QA: What is Graviton—Free-Will—Photon


In these postings and the Book, the Holon of the encoded Universe are:

Yin-Yang Bigrams —-> Logic of Quarks and Leptons

A Neutral Line —-> Logic of Photon (also Free Will)

Neutral Bigrams —-> Logic of Gravitons

The entire set of mappings between line-diagrams and the entire elementary particle set were derived in the Book.

The communication of this Holon inside the vacuum computer Co-Created the Universe and everything in it. It is interesting to examine any similarity between the Math-Logic used in model elementary particle including M-Theory / Brane-worlds and I-Ching Logic of Line Diagrams with its corresponding Base-9 numbers.

One form of similarities, between the Gauge Logic model for elementary particles and I-Ching yin-yang logics, are presented in the diagrams shown below.

Gauge Symmetry Group in Math-Logic

tem-2 1

Symmetry Group in Line-Diagram Logic


Eight Trigram Logic

tem-2 2

Likewise Bigram Logic

tem-2 3

Thus, presented here is at least an analogy between Gauge Logic and I-Ching Line Logic. This analogy illustrates only the possibility that the logic of these line diagram could be used as the encoding logic by the vacuum computer. In fact, the reality of these mappings illustrate only the similarity between Math-Operator and the Mind-Operator.

Before we proceed to examine this Holon Graviton—Free-Will—Photon, let us examine this Math Operator with respect to the physics as described by today’s Math Operator.


Lisa Randall certainly ranks as one of the leading theorists in cosmology. … It is fascinating to envisage that there could be another universe [in 11 dimensions M-Theory and Brane-worlds] just a few inches away, but inaccessible to us because those few inches are measured in a fourth spatial dimension and we are imprisoned in our three dimensions. —Sir Martin Rees, Royal Society Professor at Kings College.

The universe has its secrets. It may even hide extra dimensions, different from anything ever imagined. A whole raft of remarkable concepts now rides atop the scientific firmament, including parallel universes, warped geometry, and three-dimensional sink-holes. We understand far more about the world than we did just a few short years ago–and yet we are more uncertain about the true nature of the universe than ever before. Have we reached a point of scientific discovery so advanced that the laws of physics as we know them are simply not sufficient? Will we all soon have to accept explanations that previously remained in the realm of science fiction? Front Flap of Lisa Randall’s book, Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions


tem-2 1


This is my Vacuum Computer model of 11 Dimensional Line-Diagram logic and the correspondence Information Base-9 logic, as shown above.

In brief, from this model:

(1)  The Universe formed from an Input of the number #9 with all numbers contained in such a way 9 —> 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8. Embedded in #9 (Its Free Will) is the Pure Love of itself and its number components. Encoded in these eight numbers are the Logic Component or the Component of Pure Love for Everything (Both Matter and Being). And in elementary particle, this state of Pure Love has to do with the logic component of the Graviton.

In turn, these eight number components taken in pairs as shown in their free will communication in the form of Intellectual Love, return to the number 9. This binding in Informational Love corresponds to the Strong Logic in the elementary particle mode.

In summary, we have

Logic of Pure Love —-> Logic of Gravity

Pure Love Communication —-> Logic of Strong Interactions

(2) Logic of Big Bang —-> Discrete Symmetry Breaks in the Logic of Number 9 onto its Information Components in the formation of the Vacuum Computer:  Gnomonic Spirals is the logic for inflation. Embedded in these Spirals are the creation of all physical constants and the binding of Being with Matter.

(3) Electro-Weak Logic —-> Logic-Information in the Logic Vacuum crossover onto Information-Energy in the formation of the Information Vacuum. This is the Soul of the Universe. Inside this soul are activities of becoming. These becoming states are the many Brane-worlds in M-Theory.

(4) Formation of Space-Time / Collapse of Electro-Magnetic Energy —> The Collapse of those becoming states contain organized electromagnetic energies, which in turn form the duality of love-hate relationships. At the same time, the Logic of Love collapses into gravity that has to with mechanical information. This collapse of Love onto gravity involves a big drop in the strength of attraction (namely its force).


One Interesting Point presented by this Matter-Being Model:

The Universe is


by the Logic of Pure Love.