Book Table of Contents

BOOK 1: Matter-Being Paradigm (Book 2, contains the background for Book1)
About the Author, To The Reader
Table of Contents

Origin: Searching to Know the Unknowable
2009, Matter-Being Paradigm
Matter-Being Reality Defined
Introduction: Journey into a Science of Reality

    The Origin of my view of Reality (Childhood- 1980)
    The Period of Conflicts and Tradition (Childhood – 1962)
    The Period of Questing and Preparation (1962 – 1966)
    The Period of Unification (1967 – 1972)
    The Final Period of Unification (1972 – 1978)
    Journey into a Philosophy of Integralism (1978 – 19800)

Chapter One: A Matter-Being Paradigm

    Problem, Solution

The Observer

    What is an Observer? What is Being Observed? Matter-Being Observer Reality, Cosmic Computer at Crossover, Consciousness, Action at the Moment of Now, Spin Holon in a Collapsed State

Box within Boxes
Quantum Physics of Being: A Paradigm Shift

    Quantum, Bio-Quanta are Information-Energy Packets

A Matter-Being Paradigm

    Being Logic at Crossover, the Transition Now State
    Beyond Bits and Qubits, Inflationary and Topology at Transition, Second Cause, Matter Logic

A Self-Programmed Universe

    Assumption, Reference, Appendix

Apendix-1: Diagrams
Apendix-2: Issues in Modern Physics and Ancient Wisdom
(written in 2006)

    The Non-Local Issue, The God Issue, The Logic Issue, The Singularity Issue, The Language Issue, The Observer Issue, The Frame of Reference Issue, The Issue of Describing Soul-Spirit in Matter, Crossover Defined, Issue of Putting Matter into Being, Issue of Harmonics vs. Creation, Issue of Ancient Divination vs. Quantum Prediction, Issues of the Free Will Field

Vacuum Computer Issues: Non-Local—Line Diagram—Dimensions

    Line Diagrams (5-D), Line Diagrams, Completeness (7-D), Line Diagram, Complete and Stable in Spaceless Motion, Created—Observed—Encoded, Information in Changing States

WebHealth and Bio-Cold Fusion: Soul-Technology Based on Information-Energy Conservation

    WebHealth, Bio-Quantum, On Cold-Fusion

Chapter Two
1. Completing the Incompleteness in Relativity, Electricity, and Magnetism

    Relativity in Matter-Being Logic, Formulation in Matter-Being Paradigm, Holons at Crossover-Encoding Connectivity, Holons at Crossover-Code Processing Connectivity, Observational Techniques in Reading—Formulating–Executing Computer Code, Reading via Intentional-Spiritual—Knowingness, formulating via Objective Knowledge Thinking, Executing Computer Codes via Intentional Soul-Vision,
    Conservation Law in Matter-Being Logic, Photoelectric Effect in Matter-Being Logic, Maxwell’s Equation in Matter-Being Logic, Monopoles in Matter-Being Logic.

Magnetic Monopole ←→ Singularity ←→ Logic Potential
Monopole ←→ Soliton ←→ Computer Program
GUT Monopole ←→ Vacuum Computer ←→ Involution Logic
Monopole-H(172)—Isotope—Atomic Formation
Occult Chemistry is Information-Energy Chemistry

    Tetrakyts and Polyhedrons, Twistors and its Topology

2. Completing the Incompleteness in the Inflationary Model
Elementary Particle Scale
God’s Computer

    Simplicity—Beauty—Easiness, Base-2.718

Sets (1)—(2)—(3)

    The Creation Set (1), The Substance Set (2), The Co-Creation Set (3), Set (1)—(2)—(3), A Summary

Involution-Evolution Scale

    Involution-Evolution Scale from Ancient Wisdom, Pre-Heaven Creation, Post-Heaven, Universe’s Age, Periods of Contraction & Accelerated Expansion, 3rd Brahma Day – Beyond 2033, Base (9)—Base (10)—Inflationary Logic, Involution—DNA—Evolution, Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction—Spiral in Base 9/10

Inflationary and Physical Constants Derived
Appendices: Simplicity—Beauty—Easiness
φ—Physical Constants—Inflationary: The Table
3. Completing the Incompleteness in the Standard Model of Elementary Particles
Challenges to the Standard Model, Problems with the Standard Model
Line Diagram Component of the Standard Model
Aether Defined

    β—γ—α Decays, Line Diagram ←→ Particle Summary, Problems and Answers

Elementary Particle in Six Octagons
Logic of Matter
A Two-Stage Model of the Nucleus
Interesting Coincidences

    Logic Holon ←→ Orbitfolds, Logic Holon ←→ Tetraktys

4. Completing the Incompleteness in Atomic Theory

    Liquid Drop Model, Shelf Models and other quantum models, Inconsistency between Models, Moon Shell Model

Logic—Information—Energy Atoms

    Spirit-Logic Phase of the Atoms, Soul-Information Phase of the Atoms, Particle-Mass Phase of the Individual Atom, #6—Hexagrams—Crystal Structures, φ—Isotope—Meta Elements

Center – H(172)
Super-Holon Nucleus ←→ The Liquid Drop: Consists

    The Atom’s Spirit Set 1 (72-108 Octaves), The Atom’s Soul Set 3 (0-36 Octaves)

Exterior – The Cage

    The Physical Atom, The Crossover

Transmutation—Free Energy—Superconductivity

    Low Energy Transmutation, Material Related to the Philosopher’s Stone ORME, Fermion Condensate, Cluster of Atoms as Super-atom, High Temperature Superconductivity, Cold Fusion, Conclusion

Electron Tunneling in Semiconductors

Matter-Being Logic of the Fine Structure Constant
Chapter Three: Completing the Incompleteness in Genetics—Psychology—Health

    Matter-Being Paradigm: A Review Summary

Completing the Incompleteness in Genetic Logic

    Completing the Incompleteness in Genetic Evolution
    Matter-Being Logic on the Origin of Life
    Matter-Being Logic on Darwinism and Genetic Biology

Isotope Elements in DNA Encoding

    Matter-Being Logic on Junk DNA

Soul—DNA—Spirit Communication

    DNA—Physiology—Acu-Point Holon
    Junk DNA—On-Off Switch—Blood ←→ Acu-Point Soul-Spirit Health
    Junk DNA—On-Off Switch—Na+/K+ ←→ Acu-Point Physiological Health

Mind—Soul—Spirit Physiology based on Being Logic
Mind—Soul—Health based on Being Logic
The Three Stages of Spirit—Soul—Body Health

    Spirit Acu-Point Reading, Information-Energy Stage, Soul-Pulse Reading, Functional Stage, Body-Diagnostic, Illness Stage

Perturbations in the Being Logic
Soul-Pulse Reading Model
Perturbations in Ch’i and Qi

    Six Evil Information-Energy Models, The Pulse Model, Causal Chain, and Plasticity Biases

Spirit Acu-Point Model

    The Extended 5-Element Model, Math Model in 27 Coordinates, Metabolic Coordinate for Ideal Health

God’s Computer
Involution Coordinates for God’s Computer Language

    Birth Date, Involution Coordinates for Human State of Being, Human’s Free Will in Programming God’s Computer

Fine Structure Constant Binding 9—3—6
Holon Universe in 5-Element: God, 9—3—6, God’s Image
The WebHealth Computer Model (written in 2005)

    The Health Computer, Inputs to the Health Computer, Outputs of the Health Computer, Status of Physiological Activities, Neuro-Endocrine Communication Status, Organ-To-Organ Communication Status, Status of Physiological Systems, Remedies: Individual Output Remedies

Chapter Four (written in 1999)
1. God Created His Message in Numbers

    Numbers in Soul-Spirit Communications: One to Nine

2. The Personality of Numbers
3. Six Days of Creation

    The First Three Days—The Lock Logic, The Second Three Days—The Key Logic, The Seventh Day Rest: Lock-Key Symmetry Breaks

Chapter Five – Existence of God’s Computer

    Paradigm Summary: Definition of God, Co-Creation
    Fine Tuning
    Quotes from Leading Scientists

BOOK 2: Questions—Answers—Footnotes, Glossary page 1 to 144

The 50-Year Project on Knowingness: Knowing the Unknowable
BOOK 2 (Background for BOOK1)
Questions—Answers—Footnotes (2005)
Glossary: Explanation of Terms (2004)

    1—What is Logic?
    2—What is Information?
    3—What is Reality?
    4—What is Time?
    5—What is Consciousness?
    6—What is Mass?
    7—What is Quantum/Nano Technology?
    8—What is Ascension Technology?
    9— How did the Universe originate?
    10—What is a Number?
    11—What is Life?
    12—What is Ascension?
    13—Who is God?
    14—Knowing the Unknowable: a Summary
    15—Can Numbers define the States of the Universe?
    16—What is in the Vacuum?
    17—What is the Fate of the Universe?
    18—How do God (#9) Favors Human (#6)?
    19—How does #6 Program the Vacuum Computer?
    20—Why is Reincarnation Necessary?
    21—Why is there No Memory of Karma and Pre-Knowledge of Destiny?
    22—What defines Human Individuality?
    23—What is Love?
    24—What is Death?
    25—What is Spirituality-Personality-Behavior?
    26—What is a Mathematical Structure for Spirituality—Personality—Behavior?
    27—Can Health be put into a Mathematical Discipline?
    28—How can Health be connected to Free Energy?

70 Pages of Glossary: Terms in each of the Four Categories
(Written 2004)