Hexagrams). These observations collapses onto the line diagram logic of the Hexagrams that forms the Junk DNA-DNA and the 81 stable atoms in the periodic table.

These activities are illustrated by the Holon Flow Diagram Logics as shown in this posting. We shall begin with the Holon: BASE-9—TETRAGRAM—PARTICPATORY UNIVERSE that generated the system of Base-10 numbers and Sacred Geometry-f, which lead to the collapse of the Tetragrams onto the Hexagrams and thus generated the Atoms, Junk DNA-DNA, and so on.

tem2 2

Portrayed in a flow diagram:

tem2 3

The Tetraktys with its Invoution—Evolution Vortexes:

tem2 4

The Soul–Spirit Logic of the 5-Elements:

tem2 5

Next, look at the collapsed Hexagram logic mapped onto the Genetic, namely the Amino Acids and the number of Synonymous Codons:


The number of Synonymous Condons:

tem2 6

Next, the mapping of Hexagram Logic onto Electron Shell Logic: Perhaps the best fit is between Trigrams and the Electron Orbit Shell. That is, a pair of Trigrams inside a Hexagram is mapped onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit. I have not completed this mapping; therefore I shall used the Hexagram Logic mappings to illustrate this idea.

The First Example:

tem2 7

The Second Example, using Hexagram mapping:

tem2 8

Explanation of the previous diagrams on Hexagram Mappings with the numbers of Yang Line:

tem2 9

Again, instead of using pairs of Hexagrams as shown in the previous two examples, a pair of trigrams inside a Hexagram should be used to map onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit.

Finally, the Collapse of 81 stable atoms.


This concludes this posting.

Nuclei–Encoded Line-Logic

This posting continues and completes the postings on Soul-Spirit Chemistry as listed below:

  • Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul-Spirit Genetics
  • QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry
  • QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS
  • QA:What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS Health

In short, it completes the Two Stages of the Nuclear Model introduced in Diagrams 4 and 5 in QA: What is Quantum Alchemy / ORMUS.

Let us re-introduce Diagram 4:



STAGE II, Locked inside Stage I by a Platonic Solid, as shown above:

tem2 1

Re-introducing DIAGRAM 5.

tem2 2

SOUL CHEMISTRY, continuous executions in Information-Energy:

tem2 3

SPIRIT CHEMISTRY, Logic-Information Chemistry in Magnetic Monopoles and Acu-Points:

tem2 4

This completes the initial attempts in a Matter-Being Paradigm for integrating / synthesizing the diverse yet connected, in Mind—-Soul—-Spirit, the subjects of Modern Physics—–Ancient Philosophy—–Metaphysics into a Holon.

Simulation Logic in Ternary Computer

An initial attempt to formulate the Trinary Logic in Ternary Codes–Bits–Qubits and outputs into Yin-Objects and Yang Objects, as the author imagine How God developed His Virtual Computer.  In addition how God and us Observers Simulated our Universe within the perspective of the Author’s Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. This Simulated Universe contains the integrated sum of His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] simulated programs from incarnation to incarnations. Remember, as said often, the content of this Matter-Being Paradigm is continuously maturing from Posting to Posting. This initial understanding is diagramed below.



Next, numbers in Both Base-9, Base-10 Logic and their meanings are apply to Lines, Bigrams, Trigrams, Tetragrams, Petagrams, & Hexagrams. Thus, the numbers of permutations in Meanings inside the Holon of Base-9—Base-10—Line Diagrams are tremendous. Furthermore, the muti-variation in meanings is logically formulated by the Spirit-Mind of each Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. Thus, the final piece is the meanings of Codes in these simulated logic, namely, the line diagrams and changing lines i.e., the knowledge—experience—Information in each of His—Hers—Its Reference Frame, where the formula 27 for the spiritual and physical constants including the ancient culture of embedded in I-Ching—Tao-Te-Ching—Tai-Hsuan Ching.

I am not going into the details of these simulations of codes. Yet, one can now see the tremendous among of Spaceless—Timeless—Information / Entropy for each Observer’s simulated piece of encoded logic, accumulated from incarnation to incarnations. Let along the Simulated Universe, which contains all His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] Observer-Observed Simulated Logic. Notice, since these encoding logic are in a spaceless—timeless environment, problems with power consumption—memory—runtime does not exit. All these simulations are self-encoded.

What a virtual computer. Only God, in His all-powerful wisdom—all knowingness—infinite LOVE can create such a Simulated Universe.

tem2 1

How these free will logic used to encode the Information—Knowledge—Knowingness of His—Hers—Its Frame of References, although self-determined in God’s Vacuum Computer, are very difficult to formulate or reverse engineer. These are all pre-determined within God’s Involution Logic. Remember, inside this Participatory Universe, every piece of logic [both spiritual and physical constants; namely formula 27 as explained in the contents of this Website] are self-simulated by His—Her—Its [with Being inside] Observers. Furthermore, these are virtual formulas formulated by the spirit—minds of God’s creations guided by God’s Involution Logic inside the Logic and the Information Vacuums. In short, the mental creations from the Spirit-Minds of Physicists—Philosophers—Meta-physicists are organized—evolving logic or destructive-entropy, which is self-encoded-simulated onto the Vacuum Computer.

THE SIMULATED UNIVERSE ßà Programs, QUBITS [Logic-Information, <—-> BEING, --]—Execution, BITS [Information-Energy <—-> TRANSITION, --]—Outputs, YIN-YANG OBJECTS [Energy-Mass <—-> MATTER, --]




tem2 1

God’s Vacuum Computer contains no Hardware Computer, Only three Software Components, HOLON Logic-Vacuum—Information Vacuum—3-D Masses. Within the Logic Vacuum is the Inputs of God’s involution logic. The above Square represents an Octahedron, as shown below for the HOLON UNIVERSE.

tem2 2

A HOLON UNIVERSE <—-> LOGIC—INFORMATION—MASS, which is also a Living Universe in the Holon of -- [Being in Matter]—-- [Being in Human, Transitional State]—-- [God in Human]. In addition, Dark Matter is identified as “Logic-Mass” and Dark Energy has to do with “Information-Mass”. These two Masses form a Holon with Energy-Mass: Logic-Mass—Information-Mass—Energy-Mass. Furthermore, Black Hole <—-> Information-Vacuum, and Wormhole <—-> Logic-Vacuum.


March 20th, 2012 at 1:08PM – QUANTUM GEOMETRY

Geometry for a physics for the Post-modern Age, based upon the ancient syncretic system known as the I Ching or Book of Changes. This new fractal, holographic, multi-/inter-dimensional coordinate geometry may offer a simple mathematical language by means of which quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and string theory can be better understood.

Possible reason why the I Ching works

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Alberto Ramon

There is no established scientific explanation why the I Ching works as an intuitive tool. The fact that intuition and precognition exist suggests, according to some scientific findings, that the deepest part of the human mind has access to a quantum level that is beyond space and time.  The theories that have been hypothesized to explain those findings are based on quantum non-locality, holography, and complex space-time. Every I Ching response is perhaps a symbolic representation of an answer from that deepest part of the mind.  After all, since the answer and the response are simultaneous events, it’s possible that they are meaningfully linked according to Carl Jung’s principle of synchronicity.

After many years of interacting with the I-Ching, I’m convinced that what is happening when one throws the coins, or picks up yarrow sticks, is that this process essentially freezes time so that we can clearly see what is right in front of our faces. Each toss of the coins is a frozen moment in time and all of it’s related connections. My experience is that it tells me exactly what I already know, but because I’m unable to make all the connections because I’m not paying 100% attention 100% of the time, but the I-Ching is able to do so. I don’t have a scientific explanation. I’m an artist and trust my intuition; it is the only thing that I know to be correct, always, and speaking with the I-Ching, is like speaking to a friend who will tell you the unvarnished truth without tip toeing around your feelings.

Mappings of Strings & Line Dimensions

Presented in this posting are the analogies between String Theories and I-Ching Logic within their respective dimensions. The dimensions of String Theories are computer-executing dimensions in the Information vacuum of hyperspace. On the other hand the I-Ching logic dimensions represent the pre-encoded Logic-Information potentials inside the participatory universe’s self-programmable computer. The former generates the dimension of the Information-Energy Vacuum, while the latter represents the pre-encoded Logic-Information Vacuum dimensions. The analogy between the two sets of dimensions will be illustrated.

Let us begin with these particular Vacuum Holons shown below.

a. The Vacuum in Numbers—Hyperspace—Mandalas

The above is one of the many Holons that define the vacuum in relationship to one’s left-right brain frame of references depending on the particular Observer. The following are two more.

b. The Vacuum —-> The Holon Logic of {[Void]—[Inside Zero]—[Nothing yet Everything]}

c. The Vacuum —-> Consciousness—Moment of Now—Teleportation of i

Now, let us examine the three components of Holon (a).

  • Numbers —-> Base-9, Base-10, and so on
    • Number —-> Base-9 + Void (The Logic Dimensions inside Zero or inside the Logic Vacuum) —-> 10 Dimensions
  • Mandalas —-> Pictures, Flow Charts, Diagrams, and so
    • 10 Chinese Character Dimensions —-> 9 mind—soul—spirit + Ch’I (Pre-Heaven, communications inside the void) —-> 10 Chinese Mandalas Logic Dimensions: ----靈,  靈-魂-魄 , and

  • tem2

  • Hyperspace —-> 10 dimensional Strings (Information-Energy Dimensions in the Information Vacuum)


4 States: Mapping between Strings and Line Logic

  • Strings <——> Lines:
    • Open Strings <——> Yin Lines,
    • Closed Strings <——> Yang Lines,
    • Connecting Open and Closed Strings <——> A State in Neutral Lines
    • No Connection <——> A State in Neutral Line

5 States of Line Logic in

Bigram, Trigram, Tetragram, Petagram, Hexagram

1 State in

Free Will

Next three diagrams are mappings between String Dimensions and I-Ching line dimensions

The Correspondence between 64-Hexagrams in the Logic-Information Vacuum and the E8 Information-Energy Vacuum

The E8 Lie group: DIAGRAM 1-A

E8 is a “Lie group”, a means of describing symmetrical objects. Mapping the 248-dimensional structure took a team of 19 mathematicians plus four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project. The final computation took more than three days’ solid processing time on a Sage supercomputer. While mathematicians have known for a long time about the beauty and the uniqueness of E8, physicists have come to appreciate its exceptional role only more recently. Physicists encounter it everywhere in their attempt to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces in more than 4-dimensions, such as string theory, in an attempt to develop a theory of everything. See Jeffrey Adams,


E-8 LIE GROUP: The E8 root system consists of 240 vectors in an eight-dimensional space. These vectors are the corners of an eight-dimensional object called the Gosset potytope represented below is a two dimensions image based on a drawing by Peter McMullen



Analogy between the 64-Hexagram Logic (Diagram 1-b) and the E-8 Lie group (Diagram 1-a


The logic of the 64 hexagrams formed by 8-trigrams is also a 248-dimensional structure. As shown, the 64-hexagrams is reducible to a set of 36 mirror hexagrams (27 reversible & 7 irreversible). The 248-dimensions of these 36 mirror hexagrams are: line-dimensions —-> 6 x 36 = 216, free will dimensions —-> 31 (in picking trigrams within the 27 reversible hexagrams plus hexagrams 27, 28, 61, and 62 = 27 + 4), and, 1 conscious dimension 神 or . Thus, the initial-final conditions of the universe are apriori encoded in a set of computer programs describing the 64-hexagram formations from an 8 x 8 matrix of trigrams and their symmetry breaks. The execution of this apriori set of programs, according to some physicists, is a set described by the matrix E8 x E8 symmetry breaks.

Because logic into information is a one to many mapping, the correspondence between 64-Hexagrams and E8 is a one of many correspondences between Spirit (in Logic) and Soul (in Wave information-energy of becoming something). This mapping is observer dependent and this something is an information-energy object collapsed into the space-constant grid specified by the energy-mass output module. Mapping of 64-Hexagrams into E8 in 10-dimensions of yin-yang-neutral lines represented by open-closed-connected strings, the observers are mathematical physicists. Another mapping is between Hexagrams formed by Acu-Points arranged in pre-post octagons and Human Chakras. The E-8 mandala, in this mapping, is the Chakra-8 mandala at the final stage of human evolution as ascended humans. This mapping represents the universe’s initial tri-state 1-2-3 & the universe’s final tri-state 7-8-9. Notice, Chakra-8 is an integrated state of knowingness and thinking. The purpose of bio-quantum technology is to provide a platform for understanding the Human’s capabilities of becoming a non-local co-creator.


tem2 1

“This orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a 2-dimensional surface in a 3-dimensional space. By combining 3 such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a 6- dimensional space with 3x3x3=27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original 10-dimensional space compactifies.


“An orbifold space has the effect of breaking the basic symmetry of the space. The E8 xE8 symmetry inherent in the original flat 10-dimensional space is therefore broken by the process of compactification. The Euler number (relation between dimensions and holes) is 72, which means 36 generations of elementary particles. (This is clearly far too many)”

I-CHING CONNECTIONS: Numbers 36 & 27

In I-Ching, number 36 is the number of hexagrams in the symmetric set of 64 hexagrams. Thus, in the vacuum computer, within the entire set of subroutines and programs, there are 36 executable subroutines and programs that describe the elementary particle world, while there are many more entangled nonsense subroutines and programs.

In the Gnosis, Truth is ADHQEIA, whose number is 64 and that there are some of the 64 components visible, and some invisible to the human. All that are visible of the 64 are 37, leaving 27 hidden.

Notice: 37 Visible in Matter /  27 Hidden in Being = 1.37 —> 137 Fine Structure Constant, Binding Matter with Being

Most vital, in regards to informed knowing, is the input set. In I-Ching, this set has 27 coordinates: 12 terrestrial, 10 celestial, and 5 system coordinates that correspond to the state of information in question. For example, a particular time in these 27 variables correspond to 8 celestial-terrestrial coordinates plus 5 system-coordinates (i.e., 5-elements) in the form of trigrams that define the pre- and post heaven octagons. These 27 non-local coordinates have a correspondence to the 22 Hebrew letters plus 5 finals, which can be use to map words (perhaps their vibrations) into numbers in inner space. This vibration is in Set 0 to 36 spin octaves, namely the co-creation set. Perhaps this is how the compiler works: By converting the vibrations of words into number psychologies and their interacting frequencies, which in turn reducible to beauty—simplicity—least action. In this analysis, the 3 orbifolds form the key. The 36 subroutines-programs represent the lock. Knowing involves with key finding the lock, fitting it, and opening it. Key fitting the lock implies a reduction of the key plus the lock dimensions into one lock-key dimension, which is a form of compactification.

“The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the (27) letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis… This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization … meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology.” (see


tem2 2

In diagram 3, Tony Smith unify the dimensional equivalents of elementary particle-Plank physics in 8 dimensions Lie and Clifford algebras, Cl(8), with I-Ching binary and Tai Husang Ching ternary dimensions plus other ancient dimensional models.

Tony’s conclusions: “Since the DNA genetic code can be represented by 4 things taken 3 at a time, or (2×2) x (2×2) x (2×2) = 64, and since the I Ching (which is based on 6 bars, each of which can be in 2 states – broken or unbroken) can be represented by 2 things taken 6 at a time, or 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64, and since pairs of octonionic half-spinors of the Spin (0,8) Clifford algebra [Cl(0,8)] on which the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model is based, which can be represented by 8 things taken 2 at a time, or (2x2x2) x (2x2x2) = 64,  the genetic code, the I Ching, and the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model are all just different representations of the same fundamental structure.”

Diagrams 1-a, 1-b, 2, and 3 illustrate the information dimensional equivalent between string/M-theory and I-Ching logic-information.  As shown in diagram-3, Tony also indicates that this dimensional equivalent applies to the Torah, the tubulins-neurons Casimir effects in the Brain, IFA (Indigenous Religion of Africa), and other ancient developments. The conclusions found by Tony Smith on dimensional equivalent of cultural knowledge and Stan Tenen (at the Meru Foundation) on the equivalent of 27 Hebrew letters formed by projective geometry and hand-gestures (in a state of human knowingness) support the validly of the Matter-Being Holon Paradigm, which is an integrated synthesization of cultural knowledge and directly connected to the 10-27 formula derived in previous postings. (See websites & links) In Being, there are no identical observations (knowing & thinking), identities can only be seen as equivalences, correspondences, or correlated via mappings, rather than in the form of equality equations. Furthermore, the frame of references is in the mind of the observer, while pointer readings are statistical observations of the eigenstates in 3-D collapses. In short, D4-D5-E6-E-7 like strings and M-theory is not nonsense, but it is an observer(s)’s reality of becoming in Set-3 [72 to 108] octaves, while the Holon Theory is a synthesis of Octave Sets [0 to 36]—[36 to 72]—[72 to 108].

Holon Physiology VI: Junk DNA-DNA Logic

This posting finally completes and strengthened the proposal in this Paradigm that God works through a self-programming vacuum computer by resolving the confusing-incomplete treatments, up to know, on the proposed coding logic of this computer. As an example, in this Post, the encoding logic using line diagrams will clarify the specifics of Junk, non-coding, DNA versus coding DNA. This posting will infer that:

  • An 11 line-diagram logic dimensions is used by this Computer
  • Re-derive the Fine Structure Constant by line diagram logic
  • A 6-Hexagram line-logic set is used, as an example, to code the coding DNA
  • A 4-Tetragram line-logic set is used, as an example, to code the Non-coding DNA
  • And so on.

Observer—Observed Co-Created Tetragram—Hexagram Line Diagram on a Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer Logic



Observer—-Observed Logic

tem2 4

Observed Operator Logic–Tetragrams: Tai Hsuan Ching

tem2 1

Observed Operator Logic–Tetragrams, Tao Te Ching

tem2 2

Operator Collapsed Logic–Hexagrams

tem2 3


The three Groups of Tetragrams are shown below

tem2 5

Logic Dimensions

  • Tetragram Line-Logic —-> Self Encoding Observer Logic
  • Hexagram Line-Logic —-> Self Encoding Observed Logic
  • Frame of Reference —-> Observer Knowledge—Observer-Observed Knowingness
  • Tetragram —-> 4 Dimensions
  • Hexagram —-> 6 Dimensions
  • 10 Dimensions
  • 1 Dimension —-> Free Will
  • 10 + 1 = 11 Dimension of the Universe
  • In Tetragram Lines
  • Observer —-> Junk DNA Logic in Tetragram Lines
  • In Hexagram Lines
  • Observed —-> Pre-Heaven DNA Logic GOD’s Involution Logic of YOU
  • Observer-Observed Co-Creation —-> Post-Heaven DNA Evolved Logic of YOU

Next, the Operator Logic in Formation of Mind Octagon (Bigram Logic —-> Trigrams & Tetragrams)

tem2 6


Communication Holon —–> Bigram—Bigram, Trigram—Trigram, Bigram—Trigram

Holon of  Co-Creation:

  • Trigram—Trigram (Neutral line Collapsed) —-> Hexagram
  • Bigram–Bigram (Neutral line in Resonance) —–> Tetragram
  • Bigram—Trigram (Neutral line Collapsed) —–> Pentagram


Thus, Junk non-coding DNA is continuously operating (computer executed) within one’s Soul, as explained in the last posting.

QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence-2

The Mandalas–Diagrams–Flow Charts illustrated in this posting completes the 10–22–27 formula and its properties as discussed in this Website. This formula captures both concepts in quantum-relativistic physics and metaphysics hidden in the five human sciences of I-Ching logic, (see previous posting). It is in this East-West integration (putting mind-soul-spirit into quantum-relativistic physics) that the understanding of a Bio-quantum (hidden in the 10–22–27 formula) is necessary. This posting completes the concepts of the last six postings:

  • QA: What is the Participatory Universe Hypotheses
  • QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers)
  • QA: What is Quantum-Metaphysics (Soul-Personality of Numbers)
  • QA: What is the Formula for Information
  • QA: What is the Formula for Being-Matter Interactions
  • QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence

We shall start with the I-Ching formula on Base-9 arithmetic given in posting, QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers).


tem-2 2

Notice, each number contains a Logic-Information Holon of mind-soul-spirit.

Combining both the Bio-Quantum concepts and I-Ching Logic in mind–soul–spirit, we have the following explanatory diagram.

tem-2 6For Tetraktys / Physical Constants, see postings:

  • Repeatability in Quantum Technology
  • Creation-Universe’s Many Ten-Logic Potentials
  • Physical Constants Generated by φ (Phi)
  • QA: How Light Constant derives other Physical Constants

For Bio-Atomic Elements, see Posts:

  • Deterministic Quantum
  • Alchemist ORMUS elements and Soul Spirit Genetics
  • Cold Fusion in he Concept of Bio-Quantum
  • QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry
  • QA: What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS
  • QA: What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS Health

In finding the Elixir of Immortality, all five human sciences in the I-Ching must be involved (see posting, QA: What is the Formula for Being-Matter Interactions). In these human sciences, there are internal and external practices toward Immortality and Enlightenment. The mandala shown at the beginning of this posting, The Mind–Soul–Spirit of Numbers, has to do with internal practice, namely exercises on perfecting Mind entries into the Vacuum Computer, the number 10.

Enlightenment and Kundalini postings:

  • QA: What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience
  • QA: What are the Paths of Kundalini
  • QA: What are the Kundalini Fire Symptoms
  • QA: What is the Path toward Enlightenment

There is an external practice, which has to do with finding the Elixir of Immortality through Alchemy. Both practices need to understand and avoid those Perverse Information-Energy as addressed in the 10–22–27 formula.

For a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science / Technology and the Internal Practice of Enlightenment, the following are necessary:

  • Understanding and avoiding the Perverse Information-Energy formulated by the 10–22–27 formula
  • Teaching Nature, via the vacuum computer, about  the Information-Energy Paths of Chakra Health and the Cold Fusion / Superconductivity Reactions
  • Avoid the disturbance in the Free Will Field, and if necessary use monopole shielding

Another aspect of this formula is shown below, which contains further details on the Base-9 logic connected to the hidden five-element door.

tem-2 7

The I-Ching logic of the five elements and their number connections are obtained from the diagram below, except the number 7 (which is not in the diagram and is referred to as spirit fire) and the numbers 3, 6, and 9 have no five-element correspondences.



Finally, the 9-Octagon Arrays shown in the above diagram form the following two Holons.



The top is the Observer Holon, the bottom is the Observed Holon. In addition, the Holon for the reference frame is


Lo Pan, see God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution. The Chinese Characters are those of the I-Ching terms and are conceptually mapped onto the terms derived from the Paradigm.

Presented in this 10–22–27 formula is only the beginning of the creation of a “scientific right-left brain” language in defining a path for much further research and experimentations.

The perverse, benefit, or neutral interactions between the spin vortexes of Qi  and Ch’i (as shown in the above diagrams) as defined by the five-element Information-Energy interactions. These interactions are calculated with the 10–22–27 celestial stems and terrestrial branches formula as a function of date, time and directions. These calculations are listed in the Chinese Calendar within the combination of the 10-stems and 12-branches tables. In short, these perverse Information-Energy are the sum of Non-Local / Local Acu-Point (or Monopole) entangled-disinformation in their Logic-Information Potentials, namely the non-local logic disturbance from the Acu-Points of the earth, sun, moon, zodiacs, constellations, and so on.

The terms reference frames, observer, and the observed are interchangeable, namely the observer is being observed by the observed or by the reference frames. It is within these interchangeable components that entanglements and disinformation occur.  In addition, the fact that the observed and the reference frames exist in the vacuum, which is without space and without time, the observations and reference frames can be in the “earth-future”  or the “earth-past”.  These past-future connections to the moment of Now via the vacuum computer are properties of our Participatory Universe. Thus, explains the Information-Energy Phenomena of UFO and Crop Circles. In addition, these ancient mandalas exist in the 10–22–27 formula. Derived from I-Ching logic are psychic formulations dating back to the ancient spiritual sciences. These origins could date back to the same era as the Pyramids where right-brain maturity is at its highest. As a note, through this formula, predicting one’s health via one’s birthday is possible.

What percentage of entanglements and disturbances can this formula capture is a question, which at present has no answer. But, within this Participatory Universe, the following input Holon is at work


to help our Research—Development—Execution of this 10—22—27 formula.

Notice, all metaphysical–quantum formulations presented in this Matter-Being Paradigm (including the logic of elementary particles, the logic of the atomic elements, and so on) can be addressed via the line diagram logic, as shown in this Website. In conclusion, three more examples of these line diagram mandalas are illustrated below.


tem-2 3


tem-2 5


tem-2 8

It is not easy to understand the Paradigm presented in this Website, for it contains the background of almost all subjects of knowledge. This backgrounds is presented in most previous writings as listed in the posting, Wing Pon’s Writings and Videos. One may also obtain these background by Googling it.

QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence

Theory and Speculations [with Wing Pon’s comments in Bold letters] quoted from the Global Consciousness Project (GCP),  see its Website

After a decade of experience with the GCP data, looking at the varieties of correlations and the factors that seem to matter, I am beginning to see a “mechanism” for the GCP effects. I don’t yet know how to express it in clear scientific/mathematical terms, but the substance is that correlation is something. There is a real entity in the world whose nature appears to be relationship and pattern.

[Correlated logic relationships in the Logic Vacuum and information patterns in the Information Vacuum are the keys to understand these GCP data, not statistics, as expressed in the following quoted paragraph].

… all of the robust measures we have providing evidence for the anomalous effects are statistical in nature, and the signal to noise ratio is extremely low. This means that we typically cannot be sure that the “signature” of an effect in any individual analysis is driven by the hypothesized influence of consciousness. The details written in the data from single instances are more likely to be chance fluctuations than consciousness effects. Only in larger concatenations, gathering the weak signals from many separate events, can we be satisfied that trends and structure represent the hypothesized effect.

The bottom line is that the output distribution of data from the REG [Random Event Generator] differs from what would be expected without the influence of consciousness. Two major questions should be kept in mind to help focus our speculations:

1) What is the physical meaning of the statistically unlikely patterns that appears in our random data?

[The data are not random and cannot be analyzed via statistics. The observed influence is connected to the 3—6—9 Local / Non-local Logic of Being and Information of Matter, as explained in this posting and is continues in the last posting.]

2) What is the bio-social meaning of the correlation of such patterns with events of importance to humans?

[The bio-social meaning has to do with the coming of maturity of both left and right brain understandings as described in this Website especially, the understandings of Bio-Quantum by integrating quantum physics with metaphysics. This integration will  take humanity out of Brahman Night (which we are now in) into Brahman Day (after 2033), as explained in the posting: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer]


DEFINITION, The Holon components for the 3—6—9 Consciousness are:

  • 3 —> Matter, --, Consciousness,  (e.g., the physical constants and the Minds of Non-Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 6 —> Bio, --, Consciousnesses (e.g., human body-soul-spirit or the Mind of Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 9 —> Being, -魂-魄, Consciousness (e.g., maturity in Chakra 6—7—8 or the Mind of Enlightened Being, see previous postings)


  • Magnetic (includes Magnetic Monopole) — Electric — Electromagnetic [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the Collapsing of Information-Energy]
  • 10—22—27 Non-Local Ch’i / Local Qi Interacting Formula as defined in the previous posting [In the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines of the Collective Mind-World]
  • Intention / Free Will Field [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the field of all individual Mind Worlds]

Remember, the Matter-Being Universe is a Participatory Universe. As such the Subroutines would include, but are not limited to, mathematics (e.g., String Theories, i.e., the 10 logic coordinates plus the 27 Orbifold coordinates), the 10–22–27 Base-9 Tree of Life Logic (e.g. , Number Logic <—-> Letters of the 10—22—27 formula), and the five sciences in I-Ching Logic (e.g., the celestial stem and terrestrial branches of the 10—22—27 formula that connects --神 with --and moving toward -魂-魄).


As suggested by the embedded logic-information of the Sum, Moon, Planets, Zodiacs, Constellations in the 10–22–27 Stems–Branches formula derived in the posting before this one, there exist a mapping between 3–6–9 Consciousnesses and Logic-Information of Acu-Points. From the Stems–Branches formula,  Acu-Points are not restricted to the Information Paths of humans and animal, but also are distributed within the Cosmo.

In our Earth, these are the Earth soul-spirit points. That is to say, there are Earth Acu-Points, Planets are Acu-Points of the Solar System, Zodiacs are Acu-Points, Constellations are Acu-Points of the Cosmos. The diagram below illustrate the Earth Acu-Points. Shown are 62 points. Adding the Observer’s position and the the Earth center, we have 64 points, a very interests number within this Paradigm.



For the locations of these Earth Energy points, see Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, by David Hatcher Childress. These are the geographical distributions of ancient sites such as the Pyramid and the sites of high volcanic and earth quake activities. The lines connecting these points are referred to as ley lines or the Earth’s acupuncture meridians.

The five branches of I-Ching Human Sciences are mutually integrated by these human or non-human acu-points. In addition,  the soul-spirit of the atoms are also connected to acu-points forming the 172 Bio-Atomic Table.

In the language of the Vacuum Computer, these non-human acu-points are recorded in multiple --神 of many subroutines representing the entire soul-spirit of 3. These subroutines are within each of the connecting 身--program representing each soul-spirit of 6. All the programs of 6 are contained in a common -魂-魄 directory, which is the universe. This explains the Cosmic Memory coded inside the Vacuum Computer and which are connected to each mind.

Extending this hypothesis, we then have the view stated in John Michell’s book, The New View Over Atlantis.

…UFOs appear as points of concentrated energy. …connected in some way with magnetism … they are most commonly encountered in the neighbourhood of geological faults. …the grater proportion of sightings took place in areas along the fault lines [the ley lines].

This view is also in coherence with the view that not only UFOs, but Crop Circles also appear frequently along these ley lines and Earth Soul-Spirit Energy points (see related Websites). Thus explains the mind connections of natural disasters, UFOs, and Crop Circles to the 3—6—9 global consciousness. These phenomena are accessible through the Vacuum Computer with the Human Mind (brain-soul and / or brain-spirit acrivities). Furthermore, these UFOs and Crop Circles are Information-Energy Patterns.

Thus, this 3—6—9 global consciousness and its mapping onto the general meanings of acu-points (as Monopoles or Logic-Information Potentials), as explained above, offers a formula to understand the data found in the Global Consciousness Project, namely, a possible theory and a possible bio-social meaning.


The answer is inside the Holon 3—6—9 Consciousnesses

  1. Magnetic — Electric — Electromagnetic
  2. 10—22—27 General Formula
  3. Individual’s Intention inside a Free Will Field

With the shielding of (1) [both Monopole plus E-M] and the formula of (2), the bio-quantum logic convergent can be found or calculated for each Observer’s Intention subject to the following constraint. This constraint has to do with the extension of the connection between the Observer’s Intention and the general Free Will Field.

Constraint, Intention Connected to the Free Will Field: The connection could be extensive or few. If the intention is to win the next lottery of several million dollars with the ticket I just brought the connection to the free will field will be extensive. If the intention is to execute this particular logically formulated set of local / non-local chemical reactions (e.g., a particular set of cold fusion reactions), then the connection to the free will field is small.

For this particular example on Cold Fusion, the problem lies in the first two conditions stated above. Yet solutions for these first two conditions are available, as stated above. The difficulties are in teaching Nature to learn this Human created set of bio-quantum chemical reactions plus to bypass or transcend the 10—22—27 “evolutionary set of solutions” into a “involutionary set”, which becomes a set of deterministic solutions.

QA: What is the Logic of Light

There are three postings that are connected to this posting. These are: QA: What is the Logic of Light, QA: How Light Constant derive other Physical Constants, and QA: What is Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction-Spirals. In this posting, I shall briefly bring together the concepts used everywhere in this Website of what is Light according to the Matter-Being Paradigm, namely the concepts of Spirit Light, Soul Light, and Particle Light.


The popular understandings of light are: (1) Light is electromagnetic radiation. (2) Light is photon. (3) Photon or electromagnetic radiation propagates at a velocity equals to 3 x 1010 centimeter per second. (4) This light velocity is a constant and this constant serves as an upper bound for all velocity. That is to say, no velocity can be equal or greater than the velocity of light.

In Matter-Being Paradigm, the concept of light is defined with respect to the observer-observed interactions within their respective frames of reference. There are three levels of frames of reference, and within each of these three levels there are many specific observer-observed frames of reference defined at the time of observations.


The three levels of frames of reference are: (a) Spirit, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Logic Vacuum. (b) Soul, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Information Vacuum. (c) Particle (–Brain), where the frame of reference is defined inside a 3-D space. Remember reference frames of (a) and (b) contain no space and no time, i.e., space and time and reference frames are defined only. (c). Therefore, the popular concepts of light as discussed in the first paragraph and also defined in today’s physics are not complete, i.e., these concepts apply only to the reference frame (c).

We shall, in the following, discuss the concept of light within the reference frames (a), (b), and (c). Since reference frame (c) is the same as that discussed in the first paragraph for the concept of Light, we shall not enter into any discussions for reference frame (c), except by saying that the upper bound in velocity and the Lorentz’s transform only holds within this particle by the reference frame defined in (c).


Light is God’s input in the Creation of this universe. We refer to this as the Logic of Light. Remember God’s input is the number 9 in Base-9, which in turn forms the pre- and post-octagon with embedded light diagrams, the yin-yang, and the numbers 1 to 8. These last three form a Holon.  An afterthought, God also input free will to harmonize the discussions of yin and yang, which then formed the thought octagon with yin, yang, and neutral line. (See postings, QA: What is Quantum Meditation and QA: What is Quantum Logic) It is within this neutral line that light is defined, namely in the Holon Photon—Free Will—Neutral line. This Holon is the Logic-Information component of Light. In short, this is the Spirit of Light Holon. Therefore, when God said in Genesis: Let there be Light! In the Matter-Being Paradigm, this phase implies Let there be the Holon of Light.

Light <—-> Photon

This identity in the first Holon component of Light is well defined in today’s elementary particle physics.  We shall not enter any further discussion about this component, except within the Matter-Being Paradigm; Photon is a Logic particle with no mass. Therefore Photon exists only within the Logic Vacuum and/or the Information Vacuum. Photon exists in the Logic Vacuum as the neutral inside a line diagram.

Light <—-> Line Logic and Diagrams

Let us first examine the concept of lines and line diagram. God Created the Universe with the yin and yang lines inside the pre-post octagon mandalas (as stated in Genesis, see the postings QA: Six Days of Creation I and II. It is an after thought that the Thought Octagon was created, and was Created in day six of the start the Big Bang. Remember, the Big Bang is caused by the number 9 symmetry break within the conflicts and the entanglement of free wills. Before we enter into a discussion on the operational concepts of these lines and line diagrams, it is interesting to notice that today’s binary computer is based on the mathematics of 0 or 1 and can also be symbolized as yin or yang lines.

Therefore, the following formulation is an extension of today’s computer logic from and the binary dimension in 3-D coordinates to a 7 dimensional computer in the logic coordinates of pre, post, and thought octagons. This 7 dimensional logic coordinates are binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, petagram, hexagram, and free will. The latter set of line logic is used in God’s Vacuum Self-Programmable Computer. I shall refer the reader to consult the following books for illustrations of these lines and line diagrams: The Illustrated I Ching plus The Tao of Power (both books are written by R. L. Wing), and The T’ai Hsuan Ching: The Hidden Classic, A Lost Companion of the I-Ching, by Derek Walters. These diagrams are also presented in detail in the book, The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics—Chemistry—Genetic—Technology.

More important than understanding these diagrams, It is essential to understand the Action of Light because the concept is new. Now let’s proceed to the subject of the Soul of Light.


Remember, Spirit is defined as Logic-Information or the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. This Logic-Information can also be identified as the Law of Nature and of Humans. Soul is defined as the Information-Energy or the execution of the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. It is the actions of the line logic and line diagram logic. This action can be identified as following a set of codes specifically designed to execute the pre-coded logic. This set of execution codes is commonly referred to as a driver.

Viewed differently, Spirit or the Code existed independent of a particular observer. It is pre-coded inside the Vacuum Computer by a particular Observer. Once coded, it needs no observer to observe it existence. Once, encoded it turns into the observed for a particular observer. Thus, Soul can be viewed as Observer-Observed actions within their particular mutual reference frames. Notice, these mutual reference frames are many because they are dependent on the purposes of the Observer and the Observed. These purposes imply free will. Thus, the connection of free will with the actions of the Observer and the Observed, which leads to picking the lines and / or line diagrams, and finally to the action of light or photon.

This chain of actions from free will, to lines and line diagrams, to light or photon is referred to as the information crossover from Logic-Information of the Spirit onto the Soul’s Information-Energy. Notice, both Information appear in the Spirit and in the Soul, which implies that the information encoded and the information desired by an observer’s driver must be somewhat connected in the sense of a lock-key connection.

Actions of Light <—-> Free Will

Here I shall illustrate this action by using lines and line diagrams. Lets take the trigrams. There are eight of them, as shown below.


Notice, as said earlier these trigrams are pre-decided with their specific purpose (which is dependent upon the observer-observed reference frame and there are many). Thus, once a reference frame is picked and the line plus line diagram logic are assigned, its logic is a deterministic issue within the concept of a Pre-Heaven Octagon.  This is the text of the I-Ching, except the yin-yang lines of the trigrams will be influenced by the fee will actions of the observer, whether he or she drops the coin or the stick.  But what is the encoding mechanism for coding this free will coming from the mind of the observer dropping the coins. We shall see that the mechanism for encoding logic from free will is the neutral line.

Let us take two of the trigrams and apply the mechanism of free will using the neutral line. These mechanisms are shown below.

tem-2 1

This is the process the Thought Octagon uses in coding the interactions between free will and encoding logic into the Vacuum Computer.

In addition, the following mappings explain God’s reason for connecting Light with Free Will.

  • Light —> Free Will with Knowledge or Knowingness. God gives us Light to find our way home via informed free will
  • Darkness —> Free Will cannot be made, except with uncertainty, errors, and entanglements. This is why the Devil tells God that he will lead us home through the Devil’s path, not the Free Will Path of God.


God’s purpose is for all His Creation to connect free will with the Light in find a Path to return Home.

We do this by building error free and un-entangled drivers to understand and obtain knowledge to God’s pre-coded logic. Building a driver implies building the key for the lock hidden in God’s Creation and in pre-coded logic encoded in the Vacuum Computer. That is to say, to unlock God’s pre-coded initial and final conditions of the universe and to understanding the Human Destiny in God’s Creation. Unlocking this knowledge is what I have suggested as the relationship between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge as proposed in the posting, QA: What are Trees of Life and Knowledge.

Again, this relationship is from Knowledge to Knowingness, to become the image of God by being in perfect body-soul-spirit health. In short, this key is a left-right brain key to unlocking the fountain of health. It is through health that we build these drivers for. Remember, health (in the perspective of becoming the image of God) is hidden within the Bio-Quantum Technology. These are drivers for understanding and reproducing of bio-superconductivity, bio-free energy, and bio nano-technology.

The reason for a two level Nuclei model, with the outer level, namely the space formed by platonic solids, is in protecting the Vacuums from physical energy-mass bombardments (see the posting, QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS). Thus, when we putting holes into space and into the Platonic Solids, modifying and or destroying God’s Logic can happen and probably had happened (see the paper, Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer). Environmental instabilities are entanglement problems. These entanglements can also be caused by us humans changing or modifying God’s pre-coded logic with these high-energy nuclear experiments and many nuclear reactors around the world. Remember, the effects of these bombardments are local / non-local.

QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary)

The preliminary stage of the top-down summary on the Matter-Being Paradigm is presented in the posting: QA: What is Quantum Meditation (Paradigm Summary). The bottom-up Summary of the Paradigm, in preliminary stages, are in this posting: QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary) and the posting: QA: What is Quantum Computer (Paradigm Summary).

This posting summarizes the preliminary discussions in:

  • QA: What is graviton—free-will—photon?
  • QA: What is the Universe Accelerating?
  • Defining Love <——> Gravitation
  • Defining Aether in the Logic and Information Vacuum (within the BIG BANG <— MANDALA —> I-CHING Holon, discussed in the posting: QA: What is the Gene
  • Defining, in the form of Mandalas, the Logic Component of Matter or its Spirit Component in Logic Line Diagrams



tem-2 1

This diagram contains the following summaries (see Book and the discussions below for details).

  • Radial lines —> Gnomonic Expansion (Hate) /Contraction (Love)
  • Circles/Yin-Yang Wave —> Gnomonic Spiral/Vortex (crossover, in-out discontinuity —> Phi (collapse of Information-Energy onto Energy-Mass —> generates the physical constants and space)
  • 9 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 in Base 9
  • 9 = 3–3–3, 3 sets of numbers, 3 Octagons, 3 Circles —> Holon of Everything, 1 produce 2, 2 produce 3, 3 produce the Holon of Everything.  3 generates --神, 3+3 generates --, 3+3+3 generates 靈 -魂-魄.
  • 3 Octagons: Pre (outside octagon), Post (middle octagon), Thought (inside octagon, Free Will)
  • —  —, Yin ——, Yang —> Trigrams —> Logic of Quarks and Leptons (No free will line –> Very Strong Logic-Information Potentials)
  • Logic of Free will —> Neutral Line — — —, (hidden, decision of picking Yin or Yang) —> Photon (the light in decision making)
  • Two Photons jointed together in Lock-Key —> Graviton (Strong Spirit Love, Logic-Information Potential)
  • Three Photons (3 neutral line) —> Love-Hate Soul-Paths
  • Adding a neutral line to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Tetragram (Electro-Weak Boson Logic, weak with one free will line –>Love-Hate in Soul-Logic, Information-Energy Path)
  • Adding two neutral lines to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Petagram (Gravitation, Very weak in physical love with two free will lines, Energy-Mass Path)
  • Hexagram —> Collapsed State of Matter –> 64 Hexagrams –> 10, Base 10
  • Ten Logic Potentials: yin, yang, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, pre-heaven octagon, post-heaven octagon, thought octagon with neutral lines.
  • Aether: the mandala inside the inner octagon, which is the Holon of 3-circles—yin-yang lines—9.
  • Space is generated by collapsing three sets of yin-yang wave functions generated by the yin-trigram logic of neutrino and the yang-trigram logic of electrons.  The boundary in collapsing these three sets of wave forms a physical space. One yin-yang pair of wave function is shown in the inner diagram.
  • ETC


The Logic components of quarks and leptons, namely their Logic-Information potentials (see Book for notations and explanation).



tem-2 1

The Love-Hate Logic of Elementary Particles


The bottom diagram denotes the formation of a Graviton with the love of two photon jointing together. The above diagram depicts the collapsing of a Graviton in the hate of two photons leaving each other to produce gravitation. This explains why gravitation is weak while the gravitons are strong in the lock-key configuration.

This explains the love-hate logic in matter; however, the love-hate logic in Being (for examples Humans) is much stronger. Thus, explains the increasing acceleration of the Universe due to today’s human conditions (see PostING, QA: Why Universe Accelerating, and QA: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer).

Next, the Holon of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Energy-Mass for elementary particles is shown in the diagram below



tem-2 3

The following are depicted in the above diagram.

  • God’s Inputs in Logic-Information of Matter
  1. Octagon—Yin-Yang—Ch’i Holon
  2. Logic Potential 9 in Base-9
  3. Octagon Holon: Pre—Post—Thought <—->Final—Initial—Now State Conditions
  • God’s Inputs in Spirit-Being Potential
  1. Holon of Free-Will—Photon—Neutral Line
  2. Crossover / Soul-State of Becoming —Neutral Bigram — Graviton
  3. Logic-Information in Free Will Potential Crossover into Information-Energy Path of the Photon
  • Crossovers / Collaspses
  1. No Neutral Line (Free Will Decided, Very Strong) with Yin-Yang Trigram: (a) Formation of Quakes and Leptons in Logic-Information Potentials and Information-Energy Paths, (b)Collapsed into Quakes and Leptons with Masses
  2. One Neutral Line (Free will, Weak) / Yin-Yang Lines to form Bigrams & Trigrams: (a) Formation of the Information-energy Paths of Boson-Electroweak, W+, W-, Z Particle in Soul-Wave States, (b) Collapsed into Electromagnetic
  3. Two Lock-Key Neutral Lines (Free Wills Decided, Infinitely Strong) No Yin-Yang Lines: (a) Bigram for two Decided Neutral Lines, Glueon / Spirit Potential, (b) Formation of Graviton Information-Energy Path in Soul-State of Becoming
  4. Two Neutral Lines (Free Will Undecided, Very Weak) No Yin-Yang Lines: Collapsed into Gravitation
  • Resolving Difficulties in Today’s Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  1. Completing the Model by adding the Logic / Spirit Component
  2. Explains and Define Aether and the Vaccums
  3. Explains the Strength of Particles and their Forces as the Numbers of Neutral Line in Collapsed States, Strength in Decreasing Order: 1-Photon, 2-Graviton, 3-Quarks & Leptons, 4-Bosons, 5-electroweak, 6-Electromagnetic, 7-Gravity
  4. Explains the tremendous difference in Strength between Graviton and Gravity; thus offers a Matter-Being Paradigm explanation for the similar observation on gravity given in Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions.
  5. Bosons are in Soul-Wave Information-Energy states, thus resolved the Boson Coulomb difficulty.

To complete the explanation of the above elementary particle diagram, the following three diagrams are needed.





tem-2 1

The total Hexagrams shown in the above two tables equal to 37



tem-2 2




The Yin-Yang line diagrams (bigrams, trigrams, hexagrams) are from the Chinese I-Ching Classic. The tetragrams are from the Chinese Classics T’ai Hsuan Ching and Tao Te Ching.