Geons–Holes–Foam –>Matter-Being

Beyond Spacetime—Mathematical-Points (in Mass, Charge, and Space) —Wormholes:

Here, the word Holes denotes the Holon of Black-Hole—Wormhole—White-Hole. I have said earlier; John A. Wheeler’s Participatory Universe together with his idea of a computer vacuum (in The Bit and the Pendulum, by Tom Siegfried) helped in completing the development of this Paradigm. The remaining life-long concepts of John A. Wheeler, presented in this posting will further help mapped the conceptual correspondences between Quantum Space-Time and Bio-Quantum of numbers, namely the mind-soul-spirit of quanta.

In short, the attempt in this posting is to form the correspondence mappings between John A. Wheeler’s Holon of Geons—Holes—Quantum-Foam onto the Mind-Soul-Spirit Holon of Being 靈-- with its connections to the Mind-Soul-Spirit Holon of Human (Matter-Being) -- and the Mind-Soul-Spirit Holon of Matter -- in forming the concepts of Bio-Quantum. Simultaneously, these mappings offer a corresponding set of physical (or scientific) meanings on each of these Chinese terms, as shown below.


An added assumption of the quantum foam is gravitational (or God’s) love between the graviton—outside zero, and the gravitino—inside zero. Thus, this foam may be referred to as a Holon Foam formed by the Holon of bio—quantum—gravitation. Here, the bio component converts gravitational force, in force without force, into Love jointing inside and outside zero. This Love are forces in personalities generated by numbers in base-9 [= base 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8].

With the Holon-Foam defined as bio—quantum—gravitational, we can now completed the Theory of Everything in physics, as shown in the following diagrams.


Notice, the numbers with their bases is part of the Frame of Reference Holon defined as Personalities—Knowledge—Knowingness. Embedded in this Holon are the definitions of the various shades of Human Love. Thus, the geometries of the bio-quantum foam are generated by the various shapes of love–hate potentials, li(s) within the LI.

Thus, these eight Chinese Character mappings connected the Bio–Spirit side of the Junction and directly or indirectly to the Holon of Geons—Holes—Quantum Foam: physical concepts beyond spacetime—mathematical Points—virtual particles that form the Holon Junctions with Spirit of Being 靈-- and Spirit of Human --. The above diagram showns the spirit side of the Holon junctions between time—space and the vacuum at the Moment of NOW, namely, between mass and mass without mass, between charge and charge without charge, and between space and space without space. These are the Matter—-Being Acu-Point Junction: the Being—-Ascended Human (–> higher chakas) Junction, and the Non-Living—-Human (–> lower chakras) Junction.

This Observer—Observed component of the Junction defines only the Li-Spirit components inside zero of the Pi—Phi—Li Holon. As shown in previous postings, the Phi component (defined also by the Li of Numbers in Base 9—Base 10 transition, across the Junction Pi) generated the physical constants in physics, which has to do with a Universe of mass without assuming mass, charge without assuming charge, and space without assuming space. Described here is the Logic-Information / Information-Energy Junctions between Being and Matter embedded in Pi—Phi—Li of the Holon-Foam for the Logic of Geons—-Wormhole—-Bio-Quantum in the Matter-Being Paradigm. Mass, charge, and space are collapses of Information–Energy onto Energy-Mass. The Junction here has to do with Sacred Geometry in Pi–Phi. Pi–Phi both generate the In Vortex and the Out Vortex at Junction Zero. This Moment of NOW teleportation of Pi is suggested by Euler’s formula


Above is the Moment of the Now teleportation of Pi. Next, the Holon of Pi is diagrammed below.




This Zero Holon also explains the Power of the Number 7 [—-> God’s Mind]. Finally, we can define the following Holon of God inside this Universe in connection with 靈--.

9 —-> God’s Spirit —-> —-> [Human] Ck-9, Godliness in Self

7 —-> God’s Mind, the Zero Holon —-> 魂 —-> [Human] Ck-7, Sageness Within

8 —-> God’s Body, Civilization —-> 魄 —-> [Human] Ck-8, Kingliness Without

The resonance between the above two Holons, within the Zero Holon, is a Human State referred to as the Image of God.

Pi–Phi is the Logic component in the Li of Matter, while the Chinese characters represent the Spirit component in the Li of Being. The former generated all the Physical Constants via Information-Energy / Energy-Mass Collapses. The latter created the Logic–Information / Information–Energy Crossover in Spirit—Acu-Points. They both are connected in their Logic or in their monopole potentials.

The Matter-Being treatment of the Quantum Foam is definitely different from Wheeler’s thinking, yet comes closer to what John Wheeler wants in defining physics inside a mathematical point at a Moment of Now, which contains a world of mass without assuming the existence of mass, a world of charge without assuming the existing of charge, a world of space with no left and no right, and finally a world of time with no before and no after. These structures come in Junction–Collapses.

Quoted from John A. Wheeler’s Book (Chapters 10 and 11):

All of physics, both classical and quantum, faces a conceptual problem in dealing with point particles. We think of electrons and neutrinos and quarks as existing at mathematical points. We think of photons being created and being absorbed at mathematical points. Yet we cannot really deal with the infinite density of mass or the infinite density of charge implied by point particles and point interactions. These points are annoying pinpricks in the body of physics. We endure them because we have to, while hoping that someday we will identify and understand an inner structure in what today seem to be points.

Now I was gripped by an opposite vision: a world without particles (more exactly, a world in which the things we call particles are accounted for by an inner spacetime structure). …a gravitating body made entirely of electromagnetic fields, I called a geon (g for “gravity,” e for “electromagnetism,” and on as the word root for “particle). …”mass without mass”—pure energy holding itself together.

Another idea [of a geon is]… “charge without charge.” Ordinarily, we say that the lines of electric field emerge from, or begin at, a positive particle such as a proton and converge on, or end at, a negative particle such as an electron. Yet if we want to develop a theory — the geon theory, for instance — in which we sweep away point particles and their strange attributes of infinite density and infinite field strength, it seems at first that we must also sweep away charge. Can there be electric charge if there is no place for lines of electric field to begin or end? … I later gave [This electric field without begin or end] the name “wormhole.” It is the path through which field lines can sneak from one place to another in multiply connect space. …truly charge without charge.

[In the spacetime fluctuations of the wormhole], there would literally be no left and right, no before and no after. Ordinary ideas of length would disappear. Ordinary ideas of time would evaporate. I can think of no better name than quantum foam for this state of affairs.

Instead of an inner spacetime structure, this world without particles is a world of Li, or number logic, where particles are replaced by the personalities of numbers in their respective bases. This is the Matter-Being concept of a geon, or the “logic potential of a gravitational–electromagnetic particle”. In addition, in the Matter-Being concept, this geon or its logic potential is represented by a self-encoded logic computer program referred to as a monopole (or a magnetic monopole for charge particle) that resides at inside zero. The encoded logic of this monopole is what John Wheeler refers to as a wormhole with its non Mass—-Charge—Space (at the Moment of NOW) environment, the quantum foam. In short, the Holon-Foam in Geon—-Wormeholes—-Quantum-Foam is John A. Wheeler’s attempt to develop a physics of everything at mathematical points. The attempt in Matter–Being Paradigm is to examine the Holon of Mind—-Soul—-Spirit within these points.

A Concluding Remark on Reality Confined in BOX within BOXES:



God’s Inputs —> Number 9 in Base 9, 10 Dimensions of Encoding Logic plus a dimension of Free Will, A Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer, which Generated a Observer-Observed Participatory Universe. Formula —-> Line-Diagram Logic, Numbers in Qualitative Descriptions

Mind—Soul—Spirit Physics —-> Generated an Involution—Evolution—Entropy Universe, which is the Big Bang, with knowledge and knowingness that Humans can become Images of God. Formula —–> Computer Flow Charts

Finite–Structure Physics —-> Matter expanded to contain the Holon of Logic–Information, Information–Energy, and Energy–Mass. So that Bio-Quantum is produced by the crossover of Logic–Information onto Information–Energy; and Mass—Charge—Space is created by the collapses of Information–Energy onto Energy–Mass with the expanded law of conservation in Information—Energy—Mass. Formula —-> Topology, Computer Flow Charts

Physics of Mathematical Points —-> Newtonian and Quantum Mechanics.

Formulas —-> Mathematical Equations, Geometry, Numbers in Quantitative Analysis