A [Spirit-Mind] 靈—靈 [Soul-Mind]—神 [Being in Matter] Holon Universe

In this Posting, the Local & Non-Local Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being in Matter Holon Physiology is defined and presented via formulas in Diagrams. This universe can only be understood by Math-Logic—Spirit-Logic—Soul-Observation: Math-Logic —> Logic deduced from knowledge, Spirit-Logic —> Logic deduced from knowingness, Soul-Observation —> Visual-Image of Becoming. Again, one needs a Holon understanding.

The diagram below formulates the Black Hole—Wormhole—White Hole in both Creation and Co-Creation from the Matter-Being Paradigm points of view. (1) The Creation Holon State has to do with God’s First Cause in forming our Universe with the Holon Involution Logic—Wormhole—Big Bang / Black Hole. On the other hand, (2) the Co-creation Holon forming Parallel Universes [in the image of God] is through the Observers’ Ascended States of Reverse Engineer—Evolution Logic—White Holes. This explains the vision / knowingness formed in “soul-observations / spirit-knowingness” through the Holon of Nothingness—Blackness—Light.


Thus the diagram explains also [Near Dear Experiences—Ascended States—Co-Creations] inside the Black Hole—Wormhole—White Hole based on the Involution—Evolution—Ascended States of the Observers, namely the activations of the following Holon States [Spirit-Mind,靈]—[Soul-Mind, ]—[, Being in Matter].

Thus, each Ascended Observers can Co-Create the Observers’ own Parallel Universes. Therefore, the number of Parallel Universe is equal to the number of Ascended Observers from … ancient to modern and to post-modern… [Perhaps there are ascended observers from many lost or ascended civilizations from the past or the future], which can be a very large numbers. Remember, our universe is a spaceless timeless participatory universe Started with God’s Input and co-created by local / non-local observers. Thus, although from a very different perspective, the very large numbers of parallel universes co-created by ascended observers proposed here is not a strange idea for some Physicists.

In a new study, Stanford physicists Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin have calculated the number of all possible universes, coming up with an answer of 10^10^16. If that number sounds large, the scientists explain that it would have been even more humongous, except that we observers are limited in our ability to distinguish more universes; otherwise, there could be as many as 10^10^10^7 universes.

“When we analyze the probability of the existence of a universe of a given type, we should be talking about a consistent pair: the universe and an observer who makes the rest of the universe ‘alive’ and the wave function of the rest of the universe time-dependent,” the scientists write.
Read more at: http://phys.org/news174921612.html#jCp

The Parallel Universes presented in this Posting is not an outcome of quantum uncertainty or string theory. The Observer’s Parallel Universes within the Mind-Being Paradigm are universes co-created inside the Observer’s spirit-mind, soul-mind, and the mind inside matter, a natural property of the Observer’s Participatory Universe encoded inside the Vacuum’s Self-Programmable Computer. This has to do with a set of Living Base-9 Logic inside the Soul-Spirit Computer Simulated Universe, rather than the Big Bang requirements of a quantum inflationary logic in Base-10.

[Spirit-Mind, 靈]—[Soul-Mind, 靈]—[神, Being in Matter]

5-EXAMPLES of a [Spirit-Mind, 靈]—[Soul-Mind, ]—[, Being in Matter] Living Holon Universe [taking from previous Postings of this Website or in the Authors other writings].

Example-1: Vortex, Psychic—Physicist—Mathematician

In The New Ambidextrous Universe, Martin Gardner has this concluding observation: No less a physicist than James Clerk Maxwell, who unified electricity and magnetism, believed that Kelvin’s vortex conjecture was the most promising of all nineteenth-century theories of the atom. …Unfortunately, simple and elegant theories often turn out to b e false. …the literature on vortex atoms provides another striking example of how a promising conjecture can generate vast amounts of ingenious mathematical analysis that turns out to be inapplicable to the universe because the theory runs too far ahead of empirical evidence. … superstrings have much in common with Kelvin’s vortex rings. Although superstring theory accounts for an enormous range of know phenomena, the theory is notoriously lacking in predictions that can be tested by today’s particle clashers. Will new experiments confirm or refute it?

In this Vortex concept, we need to consider its applicability from the Spirit-Mind—-Soul-Mind—-Being in Matter points of view. See diagram below.

tem2 1

In this Matter-Being Paradigm, the Holon Vortex—Spin—Spiral is a mapping operator generating a Soul-State of Becoming in Being and/or Matter, as shown about. This represents the execution mode of the Vacuum Computer. The computer’s output created by this execution, if any, in the form of energy-mass, generates new state of matter. The execution can also transforms the state of Being (both positive & negative), i.e., the logic-information computer codes’ line-diagrams. The transition operator Vortex—Spin—Spiral combined with the teleportation operator i must be viewed as an ever-changing state in Being-Matter coupling. This explains many commonalities in matured bio-quantum observations of nature and human health by psychics, physicists, mathematicians, and others, from ancient to modern. The former causes evolution in knowledge and in the states of thinking. The latter creates involution in knowingness and in conscious states.

Example-2: Princeton’s Global consciousness Project (GCP)

Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. We maintain a network of random event generators (REGs) with nodes in more than 50 locations, from Alaska to Fiji, on all continents, and in nearly every time zone. A GLOBAL NETWORK of electronic devices produces continuous random data sequences. Subtle patterns in the data are linked with events that cause shared thoughts and emotions in millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected patterns, and also indicate that they cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields. We don’t yet know how to explain the subtle correlations between events of importance to humans and the GCP data, but they are quite clear. The results are evidence that the physical world and our mental world of information and meaning are linked in ways that we don’t yet understand. http://www.global-mind.org/aesthetic.intro.html

tem2 2

We can be quite sure these results represent a genuine anomaly, but at this point, it is not possible to offer a definitive explanation. …One of the most promising physical models is drawn from David Bohm’s theory of active information (Bohm, 1980). In his terms, information …can be nonlocal, extending indefinitely throughout space and time. Active information may be envisioned as a potential field interacting in the development of manifestations in the physical world. Thus, active information is virtual, but when a “need” for it exists, the need actualizes the information by creating a repository for it.

Examples 3, 4, 5: Vacuum Interactions of Holon of Acu-Points—Celestial—Terrestrial in Trigrams within Pre-Post Octagons

Illustration 1: Heavenly Connection

tem2 3

Illustration-2 Base-9 Connections

In the operations of simple arithmetic and throughout all the numerical manifestations of nature, such as the periods and intervals of the solar system, certain ‘nodal’ numbers occur, providing a link between processes and phenomena which otherwise appear quite unconnected with each other.  Most prominent among these are the multiples of 72 [36-72-108 in base-10 & 3, 6, 9 in base-9] and numbers such as 5040 [—> 9, in base-9] … In these numbers are the dimensions and distances of the earth,  sun and moon, the measurements of the ideal [logic] universe and the formula behind many ancient expressions of it, such as: the New Jerusalem diagram, the plan of the Stonehenge temple, Platon’s perfect city in the Laws, the scale of music by which he represented the universal soul and the order he discerned among the planets. Through the mystical science of gematria these same numbers provide some of the principal sacred names of Christianity, including … Lord Jesus Christ… [John Michell, The Dimension of Paradise]


Fire—Air—Water —> Tridosha in Ayurveda Physiology

Show above not only the Holon of 5-Element—Cks—Trigram Logic in Local and Non-Local connections to the Pre-Post Heaven Octagons; but also Local and non-local optimal metabolic rates connected to the Cosmic Breathing in Base-9, namely the Holon of [Respiration, 18 Cycles/minutes]—-[Temperature, 36 degree C]—-[Pulse, 72 Cycles/minutes]. These rates are also governed by the rate in Craniosacral oscillations, which is 9 Cycles/min.

Illustration 3: Celestial—Terrestrial—Octagon-Trigram Connections

tem2 5

Notations: S1 — S10 —> 10 Celestial Stems, B1 — B12 —> 12 Terrestrial Branches. Inside Octagon —> Pre-Heaven Logic-Information, Outside Octagon —> Post- Heaven, Information-Energy. Five Elements –> F, Fire—E, Earth—M, Metal— Wa, Water—Wo, Wood—Heat, and their corresponding Acu-Point Cirtuits.


Thus, with this Posting and all previous Postings up to now, the reader should have an understanding on the meanings of these nine Chinese Characters, which define a living Holon universe in Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being in Matter. Notice, there are no English translations or Mappings or descriptions that can take the place of these nine Chinese Characters for they are Mandalas, which establish a unique connection between the Author and the Living Universe. In addition, it is these soul-spirit connections that connect the Author to the Pre-Quantum Logic of the I-Ching.