Holon Formation of Physical Atoms

Continuing the previous two postings on Cygnon Mystery, this posting derives the Holon formula [Nucleus—Space—Electron Orbits] for Physical Atoms from the soul-spirit atomic table of 172, by using the Isotope Decays embedded in the Di-Atomic Hydrogen [(H+ + H-) —> p+ + n + e- + neutrino].  This formula also explains why this Universe contains mostly Matter rather than Anti-Matter and answers the reason for the violation of Charge (C), Purity (P), and Time (T) symmetry.

The Holon formula is shown below:

tem2 1

Notice, energy in the information-energy component represents free will actions. The free will for electron photons contains a specific use in its energy-action that is different than the neutrino photon free will. For example: The electron photon-action is used  in determining the Discrete Orbital configurations of the electrons, while the neutrino photon is used in formulating fractional orbits since its energy is embedded in space and can be continuous.

The results of this posting together with those presented in the Website complete the incompleteness in Quantum Physics within the Holon Platform of 3 Mind—Soul—Spirit Holons. This posting also completes the Matter-Being formulations for Alchemy and thus starts the beginning of Bio-Quantum Physics and its technology in transmutation—-free energy—-superconductivity. Furthermore, this posting offers a beginner’s understanding of Mind-Soul-Spirit communications in the Hydrogen structure of the DNA and in Health. Remember, previous postings point out the similarity in functions and in radionics responses between the 172 Bio-Atomic Table and the yin-yang aspects of Acu-Points in our body. Thus, we can now see that this connections can also be traced to the monopole—dipole spirit—soul activities of the neutrons and acu-points. Thus, for now, I shall close this discussion with the quotation taken from http://www.wisegeek.com/m/what-are-biophotons.htm.

A Russian scientist discovered biopohotons in 1923, dubbing them mitogenetic rays. Though Professor Alexander Gurvich’s discovery sparked wide research, it wasn’t until 1974 that Popp proved their existence, revealed their origin in DNA, and subsequently their coherence. Popp’s biophoton theory provides an intriguing and promising path for more international research, which could lead to major developments in our understanding of life, the mechanisms of healing and health, and our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Proponents of alternative medicine see a possible connection between biophotons and natural healing techniques. For example acupuncture is based on manipulating or exciting “ch’i” energy — the vital life force that, according to ancient Chinese belief, regulates body function and is responsible for well-being. It is suggested that the meridians or energy points used by acupuncturists may tap into node lines within the biophoton field.

CYGNON MYSTERY III: The Monopole Holon of Neutron—DNA—Acu-Point

Again, we shall begin with Andrew Collins on Cygnon connection to humanity, in the Cosmic Heart, as quoted below.

… the attraction of the Cygnus constellation goes back to the earliest cave art. …conducted by our Paleolithic ancestors as much as 17,000 years ago.

In this third part of the Cygnon Mystery, we shall attempt to answer this ancient attraction by giving the Why, which is shown in the Cosmic Heart Holon below.


Furthermore, the Biophotons emitting from the Holon Neutron—DNA—Acu-Point could also explain the Halo-Aura mystery discussion in Alternative Medicine. The Halo-Aura intensity (biophoton brightnesses) is directly related to the Monopole-Neutron intensity. Remember, there are three families of Neutrons. The three families are: Neutron composts of Up-Down Quarks (lowest information-energy —> body-mind --Biophoton in Acu-Points and DNA reference frame). Neutron composts of Charmed-Strange Quarks (middle information-energy range —> Physiology / soul-mind; Aura —> -- Biophoton Holons of HC and Tw circuits as references frame). Neutron composts of Truth-Beauty Quarks (highest information-energy —> Chakras / spirit-mind; Halo —> --Biophoton Holon Ck6—Ck8—Ck7 as reference frame). These three families of Neutron again exist as a Holon. In addition, each Neutron comes with three charges depicted as color charges in red, blue, and yellow. Yet, Auras and Halos are visible to a human observer in color, which implies that color charges in Neutrons are real colors. Thus, we live in a Colored Universe.