Clarify Ch’I Power/Free Energy Connected to Observer’s Universe

answering questions on clarifying the connections between the formation of the universe—multiverses and the monopole—dipole power/free energy of acu-points. Report at the end of this Posting is a Personal Experiences on this Ch’i Power generated Acu-Point—Frequency—Personality

This clarification definitely connects free energy in technology with the missing link in acu-point healing as explained in previous Postings.



In physics, power is the rate at which energy is transferred, used, or transformed. The unit of power is the joule per second (J/s), known as the watt. For example, the rate at which a light bulb transforms electrical energy into heat and light is measured in watts.

In optics, or radiometry, the term power sometimes refers to radiant flux, the average rate of energy transport by electromagnetic radiation, measured in watts.

Power Physiology of the Mind

Vacuum Power physiology is generated freely (at NOW) by the monopole and released by the Dipoles (also at NOW). This is accomplished by automatically collapsing the Spirit-Mind (an immature knowledge state) coupled with the Soul-Mind (a not awakened Matured Wisdom of a Psychic Vision State).

Spirit-Mind is the delegate authority, while power releases is via the Dipoles in the Mind’s Visions. Assumed here is an official soul-mind capacity to exercise power control by the vision coming from the right brain with very litter (needed) left-brain knowledge. This vacuum power vision was completely matured in a very ancient evolved state, and is currently a hidden right brain capability dominated by today’s evolved emphasis in left-brain knowledge. The capacity of the entire power grid of the acu-point circuits (analogues to a magnetic monopole—electric dipole power grid, see extension of Maxwell equation below) is operated and automatically controlled by the (“unconscious”) actions of the mind.  Thus explains the awesome power of the very Ancient (perhaps in the days of the Atlantian or at least greater than 3000 years ago) Technology of the Right Mind. This power physiology of the mind is the missing link in understanding the I-Ching teachings of the two related subject; namely (alchemy) and (medicine). Thus, the technology of the vacuum can be summarized below.

Electro-Magnetic Power Grid

Completing Maxwell’s Equation for Monopole-Dipole: The incompleteness still exits in today’s understanding of electricity and magnetism even in the present state of Mawxell’s electromagnetic equations. The element of this incompleteness lies in the absence of Being Logic, namely the Monopole.

Maxwell’s equation of electric and magnetic is shown below: Maxell’s Dipole Equation

tem2 2

Where E & B denote electric and magnetic fields, respectively. p and J represent charge and current.

S. Inomata in Consciousness and complex electromagnetic (Electrotechnical Laboratory, MITI, Tokyo, Japan, May 1976) introduces symmetry to Maxwell’s equations by adding an imaginary “magnetic” charge and an imaginary “magnetic” current to the above set of equations as shown below:

Expanding Maxwell’s Dipole Equation to include Monopole Interaction at NOW

tem2 2

Notice, there are no real component for the “magnetic” charge or current. Only the electric charge is “real”. The “magnetic” charge or current shows up at the matter-being crossover, teleported by the NOW operator i (the imaginary component). In this Paradigm, we shall refer to the monopole as magnetic photon and the dipole is formed by the electric photon. The magnetic photon appears in the spirit-mind as a knowingness state in the form logic-information, while the electric photon appears in the information-energy vision of the soul-mind. Light, the visible-matter part, is formed by the electromagnetic dipole field (E-B) created by collapsing the information-energy of the electric photon onto its energy-mass state of electric charge. Electric charge is a physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force. Thus, we have a Holon.


This non-local vacuum technology provides also the necessary understanding in the monopole-dipole Acu-Point Power Grid, and thus explains the modern techniques of Electric Acupuncture and the various forms of the Vega Testing. It also explains the increase in Bio-photon emission at Acu-Points (see Personal Experience with frequency healing at the end of this Posting) and in the palms of Ch’I Kung Masters.

One may also conclude that this Dipole—Monopole Holon represents not only the missing component in completing Maxwell’s electromagnetic Dipole equation but also the missing link in understanding the awesome power reported in ancient acupuncture and Ch’I Kung. It further explains the fact that magnetic and frequency stimulations have a direct effect on Acu-Points (see the discussion on the relationships between magnetic photon—electric photon—light frequencies and the Holon monopole—dipole in a later section).

tem2 4

Observation Holon Continues

tem2 5

To further understand the Observational Holon of the Universe—Mutiverse—Masterverse, we need to examine the monopole—Dipole creation of space at the Moment of NOW with Beta Decay, as shown below.

tem2 6

tem2 7

Concluding Diagram



Notice, in the collapses of Masterverse—Multiverses—Universe: (1) The information-energy dipole (photon —> neutrino - anti-neutrino ) of the magnetic photon in the Multiverse created space that separates the nuclei and their electron orbits by collapsing the logic-information in yin line-diagrams and yang line-diagrams encoded in the Masterverse. (2) The Beta-Decay of the electric photon (photon —> e+ - e - ) formed the set of electron orbits defined by the various isotope (—> 27 Master isotope nuclei) reference frame’s belief—knowledge—experiences Holon. This reference frame is shielded in its formation by the Involution logic-information formula 27 [–> 9]. And (3), the information-energy collapsed onto energy-masses of the various 81 [again the number 9 in Base-9] stable atoms that define the visible material Universe. In these collapses, different sets of light frequencies are emitted. Thus, the Holon creation of magnetic photon—electric photon—light frequencies are explained via the formation of space and atoms from the collapses of Masterverse—Multiverses—Universe. A similar discussion on the formation of Being in Acu-Points—Chakra—Meridians from collapsing the Holon magnetic photon—electric photon—light frequencies can be formulated. In addition, this connection between the Acu-Points and the Universe can also explains the physicists Anthropic Principle.



This happened around 1980, shortly after I published my first book; Journey into A Science of Reality, 1978. I was told of a very powerful distance healer with the ability to heal and diagnose through the telephone without ever meeting the patient.  His healing ability, I verified with one phone call and was invited for a visit. I guess because of my scientific curiosity. He told me that he is able to “see” people’s energy bodies. This ability was a gift from God after been “hit” nine times by lightings at the desert. He is not educated at all.

While lying on my stomach, he puts needles on my Acu-Points, and activates a set of Turning Forks one at a time. He touches each needle with a unique vibrating Fork. He then let the needles vibrate for above two minutes. He repeats this process with each Acu-Point matched to a different Turning Fork. The needles stay-in approximately 10 minutes. The entire Process repeated with me lying on my back.

After healing, I asked: How he knows which Acu-Point needs healing? How he knows the matching of Acu-Points with Turning Forks? He has no answer, and simply said he “sees” the energy emitted from both Acu-Points and vibrations of each Turning Forks. As to the matching, he just knows. In fact, he asks to team up with me, and through me to obtain these answers scientifically. The accuracy and the power of his healing scare me. Therefore this was the first and the last time we were together.

Minor pains and discomforts that I know and aware of were gone. The most impressive is, for the next three days, my strong and hyper personality was changed to a calm and peaceful one. Even my wife recognized the changes in me. From what I know now on Holon Healing, see below, the healer psychically entered into my first two levels with his mind, namely, got into my 精-氣-神 and 身-心-靈 Holons and is able to activate and “read” them. In WebHealth, Computer Programs replaced the Healer. Instead of Turning Forks, Herbs is used for healing Level-1 and Homeopathic Level-2.

HOLON HEALING (see below):


A Final word on Acu-Brain

Acu-Brain is formulated with the Monopole–Dipole in mind, shown below.

tem2 1


In conclusion, we can now mapped the Biblical statement in God’s Creation of this Universe Inside the “HIS Holon” of Light


1- Masterverse, Universe’s Spirit-Mind [—>The Father]: Let there be “God’s” Light —>Encoded the Logic of Free Will in Neutral Line-Logic that collapsed into the Logic of Yin and Yang hence the Tao of Masterverse’s Involution Logic

2- Mutiverses, Universe’s Soul-Mind [—>The Holy Spirit]: Collapsing “God’s” Light —> Created Magnetic Photon, the Monopole formed by the Positive-Negative Neutrinos in forming Space of the Multiverses

3- Universe, The Body [—>The Son]: Collapsed Magnetic Photon —> Created Electric Photon in Positron-Electron Dipole within Beta-Decay in forming the Atomic Universe

Remember, reality is a personal understanding—knowing—vision of the Maturing Observer based on the Observer’s Reference Frame, which contains the Observer’s Beliefs—Knowledge—Experiences. This paradigm and all the contents derived in this Website is the Author’s reality. The only different between this reality and the Physicists or the Meta-physicists is that this paradigm is an attempt to integrate and synthesizes the realities observed by both. That is to say, in the formulation of this paradigm, the Beliefs—Knowledge—Experiences of both sides were used as inputs in the development of this paradigm.