Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics

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The above diagram formulated in the book “Matter-Being Paradigm” is a display of 172 logic-information or spirit-soul elements. This table referred to as H(172) is formulated from three sets of experimental discoveries. These are (1) the discovery of Occult Chemistry, (2) the discovery from Radionics, and (3) the discovery of acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. These details are discussed in the book.

Atomic number 1-172 (-,+) reactions on human body

    1-86 (-) above the navel on right side, (+) on left side
    1-86 (-) below the navel on the left side, (+) on right side
    87-172 (-) above the navel on the left side, (+) on right side
    87-172 below the navel on the right side, (+) on left side

With the proper lock-key observer-observed interaction, this table formed (1) the collapsed formation of the 81 stable atoms of the periodic table, (2) the mind-soul-spirit encoding of the Junk-DNA, and (3) human’s spiritual personality derived from the Acu-Point circuits.

    Acupuncture Point Circuits

Notice, only 81 elements in the atomic table are stable. The collapsing caused by the observer-observed effects of these 81 stable elements in the formation of physical atoms simultaneously formed space, the duration of time, and the physical constants in physics. It is the formation of space that separates the atomic nucleus from its electron orbits that created the stability in matter and the 3-D physical universe. The logic-information that govern this collapse in H(172) formed the particle mind, the living soul, and the human spirit of the universe with their respective components of ching-Qi-Shen, shen-xin-ling, and ling-hun-p’o. The encoding of the Junk-DNA in each life time explains the responsiveness of living organisms at each life time to the environmental effects and yet the stability of the generational DNA. This explains the non-randomness of genetic evolution yet the responsiveness to environmental effects at each life time. Finally, the three components of the human spirit via their spiritual personality (inherited in the qualitative vibrations of their numbers directed by their free will) follows the involution logic of the universe, (see book for detail).

The atomic level of H(172) formation encoded the deterministic atomic universe governed by the magnetic transition properties of the periodic table. These magnetic transitions are: Paramagnetic, Para to Ferromagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Diamagnetic, Superconductor dopants a–b–c (taken from Bob Crane, a research partner). The Junk-DNA level of H(172) governs the living universe via the soul of the organism. Finally, the qualitative vibrations of the human spirit together with either negative or positive free will govern the entire universe. As stated in the book the logic-information for all three levels of H(172) collapses are encoded in the self-programmable vacuum computer. A possible model for this vacuum computer is proposed in the book. These collapses formed the matter-being, quantitative-qualitative physics at soul singularity and spirit singularity crossovers. The collapses are the symmetry breaks at crossovers.

This paper will briefly examine the mechanisms for the first two sets of H(172) encoded logic-information and their crossover quantitative-qualitative physics. These are the symmetry break mechanisms at crossover. They contain (a) the teleportation in and out of the H(172) table, (b) the interaction governed by the specific sets of logic-information inside H(172), and (c) the collapses. Remember these mechanisms operate outside space and forces. For the remaining discussion, the symbols in the above table need to be defined. Embedded in (a) are the atomic-electron tunneling or the Fermion-Boson condensates, (b) atomic-chemical formation in clusters governed by information potentials (information monopoles) and/or magnetic monopoles, and (c) atomic-molecular transmutations with embedded free energy and superconductivity as outputs from H(172).

The Notations shown in the above Table:

    S–D–B –> Isotope Tunneling Elements

    29 minus Technetium & Promthium = 27 Tunneling Emements
    • Li, F, Na, Cl, K, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Br, Rb, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, I, Cs, Sm, Er, Tm, Re,Os, Ir, Pt, Au, At

    E –> Electron Tunneling Elements = 10 Elements

    • C, Si, Ti, Ge, Zr, Sn, Ce, Tb, Hf, Pb

These tunneling properties explain the properties of ORMUS elements, which are all Isotope Elements and are listed below:

    • B-Elements: Cobalt 27, Ruthenium 44, Platinum 78, Nickel 28, Rhodium 45, Osmium 76, Gold 79, Palladium 46, Iridium 77
      D-Elements: Silver 47, Copper 29

All these elements are listed in Hudson’s patents. These elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation. Remember these ORME activities function inside H(172).

Cold Fusion
The most widely studied experimental system consists of a glass-walled electrolysis cell containing a palladium or nickel cathode, a platinum anode, and an electrolyte of LiOD, Li2 SO4 or D2 SO4 dissolved in D2O or H2O. Beginning with the pioneering work of Fleischmann, Pons and Hawkins this system has provided evidence for the generation of energy in excess of amounts that are explainable by electrochemical processes and for production of substantial amounts of 4 He. Thus, the elements mostly used in cold fusion experiments are Isotope-Elements

    • Palladium S
      Platinum B
      Nickel B
      Lithium B

Once again, the isotope-elements are involved. Notice to enter into H(172) the observer needs to break the atomic symmetry, namely breaking the space between the nucleus and electron circuits. This involves electron tunneling.
The H in H(172) represents the logic-information of the hydrogen, which contains the entire logic-information of all table element, i.e., the building block for all elements. Thus, D20 serves as electron tunneling in cold fusion experiments.

Junk DNA—On-Off Switch—Blood ←→ Acu-Point Soul-Spirit Health

Blood relates to the four acu-point networks in the 4-fire element, namely, St, SI, HC, and Tw. The last two connections are with the soul-spirit. In the blood, the connections are in the isotope elements; namely potassium, chloride, sodium, iron, and hydrogen from the composition of water. The amount of these elements in the blood are listed below. Although these isotope elements connect both side of the H(172) bio-atomic cluster via the 8 tunneling elements, namely between the blood and the logic-information vacuum. This connection must be completed with an observer. In this case the observer is the Holon Mind—Consciousness—Intention. There are observers always coming from the chemical environment, conscious environment, and the free will field. This explains the continuous changing aspects of one’s soul. These changing aspects include perturbations, sometimes violent-destructive impact on one’s soul physiology. These impacts cause health problems, illnesses, and death.

Here are the biological properties of Sodium, Chlorine, Iron, and Potassium.

    • Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.: 2600-7800, Bone/p.p.m.: 10000, Blood/mg dm-3: 1970
      Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.:2000-5200, Bone/p.p.m.: 900, Blood/mg dm-3: 2890
      Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.: 180, Bone/p.p.m.: 3-380, Blood/mg dm-3: 447
      Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.:16000, Bone/p.p.m.: 2100, Blood/mg dm-3: 1620
  • Sodium




The connection between the isotope elements in the blood and the physiology of the acu-point network via the Holon HC—Tw—Ck-8 is illustrated in the Book. Fire (the Tw and HC meridians) is an information-energy element. Thus, the connection is with the information-energy (or the soul) vacuum. The corresponding logic-information element is water, which are the hidden functions of the kidney meridian. The same set of isotope elements are in kidney as water and inorganic electrolytes. In addition, the sodium-potassium pump is an important function for each and every cell and both sodium and potassium are isotope elements
Besides the communication of the blood, between the two sides of the H(172) cluster and the acu-point chakra circuits, there are also chemical-molecular communications. All molecular communications are directed by the Holon of spins—vortexes—spirals. In the case of blood flows, spins are generated when blood passes from the arteries to the veins and into the capillaries. Spin motions are formed especially in the capillaries.
In addition, the hydrogen H element in all DNA and in water serves as the electron tunneling between H(172). The H in H(172) represents the logic-information of hydrogen, which contains the entire logic-information of all table elements, i.e., the building block of all elements.

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