Lee Smolin, The Trouble with Physics

    For more than two centuries, until the present period, our understanding of the laws of nature expanded rapidly. But today, despite our best efforts, what we know for certain about these laws is no more than what we knew back in the 1970s. How…for three decades to pass without major progress in fundamental physics?

John Magueijo, Faster than the Speed of Light

    Unfortunately, Einstein himself bears a lot of the responsibility for having brought about this state of affairs in fundamental physics… He became more mystical and started to believe that mathematical beauty alone … could point scientists in the right direction. Regretfully, when he discovered general relativity—employing this strategy—he succeeded! And this experience spoiled him for the rest of his life …



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From Ancient Wisdom (Right Brain Mind-Soul Technology) of the Past to Modern Science (Left Brain Mind-Spirit Technology) of Today and to a Predictive Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science (Left-Right Soul-Spirit Technology) of the Future

Similarity in Quantum and Acu-Point Measurements

Quoted from Julian Kenyon, Modern Techniques of Acupuncture

    [All Bioenergetic regulatory device used to measure Acu-Points] … are partially dependent on the psyche of the practitioner … it is therefore of some importance to discuss the psyche in medicine, and because they demand some contribution from the mind of the practitioner. The changes in readings made are in part psychokinetic effects (PK) which may in some cases be observed extrasensorally… This has important practical implications as it means that it is very sensitive to observer affect, both in a positive and negative manner.

Quantum Observer in both Acu-Point and Quantum

  • Wave-Particle Duality in Quantum
    Mind-Body Duality in Acu-Point
  • Observer/Measurement Effects
    The Psyche Effects in Acu-Point Measurement
  • Difficulty with Classical Physics
    Difficulty with Classical (Allopathic) Medicine
  • Unable to explain Non-locality
    Unable to explain actions in Soul-Spirit
  • Quantum Physics Needs a Paradigm
  • Acupuncture Needs a Paradigm

Bio System Vs Being

  • Bio Systems <—> Interconnectedness-Entanglement —> Physical System
  • Being <— Interconnectedness-Entanglement —> Matter

The Paradigm

    Matter –> Logic–Wave–Particle
    Being –> Mind–Soul–Spirit
    Matter-Being Communication –> Local/Non-Local Interactions in Six Inter-Connected Components + Free Will

    All Quantum-Observations (including pointer readings from elementary particles to humans), at a minimum, contain all seven of these components. These communications, both information and dis-information, are all registered in the Self-Programmed/Non-Local Vacuum Computer.
    The dis-information are the entropies of the universe. Information formed the path of evolution guided by the pre-programmed path of involution; namely, the First Cause plus its “forcing-function”. The First Cause represents the initial conditions of the universe, while the “forcing-function” is the universe’s final conditions. Thus, the universe’s entropy formula is

    Involution = Evolution – Entropy

    which is also the formula that defines the non-local entangled computer input/output.
    The First Cause and the “forcing function” are pre-programmed in the Vacuum Computer at the time of Creation or at GUT (Grand Unification Time). One might assume in the Matter-Being model that these pre-programmed codes are the non-local design of this universe, or inputs from a non-local observer. I shall refer to this non-local observer God

The Paradigm

  • Completed the Theory of Everything in Modern Physics
  • Putting God into Modern Physics
  • Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Modern Physics
  • Putting Humanity into Modern Physics
  • Defined the Vacuum, Non-locality, Observer’s Free Will, Outlined a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Nano Science-Technology


    A Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer

Spirit –>Non-local Computer Codes/Subroutines

  • In Non-Local Logic-Information Vacuum
  • Matter-Being’s Logic Component
  • 10 Computer Dimension + Free Will Dimension of the Observer

Soul –> Non-local Computer Execution

  • In Non-Local Information-Energy Vacuum
  • Matter-Being’s Wave Component
  • Execution: Logic-Information <—Information Crossover —> Information-Energy

Body –> Local Computer Outputs

  • Collapsed Non-Local Input-Output
  • Matter-Being’s Particle Commponent
  • Particle: Information-Energy <—Collapsed Energy —> Energy-Mass

Mind –> Brain-Soul/Brain-Spirit Non-Local/Local Communication

  • Spirit-Mind: Spirit/Non-Local-Information <— Information Crossover —> Local Information/Brain-Communication (Match Spirit-Information with Soul Information)
  • Soul-Mind: Soul/Non-Local Information <—Collapsed Energy —> Local Electromagnetic-Energy/Brain Communication (Match Soul-Energy with Brain-Body Energy)
  • Brain-Body —> Evolved/Involved Control-Feedback Organ in Humans

Entanglement–> Non-local Viruses and Noise

    Explained in the Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer

Matter-Being Conservation in Three Components

Changes in [Information–Energy–Mass] = Zero

Thus, for Matter-Being Conservation, Information must added to Einstein’s Mass-Energy formula. It is this Information component that connects non-local to local, physics to psychology, etc. To be correct, the term Information must also include dis-information when free will and entanglement are included within the observer-observed reference frame. See the Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer for specifics.

Outside Lorentz

This additional component of information takes us outside the Loretz frame of reference to include velocities greater than or equal to the velocity light. Notice that the three components of Being reside in the non-local logic-information (spirit) and information-energy (soul) vacuums. There is no space-time, in the sense of Einstein’s Relativity inside these two vacuums. That is, by definition, space and time do not exist inside the vacuum. Sace forms a “non-local boundary” between Being and Matter as explained in this paradigm, between the nucleus (non-local connected to spin vortexes, see Posts of later dates, and the electron-orbits (local). Time is the teleportation operator between Being and Matter with space separating them. This is the reason why sace and time are connected as space-time, namely forming a non-local/local continuum.

In addition, energy by its nature is no-local and resides within the soul or within the quantum wave, while collapsed energy turns into mass and resides in the particle aspect. Collapsing implies that space and time becomes space-time at the Moment of Now.

What is Inflationary without Space-Time?

Expansion-Contraction within the Logic-Information vacuum is through Gnomonic Logic. “There are certain things,” said Aristotle, “which suffer no alteration [in logic] save in magnitude when they grow [expand or contract] …” He was referring to the phenomenon the Greeks called the gnomon and the expansion based upon it. “A gnomon is any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves he resultant figure similar to the original” Thus, in this paradigm, if inflation is needed, it is accomplished through computer logic programmed into First Cause and he “forcing-functions” in the form of Gonomonic Logic.

Creating the Physical Constants

In these vacuums, (1) velocity of light appears as light-constant or the logic-information component of light (i.e. number 3 in base-9). When this light-constant crossover to the information vacuum, it becomes the information-energy photons in the form of Phi-spiral and free wills. Through them all physical constants are formed. Notice, all three processes (photons—Phi Spiral—Free Will) work together in a non-local/local  wayas a Free will Holon at Now. Finally, (3) collapsing this Holon forms the local electromagnetic energy.

The Constant that binds this Mater-Being Holon together is 137,

which is the fine structure constant. In this paradigm, the constant binds Matter and Being together by their free wills between Being and Matter.

Bio-Nano and Bio-Quantum

Chemistry has to do with the local interactions of electron orbits with the non-local environment of their nucleus as its background, and he physical constants as constraints. On the other hand, Nano-chemistry involves the non-local interaction inside he nucleus with the local constraints of its elecron orbits. It is this reason (combining Being and Mater) that the terms Nano and Quantum are changed to Bi-nano and Bo-quantum. In addiion the Chemistry Being relates to either Occult Chemistry or with Holon knowledge of Alchemy-ORMUS-Occult integrated into Bio-nano Chemistry.


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To the Reader

(A) Reader’s Pre-established Mind-Set

    1) For the scientific-intellectual reader: This book/webside addresses a Paradigm of Everything in an attempt to put mind—soul—spirit into quantum-relativistic physics and vice versa. Mind—soul—spirit is connected to each and every piece of living or non-living matter. Its action is local and yet non-local. No language can fully capture its non-local action. Its local actions are recognizable by all of us. It exists, but outside the range of scientific observations. It is real, but no vocabulary fully describes it. Thus, it becomes a taboo subject in the scientific circle.
    2) For the sensitive-psychic reader: The realness of mind—soul—spirit are the only reality whose presence must be felt through ancient meditation methods, and cannot be described-explained in any language, let alone in scientific terms. Like actions of God, the actions of mind—soul—spirit are unknowable.
    3) Both types of readers must have an open mind, and read the entire Webside before making any judgment about the validity of its contents. For backgrounds to this Paradigm, please search the Internet.

(B) Breaking Traditions and Changing Scientific Paradigms

    1) Scientific Paradigms: Completing the Incompleteness in Quantum-Relativity Physics by Breaking Scientific Paradigms: One big shift in today’s paradigm is reinterpreting the hypernumbers, especially the imaginary number i as a teleportation operator in mathematical physics that connects the spaceless-timeless vacuums with 3-D space. Mind—Soul—Spirit actions are activities at singularity crossover. Thus, complex (i) equations, i.e. quantum-relativistic physics, are equations describing crossovers.
    2) Breaking Traditions: Consciousness can be scientifically defined as the moment of Now. Hence, consciousness is a crossover-teleportation operator connecting the vacuum with one’s mind. The feelings described by “psychics” in their meditative states are activities at crossover, namely Intentions—Consciousness—Knowing that directly connects a quantum observer with the vacuum.
    3) If this Matter-Being Paradigm presented in this book/Website is “correct,” its value to science, technology, and humanity is unbelievable. Preliminary indications are that the Paradigm is heading in the “right” direction.

(C) Non-Local Language

    1) No language exists or is established for describing non-locality and yet locally connected objects. In addition, this website attempts to connect all subjects from ancient to modern and from metaphysics to physics with one set of assumed principles, namely spirit—soul—mind representing Being mapped onto logic—information—energy representing Matter. Diagrams and flow-charts with arrows (indicating connected communications or mappings of concepts) replacing language and mathematical equations occupy more than half of this paradigm. Every section on these Pages and Postings is fully packed with new information outside the reader’s own paradigm.
    2) In addition, the concept of mind-soul-spirit expressed in three levels (and within these levels their nine components) is taken from ancient Chinese philosophy on health expressed in the classic I-Ching. Notice, by coincidence, there are also three levels of Quarks and Leptons in particle physics. These concepts are expressed in both their Chinese characters (a holistic non-linear representation of their meanings) and “not exact” English linear translations. In fact, the maturity of the Author on understanding this Paradigm grows with the Postings written in later dates
    3) I am still learning how to present this paradigm in an intellectual-intuitive manner [intellectual–>left-brain scientific-technological-deductive, intuitive–>right-brain metaphysical-occult-inductive, and yet both left-right is interconnected/entangled]. Therefore, the reader should read this Website with an open mind and with the book, “The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics-Chemistry-Genetics-Technology” at hand. The second part of the book contains 44 pages of questions and answers together with 70 pages of Glossary, which perhaps provide the background needed for an easier understanding.
    As of January 2010, this Page and the Post on Prophecies are my most mature writings by date, while the book represents my earliest mature work.
    Preliminary Applications

Posting on Webhealth

The Only Real-Time Health Diagnostic-Treatment Computer that could be implemented on the Web. Furthermore, the only mind-soul-spirit health system that is not bounded by the quantum measurement effect. For it is based on formulating the Acu-Point’s Logic-Information operators.

Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer

    A Bio-Quantum Solution for 2012: Harmonic Convergence by a Matured Group with A Single Left-Right Brain Purpose in a matched Logic-Information<—->Information-Energy Field

Posting on Cold Fusion in the Concept of Bio-Quantum

    Resolving the Control-Repeatability Problem plus the formation of a Faraday Cage for Information/disinformation entangled Viruses [namely, Information and Magnetic Monopoles] within the non-local free will field


Predicted and verified the Fermionic Condensates, high temperature super-conductivity of Iron, the need for information-magnetic Faraday Cage for Being, low energy transmutation and cold fusions in concepts of Bio-Quantum, and putting health into a mathematical discipline. …
Rediscovered the concepts stated in Nei Ching (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) and soul-genetic, re-structured I-Ching logic within the computer logic of bits, qubits, free wills and line diagrams, and in turn integrated into the theory of quantum observations. …
Completed the incompleteness in Quantum-Relativistic Physics and the standard model of elementary particles via the logic-information (i.e., the spirit) component of matter, in understanding the non-local/local connectivity between monopoles/dipoles within the non-local/local meanings space and time, in the duality between the Big Bang Cosmology and Logic-Creationism. …
Captured-Improved-Expanded the Paradigms of David Bohm’s active information, Seth Lloyd’s computer model of the Universe, Carl Jung’s psycho-physics of synchronicity and collective consciousness, Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere and point Omega, Jan Christiaan Smuts’ Holism and Evolution, Ilva Prigogine’s bifurcation point at singularity, Ken Wilber’s Involution-Evolution Spirituality, and the Russian’s Torsion field, Sacred-Torus-Vortex Geometry, Radionics, and Consciousness.


Offers a Physio-Psychological Information Model via the Vacuum Computer to explain the Observer-Observed Non-Local/Local Results Found in the Global Consciousness Project, of which there are no satisfactory answer.

And from the metaphysical perspective, a model for explaining Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the Akasha Chronicle, a spiritual record of the history, pre-history, and future of the world and mankind.

When entering into the wild ideas of modern physics, this computer model together with its Participatory Universe Model enhane  the GUT Monopole Model. The GUT Monopoles carry inside them the entire thermal history of the universe are represented by programs within the Vacuum Computer. As one enters the different layers of the Monopole, or subroutines within each program, different eras of the universe are reviewed.

Provides a model for Penrose and Pagels Observations
Sir Roger Penrose


Sir Roger Penrose is unique in offering something close to a proof in formal logic that minds are not merely computers. There is a kind of piquant appeal in an argument against the power of formal symbolic systems, which is itself clothed largely in formal symbolic terms. Although it is this ‘mathematical’ argument, based on the famous proof by Gödel of the incompleteness of arithmetic, which has attracted the greatest attention, an important part of Penrose’s theory is provided by positive speculations about how consciousness might really work. He thinks that consciousness may depend on a new kind of quantum physics which we don’t, as yet, have a theory for…

Heinz H. Pagels in Perfect Symmetry
…an interesting image for the quantum universe is that it is a giant computer—an information-processing system. … quantum particles are the “hardware.” The logical rules these particles obey, the laws of nature, are the “software.”