Formula 27: Pre-Quantum / Quantum Mapping



Dimensional Mapping: Lets start this Posting again with the METACUBE



The way in which this system of numeration was applied… consists of a symmetrical picture of a cube displayed on the flat in isometric projection as a hexagonal ‘stone’, and the parts of this image, visible and invisible, give all the mystic numbers of the series… Thus, TRUTH—AAHQEIA is #64, JESUS—IHSOTS is #888 and CHRIST—CRISTOS is #1480 … all that are visible of the 64 are Thirty-seven, leaving 27 hidden, nineteen on the posterior surface, and Eight at the heart of the greater cube.” T. Simcox Lea & F. Bligh Bond, The Apostolic Gnosis. In addition, numbers resulted from multiplied by 37 are visible, while those resulted from multiplied by 27 are invisible.

Light-Matter Coupling Constant 137

Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) as the probability of interaction between Light and Matter. It has been the subject of intense study – many of the best physicists have felt that there must be some connection between alpha and the underlying structure of the Universe.

Visible Effects in the State of Matter from the 27 entry of the above Table

  • 27th entry of the above table corresponds to #729 generates the following H2 spectrums:
  • 1000/729 = 1.3717421 —-> Find Structure Constant for H2 (1.3717160 x 108)
  • 729/2 = 365.5 —> Balmer Constant in H2 Spectrum (364.56)
  • [100,000/729] x 8 = 109,736.9 —-> Reydberg Constant in H2 Spectrum (109,737.31)

Adding or subtracting zero left or right to a number in Base-9 does not change the significance of that number.


As stated in this Mind-Being Paradigm, the Universe started with God’s Input of Numbers in Base-9. This input corresponds to the Creation of the Logic Big Bang. thus, the meanings of numbers and its dimensions are of significant important. This is also the Greek’s, the Chinese, and the Biblical traditions. This was referred to as Pre-Quantum Logic, the missing part of Quantum Physics. In this Posting, an attempt is make to draw some correspondence mappings of the Ancient’s insight into God’s numbers and the modern quantum—gravity—String developments in E8 Group Topology.



Scan 1






Scan 1


Some of the more important discussions on the integrations of Pre-Quantum and Quantum stated in previous Postings, such as Mappings of Strings & Line Dimensions, Branes—Cosmology—Multiverse, @ Through the Wormhole will be repeated here to emphasis their importance in the development of this FORMULA-27.



The Correspondence between 64-Hexagrams and E8

E8 is a “Lie group”, a means of describing symmetrical objects. Mapping the 248- dimensional structure took a team of 19 mathematicians plus four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project. The final computation took more than three days’ solid processing time on a Sage supercomputer. While mathematicians have known for a long time about the beauty and the uniqueness of E8, physicists have come to appreciate its exceptional role only more recently. Physicists encounter it everywhere in their attempt to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces in more than 4-dimensions, such as string theory, in an attempt to develop a theory of everything. (See Jeffrey Adams, hhtp://

The logic of the 64 hexagrams formed by 8-trigrams is also a 248-dimensional structure. As shown, the 64-hexagrams is reducible to a set of 36 mirror hexagrams (27 reversible & 7 irreversible). The 248-dimensions of these 36 hexagrams are: line-dimensions 6 x 36 = 216 free will dimension and 31 (in picking trigrams within the 27 reversible hexagrams plus hexagrams 27, 28, 61, and 62 = 27 + 4 —-> 31), and, 1 intention dimension. Therefore, the total line dimensions for intentional picking is 248. Thus, the initial-final conditions of the universe are apriori encoded in a set of computer programs describing the 64-hexagram and can also mapped onto the physicist’s set described by the matrix E8 x E8 symmetry.


37 / 27 —-> 137


Yet, we now know there are over 500 elementary particles, so 36 generation is not too many. In fact, 36 divide the Universe in 3 equal levels: 0 – 36 Octaves —> forms the Information-Energy Universe in transition; 36 – 72 Octaves —-> forms the Energy-Mass of Universe of Classical Objects; 72 -108 Octaves —-> The Logic-Information Universe of the Vacuum Computer. When the Holon [Free-Will—-Intention—-Reference Frame] is added to each of the Octaves, we have  37 —-> Visible Truth. Remember Scientific Instruments can also to use in the state of observation (see definition for Truth below).


Scan 1


Truth of Informed Knowledge: A perfect state of informed knowledge, relative to the maturity of the observer’s state of learned knowledge. The following steps are suggested for receiving and evaluating the truthfulness of informed knowledge. (1) Reception of knowledge must be unbiased; i.e., before receiving, the observer must empty his or her cup of learned knowledge. (2) The received knowledge and one’s learned knowledge must fit into a lock-key relationship. (3) The received knowledge, relative to the observer’s present stage of learned maturity, is true if step 2 is positive. Otherwise, put aside the informed knowledge for truthfulness evaluation at a later stage of the observer’s learned maturity. Notice, the status or the degree of truthfulness can change based on the observer’s state of learned maturity.


We started this FORMULA-27 with the meanings of Numbers in Base-9; that is #64 à TRUTH, #27 à Unseen truth, #37 à Visible truth. Also Seen or Unseen would depend on the Holon [Intention—Free-Will—Reference Frame] between the Observer and the Observed. From these statements, there will be no Absolute Truth, only relative truth. How do these statements on TRUTH apply to the FORMULA-27 and its Dynamics?

On the other hand, the Logic Universe is precisely tuned to


How can there be no Absolute TRUTH? The answer to this question is: These TRUTH is hidden in God’s Involution Logic, which encoded in God’s Computer. This set of Logic contains the Initial and Final conditions of the Universe. Thus, for any Observer to have a knowingness of the TRUTH, he, she, or it must have the knowing maturity of the three conditions stated above. These conditions can only be satisfied inside an Ascended State; namely the matured state inside Chakra-8. That is knowingness from both left and right brains’ the Holon of [Ancient—Modern—Post-Modern]. That is to say, to move toward the TRUTH, he—she—it needs to [Senses the Past—Knows the Present—Feels the Becoming].

  • Ancient —-> Pre-Quantum  —-> Encoding Logic (Monopole in Base=9)
  • Present —–> Quantum —–> Executing Logic (Monopole in Base-10)
  • Becoming —–> Bio-Quantum —–> Dipole Acu-Point / Being-In-Matter Logic

Therefore, Absolute TRUTH can only be stated as a Becoming State. However, this TRUTH is bind with God’s Involution Logic. Therefor the closer an Observer matured toward the Ascended State, the closer he, she, or it would have the TRUTH knowingness.


(1) Visible Truth, 37

  • Knowing Via [Spirit-Mind—-Soul-Mind—-Being-In-Matter]
  • Knowing Via Scientific and other Instrumentations
  • Involves Base-10 Observations

(2) Invisible Truth, 27

  • God’s Created Logic
  • Vacuum Logic
  • Involves Base-9 Knowingness

(3) Measurements of Truth: Invisible Truth Becomes Visible Truth as the State of Knowingness Matured. Mature in Observation via Spirit-Mind, Soul-Mind, and Instructional Science [i.e., meter reading in both scientific and radionic instruments]. What we have here is the Collapsing Base-9 into Base-10; for example 36 —> 9 into 37 —>10 or interchanging right-brain maturity with left-brain maturity and vice versa.



The question is: Why start with the second letter; rather than the first? The Visible Truth [—-> #37] is also Observed in Cobalt Atomic # 60



symmetry-lg-580x580Scan 1



The Dynamics of Formula-27

Here, we can only provide a very preliminary discussion on its very complicated dynamics for Formula-27. These dynamics Binds Mind—Soul—Spirit of the Universe to human personality / health and to Being–In–Matter. Furthermore, the human connected part of these Formula-27 dynamics embedded also within the 24-seasonal changes inside the 72 cycles (Mapped onto —> 0 – 36 Octaves, 36 – 72 Octaves, 72 -108 Octaves) of the Chinese Calendar encoded using line diagrams within the hexagram (see diagrams below).

We shall start with the dynamics in 10-Celestial Stems—-12-Terrestrial Branches—-5-Elements. These Dynamics is taken from the Previous static version of the formula-27 diagram (see previous Posting Input: Formula-27), again shown below

Static Version of Formula-27


Remember the 5 Elements are the components inside each of the Stems and Branches. There are no neutral lines for these represent the free-wills of the Observer. The constructive and destructive dynamic operation of the above Formula-27 is shown below.


The Six Dynamic Components with their Interactions Arranged by Color, whose interactions are further arranged by directions and by the Yin-Yang five element information. As shown below

Scan 1

(1) Joint Together by the Four Directions (North-South, East-West)

Scan 3

(2) Forming Stars of David

Scan 4

(3) Forming Holons

Scan 2

(4) Destroy Each Others

Scan 8

(5) Oppose Each Other in the Negative Way

Scan 5

(6) Against Each Other, Opposite Information

Scan 7

These dynamics in Formula-27 was used in the development of the Chinese line-diagram computer Lo P’an (Calculating Human-Celestial interactions via the I-Ching Octagon Logic) as shown below. These logic were than collapsed onto the Holon Logic of Human Health—Personality—Destiny





Lo P’an and the 28 Hsiu (Star Constellations): A total of 19 rings

(1) a compass needle in the Central Pool of Heaven; (2) Trigrams forming the 8 Pre-Post Octagons; 3) 9 Moving Starts [7 Stars of the Big Dipper plus 2 Assistants]; (4)… (17) & (18) 60 sectors containing Stem-Branch-5-Elements Circles, (19) 28 Stars. … Right here (within the Lo P’an) we see an example of one in all and all in one–…[The interpretation is like the NonLocality of Quantum Theory], Tony Smith

Fully understanding this Formula-27 and its Binding Pre-Quantum to Quantum properties (see Pre-Quantum / Quantum illustration and the end of this Post), we will be able to develop the Vacuum Computer in 11-line diagram Pre-Post Octagon Logic. The beginning of this 11-dimensional computer, with no knowledge of the Quantum, was the Ancient Lo P’an.

In mapping the dynamics of Formula-27 to Quantum topology, one would begin with Tony Smith’s Research. See Tony Smith’s comparison of the Pre-Post Octagon line-diagram Logic with Clifford Algebra Cl(8). For example, the 8×8 = 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching can be seen in the Clifford algebra Cl(0,8)…The Five Elements correspond to the 4 vectors and the scalar of Cl(4). The Three Realms correspond to the 3 vectors of Cl(3), leading to the octonions. Yin and Yang correspond to the 2 vectors of Cl(2). Tai Ji corresponds to the 1 vector of Cl(1). The Tao corresponds to Cl(0). …

Representation of these Trigram Rings with modern interpretations are illustrated below.

Constellation Line Diagram Logic encoded using Rings of Trigrams


Terrestrial Line-Diagram Logic encoded using Rings of Trigrams —-> The Pre-Quantum Logic of Feng-Shui

Scan 1

24-Seasonal Line Diagram Logic encoded using using rings of Trigrams formulated in the Chinese Calendar. These Seasonal effects forms the Evil-Wing phenomena in one’s physical-mental health as stated earlier.

Scan 3

Upper—Middle—Lower Rings of Trigrams. Can be used to Map into 3 each division of 36 Octaves —> 0-36, 36-72, 72-108 Octaves of the Logic Universe. 0-36 —>--, 36 -72 —> --, 72 – 108 —> --

Scan 2

Formula-27 Dynamics Applied to String Theory

in the Dimension of Orbifold


This Orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a 2-dimensional surface in a 3-dimensional space. By combing 3 such Orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a 6-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3= 27 Singular Points (FORMULA-27 in String Theory). Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original 10-dimensional space compactifies.”


Formula-27 Dynamics connected to the mappings between Human Acu-Point Circuits and the 27-Isotopes (Li, F, Na, Cl, K, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Br, Rb, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, I, Cs, Sm, Er, Tm, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, At) in the 172 Element Table, detected via Radionics.

Connecting Being-In-Matter in Atoms and Being in Human in Acu-Points. Both follows Formula-27







The essential contents of this entire Website is illustrated in the above diagram formula. Formula-27 is an attempt in establishing the possibility of a Pre-Quantum Physics by understanding God’s Computer Logic using I-Ching—-Tao-Te-Ching—-T’ai-Hsuan-Ching line diagrams. Contained inside the 10-Dimension + Free-Will / Reference Frame is the encoded logic of God expressed in Formula-27. That is to say, elementary particles are not the fundamentals of God’s Creation.

In other words (presented in previous Posting), the fundamental particles start with the electrons and the nucleus, where their separation formed Space. The nucleus is inside the Logic Vacuum, while the electron orbits are outside forming the monopole–dipole pair. Collapsing these pairs form ordinary objects.

Notice the physical constant 137 is for binding base-9 (Pre-Quantum —> Logic-Information on encoded logic) with base-10 (Quantum —> Information-Energy on execution of these logic).

When the binding energy breaks, collapse onto Energy-Mass happens and the formation of Physical Objects are outputted. The outputted object connects back to its Logic-Information via its component Being-In-Matter.

When the entire Information—Energy actions approaches a steady state, then the expansion of the universe would stop and the conservation of Information—-Energy—-Mass would be satisfied.  This stage will then be God’s Millennium, and the Universe’s Evolution would equals to God’s encoded Involution with zero entropy.

Problems with the Physics of Elementary Particles

What is an Elementary Particle? McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (1992) defines an elementary particle as “A particle that is not a compound of other particles.” By this definition, there are about 500 particles that have been “discovered” in collider experiments. By this definition: Is an Electron satisfies the definition of an Elementary Particle? Are Three Quarks added up to One Proton? (It is not even close)?

David Dilworth: In Cosmology Science, ( ) Posted an article on April 29, 2012: Electron No Longer a Fundamental Particle. … as early as 1980 theorists had predicted an electron could be made of three smaller pieces: A “Spinon” (providing spin), an “Orbiton” (providing the orbit) and a “Holon” (carrying the charge). In 1996, physicists seemed to split an electron into a holon and spinon. This year, Swiss and German researchers observed an electron split into two of the three predicted parts – a Spinon and an Orbitron. Another article by David Dilworth, January 27, 2013: Why Don’t Three Quarks Add Up to One Proton? (and its not even close)

@ Formula for Base 10/9-Pre/Post Octagon-Being/Matter Constants

Derived in this Posting are the Mappings between I-Ching Logic and Base-9 / Base-10 numerical series, which leads to the Topology of I-Ching. Derived also are the Being-Matter Constants, and their connections to each other; namely the author, as the Observer, participate in the (Vacuum) computer in deriving the formulas for these constants. The next 15 Postings are the final (Matured) summary/conclusions of the Matter-Being Paradigm.

Thus, before we begin the next 15 Post-summary, let us again review the following set of understandings on deriving or formulating this Participatory Universe: (1) All formulates are taken from One of Many [Observer—Observed—Reference Frame] Perspectives. (2) No perspective is in a state of truth—accurate—complete. (3) All perspectives are relative to the observer’s understanding / state of interest (at the point of observation) with respect to that particular NOW-state (or many repeat-NOW-states) of mind-brain interaction. (4) All perspectives are depended on the mutual interacting of the NOW-logic between the maturities of the Observer-Observed. Therefore, everyone of the Posting has a slightly different formula of this Observer—Observed—Participatory Universe. In fact, the latest Postings are most matured —-> Measured by the LOVE of GOD.

The following diagrams are formula for Base-9, Base-10, Being-Matter Constants


tem2.1 3

The Holon Series inside Base-9, the Logic Vacuum: Love of God —-> Operated by the Power of Series 9, Enlighten Being —-> Operated by the Power of Series 8, while Series 1 represents the Observer. The Three formed the Tao, the Holon in Creating the Participatory Universe. [Series 9 —-> The SPIRIT of the Participatory Universe, Series 8 —-> The Soul of the Participatory Universe, Series 1 —-> The Mind / Brain (Being in Matter, Binding Being with Matter) of the Participatory Universe]

9 —-> GOD’S number, 8 —-> HUMANITY number, 1 —-> The OBSERVER


tem2.1 5


tem2.1 4


Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction-Spiral in Base-9/10: We shall start with the Pre-Heaven Octagon. As shown, there are a total of Eight radial lines. The radial aliments of the number 9 can be arranged in the following way.

tem2.1 6

As an example, the following pairs of numbers (3, 6), (12, 15), (21, 24), (30, 33) are used to demonstrate the computation. We have:

tem2.1 7

The same calculation can be applied for the other 7seven radial lines. There are a total of eight radial lines as shown in the above Diagram.

As for the Post Heaven Octagon, all the numbers, both rational and irrational, are involved in Base 10 for number 10. But these numbers can all be generated with the Holon of 1-2-3. This generation is shown below.

tem2.1 8

Notice, like base-9, these three series can be illustrated on three separate concentrate circles. However, let us combine these three circles into one.

Displayed in three concentric circles, half of the numbers are odd, and embedded in the sum of these odd numbers is the multiplier number 300, or the number 3, which is the constant of light. This result is shown in the following computation. Counting 25 numbers on each circle, and if where the point of intersection between the two circles which is counted twice as a starting and final number, we have

tem2.1 9

Putting these concentric circles into one, we have the following Diagram

tem2.1 10

Thus, by multiplying the above sequence of odd numbers, i.e., 1, 3, 5, 7… the basic multiplier is 300. Multiplying the above sequence of odd numbers, i.e., 1, 3, 5, 7… and within this odd number sequence is the prime number set.

If we take the sum of these concentric circles, 10 at a time, we would have

tem2.1 11

Putting the two diagrams together, we have

tem2.1 12

To complete the Holon, we need Series for #12 (Series of 6(s)). The above Diagram on Pre-Heaven (Logic Big Bang) and Post-Heaven (Energy Big Bang), which has to do with the Now connections between the Logic Vacuum (Being) and the Information Vacuum (Being in Matter). This has to do with the discrete computer execution in binding Being with Matter; namely the component in-- binging with the two in --and--. The third component has to do with the human as the Left-Right Brain Observer.

This Holon is shown below

Pre-Post Heaven <——> Non-Local / Local Involution Logic

Logic <—— Big Bangs —–> Energy

HUMAN OBSERVER <——> Discrete Changes in Evolution-Entropy

靈 —–> Right Brain (Knowing through Ck-6)

靈 — 靈 —–> Left Brain (Knowing through Ck-7)


hyperbolic_toptem2.1 13


From topology, a finite or infinite hyperbolic object can be formed by an octagon whose opposite sides are connected (in this case by yin-yang logic), so that anything crossing one edge re-enters from the opposite edge, see diagram above. As shown also is how the Pre (Logic-Information Big Bang) and Post (Information-Energy Big Bang) Octagons forming an Involution-Evolution Tetraktys that connects the octagon through the trigrams. Notice that the observers who live on the surface would see an infinite octagonal grid of galaxies, even if space is finite. Such a grid can be drawn only on a hyperbolic manifold – a strange floppy surface where every point has the geometry of a saddle.

Notice, the popular notions of In-Out Vortexes serve as a Theory of Everything are not completely correct. These In-Out Vortexes are formed within the Involution-Evolution Tetraktys, which involves the Platonic Solids.


Shape of the Universe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎, Jump to Hyperbolic universe – [edit]. A hyperbolic universe is described by hyperbolic geometry, and can be thought of locally as a three-dimensional … ‎Doughnut theory of the universe – ‎Friedmann–Lemaître – ‎Zero-energy universe


Hyperbolic Universe: Philosophy Forums › … › Hyperbolic Universe‎, 10 posts – 5 authors, Posted 03/25/09 – 7:04 AM: Subject: Hyperbolic Universe This topic came to me whilst posting a reply to a thread about ‘the edge of the Universe’. I want to …

ALSO, I-Ching Logic <——> Topological Strings

Topological string theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,In theoretical physics,
topological string theory is a simplified version of string theory. The
operators in topological string theory represent the algebra of …
Admissible spacetimes – ‎Objects – ‎Observables – ‎Dualities

We have, therefore, connected the Ancient through I-Ching Logic to Modern and Post Modern through Topology of Strings, and thus connects the Ancient Universe of the Right Brain to the Modern Universe of the Left Brain.

11-Collapse of NOW (2)


tem2.1 3

Notice, this number 27 often erroneously written as 72 (interchanging the 2 and the 7) in many places within this write-up.

Four (out of 64) Examples from this Book

tem2.1 4

tem2.1 5

tem2.1 6

tem2.1 7

From this I-Ching Diagram Book to a possible formula, via Collapsing the above Holon, for building a Vacuum Computer is the Lo P’an, the Ancient Circular Slight Rule, (See below, ).

tem2.1 8

Lo Pan Compass – Taoism –…/…

The Lo Pan Compass is one of Feng Shui’s most complex tools. … to the history and uses of Lo Pan Compasses, I recommend this essay by Roger Green

What Lo Pan Compasses have in common is that each has a center which contains a magnetic compass, around which are a number of rings. Each ring contains a particular orientation system, for instance: Ring 1 usually contains the pre-heaven Ba Gua; and Ring 2 the post-heaven Ba Gua. Ring 3 typically contains the “24 Mountains” (aka the 24 Stars in the Sky or Directions or Shen) – which are a combination of trigrams, heavenly stems (from the Luo Shu system) and earthly branches. The outermost ring (Ring 20 in many systems) is likely to contain the I Ching portent readings of the 64 hexagrams.

Leibniz took the next step refine the bigrams to form the binary system of today’s computer, into infinite rows of ones and zeros – even though he couldn’t really find a use for them until the modern era.

tem2.1 9

Simulation Logic in Ternary Computer

An initial attempt to formulate the Trinary Logic in Ternary Codes–Bits–Qubits and outputs into Yin-Objects and Yang Objects, as the author imagine How God developed His Virtual Computer.  In addition how God and us Observers Simulated our Universe within the perspective of the Author’s Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. This Simulated Universe contains the integrated sum of His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] simulated programs from incarnation to incarnations. Remember, as said often, the content of this Matter-Being Paradigm is continuously maturing from Posting to Posting. This initial understanding is diagramed below.



Next, numbers in Both Base-9, Base-10 Logic and their meanings are apply to Lines, Bigrams, Trigrams, Tetragrams, Petagrams, & Hexagrams. Thus, the numbers of permutations in Meanings inside the Holon of Base-9—Base-10—Line Diagrams are tremendous. Furthermore, the muti-variation in meanings is logically formulated by the Spirit-Mind of each Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. Thus, the final piece is the meanings of Codes in these simulated logic, namely, the line diagrams and changing lines i.e., the knowledge—experience—Information in each of His—Hers—Its Reference Frame, where the formula 27 for the spiritual and physical constants including the ancient culture of embedded in I-Ching—Tao-Te-Ching—Tai-Hsuan Ching.

I am not going into the details of these simulations of codes. Yet, one can now see the tremendous among of Spaceless—Timeless—Information / Entropy for each Observer’s simulated piece of encoded logic, accumulated from incarnation to incarnations. Let along the Simulated Universe, which contains all His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] Observer-Observed Simulated Logic. Notice, since these encoding logic are in a spaceless—timeless environment, problems with power consumption—memory—runtime does not exit. All these simulations are self-encoded.

What a virtual computer. Only God, in His all-powerful wisdom—all knowingness—infinite LOVE can create such a Simulated Universe.

tem2 1

How these free will logic used to encode the Information—Knowledge—Knowingness of His—Hers—Its Frame of References, although self-determined in God’s Vacuum Computer, are very difficult to formulate or reverse engineer. These are all pre-determined within God’s Involution Logic. Remember, inside this Participatory Universe, every piece of logic [both spiritual and physical constants; namely formula 27 as explained in the contents of this Website] are self-simulated by His—Her—Its [with Being inside] Observers. Furthermore, these are virtual formulas formulated by the spirit—minds of God’s creations guided by God’s Involution Logic inside the Logic and the Information Vacuums. In short, the mental creations from the Spirit-Minds of Physicists—Philosophers—Meta-physicists are organized—evolving logic or destructive-entropy, which is self-encoded-simulated onto the Vacuum Computer.

THE SIMULATED UNIVERSE ßà Programs, QUBITS [Logic-Information, <—-> BEING, --]—Execution, BITS [Information-Energy <—-> TRANSITION, --]—Outputs, YIN-YANG OBJECTS [Energy-Mass <—-> MATTER, --]




tem2 1

God’s Vacuum Computer contains no Hardware Computer, Only three Software Components, HOLON Logic-Vacuum—Information Vacuum—3-D Masses. Within the Logic Vacuum is the Inputs of God’s involution logic. The above Square represents an Octahedron, as shown below for the HOLON UNIVERSE.

tem2 2

A HOLON UNIVERSE <—-> LOGIC—INFORMATION—MASS, which is also a Living Universe in the Holon of -- [Being in Matter]—-- [Being in Human, Transitional State]—-- [God in Human]. In addition, Dark Matter is identified as “Logic-Mass” and Dark Energy has to do with “Information-Mass”. These two Masses form a Holon with Energy-Mass: Logic-Mass—Information-Mass—Energy-Mass. Furthermore, Black Hole <—-> Information-Vacuum, and Wormhole <—-> Logic-Vacuum.


March 20th, 2012 at 1:08PM – QUANTUM GEOMETRY

Geometry for a physics for the Post-modern Age, based upon the ancient syncretic system known as the I Ching or Book of Changes. This new fractal, holographic, multi-/inter-dimensional coordinate geometry may offer a simple mathematical language by means of which quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and string theory can be better understood.

Possible reason why the I Ching works

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Alberto Ramon

There is no established scientific explanation why the I Ching works as an intuitive tool. The fact that intuition and precognition exist suggests, according to some scientific findings, that the deepest part of the human mind has access to a quantum level that is beyond space and time.  The theories that have been hypothesized to explain those findings are based on quantum non-locality, holography, and complex space-time. Every I Ching response is perhaps a symbolic representation of an answer from that deepest part of the mind.  After all, since the answer and the response are simultaneous events, it’s possible that they are meaningfully linked according to Carl Jung’s principle of synchronicity.

After many years of interacting with the I-Ching, I’m convinced that what is happening when one throws the coins, or picks up yarrow sticks, is that this process essentially freezes time so that we can clearly see what is right in front of our faces. Each toss of the coins is a frozen moment in time and all of it’s related connections. My experience is that it tells me exactly what I already know, but because I’m unable to make all the connections because I’m not paying 100% attention 100% of the time, but the I-Ching is able to do so. I don’t have a scientific explanation. I’m an artist and trust my intuition; it is the only thing that I know to be correct, always, and speaking with the I-Ching, is like speaking to a friend who will tell you the unvarnished truth without tip toeing around your feelings.


A Now-Mature Summary of the Matter-Being Paradigm, as of 2012/9/1. This is also a Website Summary. This Summary is beyond the Physicist’s formulations because the non-local—Connectivity—Spaceless aspect of this Paradigm is not mathematical. This Summary is also beyond Ancient Visual-Philosophical descriptions, for they have no way to describe their Vision satisfactory. With these comments, the following 4-Flow Chart Paradigm Formula is given. Every items in these Flow Charts were introduced and progressively developed within the Website.


tem2 1

DIAGRAM 2 OF 4: Matter-Being Paradigm in ANCIENT WISDOM

tem2 2

DIAGRAM 3 OF 4: Matter-Being Paradigm in MODERN QUANTUM

tem2 3


tem2 3


  • The Logic Vacuum —-> 0–36 Octaves
  • The Information Vacuum —-> 72–108 Octaves
  • The Matter Universe —-> 36–72 Octaves

Outside the Holon

  • 108–144 Octaves —-> Gods Multiverses in Supersymmetry


Continue the Understanding of Encoded Free-Energy Logic inside elements [1—86] for the collapsed Information-Energy Pair of executed elements inside [87—172]. These are the virtual free-energy pair productions. Data are from the Radionic Experiments discussed in W. Guyon Richards, The Chain of Life, 1954.

tem2 1

Pair Connected Logic sets are shown on each side by the dotted lines, e.g., (1) on the Logic-Information side 1—3, 3—11, 11—19, 4—12, 12—20, 12—30, etc. (2) On the Information—Energy side 163—157, 155—137, 155—147, 147—129, etc. (3) Between the two sides 1—172, 2—171, 86—118, 55-87, 71—83, 57—103, etc.

Controlled Pair Production, Examples

Controlled Logic Encoded in 3 for Pair 163—155 and 163—171, 11 for Pair 155—137, and 155—147, 19—137, and 137—119 and so on.  Notice, at the moment of NOW, there are many Pair Productions within each controlled element pairs.

Furthermore, the encoded controlled are the 27 Isotope elements whose logic are responsible in the creation of the 81 stable atoms. These isotope elements are also responsible for the pair production logic as explained.

Teslar Magnetic Motor Connection: This Magnetic Motor can only be a starting point. It has to do with the imaginary [i] component of the extended Maxwell Equation [see previous Posting]; namely, the in out of the vacuum at the moment of NOW. Absents are the encoding decoding of the 27 isotopes, which is a mind-spirit function. The 27-ISTOPE [27—>9], Transmutation—ORMUS—Occult Holon Elements are

(A) Lithium, Fluorine, Potassium, Manganese, Rubidium, Cesium, Thulium, Rhenium
(B) Sodium, Chorine, Copper, Bromine, Silver, Iodine, Samnium, Erbium, Gold, Astatine
(C) Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Indium, Platinum

One last comment has to do with extracting free energy with frequencies. The key solution here is that this extraction must be in the form of a Holon; namely, Magnetic Photon [—> logic encoded]—Electric Photon [—> pair productions]—Light [—> frequency outputs & perhaps inputs also]. It is through wave impulse [—> e.g., square wave] that one gets in and out from one component to another component.

The 3-FAMILIES OF BEING AND MATTER can now be defined below.

tem2 6


  • Electron—Up Quark—Down Quark <—> Energy-Mass <—> --
  • Mu Electron—Charmed Quark—Strange Quark <—> Information-Energy <—> --靈 <—-> Wave, Information Vacuum
  • Tau Electron—Top Quark—Bottom Quark <—> Logic—Information                           <—> 靈-魂-魄 <—-> Encoded Potential, Logic Vacuum


The Symbol <—> denotes conceptual mapping between the two sides, e.g., between Matter and Being or between Observer and Observed; namely the connecting logic between them. These Mappings make possible because the Involution Logic [namely, the Base-9] Inputs are not only Connected but also Non-Locally Connected encoded inside the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer. The mappings between Observer and Observed are brought together at a state of NOW by a common set of reference frames, which is a property of our Participatory Universe. They form the Information-Energy states of becoming, in computer executions. On the other hand, mappings between Matter and Being are between Base-9 and Base-10, the jointing of Matter and Being by the binding constant 137 as derived in previous Postings.

For example, as preliminary and to indicate the encoding possibility, in my previous writing, the 3-Family [both particles and anti-particles] of quarks and leptons were modeled [or encoded] via trigram-hexagram line logic, where mass are in the Holon of Logic-Mass—Infor-Mass—Energy-Mass. [see Lecture Notes, Neo-Taoism. [Volume 1, The Holon Theory of Everything, Putting God Back Into Physics and Volume 2 The Holon Method: An Inspirational Outline on Reconstructive Knowledge].

Next, let us examine the line logic model; namely the Trigram Logic of Being.

The Mappings

States of Matter <— Trigram Encoded Logic States of Being

  • 1—2—3 [Inside] 3—3—3 <——> -- [Matter Holon]
  • 4—5—6 [Inside] 6—6—6 <——> -- [Man’s Holon]
  • 7—8—9 [Inside] 9—9—9 <——> -- [God’s Holon]

Next, the mappings: Trigrams <——> Numbers. There are 8 trigrams, yet there are 9 numbers.


In the Pre-Heaven Octagon, number 5 has no trigram. #5 is a number associated with Post-Heaven for it stands for Stability in the Human Evolution. Therefore, the Post-Heaven trigram for #5 is also the Pre-Heaven Trigram for #4. This is shown below.



—  –

—-> Pre-Heaven 4 and Post-Heaven 5,

4 —> Completeness and 5 —>  Stability, which have to do with Human Nature in the Pre and Post-Heaven sitting, where Pre implies Involution Logic and Post has to do with Evolution Logic. Thus, when the Development in Human Nature is complete; namely the above trigram represents #4 and thus #5 [question on stability] is not necessary, then 6–6–6 turns into 9–9–9 the God State, or when development in Human Nature is incomplete, or in the negative direction, then 6—6—6 turns into the state of a Beast. Most of the time, Human Nature is somewhat between the two.

In short, #5 in Base-9 is the turning point between THE FALL and THE RISE, as formulated in earlier Posting. THE FALL is in the direction of the Devil. THE RISE is toward God.

Next, are the theories for the Participatory Universe and its Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer, which contains the entire past and future “histories” at the Moment of NOW. This state corresponds to the Physicist’s GUT Monopole.

The Observer-Observed Holon states of Being, defined as

  • --: Spirit in Matter—Neutrino <—- Brain Operator —-> Energy-Mass—Atomic-Space
  • --靈: Human Spirit—Muon <—- Soul-Mind —-> Infor-Mass—Infor-Space
  • 靈-魂 -魄: Spirit—Tau <—- Spirit-Mind —->Logic-Mass—Logic-Space

The Observer-Observed—Non-Local—Connectivity of these Mappings is formulated in the Vacuum Computer Flow Diagram, as shown below.

@ W Pon 2012/9/1



Remember, in the middle of the Octagon Line Diagram, representing Logic space, is the tai-Chi diagram, thus the collapsed of the Logic-Information Vacuum would form the Yin-Yang Information-Energy Vacuum [see diagram below].

tem2 1

Therefore, the Infor-space is the quantum wave symbolized by the Yin-Yang diagram. Collapsing the Infor-space implies One Yin and One Yang produces the Tao, as stated in the Tao Te Ching. Here the Tao produced the Atomic Space as shown in the above diagram.

[Human] OBSERVATION HOLON —-> Vacuum Driver

  • Soul Mind —-> Right Brain Pre-Quantum Visual <—- Visual Feeling and Radionic Sensing
    • Examples: the 172 Element Table, Occult Chemistry, I-Ching Logic,
    • Executors [Via Stick-to-ness & 1-track Mind]: Psychics, Intuitive, Dowsers, …
    • Observed: Visual Message [Needs Left Brain knowledge in Completion]
  • Spirit Mind —-> Left Brain Quantum Observer <—- Theoretical-Probabilistic Modeling
    • Examples: Quanta, Strings, Branes, …
    • Executors [Via Stick-to-ness & 1-track Mind]: Physicists, Mathematicians, Theorists, …
    • Observed: Probabilistic Reality [Needs Right Brain Vision in Completion]
  • Full Mind —-> Left-Right Brain Vacuum Co-Creation <—- ?
    • Examples: Free Energy, High Temperature Superconductivity, Perfect Health, …
    • Executors: ?


  • Belief: Observations via Spirit Mind are Myia to the Soul Mind and Vice Versa, this Myia is due to incompleteness. Waiting for Full Mind Resolution
  • Validation [or Falsification]: Needs Full Mind for Completeness —-> Co-Creation
  • Moving Maturity [due to incompleteness]: This Website is an example of an incomplete Pre-Full Mind observation observed by this Author. The reader can see the Maturity Holon of Errors—Correction—Expansion, as he or she moves from the beginning, three years ago, to this ending Posting. These Errors—Correction—Expansion are also learning lessons for both the Author and the reader.

Again remember, at this stage, this Matter-Being Paradigm is an Observed Reality of the Author with his Full-Mind Reference Frame as presented in this Website. If there is any value for advancement of knowledge toward a Full-Mind Paradigm, the Author’s Observation must be either Rejected or Accepted—Corrected—Expanded by other Observers with a similar Reference Frame in the context of peer review. This is the next stage of development.

Mappings of Strings & Line Dimensions

Presented in this posting are the analogies between String Theories and I-Ching Logic within their respective dimensions. The dimensions of String Theories are computer-executing dimensions in the Information vacuum of hyperspace. On the other hand the I-Ching logic dimensions represent the pre-encoded Logic-Information potentials inside the participatory universe’s self-programmable computer. The former generates the dimension of the Information-Energy Vacuum, while the latter represents the pre-encoded Logic-Information Vacuum dimensions. The analogy between the two sets of dimensions will be illustrated.

Let us begin with these particular Vacuum Holons shown below.

a. The Vacuum in Numbers—Hyperspace—Mandalas

The above is one of the many Holons that define the vacuum in relationship to one’s left-right brain frame of references depending on the particular Observer. The following are two more.

b. The Vacuum —-> The Holon Logic of {[Void]—[Inside Zero]—[Nothing yet Everything]}

c. The Vacuum —-> Consciousness—Moment of Now—Teleportation of i

Now, let us examine the three components of Holon (a).

  • Numbers —-> Base-9, Base-10, and so on
    • Number —-> Base-9 + Void (The Logic Dimensions inside Zero or inside the Logic Vacuum) —-> 10 Dimensions
  • Mandalas —-> Pictures, Flow Charts, Diagrams, and so
    • 10 Chinese Character Dimensions —-> 9 mind—soul—spirit + Ch’I (Pre-Heaven, communications inside the void) —-> 10 Chinese Mandalas Logic Dimensions: ----靈,  靈-魂-魄 , and

  • tem2

  • Hyperspace —-> 10 dimensional Strings (Information-Energy Dimensions in the Information Vacuum)


4 States: Mapping between Strings and Line Logic

  • Strings <——> Lines:
    • Open Strings <——> Yin Lines,
    • Closed Strings <——> Yang Lines,
    • Connecting Open and Closed Strings <——> A State in Neutral Lines
    • No Connection <——> A State in Neutral Line

5 States of Line Logic in

Bigram, Trigram, Tetragram, Petagram, Hexagram

1 State in

Free Will

Next three diagrams are mappings between String Dimensions and I-Ching line dimensions

The Correspondence between 64-Hexagrams in the Logic-Information Vacuum and the E8 Information-Energy Vacuum

The E8 Lie group: DIAGRAM 1-A

E8 is a “Lie group”, a means of describing symmetrical objects. Mapping the 248-dimensional structure took a team of 19 mathematicians plus four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project. The final computation took more than three days’ solid processing time on a Sage supercomputer. While mathematicians have known for a long time about the beauty and the uniqueness of E8, physicists have come to appreciate its exceptional role only more recently. Physicists encounter it everywhere in their attempt to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces in more than 4-dimensions, such as string theory, in an attempt to develop a theory of everything. See Jeffrey Adams,


E-8 LIE GROUP: The E8 root system consists of 240 vectors in an eight-dimensional space. These vectors are the corners of an eight-dimensional object called the Gosset potytope represented below is a two dimensions image based on a drawing by Peter McMullen



Analogy between the 64-Hexagram Logic (Diagram 1-b) and the E-8 Lie group (Diagram 1-a


The logic of the 64 hexagrams formed by 8-trigrams is also a 248-dimensional structure. As shown, the 64-hexagrams is reducible to a set of 36 mirror hexagrams (27 reversible & 7 irreversible). The 248-dimensions of these 36 mirror hexagrams are: line-dimensions —-> 6 x 36 = 216, free will dimensions —-> 31 (in picking trigrams within the 27 reversible hexagrams plus hexagrams 27, 28, 61, and 62 = 27 + 4), and, 1 conscious dimension 神 or . Thus, the initial-final conditions of the universe are apriori encoded in a set of computer programs describing the 64-hexagram formations from an 8 x 8 matrix of trigrams and their symmetry breaks. The execution of this apriori set of programs, according to some physicists, is a set described by the matrix E8 x E8 symmetry breaks.

Because logic into information is a one to many mapping, the correspondence between 64-Hexagrams and E8 is a one of many correspondences between Spirit (in Logic) and Soul (in Wave information-energy of becoming something). This mapping is observer dependent and this something is an information-energy object collapsed into the space-constant grid specified by the energy-mass output module. Mapping of 64-Hexagrams into E8 in 10-dimensions of yin-yang-neutral lines represented by open-closed-connected strings, the observers are mathematical physicists. Another mapping is between Hexagrams formed by Acu-Points arranged in pre-post octagons and Human Chakras. The E-8 mandala, in this mapping, is the Chakra-8 mandala at the final stage of human evolution as ascended humans. This mapping represents the universe’s initial tri-state 1-2-3 & the universe’s final tri-state 7-8-9. Notice, Chakra-8 is an integrated state of knowingness and thinking. The purpose of bio-quantum technology is to provide a platform for understanding the Human’s capabilities of becoming a non-local co-creator.


tem2 1

“This orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a 2-dimensional surface in a 3-dimensional space. By combining 3 such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a 6- dimensional space with 3x3x3=27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original 10-dimensional space compactifies.


“An orbifold space has the effect of breaking the basic symmetry of the space. The E8 xE8 symmetry inherent in the original flat 10-dimensional space is therefore broken by the process of compactification. The Euler number (relation between dimensions and holes) is 72, which means 36 generations of elementary particles. (This is clearly far too many)”

I-CHING CONNECTIONS: Numbers 36 & 27

In I-Ching, number 36 is the number of hexagrams in the symmetric set of 64 hexagrams. Thus, in the vacuum computer, within the entire set of subroutines and programs, there are 36 executable subroutines and programs that describe the elementary particle world, while there are many more entangled nonsense subroutines and programs.

In the Gnosis, Truth is ADHQEIA, whose number is 64 and that there are some of the 64 components visible, and some invisible to the human. All that are visible of the 64 are 37, leaving 27 hidden.

Notice: 37 Visible in Matter /  27 Hidden in Being = 1.37 —> 137 Fine Structure Constant, Binding Matter with Being

Most vital, in regards to informed knowing, is the input set. In I-Ching, this set has 27 coordinates: 12 terrestrial, 10 celestial, and 5 system coordinates that correspond to the state of information in question. For example, a particular time in these 27 variables correspond to 8 celestial-terrestrial coordinates plus 5 system-coordinates (i.e., 5-elements) in the form of trigrams that define the pre- and post heaven octagons. These 27 non-local coordinates have a correspondence to the 22 Hebrew letters plus 5 finals, which can be use to map words (perhaps their vibrations) into numbers in inner space. This vibration is in Set 0 to 36 spin octaves, namely the co-creation set. Perhaps this is how the compiler works: By converting the vibrations of words into number psychologies and their interacting frequencies, which in turn reducible to beauty—simplicity—least action. In this analysis, the 3 orbifolds form the key. The 36 subroutines-programs represent the lock. Knowing involves with key finding the lock, fitting it, and opening it. Key fitting the lock implies a reduction of the key plus the lock dimensions into one lock-key dimension, which is a form of compactification.

“The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the (27) letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis… This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization … meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology.” (see


tem2 2

In diagram 3, Tony Smith unify the dimensional equivalents of elementary particle-Plank physics in 8 dimensions Lie and Clifford algebras, Cl(8), with I-Ching binary and Tai Husang Ching ternary dimensions plus other ancient dimensional models.

Tony’s conclusions: “Since the DNA genetic code can be represented by 4 things taken 3 at a time, or (2×2) x (2×2) x (2×2) = 64, and since the I Ching (which is based on 6 bars, each of which can be in 2 states – broken or unbroken) can be represented by 2 things taken 6 at a time, or 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64, and since pairs of octonionic half-spinors of the Spin (0,8) Clifford algebra [Cl(0,8)] on which the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model is based, which can be represented by 8 things taken 2 at a time, or (2x2x2) x (2x2x2) = 64,  the genetic code, the I Ching, and the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model are all just different representations of the same fundamental structure.”

Diagrams 1-a, 1-b, 2, and 3 illustrate the information dimensional equivalent between string/M-theory and I-Ching logic-information.  As shown in diagram-3, Tony also indicates that this dimensional equivalent applies to the Torah, the tubulins-neurons Casimir effects in the Brain, IFA (Indigenous Religion of Africa), and other ancient developments. The conclusions found by Tony Smith on dimensional equivalent of cultural knowledge and Stan Tenen (at the Meru Foundation) on the equivalent of 27 Hebrew letters formed by projective geometry and hand-gestures (in a state of human knowingness) support the validly of the Matter-Being Holon Paradigm, which is an integrated synthesization of cultural knowledge and directly connected to the 10-27 formula derived in previous postings. (See websites & links) In Being, there are no identical observations (knowing & thinking), identities can only be seen as equivalences, correspondences, or correlated via mappings, rather than in the form of equality equations. Furthermore, the frame of references is in the mind of the observer, while pointer readings are statistical observations of the eigenstates in 3-D collapses. In short, D4-D5-E6-E-7 like strings and M-theory is not nonsense, but it is an observer(s)’s reality of becoming in Set-3 [72 to 108] octaves, while the Holon Theory is a synthesis of Octave Sets [0 to 36]—[36 to 72]—[72 to 108].

Participatory Universe: Line Logic & Geometry φ

This posting complete the posting on Holon Physiology IV: Junk DNA-DNA Logic by developing the line-diagram logic for a Participatory Universe; namely the Observer-Universe from the Tetragram points of view. The Big Bang in the concept of the logic of these line diagram is created by the Self-Observations within the free will lines inside the Tetragram (i.e., the observations generated by the neutral line in the production of either a yin or a yang line to form the Trigrams and the Hexagrams). These observations collapses onto the line diagram logic of the Hexagrams that forms the Junk DNA-DNA and the 81 stable atoms in the periodic table.

These activities are illustrated by the Holon Flow Diagram Logics as shown in this posting. We shall begin with the Holon: BASE-9—TETRAGRAM—PARTICPATORY UNIVERSE that generated the system of Base-10 numbers and Sacred Geometry-f, which lead to the collapse of the Tetragrams onto the Hexagrams and thus generated the Atoms, Junk DNA-DNA, and so on.

tem2 2

Portrayed in a flow diagram:

tem2 3

The Tetraktys with its Invoution—Evolution Vortexes:

tem2 4

The Soul–Spirit Logic of the 5-Elements:

tem2 5

Next, look at the collapsed Hexagram logic mapped onto the Genetic, namely the Amino Acids and the number of Synonymous Codons:


The number of Synonymous Condons:

tem2 6

Next, the mapping of Hexagram Logic onto Electron Shell Logic: Perhaps the best fit is between Trigrams and the Electron Orbit Shell. That is, a pair of Trigrams inside a Hexagram is mapped onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit. I have not completed this mapping; therefore I shall used the Hexagram Logic mappings to illustrate this idea.

The First Example:

tem2 7

The Second Example, using Hexagram mapping:

tem2 8

Explanation of the previous diagrams on Hexagram Mappings with the numbers of Yang Line:

tem2 9

Again, instead of using pairs of Hexagrams as shown in the previous two examples, a pair of trigrams inside a Hexagram should be used to map onto a pair of electrons inside an orbit.

Finally, the Collapse of 81 stable atoms.


This concludes this posting.

Holon Physiology VI: Junk DNA-DNA Logic

This posting finally completes and strengthened the proposal in this Paradigm that God works through a self-programming vacuum computer by resolving the confusing-incomplete treatments, up to know, on the proposed coding logic of this computer. As an example, in this Post, the encoding logic using line diagrams will clarify the specifics of Junk, non-coding, DNA versus coding DNA. This posting will infer that:

  • An 11 line-diagram logic dimensions is used by this Computer
  • Re-derive the Fine Structure Constant by line diagram logic
  • A 6-Hexagram line-logic set is used, as an example, to code the coding DNA
  • A 4-Tetragram line-logic set is used, as an example, to code the Non-coding DNA
  • And so on.

Observer—Observed Co-Created Tetragram—Hexagram Line Diagram on a Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer Logic



Observer—-Observed Logic

tem2 4

Observed Operator Logic–Tetragrams: Tai Hsuan Ching

tem2 1

Observed Operator Logic–Tetragrams, Tao Te Ching

tem2 2

Operator Collapsed Logic–Hexagrams

tem2 3


The three Groups of Tetragrams are shown below

tem2 5

Logic Dimensions

  • Tetragram Line-Logic —-> Self Encoding Observer Logic
  • Hexagram Line-Logic —-> Self Encoding Observed Logic
  • Frame of Reference —-> Observer Knowledge—Observer-Observed Knowingness
  • Tetragram —-> 4 Dimensions
  • Hexagram —-> 6 Dimensions
  • 10 Dimensions
  • 1 Dimension —-> Free Will
  • 10 + 1 = 11 Dimension of the Universe
  • In Tetragram Lines
  • Observer —-> Junk DNA Logic in Tetragram Lines
  • In Hexagram Lines
  • Observed —-> Pre-Heaven DNA Logic GOD’s Involution Logic of YOU
  • Observer-Observed Co-Creation —-> Post-Heaven DNA Evolved Logic of YOU

Next, the Operator Logic in Formation of Mind Octagon (Bigram Logic —-> Trigrams & Tetragrams)

tem2 6


Communication Holon —–> Bigram—Bigram, Trigram—Trigram, Bigram—Trigram

Holon of  Co-Creation:

  • Trigram—Trigram (Neutral line Collapsed) —-> Hexagram
  • Bigram–Bigram (Neutral line in Resonance) —–> Tetragram
  • Bigram—Trigram (Neutral line Collapsed) —–> Pentagram


Thus, Junk non-coding DNA is continuously operating (computer executed) within one’s Soul, as explained in the last posting.

Glossary: U – 999 (2004)



Vacuum: A pre space-time medium where logic is encoded, or a medium filled with ether.

Virtual Field: In quantum physics, a force field generated by a particle that can never be directly detected, but whose existence does have measurable effects. In the Holon Theory, this virtual particle corresponds simply to the logic-information aspect of the particle. This logic-information aspect is referred to as subtle or potential energy, or a scalar field. From this perspective, both the Casimir and the Bohm-Aharonov effects represent the effects of a virtual field. (See Scalar Electromagnetic, Subtle Energy)

Vortex Theory: (See Spiral Geometry)


Wave, Quantum: The probability generated by the key “looking” for its corresponding lock in a space-time medium. That is to say, the oscillatory motion produced by the lock “looking” for the key is referred to as a quantum wave. In the Holon Theory, the soul is also defined as the wave aspect of Self. Thus, with respect to the soul, the lock is the spirit component of Self and the key is the brain (or the mental) aspect of Self. Thus, a lost soul is the condition in which the key (the brain function) cannot find the lock (the spirit aspect). (See Yin-Yang)

Wave Function: A fundamental concept in quantum physics; a number at each point in space associated with a particle, determining the probability that the particle is to be found at that position.

Wave-Particle Paradox: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Weak Forces: The second weakest of the four fundamental forces, with a very short range. The force involved with mediating radioactive decay. (See Unification of Forces)

White Hole: (See Wormholes)

Wormholes: A thin tube of space-time connecting distant regions of the universe. Wormholes may also link parallel universes and could provide the possibility of time travel. One enters a wormhole from a black hole and exits to another region of the universe or to a parallel universe from the “other end” of a wormhole referred to as a white hole. (See Black Hole)


Yin-Gin Ching/Shii-Soei Ching: Two of the most well known, and the best-kept secret, Shaolin Ch’i-Kung classics developed by Da Mo himself, the founder of Shaolin. They contain the Shaolin secrets of both the acts of external Qi-Kung and internal Ch’i-Kung practices. From the Holon Theory perspective, the following correspondences applied.

  • Internal Ch’i-Kung Practice —> Harmonize and Actualize Holon Ck2-Ck4-Ck7
  • External Qi-Kung Practice  —> Harmonize and Actualize Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6

In order to scientifically describe the contents embedded in these two classics, the following correspondences for the eight extra meridians, in the Holon perspective, are needed.

Craniosacral Internal Circuits:

  • Du Mai   —> Fire —> Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6
  • Rene Mai —> Water —> Holon Ck2-Ck4-Ck7
  • Chong Mai —> Air —> Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6

Fascia External Circuits:

  • Yin-Wei & Yang-Wei, Yin-Chiao & Yang-Chiao

Hara Internal-External Circuits:

  • Dai Mai & Chakra 3, the Circuit of the Five-Elements

These three components form a Holon for Ch’i/Qi Kung practice. In addition, these three Holon components can be related to the three gates in Ch’i/Qi Kung description. With this correspondence Holon, the Yi-Gin Ching involves the development of the Fascia External Circuits, while the Shii-Soei Ching has to do with the practice of the  Craniosacral Internal Circuit. The Hara Internal-External Circuit is the interface between the two. This interface can be seen from the following Holon frequency relationship.

tem2 24

Depicted in the above Holon diagram is the mathematical relationship between metabolic activities and the oscillation of the cerebral fluid within the Craniosacral Circuit.

On the popular left-brain interpretation of these two right-brain classics, one last item needing clarification is the concept of semen as the essence of Ch’i, or pre-natal Ch’i. Within this misunderstanding, one is forced to abstain from sex, namely from semen ejaculation. The correct interpretation, within the Holon Theory, of a scientific correspondence for defining the essence of Ch’i/Qi has to do with the local and non-local information carried by the cerebral fluid within the Craniosacral Oscillation Circuit. The source of this information, or the essence of Ch’i/Qi, is encoded in the pineal and the limbic system. However, as indicated in the above Chakra/Neuro-endocrine flow diagram, sexual activities would affect the functions of the gonads (i.e., Chakra2), and indirectly affect Chakra 3 with Chakras 7/6, and Chakra 1 with Chakra 6. (See Acu-Point, and Chakra)

In summary, the success of Ch’i/Qi Kung practice involves both theoretical and practical understanding of the Holon conservation law, namely, in the Holon harmony among the conservation of logic-information, information-energy, and energy-mass/chemistry. These three conservation laws have a correspondence to the three stages of Ch’i/Qi Kung practice. These three stages are: (1) to refine and strengthen the essence (i.e., the source of Ch’i/Qi), namely, the source of information encoded in the Craniosacral Fluid, and to activate its flow, which is the flow of Ch’i or Qi. (2) To maximize the flow of Ch’i/Qi, or information, in enhancing spirit knowingness and soul space-time perception. (3) Through spirit knowingness and soul-perception, one understands one’s place within the Universe and one’s destiny, which is encoded in the vacuum.

The presentation, or the definition, stated here applies for both Ch’i/Qi Kung and Yoga practices, which integrate the ancient philosophy of the Taoist-Buddhist-Hindu teachings.

Yin-Yang: The characteristic comparisons between Yin and Yang are: stationary versus moving; congealing versus flowing and extending; retreating and shrinking versus advancing and expanding; contraction and accumulation versus expansion and dispersion. In short, Yin represents the formation of energy-mass while Yang corresponds to the flow of logic-information. A balanced state of Yin and Yang is referred to, in Chinese philosophy, as the Tao; that is, One Yin and One Yang is the Tao. Thus, the Tao is a least action information-energy path that integrates, in a lock-key formation, the lock defined by logic-information with the key constructed from the logic of energy-mass. The Tai Chi diagram represents the wave-motion of the changing states in Yin and Yang. The logic-information component of matter, or the Li, is non-locally encoded inside the Vacuum in these changing states of Yin and Yang. On the other hand, the terms Wu Chi correspond to the state of nothingness of the Vacuum.

Next, from the perspective of this correspondence, we have the following three correspondences:

  • Wu Chi (The Void) —> Encoding Medium
  • Tai Chi  —> Encoded Binary Logic, Yin-Wave and Yang-Wave
  • Logic Bigrams —> Photon Holon, Boson (w+, z) Holon

With the required Logic harmony in the Photon Holon, we have another three correspondences.

  • Logic Trigrams —> Lepton, v+ and quarks
  • Logic Hexagrams —> 64 Elementary Particles

And the third components are from the Tao Te Ching, in the formation of the tetragram-Free Will. (See Ebits/Qubits)

  • Logic of Free Will —> Graviton

Here, we have the free will of two photons deciding to come together to form a graviton. Notice, the above set of mappings, exemplifying the I-Ching applications, can also be formulated for genetic logic, logic of human nature, and cultural logic where the human mind is involved.

Bigrams/Trigrams/Tetragrams Symbolisms: Their symbolisms are shown below.

tem2 25

Notice that these line diagrams are richer in meaning than using a 0, 1 formulation.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: As said earlier, this energy Holon explains the mystery of dark energy and dark matter. In relation to living matter, this energy Holon can perhaps explain the mystery of spontaneous human combustion. That is, what causes live human beings to burn to a crisp – apparently from the inside out? The common features in spontaneous human combustion are: (1) the Victim’s surroundings were left untouched. (2) Those who are found alive usually have no idea why the fire began and most of them die soon after. (3) The temperature must exceed 1,650 degrees Celsius. Remember humans have not only a physical body, but also a logic body and an information body. The physical body satisfies the conservation law defined by Einstein’s formula E=mc2. On the other hand, the logic (or spirit) body obeys the conservation law in the form of E=mc10, while the conservation formula for the information (or soul) body is E=mc6. A conjecture in the explanation of this mystery is that: the fire started in our information body, or our soul-body, and satisfies the energy formula E=mc6. This conjecture explains all three features in spontaneous human combustion. Remember, our soul-body exists in a singularity in space-time, namely the activities inside the mirror as explained in the above diagram. If this conjecture is true, how can we use the energy residing in our soul-body or our spirit-body to Co-Create.

An Example: Jack Angel, November 12 1974, settled down to sleep. He awoke, feeling rather old, looking down he was horrified to see that his right hand had burned black; other burns dotted his legs from groin to ankle …in a state of shock, but strangely in no pain. Angel showered, dressed …he discovered that the date was not 13th, but the 16th. He had been asleep for four days. Angel collapsed unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital where baffled doctors tried to make sense of what had happened. The skin on his hand was badly blistered, yet his clothes were undamaged. Further examination revealed the fact that Jack Angel had been burned from the inside out. This is an extreme mild case of spontaneous human combustion. In more serious cases, the combustions involve the entire, or 80 to 90 per cent, of the body.

Yoga: (See Health/Illness, Ch’i-Kung, and Yi-Gin Ching/Shii-Soei Ching)


Zero-Point: Space inside zero, or the Vacuum. (See Yin-Yang and Vacuum)

Zero-Point Physiology: Physiology of the spirit or the logic-body. Zero-point physiology involves the non-local communications between the acu-brain and the entire network of acu-points, but constrained by the local anatomical physiology of the body-mind. This communication happens at a singularity, teleported by the intentions of the individual. In other words, zero-point physiology corresponds to actualizing the dimensional shift inside a singularity, which is activated by one’s intention in the form of a free will. In short, zero-point physiology is the lock-key interactions in body-mind/soul-spirit physiology. (See Body, Time, Singularity, Acu-Brain, and Acu-Points)


666: The number for the Beast or the Holon for number 6, taken three times. The number 666 contains the power of God, for it reduces to God’s Number, which is the number 9 as shown below.

  • 666 —> 6 + 6 + 6 —> 18 —> 9

The lessons embedded in this number, namely the three 6s, are the tasks hidden in the lower three Chakras. In short, the number 6 implies how to be a human through doing the human tasks of the lower three Chakras (i.e., 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, taken three times for number 666). Number 6 also implies completing the tasks through doing as a human. Doing what? Completing the following three lessons: Chakra 1 —> Survival of the fittest of the Body, Chakra 2 —> Survival through Sex or relationships between duality such as man and woman, and Chakra 3 —> Survival through Feasting or knowing what to eat. How will these tasks be completed? This is embedded in number 18, which is hidden in numbers 1 and 8. Number one corresponds to the visible truth through body sensations, because of the number 6. Learning these body sensations through sensing the negative is to know the positive. For number 1 represents body and visible truth. Number 8 has to do with actions in humanity. Thus, number 18 implies seeing the negative actions in human nature in order to learn the positive. Finally, number 9 is the number for God. Therefore, when 666 completes all of its tasks in a positive manner, it will take the place of God again. Notice, the positive completion of the tasks for 666 is a state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without, completed three times. (See 666 in the Epilogue)

888: The number assigned to Jesus, which is the number for humanity taken three times forming the Holon of number 8.

888 —> 8 + 8 + 8 —> 24 —> 6

The lessons embedded in this number, namely the three 8s, are the tasks hidden in Chakra 7 and Chakra 1 for 7 + 1 is 8. This is the relationships between the body, namely Chakra 1, and the spirit, which is Chakra 7. One could interpret this relationship as: Survival of the Body through the Spirit. How to complete these tasks is defined in the number 24, namely 2 and 4. Number 2 implies relationships between humans, and most important between one’s body and one’s spirit. Number 4 has to do with completion, i.e., the nature of these relationships must be fully completed to affect humanity, which is the number 8. In addition, number 24 in relationship to Chakra 2 and Chakra 4 has the following meanings: Chakra 2 —> Survival through Sex or relationships, Chakra 4 —> Communicating Love, which is a positive act rather than a negative act of doing. That is, completing these tasks through communicating love. Here love corresponds to the love of God hidden in Chakra 7 whose action is on humanity, namely number 8 taken three times. Therefore, when 888 has completed all of its tasks in a positive manner, it will take the place of a perfect human, the number 6, namely satisfying the state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without.

999: God’s Number, which is 9 taken three times or the Holon of number 9. The characteristics for this Holon are given in Chapter 4 of Volume 4.

  • 999 —> 9 + 9 + 9 —> 27 à 9

Unlike 666 or 888, this number 999 represents the number for God rather than a human having a body. Remember God is “outside” of this universe or in a non-local state. Thus, we cannot use chakras to describe God, but we can use them to describe the task for 999 as the Image of God. Number 9 carries the image of all numbers, and hence all chakras, for

  • 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 —> 45 —>  9

Therefore, when we humans complete the tasks embedded in all nine chakras, in a positive manner, we will inherit God’s Image in our physical body. What remains is God’s Image in our soul-spirit body, which has to do with Chakras 8 and 9. A positive completion implies a stable completion, which is represented by the numbers 4 and 5. Notice, number 5 also implies stability through communication. In this case, the communication of God’s Message is a non-local set of encoded logic. In addition, Chakra 5 corresponds to receiving learned knowledge and stability. That is to say, completing the stability in our communication with God is through learned knowledge. This defines human evolution-involution in both left- and right-brain functions, which has to do with developing a matured connection between Chakra 5 and Chakras 6 and 7. In addition, completing the matured connection in Chakra 8 involve with left-right brain integrations. The matured state of Chakra 9 will be completed in the tri-state 8-9-0 universe, see the sections on Ascension and String Theories. (See God/Creator and Parallel Universe)