Love Technology Holon

Continuing from a previous posting. The Technology of Love (or the well-known Scalar Technology as referred to in the Internet), will be derived in this posting by completing Maxwell’s Equation to include the magnetic-electric monopoles, and by extending the Logic-Information Dipole Gravitino—Graviton to form Gravity. In short, Love Technology applies to the Technology Holon of Gvaity—Magnetic Monopole—Electric Monopole.

Maxwell’s Equation in Matter-Being Logic is

Classical electromagnetic (EM) theory is a composite of pieces developed by such notables in the history of science as Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, Lorentz and Einstein. The theory itself was originally developed from empirical results and experimental evidence. Even though the foundational development of the theory took place more than 150 years ago, the final chapters of EM theory have still not been written and this body of knowledge can still be an area for new discovery.

Kyle A. Klicker, Motional Electric Fields Associated with Relative Moving Charge, Tesla Book, 1986,

The incompleteness still exits in today’s understanding of electricity and magnetism even in the present state of Maxell’s Electromagnetic Equations. The element of this incompleteness lies in the absence of Being logic.

Maxwell’s equation of electric and Magnetic is shown below:


Where E & B denote electric and magnetic fields, respectively. Symbols r and J represent charge and current. S. Inomata in Consciousness and complex electromagnetic (Electrotechnical Laboratory, MITI, Tokyo, Japan, May 1976) introduces symmetry to Maxwell’s Equations by adding an imaginary “magnetic” charge and an imaginary “magnetic” current to the above set of equations as shown below:

tem2 2

Notice, there are no real terms for the “magnetic” charge or current. Only the electric charge is “real” (or the particle component of the universe). Again the “magnetic” charge or current shows up at the crossover between Information-Energy (the Being component) and Energy-Mass (the Matter component), teleported by the operator i.

Now, the Love Holon can be formulated in the following Holon diagram formula.

tem2 3

With God’s Knowingness through proper knowledge, Power Technology will become constructive. On the other without God’s Knowingness the Power Technology will become Destructive [as witnessed in today’s daily news].

This Holon on Love Technology is the future technology for Gravity—Anti-Gravity, Free-Energy, and Superconductivity. It is God’s objective for the Second Coming (See posting The Holon of the Cygnon Mystery II: The Second Coming. Finally the Love Technology will lead to the Creation Technology via the integration of right-left brain knowingness, and thus help develop a technology for human mass ascension [See the next two postings].

The contents of this Website were given to me [from 1986 to the present] through my Kundalini knowingness established in 1986, and were supported by my curiosity in a left brain research to integrate Chinese Medical Philosophy and Western Medical Science, beginning at the age of nine in the presence of my two doctor uncles (See the two postings, Biography and QA: What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience).