Glossary S-Strong Force (2004)


Sacrament: An act in Faith Knowingness.

Sageness Within: A person’s inner self emulates the soul-spirit of a sage, i.e., a very wise person. (See also Godliness in Self)

Scalar electromagnetism: Standard electromagnetism involves the vectors of an electric field and a magnetic field, namely, the E-vector and B-vector, respectively. Scalar electromagnetism implies electromagnetic activities that have no E-vector and B-vector present. In the Holon Theory, it has to do with information-energy conservation (See Radionics, and Subtle Energy)

Schrodinger’s Cat: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Second Law of Thermodynamics: The requirement that natural activities inside a closed system seek a state of equilibrium, namely that disorder always increases over time in a closed system and that energy used to do work cannot be reused.

Second Coming: Cause of a definite and a sustained ideological change in humanity’s direction for satisfying God’s Encoded Logic due to serious misunderstandings of God’s Goal for humanity. Christ’s First Coming is in restoring a state of unconditional love for humanity. The Second Coming, if there is one, is in directing us humans in our development of a co-creation technology, which is a technology of love. This is an integrated state of unconditional love with the intellectual love of God’s knowledge. The former is a state of right brain maturity, while the latter is a state of left brain maturity. Thus, the technology of love is a matured state of right-left brain integration. (See Resurrection)

Sense Perception: Body-brain perception, or sensations.

Sin: Sin, in the Holon Theory, is not following God’s Encoded Logic.

Singularity: In relativity physics, singularity is defined as a point in space-time at which the space-time curvature becomes infinite. In the Holon Theory, singularity also corresponds to a state beyond space-time, or a pre space-time state, which connects to a non-local world of encoded logic. Notice, from the Holon perspective, each point in space-time is a singularity because the time component in space-time is defined by the teleportation operator ict. The state of Now is a singularity. A state of involution is a singularity. The state of consciousness is a singularity. (See Non-Local Reality)

Singularity Operator: An operator that teleports a subject into a singularity state, when the subject is operated upon. For example, in quantum observation, the teleportation operator is the imaginary number i; and in the human system, the teleportation operator is a state of pure intention. (See Intention, Imaginary numbers, and Teleportation)

Six Days of Creation: (See Post-Heaven)

Soul: Space-time Continuum of Self. (See Wave, Quantum)

Lost Soul: The soul of a dead person, i.e., the lock-key relationship is broken between one’s body-brain component and one’s spirit component. The existence of a lost soul has to do with an individual who does not know that his body-brain system has died because his/her memory or his/her mind, is locked within the present lifetime. Individuals become lost souls because (1) he or she does not want to leave his or her memory; (2) he or she died from a violent shock, and the information created by the violent event is encoded in his or her memory, or in his or her mind. This memory is locked within the area of his or her death or in his or her favorite areas when alive. The former corresponds to a memory of his or her violent death, while the latter has to do with a memory that he or she does not want to forget. Reincarnation cannot occur until this information is unlocked, and he or she knows that death has occurred. Even in his or her next reincarnation, these memories are encoded in his or her acu-points. These memories turn into the individual’s karmic patterns.

Fragmented Soul: The second reason stated for a lost soul. A Fragmented Soul has to do with the soul’s memory locked within the information of his or her violent death rather than with his or her spirit component.

Soul-Perception: Perception in a space-time medium, which contains events in event-time. The activities of soul-perception include astroprojection and aura-energy perceptions. (See Time)

Soul-Spirit Physiology: Spirit physiology has to do with the physiology of acu-points; whereas, soul physiology corresponds to connected activities between the Chakras and the Neuro-Endocrine System. (See Acu-Point, Chakra, and Zero-Point Physiology)

Space-time: A union of space and time originally defined in the special theory of relativity. This is the medium, defined by the space component, where lock-key interactions occur, under the teleportation operator ict, defined by the time component. (See Observer and Singularity)

In the Holon Theory, global space-time is generated by the neutrino particle as part of the gravitational/electromagnetic interactions. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Magnetic Current, and Magnetic Charge, see also Volume 4)

Space-Time Continuum: An event in soul-perception, or wave-observation, which implies that a space-time event in which the entire script, from beginning to end, is played out at the Moment of Now. (See Time)

Special Theory of Relativity: Einstein’s theory based on the idea that the laws of physics should be the same for all observers, no matter how they are moving in the absence of gravitational fields. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Spin: One of the intrinsic characteristics of an elementary particle. Particles have an intrinsic amount of spin that is either a whole number or half a whole number, (in multiples of Planck’s Constants). It can also be used as units for measuring quantum information. Thus, in the Holon Theory, the logic of spin is symbolized by a yin line or a yang line, which corresponds to a bit of information. (See Ebits/Qubits)

Left-Spin (or Spiral): Spiral in the direction of the Fal, namely, Co-Creation away from, or in conflict with, God’s Encoded Logic. Logic away from God’s Encoded Logic can also be interpreted as misinformed involution logic in the involution-evolution process. Left-spin can also appear in a left-right system of balanced logic.

Right-Spin (or Spiral): Spiral in the direction of the Rise, namely, Co-Creation towards, in the direction of, God’s Encoded Logic. Right-spin can also appear in a left-right system of balanced logic. Left and Right imply Left Spin and Right Spin.

Spin Networks: Representations of space in the form of graphs connecting lines to points. The points represent the angular momentum, or “spin,”, or elementary particles, and the lines represent the paths of the particles. This is an idea devised by Roger Penrose and used to generate his twistor geometry. In the Holon Theory, these spin networks can be viewed as networks of qubits, like the networks of yin lines and yang lines. In addition, there is a possible correspondence between these spin-networks of elementary particles and the net networks of acu-points.

Charge-Parity-Time: A Holon formed at a singularity. Charge could be viewed as a bit of information (i.e., yin or yang). Parity has to do with left or right (e.g., left-spin or right-spin). Time is a singularity operator. In the Holon Theory, both charge and parity can be viewed as matter versus anti-matter, i.e., a particle with a yin charge is in a left-handed universe; whereas, an anti-particle corresponds to having a yang change in a right-handed universe. The logic of both particle and anti-particle  (i.e., the particle and its hole) was Created simultaneously in God’s Mind; thus at Creation or in the logic universe, there is conservation between particle and anti-particle or between charge and parity. (See Matter) Big Bang and all subsequent Co-Creations generated a left-handed universe. Therefore, in both the teleportation and the 3-dimensional (or Base 10) universes of wave-particles, matter and anti-matter, or charge and parity, conservation is violated. But when time, a singularity operator, is added to the charge and parity equation, the conservation of charge-parity-time holds. That is, because with time added to the equation, the system is teleported into the logic universe where matter conserves with anti-matter. In addition, this left-right dominance is switched in living matter. That is, our Universe is left-handed (inside the Fall) while we humans are right-handed (within the Rise). This explains the mystery hidden in the conservation equation between charge-parity-time with respect to a Co-Created left-handed or a right-handed universe.

Spiral Geometry: A continuous change in the phases, for example, the angles of motion, of a system or an object. These phase changes represent the continuous releasing-reencoding of potential information from its encoded logic in the logic aspect of matter. A quantum observer with the proper lock-key relationship can actualize this potential information. Thus, spiral geometric forms are potentially observable reality to a quantum observer. Since each observer possesses a unique set of learned knowledge and its own unique set of biased constraints, the spiral form will be different for different observers. This explains the many different, yet related, forms of observer’s reality such as the various types of vortexes, the torsion field, torice and twistor geometry, and so on. In short, wave phenomena are transitory reality from the perspective of the observer.

Let us consider the binary spiral activities of the nuclear-atomic pair versus the magnetic-GUT monopole pair as defined in a gravitational-electromagnetic field as shown below.

  • Nucleus: [ n0 + u ] <——> [ e- + p+ ]    Atoms
  • Magnetic Monopole    [ n0u ] <——>[ e+ +  u ]GUT Monopole

From the perspective of information, p+ and  n0 are the source particles where information is encoded, while e-, u, e+ and u are informational flow particles. The flow of e- follows a left-handed outward spiral, and is balanced by the flow of e+ in a right-handed inward spiral. Likewise the outward spiral of u is balanced by the inward spiral of u. Notice, the inward e+ and the outward e- combined to form the photon particle ye, while the pair u and u combined to form the photon yn. Particle ye is the high-energy photon, the propagator of the electromagnetic wave, while the pn is the low-energy photon, the information carrier inside the electromagnetic field. In addition, the pair of magnetic and GUT monopoles formed a dipole of Logic-Information. Thus, Co-Creation is based on the observer manipulating the Logic-Information dipole through the yn photon, which depends on the communication of the n0 and u pair. This is the well-known quantum observable effect, or in the Holon perspective, the lock-key probabilistic interaction defined by the “key looking for the lock.” On the other hand, our present science and technology emphasize manipulating the electric dipole of the p+ and e- pair. The connection between these two dipoles is the information carried by the e+ and u. Notice that the state of involution is governed by the magnetic-GUT dipole, while the process of evolution is governed by the electric dipole. The communication between the state of involution and the process of evolution is embedded in the electromagnetic field or in the information encoded in the light and lower frequency spectrums. (See Lock-Key Technology and Technology)

Logic of Spirals: The key to the importance of sacred geometry is embedded in the logic that governs its geometry. This logic is referred to as the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral. That is to say, the expansion-contraction-spiral is governed by its gnomonic logic. Notice, this logic is beyond space and time, or it is non-locally defined in pre space-time. Elsewhere, this gnomonic logic is referred to as involution logic, where its motion or geometry governs the process of evolution. In addition, the specifics of this gnomonic logic are encoded in the Logic-Information or the magnetic-GUT dipole and hence are carried by the light and lower frequency spectrums of yn and are propagated by ye. The joining of the inward and outward spirals at the point of singularity is joined by the logic of the light constant, namely, the number three. This joining point connects the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral Holon of the base nine and the base-ten arithmetic. (See Gnomonic, Light-Constant, Photon, and Number)

Accelerated Expansion of the Universe: Expansion-contraction of the universe depends on the conservation of information-energy-mass, namely the three conservation laws. In addition, the key that controls the state of expansion-contraction of the universe depends on the decoding of its encoded logic into information, the process we refer to as informed free will. The opposite is the error in decoding, which results in the process of entropy production. The former contributes to the universe’s contraction, whereas the latter corresponds to the universe’s accelerated expansion. This logic-information includes not only the logic encoded in the laws of nature and the micro world, but also in cultural logic and in human’s collective consciousness. All three form a Holon of mutual influences and integration. It is the latter, the disorder in cultural logic, that causes the production of entropy in this Holon and the accelerated expansion of the universe. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Spirit: Non-local Self. Here, the term “Self” applies also to an elementary particle. (See Immortality)

Spirit-Knowingness: Knowledge transfer at a state of singularity in the Moment of Now, via an act of actualized intention. This is knowledge beyond learned knowledge.

Knowingness: Actualized intention with sufficient learned knowledge to understand the knowledge transfer at singularity.

Extra-Sensory Perception, ESP (or Telepathy): Perception beyond the five physical senses of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting. These are sensory inputs coming from soul-perception in the space-time continuum, and spirit knowingness in a non-local setting. In total, there are seven sensory perceptions in total, and they all correspond with the Chinese 5/7-Element Theory.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: (See Yin-Yang)

Standard Model of Elementary Particle: An enormously successful theory in unifying the three nongravitational forces and their action on matter, i.e., the quarks-leptons formulation of elementary particles. This standard model, in the Holon Theory, is taken to be the basic model for elementary particles, where the strings are logic-information objects, or the information-energy conservation dynamics in their logic-wave transitions. Added to the Standard Model, from the Holon Theory, is the logic component of these elementary particles, or the pre-quarks, pre-leptons, pre-bosons and the pre-gluons. These logic components are formulated with the binary-ternary logic of the I-Ching bigrams and trigrams. Furthermore, the logic formulations, developed in Vol 2, for elementary particles, space, time, micro-macro objects, forces, and motion establish the logic components of matter and at the same time define a logic universe.

Stigmata: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Stonehenge: (See Acu-Point)

Strings: Fundamental one-dimensional objects. According to recent theories, elementary particles are the musical notes of multidimensional strings. Different vibration patterns of a string give rise to elementary particles with different properties. In the Holon Theory, these strings are logic-information objects. In addition, strings are classified as open strings or closed strings, which can be viewed as having a correspondence to the I-Ching logic of yin lines or the yang lines respectively, while the logic of elementary particles are formulated within the ternary logic of yin and yang lines in the symbolism of the I-Ching trigrams. (See Volume 4)

Superstrings:  A string theory that incorporates supersymmetry.

Superstrings/Orbifolds/I-Ching Logic: Before we begin with these relationships, let us remember that an Orbifold is a Holon of three singularities depicted by a hyperspace triangle. As to the relationship between orbifolds and superstrings, David Peat, in the Search for The Theory of Everything (pp. 157-161), offers the following descriptive relationship.

One important consequence of dealing with orbifolds or Calabi-Yau spaces is that, as the original ten dimensions of string space are curled up, the basic supersymmetry of the theory is not destroyed. This is a key to the whole string approach, for it is not good creating a supersymmetry theory if its vital symmetry is destroyed as soon as the space is curled up.

Of particular importance for the six compactified dimensions is their topology. Topologies, remember, are more general than geometries, for they can deal with spaces that can be stretched and distorted and contain a variety of holes and handles. Particular topologies can be characterized by what are called their Euler numbers or Euler characteristics – these are named after the great eighteenth century mathematician Leonhard Euler. Euler characteristics are related to the dimensionality and the number of holes or handles the particular space contains. As an example, think of the sorts of figures that can be drawn in our own three-dimensional space. A sphere, which is topologically equivalent to a cube, beaker, etc. has no holes and has an Euler characteristic of 2. A torus, with one hole or handle, has an Euler characteristic of zero, as does a cup.

Now this idea of an Euler characteristic, related to the number of “handles” a space contains, is particularly important when it comes to the topologies of compactified spaces. Physicists already knew that quarks and leptons occur in a number of “generations” – that is, the elementary particles appear to replicate themselves so that they are in every way identical except for their masses. The reason for this replication was a considerable mystery until the whole business of compactification was understood. New theoreticians realize that this replication is an inevitable consequence of the topology of the curled up or compactified space. In particular, it has been shown that the number of “generations” of quarks and leptons must be equal to one-half the Euler number of the Calabi-Yau or orbifold space.

The elementary particles observed up to now appear to occur in three generations; thus, the neutrino occurs in three apparently identical forms, called the electron neutrino, the muon neutrino, and the tau neutrino. It has always been something of a mystery as to why nature should replicate itself in this way. The answer, it seems is that this replication is a natural consequence of the topological properties of the compactified six-dimensional space.

In fact, the Euler number of the Calabi-Yai or orbifold space could be much higher; one reasonable assumption about the compactified space gives is an Euler number of 72, which means thirty-six generations of elementary particles! Clearly this is an absurd result. What is needed is a compactified space with a low Euler number, and this can only come about if the corresponding space contains many holes or handles. But, as we shall see, these holes, in turn, have an important effect on the quantum fields themselves. …the presence of holes in an orbifold space has the effect of breaking the basic symmetry of the space.

The compactified six-dimensional space, Euler number of 72, and thirty-six generations of elementary particles were underlined for the following discussion. Instead of viewing the topology of elementary particles, the Holon Theory emphasizes the logic of elementary particles in trigrams and hexagrams of the I-Ching logic of yin and yang lines. Thus, from the Holon perspective, an orbifold is a holon, while the compactified six-dimensional space is a hexagram of six informational dimensions. In addition, the thirty-six generations of elementary particles correspond directly to the basic set of thirty-six hexagrams set that generates into the full set of the sixty-four I-Ching hexagrams. Specifically, as shown below, this set of thirty-six hexagrams consists of 28 asymmetric off-diagonal pairs (Table a) and 8 symmetric diagonal pairs (Table b).


Notice, in Table b, although the hexagrams formed are visually identical in interchanging the top and bottom trigrams, nevertheless, the encoded logic is nevertheless different because the top is encoded with the logic of a pre-heaven trigram, whereas the bottom is encoded with the logic of a post-heaven trigram. Therefore, in terms of encoded logic, there are a total of 72 hexagrams in Tables a and b. Thus, this set (of 72, 36) has a direct correspondence to the I-Ching encoded logic, and has been shown to represent the logic formulation of elementary particles. Notice the numbers in the diagram represent the numbers for each of the 64-hexagrams in the I-Ching. (See Numbers and Yin-Yang)

This set of 36 hexagrams is also used to formulate or to depict a system of 36 networks of acu-points. (See Symmetry)

Numbers 36 and 72: The priests of ancient Egypt preserved a cannon, a numerical code of harmonies and proportions, which was applied to music, art, statecraft, and the institutions of their civilization. There are 36 numbers in this cannon; they are reduced, in numerology, to the number 9 which is the spiritual coordinate in the meanings of numbers. Furthermore, all 36 numbers are multipliers of 72. In addition, as an example, there are 36 Greek gods, as listed:

Aries, Amethyst, Athena Taurus, Hyacinth, Aphrodite
Gemini, Chrysoprase, Apollo, Cancer, Topaz, Hermes
Leo, Beryl, Zeus, Virgo, Chrysolite, Demeter
Libra, Sardonyx, Aries, Sagittarius, Smaragdus, Artemis
Capricorn, Chalcedon, Hestia, Aquarius, Sapphire, Hera
Pisces Jasper, Poseidon, Sardium Hephaistos, Scorpio

In fact, there are 72 names for God, see Volume 4. The importance of the number 9 was explained elsewhere, and the numbers 36 and 72 both reduce to number 9. Another example of a pair of numbers that reduce to 9 is numbers 27 and 36, as shown below. Remember, the number 27 is the common informational dimension that connects the mathematics of embryology with superstring theories.

Number 27 and 37: In Gnostic teachings, the numbers 37 and 27 are related to truth in the following ways:

  • 37 —> All Visible Truth
  • 27 —> All Invisible Truth
  • 64 —> 37 + 27 —> Total Truth
  • 64 —> Total Number of Hexagrams

Thomas Simcox Lea and Frederick Bligh Bond explain these mappings in their book, The Apostolic Gnosis, and it is quoted below.

tem2 1

With respect to scientific truth,

27/37 —> 1/1.37037037037… —> 1/137

This number is the fine structure constant, or the coupling constant between electromagnetic, waves and atomic structure. Next, we have

.037037037…/.027 —> 1.371742114

This number, in base 9 arithmetic, approximates the fine structure constant for the hydrogen atom. The exact value, in base ten arithmetic, for this constant is 1.3717160 x 108. A third example is

27/27 —> .729729729 —> 729/2 —> 364.5

This is the exact Balmer Constant in a hydrogen spectrum.

Strong Force: The nuclear force and the strongest of all four fundamental forces. These four fundamental forces are gravitation, electromagnetism, weak, and strong. In the Holon Theory, gravitation-electromagnetic-weak are components of a particle interacting Holon while the strong interacting component is modeled as the communication of logic-information in quark logic. (See Unification of Forces)