Cold Fusion in the Concept of Bio-Quantum

As an example, bio-quantum concepts offer a possible explanation for the reality of cold fusion and resolve many of its difficulties: overcoming the Coulomb barrier, the production of isotopes, surface sensitivity to nanosized particles, instability, non-repeatability when wanted, and violating the law of conservation. The correlation between bio-quantum technology and health is successfully demonstrated in experiments done by Energetic Technolgies, Ltd., (ET). Energetic Technologies’ success is based on using a bio-rhythmic model, which is an emulated fractal of the heart frequencies, to regulate the cold fusion environment. Their “startling results” were reported by J. Corey’s ICCF11 trip report, 2005, “Energetic Technologies has reported some of the best energy gains reported anywhere. Programs in other countries should look behind them to see who’s gaining on them.” According to ET’s report, their experiments have achieved efficiency as high as 2,500%. Experiments done by ET, were reported in Sharon Weinberger’s Washington Post article, Warming Up to Cold Fusion. “McKubre (Head of Cold Fusion group in SRI) often speaks about a company in Israel, Energetics Technologies, that has received private support to research cold fusion and has achieved ‘startling results,’ producing much higher levels of power and heat than his own experiments.” When McKubre visited the ET lab, he said, “It’s the first clear indication that something practical might come out of all this effort.”

    (McKubre and ET lab appeared on CBS 60 minutes, 4/19/09)

The main problem facing all cold fusion experiments, including ET’s, is non-repeatability when wanted. This repeatability problem has to do with maintaining a steady state Matter-Being environment at all time. From the point of view of Matter-Being interactions, this problem is very common when viewed from the perspective that maintaining a steady state cold fusion environment is analogous to maintaining a steady state physiology in the health of an individual human. Thus, by understanding Spirit—Soul—Mind interactions within the context of human health, one also has insight into resolving the Matter-Being stability and repeatability in quantum technology, of which cold fusion is an example. Thus, by transferring the knowledge learned in understanding the interactions between Spirit—Soul—Mind in acu-point/chakras and the physiology of organs/neuroendocrine system, a plan for experimental investigations has been outlined for quantum technology research. In fact, this Holon Paradigm was developed via the iterations between knowledge in quantum physics and knowingness in Mind—Soul—Spirit health. The former is the brain/thinking operator, while the latter is the spirit/mind operator. To avoid Heisenberg’s Uncertainty, optimum iterations between the two were performed.

    • I have reviewed the three papers you provided regarding your remarkable studies and findings. The contents are both provocative and stimulating. If proven correct, your theories have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of matter and change the direction of future science, including medicine, and energy production technology. The possibility of either is sufficient to encourage us to explore with you the next step…
  • Dear Mr. Pon:

    -Signed: Dr. Michael C.H. McKubre, Director, Energy Research Center


Review of the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion
Eugene F. Mallove

    A very big surprise at ICCF10 was the unexpected presentation by Dr. Arik El-Boher of Energetics Technologies Ltd., which is based in Omer, Israel. El-Boher was one of about a half-dozen individuals who were representing the company at ICCF10. It was obvious from the lavish equipment displayed and the multi-system parallel-cell testing approach being taken that a very intense program of research aimed at power generation is underway. El-Boher revealed that the company was pursuing four basic approaches: glow discharge heavy hydrogen gas systems; electrolytic cells; gas loaded catalytic cells, and high-pressure cells with ultrasonic wave excitation. The research has already led to substantial excess power generation in gas discharge cells, encountering the heat-after-death phenomenon, and the production of tritium. One of the company’s cells had been producing significant excess heat continuously from June 2003 to the time of ICCF10 and beyond! All this was especially surprising, since the Israeli group, several of whom had attended ICCF9 in Beijing, seemed at that time to be only at the exploratory stage. The work is funded by a group of U.S.-based investors. One of the group’s driving members is an American physician, Dr. Irving Dardik of Califon, New Jersey, who has made a name for himself in the treatment of various illnesses using special “SuperWaveTM” or “wave within a wave,” multi-spectral stimulations. According to El-Boher, this type of input power waveform was being used to good effect in the LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) experiments being carried out in Israel. The company has already cooperated technically with the government-funded ENEA group in Italy, and there is evidence that cold fusion researchers in the U.S. are also beginning collaborations with Energetics Technologies. This appears to be a private new energy effort, matched in organization and financing, only perhaps by New Jersey-based BlackLight Power Corporation.

Warming Up to Cold Fusion
By Sharon Weinberger; Washington Post, Sunday, Nov 21, 2004

    McKubre often speaks about a company in Israel, Energetics Technologies, that has received private support to research cold fusion and has achieved “startling results,” producing much higher levels of power and heat than his own experiments. McKubre has visited the lab. “It’s the first clear indication that something practical might come out of all this effort,” he says.
    But the scientist behind the Israeli group is Irving Dardik, a former surgeon, who secured funding from Sidney Kimmel, the billionaire head of Jones Apparel Group Inc.
    Dardik, according to a patent application he submitted, believes that “all things in the universe are composed of” waves, and that those waves are part of larger waves, in what he calls “superlooping.” This “superlooping gives rise to and is matter in motion.” …McKubre and Hagelstein have consulted for Dardik; McKubre has cited Dardik’s research to the DOE, now works closely with him and has repeatedly touted the work of Dardik’s group.
    McKubre seems acutely aware of the strangeness that pervades the field, and he handles challenging questions calmly, seeming at times weary of — and amused by — some of his more fervent colleagues. But, in this case, it’s easy to wonder if his optimism has gotten the better of him. Although he has acknowledged in an e-mail that “Dardik’s ideas must sound mad, and . . . adherence to them is not science based,” McKubre has continued to talk up the results of the Israeli research; he argues that the experiments themselves work. Yet endorsing the physics experiments of a medical doctor …is a serious threat to McKubre’s reputation. Asked about Dardik’s waveforms, McKubre traces waves along the wall with his hand and begins to talk about Dardik’s theories of biological rhythms. He pauses, looking a little embarrassed. He acknowledges that, even to a cold fusion supporter such as himself, the theory requires a certain “leap of faith.”

Dardik, Irving I

    • United States Patent Application 20030213696
      Dardik, Irving I. November 20, 2003
  • I discovered superwaves by coming from life, where I recognized that the motion of the heart is, in reality, a wave nested within behavioral waves of the whole organism. This nesting is not as separate scales, but as an inherent continuum of waves within waves. …The heart “rate” is, in reality, not a frequency moving in linear time, but is always accelerating and decelerating within behavioral waves… Thus, the standard representation of the heart rate as an ECG, is not true to nature. There is no absolute straight-line motion of any kind in any biological organism. What this means is that the behavioral motion of different scales of the organism – the heart, the body and the chemistry- are an inherent continuum of waves within waves. …This relative spreading, stretching and periodicity of waves in all directions is what science calls “space” or “fields.” Thus, “space” at all superwaving scales is the relatively flattened trough that always fluctuates. The reason why particles are considered to be field derivatives and act as the sources for fields is because, in nature, they are the same. It is the process of superwaving that enables fields to create the density of superwaves that appear discrete, i.e., particle-like. Matter, space and time are not independent of one another, but are the inherent continuity of waves waving within waves as matterspacetime. In fact, the superwaving of waves as matterspace is time. This resolves the mystery of wave-particle duality; nature is waves waving as a singular phenomenon, throughout the universe.

    A low energy nuclear reaction power generator provided with an electrolytic cell containing an electrically-conductive heavy or light water electrolyte in which is immersed an electrode pair whose anode is formed of platinum and whose cathode is formed of palladium. Applied across these electrodes is a train of voltage pulse packets, each comprised of a cluster of pulses. The amplitude and duration of each pulse in the packet, the duration of the intervals between pulses, and the duration of the intervals between successive packets in the train are in a predetermined pattern in accordance with superlooping waves in which each wave is modulated by waves of different frequency. Each packet of voltage pulses gives rise to a surge of current in the electrolyte, which flows between the electrodes and causes the heavy or light water to decompose, oxygen being released at the platinum electrode while deuterium ions migrate toward the palladium electrode. The successive surges of ions produced by the train of pulse packets bombard the palladium electrode, to bring about dense ion packing, which results in fusion and heat.

    Inventors: Irving I. Dardik, A.K. Kapusta, B.M. Mikhailovick, E.G. Golbraikh, S.L. Lesin, H.D. Branover Class: 148108000 (USPTO), C22F003/02 (Intl Class)

    Included herein is a method for speeding up technological processes and for improving the quality of products in metallurgy, foundry, and chemical industry. The method is based on intensification of technological processes, particularly mixing, by applying traveling magnetic fields, which follow the pattern of superwaves. This pattern is in accordance with superwaving activity as set forth in the theory advanced in the Irving I. Dardik article “The Great Law of the Universe” that appeared in the March/April (V. 44, No. 5) 1994 issue of the “Cycles” Journal. See, also, the Irving I. Dardik articles “The Law of Waves” that appeared in the Month?/Month? (V. 45, No. 3) 1995 issue of the Cycles Journal and “Superwaves: The Reality that is Existence” that appears on the website, 2002. These articles are incorporated herein by reference in their respective entireties.

Presented in these quotations is a part of the Holon model. Despite its sub-optimality, instability and an inadequate superwave model, its results are the best (in Dr. McKubre’s view) relative to the past 15 years of cold fusion research. Stated in J. Corey ICCF11 trip report (11/04, idcorey@sandia,giv), “Energetic Technologies has reported some of the best energy gains reported anywhere. Programs in other countries should look behind them to see who’s gaining on them.” The positive results in these biorhythm experiments are simply due to partial synchronization of the heart biorhythm with the rhythm of nature.

The numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) in the Heart Fractal (i.e., Irving I. Dardik’s superwave) are added by Wing Pon with the following Acu-Point connection:

    1 -> Kidney, Ki/Water
    2 -> Liver, Lv/Wood
    3 -> Heart, Ht/Fire
    4 -> Spleen, Sp/Earth
    5 -> Lungs, Lu/Metal
    6 -> Heart Constrictor, HC/Parasympathetic Nerve
    7 -> Triple Warmer, Tw/Sympathetic Nerve

Quantum Creation and/or Perturbation

    Ch’i -> Non-Local Information/Entropy
    Qi -> Local Information/Entropy
    Acu-Point -> Information Potential or Monopole
    Bio-Atoms -> Magnetic Potential or Magnetic Monopole
    Encoded in God’s Vacuum Computer logic of line diagrams

Thus, from the Matter-Being Paradigm, all quantum phenomena is under the information-entropy influence of a non-local/local free will (or an Aether) field of Ch’i-Qi or a monopole/magnetic monopole environment. This environmental effect is the cause of quantum probability and the non-repeatability in all quantum experiments like cold fusion. For repeatability, these experiments must be performed inside a Faraday Cage for monopole/magnetic monopole environment. Notice, thinking, intention, weather, and so on are all part of this free will field and have an effect on quantum experiments. A uniqueness of bio-quantum matter is that it learns from living matter, itself, and other bio-quantum matter. In addition, there is no space, force, or mass effects since bio-quantum phenomena exist inside the logic-information vacuum whose activities are in the form of information-energy. Mass-energy is a crossover singularity phenomenon.
There are three requirements for a successful bio-quantum experiment. (1) the logic of the experiment must be self-consistent, (2) the experiment itself must learn its experimenter’s intention, and (3) the experiment must be performed inside a bio-quantum Faraday Cage.

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