Glossary: U – 999 (2004)



Vacuum: A pre space-time medium where logic is encoded, or a medium filled with ether.

Virtual Field: In quantum physics, a force field generated by a particle that can never be directly detected, but whose existence does have measurable effects. In the Holon Theory, this virtual particle corresponds simply to the logic-information aspect of the particle. This logic-information aspect is referred to as subtle or potential energy, or a scalar field. From this perspective, both the Casimir and the Bohm-Aharonov effects represent the effects of a virtual field. (See Scalar Electromagnetic, Subtle Energy)

Vortex Theory: (See Spiral Geometry)


Wave, Quantum: The probability generated by the key “looking” for its corresponding lock in a space-time medium. That is to say, the oscillatory motion produced by the lock “looking” for the key is referred to as a quantum wave. In the Holon Theory, the soul is also defined as the wave aspect of Self. Thus, with respect to the soul, the lock is the spirit component of Self and the key is the brain (or the mental) aspect of Self. Thus, a lost soul is the condition in which the key (the brain function) cannot find the lock (the spirit aspect). (See Yin-Yang)

Wave Function: A fundamental concept in quantum physics; a number at each point in space associated with a particle, determining the probability that the particle is to be found at that position.

Wave-Particle Paradox: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Weak Forces: The second weakest of the four fundamental forces, with a very short range. The force involved with mediating radioactive decay. (See Unification of Forces)

White Hole: (See Wormholes)

Wormholes: A thin tube of space-time connecting distant regions of the universe. Wormholes may also link parallel universes and could provide the possibility of time travel. One enters a wormhole from a black hole and exits to another region of the universe or to a parallel universe from the “other end” of a wormhole referred to as a white hole. (See Black Hole)


Yin-Gin Ching/Shii-Soei Ching: Two of the most well known, and the best-kept secret, Shaolin Ch’i-Kung classics developed by Da Mo himself, the founder of Shaolin. They contain the Shaolin secrets of both the acts of external Qi-Kung and internal Ch’i-Kung practices. From the Holon Theory perspective, the following correspondences applied.

  • Internal Ch’i-Kung Practice —> Harmonize and Actualize Holon Ck2-Ck4-Ck7
  • External Qi-Kung Practice  —> Harmonize and Actualize Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6

In order to scientifically describe the contents embedded in these two classics, the following correspondences for the eight extra meridians, in the Holon perspective, are needed.

Craniosacral Internal Circuits:

  • Du Mai   —> Fire —> Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6
  • Rene Mai —> Water —> Holon Ck2-Ck4-Ck7
  • Chong Mai —> Air —> Holon Ck1-Ck5-Ck6

Fascia External Circuits:

  • Yin-Wei & Yang-Wei, Yin-Chiao & Yang-Chiao

Hara Internal-External Circuits:

  • Dai Mai & Chakra 3, the Circuit of the Five-Elements

These three components form a Holon for Ch’i/Qi Kung practice. In addition, these three Holon components can be related to the three gates in Ch’i/Qi Kung description. With this correspondence Holon, the Yi-Gin Ching involves the development of the Fascia External Circuits, while the Shii-Soei Ching has to do with the practice of the  Craniosacral Internal Circuit. The Hara Internal-External Circuit is the interface between the two. This interface can be seen from the following Holon frequency relationship.

tem2 24

Depicted in the above Holon diagram is the mathematical relationship between metabolic activities and the oscillation of the cerebral fluid within the Craniosacral Circuit.

On the popular left-brain interpretation of these two right-brain classics, one last item needing clarification is the concept of semen as the essence of Ch’i, or pre-natal Ch’i. Within this misunderstanding, one is forced to abstain from sex, namely from semen ejaculation. The correct interpretation, within the Holon Theory, of a scientific correspondence for defining the essence of Ch’i/Qi has to do with the local and non-local information carried by the cerebral fluid within the Craniosacral Oscillation Circuit. The source of this information, or the essence of Ch’i/Qi, is encoded in the pineal and the limbic system. However, as indicated in the above Chakra/Neuro-endocrine flow diagram, sexual activities would affect the functions of the gonads (i.e., Chakra2), and indirectly affect Chakra 3 with Chakras 7/6, and Chakra 1 with Chakra 6. (See Acu-Point, and Chakra)

In summary, the success of Ch’i/Qi Kung practice involves both theoretical and practical understanding of the Holon conservation law, namely, in the Holon harmony among the conservation of logic-information, information-energy, and energy-mass/chemistry. These three conservation laws have a correspondence to the three stages of Ch’i/Qi Kung practice. These three stages are: (1) to refine and strengthen the essence (i.e., the source of Ch’i/Qi), namely, the source of information encoded in the Craniosacral Fluid, and to activate its flow, which is the flow of Ch’i or Qi. (2) To maximize the flow of Ch’i/Qi, or information, in enhancing spirit knowingness and soul space-time perception. (3) Through spirit knowingness and soul-perception, one understands one’s place within the Universe and one’s destiny, which is encoded in the vacuum.

The presentation, or the definition, stated here applies for both Ch’i/Qi Kung and Yoga practices, which integrate the ancient philosophy of the Taoist-Buddhist-Hindu teachings.

Yin-Yang: The characteristic comparisons between Yin and Yang are: stationary versus moving; congealing versus flowing and extending; retreating and shrinking versus advancing and expanding; contraction and accumulation versus expansion and dispersion. In short, Yin represents the formation of energy-mass while Yang corresponds to the flow of logic-information. A balanced state of Yin and Yang is referred to, in Chinese philosophy, as the Tao; that is, One Yin and One Yang is the Tao. Thus, the Tao is a least action information-energy path that integrates, in a lock-key formation, the lock defined by logic-information with the key constructed from the logic of energy-mass. The Tai Chi diagram represents the wave-motion of the changing states in Yin and Yang. The logic-information component of matter, or the Li, is non-locally encoded inside the Vacuum in these changing states of Yin and Yang. On the other hand, the terms Wu Chi correspond to the state of nothingness of the Vacuum.

Next, from the perspective of this correspondence, we have the following three correspondences:

  • Wu Chi (The Void) —> Encoding Medium
  • Tai Chi  —> Encoded Binary Logic, Yin-Wave and Yang-Wave
  • Logic Bigrams —> Photon Holon, Boson (w+, z) Holon

With the required Logic harmony in the Photon Holon, we have another three correspondences.

  • Logic Trigrams —> Lepton, v+ and quarks
  • Logic Hexagrams —> 64 Elementary Particles

And the third components are from the Tao Te Ching, in the formation of the tetragram-Free Will. (See Ebits/Qubits)

  • Logic of Free Will —> Graviton

Here, we have the free will of two photons deciding to come together to form a graviton. Notice, the above set of mappings, exemplifying the I-Ching applications, can also be formulated for genetic logic, logic of human nature, and cultural logic where the human mind is involved.

Bigrams/Trigrams/Tetragrams Symbolisms: Their symbolisms are shown below.

tem2 25

Notice that these line diagrams are richer in meaning than using a 0, 1 formulation.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: As said earlier, this energy Holon explains the mystery of dark energy and dark matter. In relation to living matter, this energy Holon can perhaps explain the mystery of spontaneous human combustion. That is, what causes live human beings to burn to a crisp – apparently from the inside out? The common features in spontaneous human combustion are: (1) the Victim’s surroundings were left untouched. (2) Those who are found alive usually have no idea why the fire began and most of them die soon after. (3) The temperature must exceed 1,650 degrees Celsius. Remember humans have not only a physical body, but also a logic body and an information body. The physical body satisfies the conservation law defined by Einstein’s formula E=mc2. On the other hand, the logic (or spirit) body obeys the conservation law in the form of E=mc10, while the conservation formula for the information (or soul) body is E=mc6. A conjecture in the explanation of this mystery is that: the fire started in our information body, or our soul-body, and satisfies the energy formula E=mc6. This conjecture explains all three features in spontaneous human combustion. Remember, our soul-body exists in a singularity in space-time, namely the activities inside the mirror as explained in the above diagram. If this conjecture is true, how can we use the energy residing in our soul-body or our spirit-body to Co-Create.

An Example: Jack Angel, November 12 1974, settled down to sleep. He awoke, feeling rather old, looking down he was horrified to see that his right hand had burned black; other burns dotted his legs from groin to ankle …in a state of shock, but strangely in no pain. Angel showered, dressed …he discovered that the date was not 13th, but the 16th. He had been asleep for four days. Angel collapsed unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital where baffled doctors tried to make sense of what had happened. The skin on his hand was badly blistered, yet his clothes were undamaged. Further examination revealed the fact that Jack Angel had been burned from the inside out. This is an extreme mild case of spontaneous human combustion. In more serious cases, the combustions involve the entire, or 80 to 90 per cent, of the body.

Yoga: (See Health/Illness, Ch’i-Kung, and Yi-Gin Ching/Shii-Soei Ching)


Zero-Point: Space inside zero, or the Vacuum. (See Yin-Yang and Vacuum)

Zero-Point Physiology: Physiology of the spirit or the logic-body. Zero-point physiology involves the non-local communications between the acu-brain and the entire network of acu-points, but constrained by the local anatomical physiology of the body-mind. This communication happens at a singularity, teleported by the intentions of the individual. In other words, zero-point physiology corresponds to actualizing the dimensional shift inside a singularity, which is activated by one’s intention in the form of a free will. In short, zero-point physiology is the lock-key interactions in body-mind/soul-spirit physiology. (See Body, Time, Singularity, Acu-Brain, and Acu-Points)


666: The number for the Beast or the Holon for number 6, taken three times. The number 666 contains the power of God, for it reduces to God’s Number, which is the number 9 as shown below.

  • 666 —> 6 + 6 + 6 —> 18 —> 9

The lessons embedded in this number, namely the three 6s, are the tasks hidden in the lower three Chakras. In short, the number 6 implies how to be a human through doing the human tasks of the lower three Chakras (i.e., 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, taken three times for number 666). Number 6 also implies completing the tasks through doing as a human. Doing what? Completing the following three lessons: Chakra 1 —> Survival of the fittest of the Body, Chakra 2 —> Survival through Sex or relationships between duality such as man and woman, and Chakra 3 —> Survival through Feasting or knowing what to eat. How will these tasks be completed? This is embedded in number 18, which is hidden in numbers 1 and 8. Number one corresponds to the visible truth through body sensations, because of the number 6. Learning these body sensations through sensing the negative is to know the positive. For number 1 represents body and visible truth. Number 8 has to do with actions in humanity. Thus, number 18 implies seeing the negative actions in human nature in order to learn the positive. Finally, number 9 is the number for God. Therefore, when 666 completes all of its tasks in a positive manner, it will take the place of God again. Notice, the positive completion of the tasks for 666 is a state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without, completed three times. (See 666 in the Epilogue)

888: The number assigned to Jesus, which is the number for humanity taken three times forming the Holon of number 8.

888 —> 8 + 8 + 8 —> 24 —> 6

The lessons embedded in this number, namely the three 8s, are the tasks hidden in Chakra 7 and Chakra 1 for 7 + 1 is 8. This is the relationships between the body, namely Chakra 1, and the spirit, which is Chakra 7. One could interpret this relationship as: Survival of the Body through the Spirit. How to complete these tasks is defined in the number 24, namely 2 and 4. Number 2 implies relationships between humans, and most important between one’s body and one’s spirit. Number 4 has to do with completion, i.e., the nature of these relationships must be fully completed to affect humanity, which is the number 8. In addition, number 24 in relationship to Chakra 2 and Chakra 4 has the following meanings: Chakra 2 —> Survival through Sex or relationships, Chakra 4 —> Communicating Love, which is a positive act rather than a negative act of doing. That is, completing these tasks through communicating love. Here love corresponds to the love of God hidden in Chakra 7 whose action is on humanity, namely number 8 taken three times. Therefore, when 888 has completed all of its tasks in a positive manner, it will take the place of a perfect human, the number 6, namely satisfying the state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without.

999: God’s Number, which is 9 taken three times or the Holon of number 9. The characteristics for this Holon are given in Chapter 4 of Volume 4.

  • 999 —> 9 + 9 + 9 —> 27 à 9

Unlike 666 or 888, this number 999 represents the number for God rather than a human having a body. Remember God is “outside” of this universe or in a non-local state. Thus, we cannot use chakras to describe God, but we can use them to describe the task for 999 as the Image of God. Number 9 carries the image of all numbers, and hence all chakras, for

  • 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 —> 45 —>  9

Therefore, when we humans complete the tasks embedded in all nine chakras, in a positive manner, we will inherit God’s Image in our physical body. What remains is God’s Image in our soul-spirit body, which has to do with Chakras 8 and 9. A positive completion implies a stable completion, which is represented by the numbers 4 and 5. Notice, number 5 also implies stability through communication. In this case, the communication of God’s Message is a non-local set of encoded logic. In addition, Chakra 5 corresponds to receiving learned knowledge and stability. That is to say, completing the stability in our communication with God is through learned knowledge. This defines human evolution-involution in both left- and right-brain functions, which has to do with developing a matured connection between Chakra 5 and Chakras 6 and 7. In addition, completing the matured connection in Chakra 8 involve with left-right brain integrations. The matured state of Chakra 9 will be completed in the tri-state 8-9-0 universe, see the sections on Ascension and String Theories. (See God/Creator and Parallel Universe)