A Story on the Spirit World-2

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These misconceptions are from the ancient acupuncture teachings on the Eight Extra-Meridians, namely the orbit made by the Du Mai and the Ren Mai. The Ren Mai, as reported, travels on the front of the body. The Du Mai travels on the back of the body. There is a common belief that the Du Mai and the Ren Mai form a continuous loop to provide a self-governing system of Ch’i and energy balancing in the leg meridians. The connection is as follows: with the Du Mai starting at the peritoneum via GV-1 as maximum Yang, ascending the spine, up over the head and into the mouth to disappear internally to become balanced Yin and Yang in the throat. It then descends internally becoming more and more Yin, to reach maximum Yin in the pelvic area, where it emerges at CV-1 and ascends as Ren Mai. This loop is shown below.


Notice, the yin-yang balance at the throat point suggests unbiased reception of learned knowledge, which we discussed at length in the beginning before making the first part of this trip. Let me read to you the following quotation taken from the classic of Chinese Medicine, the Nei Ching. This quotation is on the relationship between the Eight Extra-Meridians and the twelve-Organs, or the Master Meridians.

The theory may be compared to the plan of a Sage in designing the map of waterways which, when full, will flow into the deep lakes; by the same token, when the Ch’i fills up the master meridians, it will flow into the eight extraordinary meridians and stop circulating through the twelve master meridians. When the extraordinary meridians are under attack of the vicious Ch’i, which blocks up circulation, it will give rise to swelling and hot sensations, which should be treated by stone needles.

I will also cite to you the following quotation on the relationship taken from a Chinese doctor.

The Eight Extra Meridians are capable of regulating the functions of the twelve Master meridians by way of a number of special points and also through their close and complicated connections with the Master Meridians.

Out of the Eight Extra Meridians, the Du Mai and Ren Mai are the most important Yang-Yin pair. First of all, the acu-points for the other six extra-meridians are subsets of the 12-organ meridian acu-points. Only the Du Mai and Ren Mai have their unique sets of acu-points. The Du Mai commences at the right kidney and passes downward to CV-1 and unites the Yang Ch’i of the whole body. On the other hand, the Ren Mai originates in the pelvic cavity at the point CV-1 and runs anteriorly up the mid-line of the body, which unites the Yin Ch’i. In addition, because all of the Seven Chakras are located in a straight line at the middle of the body and coincide with the path of the Du Mai and Ren Mai, it is natural to assume that the  Ch’i path is the loop that connects the two Mais, as shown in the above diagram. The errors in taking the Du Mai and the Ren Mai as the path for the Ch’i flow that connects all Seven Chakras are: First of all, each Chakra is made-up of three Master meridian networks, namely a Holon. Second, the path cannot be as simple as a loop running up and down. Third, the true path is a non-local path not constrained by local physiology. Truly, a path that can be put into a definite geometric pattern is not yet known. This question will be taken up again during your trip through Volume Three.

The control through your helmet and acu-ball is shown below.

tem2 1

Notice that the difference between the right kidney and the left kidney, aside from the difference between fire and water, is the right kidney is also referred to as the “Gate of Life”, and the left kidney is the organ. This difference is stated in the Nei Ching, the Classic of Chinese Medicine. Let me cite the following quote from this Classic.

Each of the five viscera contains only one single organ except the kidneys; why? The answer may be presented as follows: There are, in fact, not two kidneys, because the left kidney is a kidney, but the right kidney is called “The Gate of Life.” The Gate of Life stores the Ch’i of spirit-soul and pure energy, and it is the root of pre-energy; The Gate of Life is the store of semen (the liquid form of pre-energy) in men and is connected with the womb in women. Hence, there is one single kidney.

Within this Holon Theory, the Gate of Life is the store of pre-heaven Ch’i. The left Kidney is the store of post-heaven Ch’i. Remember, Ch’i is defined as the flow of information or entropy depending on the receiver. Furthermore, the three most important Meridians of the Eight Extra-Meridians are Du Mai, Ren Mai and Chong Mai, and these all take their origin from the kidney.

This difference, between “right-kidney” and “left-kidney” in the sense of logic-information rather than organ functions, can perhaps be explained in the following diagram for the logic-information of the endocrine system, especially for Chakra 2.

tem2 2

You observed this diagram as you were going through Volume One. There are two points of interest shown in this diagram. They are: the left-right endocrine correspondences for Chakra 2 and Chakra 4/7. In addition, the following table is taken from a Radionic study that presents the logic-information relationships of each gland and a few other organs with the male/testicle and/or the female/ovary.

tem2 3

In short, this table indicates the differences in strength in the communication strength of each of these glands and organs with the male/testicle and the female/ovary. The higher the values are, the greater the reaction domination on either the male or the female glands and/or organs. That is, the thyroid has a closer relationship with the female/ovary than the male/testicle. On the other hand, the cortex and the anterior pituitary have a closer relationship with the male/testicle than the female/ovary. For those of you who are biologists, or physiologists, or are working in the medical fields, it will be very interesting to take a look at these relationships from the point of view of your own particular studies. Remember, the presentation stated in the above study has to do with their male/female relationships in logic-information, rather than in the physical nature of the glands or the organs. The difference in logic-information can perhaps be explained by the difference between the left-brain domination by the male/testicle and the right-brain domination by the female/ovary.

Another interesting aspect, with this left-right difference, is the correlation displayed in the above diagram and list, showing that the Gate of Life is associated with the right-side, and hence corresponds to male/testicle while the Kidney has its correspondence to the left-side and hence to the female/ovary. What is the meaning of these relationships? An interesting observation, and at the same time a conjecture, is the following: From the Bible, God Created a Man, called Adam, in God’s Image, and with one of Adam’s ribs, God Created a Woman, Adam’s wife. Does this mean man inherited the pre-heaven Ch’i, i.e., God’s Ch’i, while the female inherited the post-heaven Ch’i, i.e., the Ch’i from Adam? That is to say, pre-heaven Ch’i corresponds to “The Gate of Life” while the Kidney, as an organ, symbolizes post-heaven Ch’i. This perhaps is the reason why Chakra 2, which is dominated by the Kidney and “The Gate of Life” acu-point networks, is included in the ascension Holon together with Chakras 7 and 4.

One final observation has to do with the left-right Chakras 7/4 relationship. This relationship corresponds to the following: the Pineal dominates the left side of the brain, or simply the left-brain, while the Thymus dominates the right side of the brain, or the right brain. Thus, the Pineal is male and the Thymus is female. In addition, if the Pineal increases its activities, in the sense of logic-information, the Thymus’ activities decrease. On the other hand, the Pineal involves spirit knowingness. Its logic-information is directly connected to God’s Knowledge. And your Pineal Gland represents your spiritual signature in the presence of God. On the other hand, the Thymus has to do with your signature as a human and corresponds to the receiving of learned knowledge. These comparisons definitely indicate the opposite relationships of the two glands, namely the increase in spiritual knowledge implies a decrease in learned knowledge because the limited nature of learned knowledge will become a subset of the infinite nature of spiritual knowledge. If one’s spiritual signature becomes known to everybody, there is no need to acknowledge one’s physical signature amongst the people. This explains the opposite relationship between the Pineal and Thymus from the point of view of logic-information. In this perspective, we can conclude that the right side endocrines promote or are affected by involution, while endocrines on the left side indicate or are affected by evolution. In other words, left side implies left spiral while right side has to do with right spiral. This difference in involution-evolution can be measured and computed with the Health Computer. Remember, these differences correspond to a state of entropy in one’s body-mind/soul-spirit health.

There is another interesting point here in relation to the correlation between the left-right directions and the path of involution-evolution given to us in the Bible. Remember, the Universe is created in favor of the left hand (i.e., left spin), while life favors the opposite hand, namely the right hand (i.e., right spin), for example in the structure of nucleic acids. Thus, it is through living matter that the Universe returns to God. In addition, the first letter of the first word in the Bible is the Hebrew letter beth. The shape of beth is such that it is closed on three sides and open only in the forward direction, which is the left side. The sages saw a parallel between the written form of this opening letter, beth, and the knowledge of the Universe. That is, anything after creation is pointing to the left side (i.e., left spin) and hence its events are visible. Any events on the right side (i.e., right spin) are before the Big Bang and are invisible. From the perspective of the Holon Theory, left hand events are events of evolution and thus are visible, while right hand events correspond to events of involution and are thus invisible. This has the same implication with the left-right and female-male differences.

Returning to the diagram between the popular microcosmic loop and our proposed diagram (4) for the replacement of this microcosmic loop, there is no definite path on how Ch’i flows; however, you have witnessed in your trip through Volume One that there is a definite flow of communication, in logic-information, amongst these Seven Chakras. These flows were suggested by the mathematical formulations for each of the seven sets of acu-points within each of their three acu-point networks. They are not the sum total flow of Ch’i. These chakra communications may be only one component of the Ch’i flow. There are many other components, such as the networks of the directed five element flow in the Hara, the directed five-seven element flow between the Hara and the endocrine/chakra system, the flow in spirit-mind communication, and so on. You are now beginning to see the difficulties in pinpointing the exact path of Ch’i flow. What about the Acu-Brain’s control on this Ch’i flow? I shall leave the answers of this question for you to ponder upon, as you begin your trip through Volume Three. This completes my introduction to what you are about to learn. Have a wonderful experience in The Eye Inside an i.

Captain! Turn the power on for these helmets and we will be on our way to experience the awesome meaning of co-creation.