Being–Becoming–Finality Holon

This posting completes the concept explanation of the eight Chinese Manada Holon, i.e., the 靈-魂-魄— 身-心-靈—精-氣-神 Holon. At the same time, the posting introduces for the first time the Mind Holon (and the Brain Holon), namely, Soul-Mind—Spirit-Mind—Heart-Mind. Remember Soul-Mind is defined as Brain-Soul interaction, and Spirit-Mind as Brain-Spirit interaction. Thus, Heart-Mind is Brain-Heart interaction. Remember also, Heart-Brain is connected in a common acu-point circuit. It is the Brain that possesses the knowledge—believe—Intention. It is the Brain that commands our Free Will. Remember also, spiritual reincarnation happens at the Brain-Death moment, i.e., at the moment the physical brain dies. This moment is infinite, yet it is just a Moment of Now as viewed in the spirit. Remember, spirit has no space and no time. It is the responsibilities of Heart-Mind, via Logic—Science—Humanity of Love, that Creation / Co-Creation and ascension happen. That is, the Heart must be pure with God’s Love, before the left-right brain can be truly integrated and Creation / Co-Creation happen.

In addition, pure love alone will satisfy the State of Godliness in Self, a state ready for ascension. Completion of the Eight Manada Holon is formulated with the Universe’s Being—Becoming—Finality Holon as shown below. These diagrams formulated the Matter-Being concepts of Channeling-Prophecies.


The Mental Chemistry for 9 —> 3—3—3 is formulated in the diagram shown below.

tem2 1

Next, some examples (mostly in left-brain channeling) of the Being—-Becoming—-Finality Holon are depicted below.

tem2 2

Finally, the Universe’s Being—-Becoming—-Finality can be completed with the following diagram formula.

tem2 3

And the diagram

tem2 4

I shall conclude this posting by saying that if humanity does not puts in a sincere effort to educate itself in understanding Mind—Soul—Spirit as addressed within this Website, especially the last six postings including this one, the chance for humanity to survive (until 2033) is not good. Obviously, this conclusion comes from the belief of this Observer himself. To correctly bring in these Mind—Soul—Spirit concepts for the purpose stated above, the practical sides of this Website need to be addressed.

Before leaving, the Brain Holon(s) will be formulated below.


Communications in the above local—Non-Local Connectivity are in Holon or Holons, i.e., it involves all three components. At each moment, one (and/or two) component may be more active than the other.  Which component(s) and which particular Holon(s) depends on the Observer’s Free-Will—Intention—Reference Frame at that particular Moment of Now.

Positive Living-Your NOW State with GOD

UNDERSTANDING GOD WITHIN THE KNOWLEDGE OF NOW. This posting continues, summarize, and completes the posting, Positive Living Toward Ascension by defining YOU at your NOW state toward ascension. Lets begin with God’s Signature in Numbers.


Infinite Logic Personalities in numbers 1 to 9 in Base 9 —> Infinite Creation of Spirits

  • 1, 10 –> 1, 19 –> 1, 28 –> 1, 37 –> 1, 46 –; 1, 55 –> 1 … Infinite Series
  • 2, 11 –> 2, 20 –> 2, 29 –> 2, 38 –> 2, 47 –> 2, 56 –> 2 … Infinite Series
  • 3, 12 –> 3, 21 –> 3, 30 –> 3, 39 –> 3, 48 –> 3, 57 –> 3 … Infinite Series
  • 4, 13 –> 4, 22 –> 4, 31 –> 4, 40 –> 4, 49 –> 4, 58 –> 4 … Infinite Series
  • 5, 14 –> 5, 23 –> 5, 32 –> 5, 41 –> 5, 50 –> 5, 59 –> 5 … Infinite Series
  • 6, 15 –> 6, 24 –> 6, 33 –> 6, 42 –> 6, 51 –> 6, 60 –> 6 … Infinite Series
  • 7, 16 –> 7, 25 –> 7, 34 –> 7, 43 –> 7, 52 –> 7, 61 –> 7, 70 –> 7 … Infinite Series
  • 8, 17 –> 8, 26 –> 8, 35 –> 8, 44 –> 8, 53 –> 8, 62 –> 8, 71 –> 8, 80 –> 8 … Infinite Series
  • 9, 18 –> 9, 27 –> 9, 36 –> 9, 45 –> 9, 54 –> 9, 63 –> 9, 72 –> 9, 91 –> 9, 90 –> 9 … Infinite Series

As shown above, the personality of each number is formed by an infinite series of pair-personalities plus the personality of the number itself, namely a Holon of three numbers. Thus, the personality of each number is formed by an infinite series of Holon personalities.

Based on this, God’s Signature is identified by a Logic Holon Personality of 9—9—9, which contains the entire infinite series of series of Logic Holon Personalities as shown above.

With God’s Signature, we can now state the condition at the beginning of the Universe as:

  • In the Beginning
  • There is the Holon
  • And the Holon is 9—9—9

In the Base 9 System.


  • Adding 10 to the Base 9 Numbers –> Base 10 Numbers
  • 999 in Base 9 + 10 –> 27 + 10 = 37 in Base 10
  • 999 = 27 –> The Logic of Being for all Base 9 Numbers
  • 999 + 10 = 37 –> The Logic of Matter for all Base 10 Numbers
  • 37 divided by 27 = 1.37037037… –> Fine Structure Constant –> Binding Being Logic with Matter Logic

The Fine Structure Constant was computed in an earlier posting with a different method. In addition, the Logic Big Bang Holon is

  • Involution Logic –> Base 9 Logic System
  • Evolution Logic –> Base 10 Logic System
  • Phi, Sacred Geometry –> Base 9/10 –> Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction

Next, with God’s Signature, we can now derive your signature inside God’s Signature.


YOU, encoded in a Computer Program (for each Incarnation) on the Vacuum Computer

  • Spirit (in a Steady Logic State inside the Logic-Information Vacuum) —> Pre-Encoded, contains 1 to 9 Logic Potential that define you
  • Soul (Every Changing Information State inside the Information-Energy Vacuum) —> Encoded All Past-Future Incarnated brain-soul / brain-spirit interactions that define you by a set of information-Energy paths
  • Body-Brain (Co-Created at each incarnation, Next incarnation is formulated before brain death of the present incarnation) —> Encoded are the driver programs and their executed subroutines of each different Body Brain state at each incarnations due to the evolved sets of left-right brain knowledge at each incarnations

The following is a mandala formula of YOU at the state of NOW with GOD.


The Involution Logic of 1 to 9 is summarized below:

  • 9 —> Inspiration, Connection with God, The Mirror: Image of God. Revelation, Ascension, Completing the Co-Creation of the Third Holon of 7—8—9
  • 8 —> Intellectual Love, Working to Perfect Humanity. Emancipation, Resurrection
  • 7 —> Wisdom from Soul-Spirit Perceptions, Psychic Connection. A Complete Human —> Sageness Within, Kingliness Without, and Godliness in Self
  • 6 (6+) —> Wisdom from Learned Knowledge, Humanity Connection. 6+: Perfect Human—> Sageness Within and Kingliness Without, Completing Co-Creation of the Second Holon of 4—5—6
  • 5 (6-) —> Intuition, Connection with Nature. Stability, Redemption —> Turning Point, Beginning of The RISE toward 6- to become a Human or Continue The FALL to Destruction. [This is the NOW State in You, for most of You, as shown in the middle of the about diagram. A few of You have evolved past 6- and are entering into stage 6. And even a very smaller few of You have evolved past 6 and are entering into stage 6+. These Stages 6 and 6+ Individuals have the duties to help humanity get out of the destructive state they are now in. I mean HUMANITY, not the poor. Notice, these evolved states have nothing to do with learned knowledge, or intellects, or being financially well off. These states are defined by Your free will and intentions.]
  • 4 —> Instinct, Connection to Collective Consciousness. Co-creation, Mind defined as Brain-Soul and Brain-Spirit non-local/local interactions
  • 3 —> Creativity, Karmic Connection. Completion in Body-Brain Connections to the Wholeness of Spirit—Soul—Mind, God’s Creation Completed with the first Holon of 1—2—3
  • 2 —> Intellect, Logic Universe Connection. Soul Execution & Forming the Information Body
  • 1 —> Teleportation, Connection with the Logic Vacuum. Logic Body

See postings: Numbers 1 to 5 and Numbers 6 to 9 for details.

Notice, 6-, 6, and 6+ can also be viewed as Holons within Holons in the evolution of becoming Humans.

  • 6(-): Survival of the Fitness —> The Holon of the Lower three Chakra, Ck-1—Ck-2—Ck-3 (Animal Instinct)
  • 6, Ck-4 —> The Love Holon: Animal Love—Emotional Love—Intellectual Love (Transitional State from Animal Instinct to Perfect Human)
  • 6(+): Ck-5—Ck-6—Ck-7 <——>Holon of Learned Knowledge—Sageness Within—Kingliness Without (A Perfect Human, Needs Godliness in Self for A Complete Human)




(1) The 10—22—27 formula (See Posting: On Positive Living, Destiny, & Superstition)

  • 10 states in Birth (8 Birth Date States, Time Zone, Intention/Free Will): Free Will —> an Open Loop State depending entirely on You (Can perhaps be predicted with Post-Natal Methods)
  • 22 Celestial Stems—Terrestrial Branches —> State of the Universe (The Chinese Calendar Model with all positive-negative days, See posting: What is Quantum—Metaphysics)
  • 27 = 22 + 5 Elements, 5 Element —> Resonances between the 5 Elements of the Universe and the 5 Elements of Birth Date

(2) Numerology: Resonance between Birth Date and Name

  • Observer: Your Name —> You, as defined by your name in Numbers
  • Observed: Your Birth-Date —> The breaking of the Logic-Information Universes at the Now-instant of your birth, with the logic-information potential (in Numbers) of You added to Universe’s logic-set
  • Reference Frame: Mappings between Letters onto Numbers

Your non-local logic dis-connect — connect with the Universe at the instant of Now at birth defines your spiritual maturity

Post-Natal: Psychological Testings


  • The Mirror—Character —> Development of a Higher Chakra
  • The Symptoms—Remedies —> Development of Lower Chakra Health
  • Virtue Living —> Sageness Within—Kingliness Without—Godliness in Self.

This posting completes this Website and the descriptions on the initial formulations of a Matter-Being Paradigm.


With the above understanding of God and His Involution Logic, formulated in the Logic Holon of Bible—-Quantum—-I-Ching as integrated in the Matter-Being Paradigm, we can now formulate the structure of a church based on the Holon Paradigm. This church, renamed as a Holon of God—-Humanistic—Organization, is formulated below.


Postulates and Usefulness of Formula-27

Within this Post, the Cosmology defined by this Mind-Being Paradigm will be presented. In short, presented here is a Holon Cosmology in Creation; namely, the Holon of Three Causes —-> First—Second—Third Causes.


I finally come to a conclusion in presenting this Paradigm of describing a Cosmology in Mind-Being Interactions with the final summarization illustrated in Formula-27. Formula-27 is an evolutionary path of my own understandings of GOD—Humans—Nature, a Reality Holon. This evolution is summarized in this Website of more than 200 Postings and finalized in Formula-27. In short, Formula-27 represents my life work in my own understanding as an observer and describing what I had observed through my own reference frame, right or wrong defined from the judgments of other observers with a different reference frame, in describing this Cosmo. It is along this biased observer—observed—reference frame that this final posting must be written.

Unfortunately, after more than 200 Postings and over the span of more than 5 years, this Website received neither positive nor negative peer reviews nor comments for possible correcting or improving the contents stated in this Website. In short, I can only conclude that this Mind-Being Paradigm is my and only my own reality. A better and more positive conclusion is that there are no peers in shearing my reference frame in reading this Website.

A reference frame of combining an understanding of Being from Chinese logic summarizing in the nine-Chinese characters; namely in the Chinese character Holon [--]—[--]—[--]. In fact, understanding these nine-Chinese characters or mandala is the Mind-Being Paradigm. Being is defined by the four non-local characters, , , . Matter is defined by the remaining four local characters , , , , while (very significant in interacting within the Holon) appeared twice in the Holon. In Formula-27, this Holon takes the place of elementary particles as the fundamental hypothesis in defining an Observer’s Reality, which is a necessary hypothesis stated in quantum physics. In short, elementary particles are not an Observer’s Reality. The final Observer’s Reference Frame comes from the Holon of Mind—Soul—Spirit whether the Observed is a set of meter-readings or the sense—feelings—knowing of the Observer. For the final Observer is we humans. And the logic of Mind—Soul—Spirit is the Logic defined in the Chinese Holon characters.


By Quantum Hypothesis, Reality is an Observer’s Reality; the Observer is a Human Being —-> the Logic-Information Cosmo (a Pre-Quantum State), forming the States of Being in this Universe. What Human Observed is Matter —-> the Energy-Mass Cosmo (a Particle State), the Object Universe. Interacting between Being and Matter is a state of Becoming —-> Information-Energy



The usefulness of Formula-27 is in the presentation of the Cosmo in diagrammed formats, using Mirrors (One-Gravity Mirror and Two-Quantum Mirror).


Scan 1


Scan 2

Super-Symmetry: The Yin—Yang Mirror; The Psi—Psi* Mirror; and the Space Mirror inside the Meta-Cube


Scan 3


Light Speed outside the NOW–Gravity Mirror created via Quantum Collapses: Dark Matter Collapsed onto Dark Energy; Dark Energy Collapsed onto Light Speed inside Energy-Mass, etc.


Scan 8

Thus, the restriction that all Speed must be least than Light Speed, which is a constant, applies only at the Energy-Mass Universe.


COSMOLOGY: The Holon of Creation; First—Second—Third Causes


Scan 5


Scan 6


imagesScan 7

POSTULATE; Chakras and Acu-Points




Scan 1


Scan 2


Scan 4


Scan 5


Scan 6


Scan 7


Scan 9






As I have answered earlier, the most important question pertaining to Formula-27 has no answer at least from the Author. This is the question on its realism and truthfulness. The answer to this question must wait for Peer Reviews and proper evaluations.

5 Great Physics Problems: Formula-27 Solution


Quantum mechanics and general relativity, still incompatible: No visible sight in finding a solution. This Mind-Being Paradigm is an attempt.

Five Great Problems in Theoretical Physics, According to Lee Smolin in his 2006 book The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of Science, and What Comes Next, Lee Smolin points out “five great problems in theoretical physics, expressed by Andrew Zimmerman Jones as follow. The Mind-Being Answers are expressed inside { }. For detail, see the previous seven Postings:


The problem of quantum gravity: Combine general relativity and quantum theory into a single theory that can claim to be the complete theory of nature. Quantum gravity is the effort in theoretical physics to create a theory that includes both general relativity and the standard model of particle physics. Currently, these two theories describe different scales of nature and attempts to explore the scale where they overlap yield results that don’t quite make sense, like the force of gravity (or curvature of spacetime) becoming infinite. (After all, physicists never see real infinities in nature, nor do they want to!)


{The big differences between Quantum Physics and General Relativity is that: Quantum non-locally past through two Mirrors to combine and form quantum objects; namely the Non-Local Psi and Psi* Mirrors. On the other hand General Relativity goes through only one Mirror, this is the non-local NOW mirror. All three of these Mirrors formed the Holon i—c—t or the 0—Infinity—0 Holon. This Holon non-locally connects the “Inside 0” —> White Hole, “Outside 0” —> Black Hole, and “Infinity = Circumference” —> Wormhole. Furthermore, this is a non-local teleporting Holon that connects Space–NOW–Infinity and thus resolved the Infinity in Relativistic Physics. In addition, Super-Symmetry applies only to Yin symmetry with Yang; hence Psi in symmetry with Psi*. This problem will be discuss below after answering all others first. The conservation through these three Mirrors is: d/dt (Information–Energy–Mass) = 0 rather than between Energy and Mass}

The Foundational Problems of Quantum Mechanics: One issue with understanding quantum physics is what the underlying physical mechanism involved is. The question that comes up in these interpretations revolves around what actually causes the collapse of the quantum wave function. (The puzzle of the curious aspect of human consciousness’s role in resolving these questions is related in Quantum Enigma.)


{The Observers Cause the Collapse; namely, Observer—Reference-Frame—Observed. What cause the collapse is the Being-In-Matter interacting with Holon of Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Body-Mind of both Observer-Observed; This NOW interaction can be defined as a State of Consciousness. Its interaction is a non-local one and at the moment of NOW connecting Holon of 0—Infinity—0.}

The Unification of Particles and Forces: the standard model of particle physics shows a lot of different particles – 18 fundamental particles in all. Many physicists believe that a fundamental theory of nature should have some method of unifying these particles….


{their unification is with yin-yang line-diagram logic, while the leptons and force logic particles are unified (or encoded) with yin—yang—neutral line-diagrams. Here neutral line has to do with denoting free wills in picking yin or yang lines or diagrams. It is free will that cause these invisible unseen truth of Information particles to become visible energy-mass particles}

Einstein’s famous question “Did God have any choice when he created the universe?” Do the properties of the universe inherently set the form of the universe, because these properties just won’t work if the form is different? The answer to this seems to be leaning strongly toward the idea that there is not only one universe that could be created, but that there are a wide range of fundamental theories (or different variants of the same theory, based on different physical parameters, original energy states, and so on) and our universe is just one of these possible universes.


{But God had choosing these logic to create His Universe, the Logic set are #9 in Base-9, as such 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 9 +0 = 9 formed inside a set of Pre-Heaven Octagon Logic, and God also gave to all His Creation Free Will for their own creations. Thus, the God’s Universe is the beginning of the many Universes created by Ascended Humans with their free wills. These Universes can therefore be referred to as Co-Created Universes. Thus, the Co-Created Universes would have the same sets of Pre-Heaven / Post-Heaven Logic Inputted by God, but rearranged with the intentions of the Ascended.}

The tuning problem: In this case, the question becomes why our universe has properties that seem to be so finely tuned to allow for the existence of life. This question is called the fine-tuning problem and has promoted some physicists to turn to the anthropic principle for explanation, which dictates that our universe has the properties it does because if it had different properties, we wouldn’t be here to ask the question.


{There are no continuous tuning since God arrange all the universes’ input-output through precise executions inside the Vacuum Computer formed by the encoded line logic of the Pre-Post Heaven Octagons. The Ascended individual’s universe is also Co-Created inside the Vacuum Computer with one’s own arrangement of each sets of these two Octagons. The precision of these creations are due to the pre-heaven and post-heaven constants that Bind with constant 137, which also Bind Being to Matter through the states of Being-In-Matter.}

The Problem of Cosmological Mysteries: The universe still has a number of mysteries, but the ones that most vex physicist are dark matter and dark energy. This type of matter and energy is detected by its gravitational influences, but can’t be observed directly, so physicists are still trying to figure out what they are.


{Dark matter —> unseen Truth, #27, the Logic-Universe; while Dark energy —> Visible Truth, #37, forming the Energy-Universe. These two Universes are connected by a common Universe of Information. Dark matters in the Logic Universe are referred to as the Logic-Masses. The connecting Universe contains  Information-Masses, which are continuously in a state of Becoming. The Logic-Masses are encoded by the Yin-Yang Line-Diagrams, while the Information-Masses are encoded by the Yin-Yang-Neutral Line Diagrams. Outputs of the Information-Masses from the Vacuum Computer are the Energy-Masses of the Physical Universe. Logic-Masses are encoded logic inside the Computer. Information-Masses are executing mass-variables inside the computer. The Computer’s Outputs, namely the Energy-Masses become TRUTH, #64.}

Diagramming the above Answers:





The Right Side Base-9 Logic set is God’s Input. The Left-Side Base-10 Logic set is the arranged Computer encoded-decoded Logic.

Re-Illustrate the NDE diagram from previous postings


The remaining part of Question 1. Using Super-Symmetry on Gravity, its force becomes infinite. like the force of gravity (or curvature of spacetime) becoming infinite. (After all, physicists never see real infinities in nature, nor do they want to!)










Again the Gravity Mirror


There are a big differences between One Mirror and Two Mirror. In the case of Gravity, the Li is GOD given LOVE that explain the weakness of its “force-logic” (see the above Mirror Diagram). Remember

1 / Infinity –> Imaginary i, The Teleport Operator between Logic-Information and Information-Energy / Energy-Mass


On the other hand the two-Mirror case, the Li is not GOD given. Their success of finding the Li depends a lot of “hard works”, as shown in the above Two- Mirror diagram and the one below.


As shown, the Li connects the one with his double as in the TAI-CHI / YIN-YANG Movement Diagram. The Li (or Logic) is the left-right figures formed a continuous PHI-SPIRAL inside two META-CUBES as shown in the left-diagram below. The middle of the Phi-Spiral is at the Navel (better shown on the right). Together, forms the Holon of three META-CUBES. The key here is that the upper half indicates Base-9 (Pre-Heaven) Logic and the bottom (Post-Heaven) Base-10 logic. Base-9 —-> Logic Big Bang, Base-10 —-> Energy Big Bang. The Third META-CUBE formed the Informational transitions. In the Tai-Chi Diagram, the movements simulate the Super-Symmetry between Heaven and Earth with Man at the middle. This is the Li in Tai-Chi Movements.





ScanScan 1


The key Paradigm shift in the interpretations of today’s Quantum Relativistic Physics are: (1) The Imaginary i as a Teleport Operator, (2) Time as the Moment of NOW, and Consciousness as a Holon of Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Body-Mind Interacting with Being-In-Matter. Finally, (3) the velocity of light ended at the Desert, the location of the Vacuum Computer, namely the Universe’s Soul. The Spirit of the Universe is the Base-9 Logic, while Base-10 Logic forms the Universe’s Body.

Finally, the Key in this Formula-27 TOE is in understanding Mind-Soul-Spirit; rather than understanding Elementary Particles and their Forces.

A [Spirit-Mind] 靈—靈 [Soul-Mind]—神 [Being in Matter] Holon Universe

In this Posting, the Local & Non-Local Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being in Matter Holon Physiology is defined and presented via formulas in Diagrams. This universe can only be understood by Math-Logic—Spirit-Logic—Soul-Observation: Math-Logic —> Logic deduced from knowledge, Spirit-Logic —> Logic deduced from knowingness, Soul-Observation —> Visual-Image of Becoming. Again, one needs a Holon understanding.

The diagram below formulates the Black Hole—Wormhole—White Hole in both Creation and Co-Creation from the Matter-Being Paradigm points of view. (1) The Creation Holon State has to do with God’s First Cause in forming our Universe with the Holon Involution Logic—Wormhole—Big Bang / Black Hole. On the other hand, (2) the Co-creation Holon forming Parallel Universes [in the image of God] is through the Observers’ Ascended States of Reverse Engineer—Evolution Logic—White Holes. This explains the vision / knowingness formed in “soul-observations / spirit-knowingness” through the Holon of Nothingness—Blackness—Light.


Thus the diagram explains also [Near Dear Experiences—Ascended States—Co-Creations] inside the Black Hole—Wormhole—White Hole based on the Involution—Evolution—Ascended States of the Observers, namely the activations of the following Holon States [Spirit-Mind,靈]—[Soul-Mind, ]—[, Being in Matter].

Thus, each Ascended Observers can Co-Create the Observers’ own Parallel Universes. Therefore, the number of Parallel Universe is equal to the number of Ascended Observers from … ancient to modern and to post-modern… [Perhaps there are ascended observers from many lost or ascended civilizations from the past or the future], which can be a very large numbers. Remember, our universe is a spaceless timeless participatory universe Started with God’s Input and co-created by local / non-local observers. Thus, although from a very different perspective, the very large numbers of parallel universes co-created by ascended observers proposed here is not a strange idea for some Physicists.

In a new study, Stanford physicists Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin have calculated the number of all possible universes, coming up with an answer of 10^10^16. If that number sounds large, the scientists explain that it would have been even more humongous, except that we observers are limited in our ability to distinguish more universes; otherwise, there could be as many as 10^10^10^7 universes.

“When we analyze the probability of the existence of a universe of a given type, we should be talking about a consistent pair: the universe and an observer who makes the rest of the universe ‘alive’ and the wave function of the rest of the universe time-dependent,” the scientists write.
Read more at:

The Parallel Universes presented in this Posting is not an outcome of quantum uncertainty or string theory. The Observer’s Parallel Universes within the Mind-Being Paradigm are universes co-created inside the Observer’s spirit-mind, soul-mind, and the mind inside matter, a natural property of the Observer’s Participatory Universe encoded inside the Vacuum’s Self-Programmable Computer. This has to do with a set of Living Base-9 Logic inside the Soul-Spirit Computer Simulated Universe, rather than the Big Bang requirements of a quantum inflationary logic in Base-10.

[Spirit-Mind, 靈]—[Soul-Mind, 靈]—[神, Being in Matter]

5-EXAMPLES of a [Spirit-Mind, 靈]—[Soul-Mind, ]—[, Being in Matter] Living Holon Universe [taking from previous Postings of this Website or in the Authors other writings].

Example-1: Vortex, Psychic—Physicist—Mathematician

In The New Ambidextrous Universe, Martin Gardner has this concluding observation: No less a physicist than James Clerk Maxwell, who unified electricity and magnetism, believed that Kelvin’s vortex conjecture was the most promising of all nineteenth-century theories of the atom. …Unfortunately, simple and elegant theories often turn out to b e false. …the literature on vortex atoms provides another striking example of how a promising conjecture can generate vast amounts of ingenious mathematical analysis that turns out to be inapplicable to the universe because the theory runs too far ahead of empirical evidence. … superstrings have much in common with Kelvin’s vortex rings. Although superstring theory accounts for an enormous range of know phenomena, the theory is notoriously lacking in predictions that can be tested by today’s particle clashers. Will new experiments confirm or refute it?

In this Vortex concept, we need to consider its applicability from the Spirit-Mind—-Soul-Mind—-Being in Matter points of view. See diagram below.

tem2 1

In this Matter-Being Paradigm, the Holon Vortex—Spin—Spiral is a mapping operator generating a Soul-State of Becoming in Being and/or Matter, as shown about. This represents the execution mode of the Vacuum Computer. The computer’s output created by this execution, if any, in the form of energy-mass, generates new state of matter. The execution can also transforms the state of Being (both positive & negative), i.e., the logic-information computer codes’ line-diagrams. The transition operator Vortex—Spin—Spiral combined with the teleportation operator i must be viewed as an ever-changing state in Being-Matter coupling. This explains many commonalities in matured bio-quantum observations of nature and human health by psychics, physicists, mathematicians, and others, from ancient to modern. The former causes evolution in knowledge and in the states of thinking. The latter creates involution in knowingness and in conscious states.

Example-2: Princeton’s Global consciousness Project (GCP)

Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. We maintain a network of random event generators (REGs) with nodes in more than 50 locations, from Alaska to Fiji, on all continents, and in nearly every time zone. A GLOBAL NETWORK of electronic devices produces continuous random data sequences. Subtle patterns in the data are linked with events that cause shared thoughts and emotions in millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected patterns, and also indicate that they cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields. We don’t yet know how to explain the subtle correlations between events of importance to humans and the GCP data, but they are quite clear. The results are evidence that the physical world and our mental world of information and meaning are linked in ways that we don’t yet understand.

tem2 2

We can be quite sure these results represent a genuine anomaly, but at this point, it is not possible to offer a definitive explanation. …One of the most promising physical models is drawn from David Bohm’s theory of active information (Bohm, 1980). In his terms, information …can be nonlocal, extending indefinitely throughout space and time. Active information may be envisioned as a potential field interacting in the development of manifestations in the physical world. Thus, active information is virtual, but when a “need” for it exists, the need actualizes the information by creating a repository for it.

Examples 3, 4, 5: Vacuum Interactions of Holon of Acu-Points—Celestial—Terrestrial in Trigrams within Pre-Post Octagons

Illustration 1: Heavenly Connection

tem2 3

Illustration-2 Base-9 Connections

In the operations of simple arithmetic and throughout all the numerical manifestations of nature, such as the periods and intervals of the solar system, certain ‘nodal’ numbers occur, providing a link between processes and phenomena which otherwise appear quite unconnected with each other.  Most prominent among these are the multiples of 72 [36-72-108 in base-10 & 3, 6, 9 in base-9] and numbers such as 5040 [—> 9, in base-9] … In these numbers are the dimensions and distances of the earth,  sun and moon, the measurements of the ideal [logic] universe and the formula behind many ancient expressions of it, such as: the New Jerusalem diagram, the plan of the Stonehenge temple, Platon’s perfect city in the Laws, the scale of music by which he represented the universal soul and the order he discerned among the planets. Through the mystical science of gematria these same numbers provide some of the principal sacred names of Christianity, including … Lord Jesus Christ… [John Michell, The Dimension of Paradise]


Fire—Air—Water —> Tridosha in Ayurveda Physiology

Show above not only the Holon of 5-Element—Cks—Trigram Logic in Local and Non-Local connections to the Pre-Post Heaven Octagons; but also Local and non-local optimal metabolic rates connected to the Cosmic Breathing in Base-9, namely the Holon of [Respiration, 18 Cycles/minutes]—-[Temperature, 36 degree C]—-[Pulse, 72 Cycles/minutes]. These rates are also governed by the rate in Craniosacral oscillations, which is 9 Cycles/min.

Illustration 3: Celestial—Terrestrial—Octagon-Trigram Connections

tem2 5

Notations: S1 — S10 —> 10 Celestial Stems, B1 — B12 —> 12 Terrestrial Branches. Inside Octagon —> Pre-Heaven Logic-Information, Outside Octagon —> Post- Heaven, Information-Energy. Five Elements –> F, Fire—E, Earth—M, Metal— Wa, Water—Wo, Wood—Heat, and their corresponding Acu-Point Cirtuits.


Thus, with this Posting and all previous Postings up to now, the reader should have an understanding on the meanings of these nine Chinese Characters, which define a living Holon universe in Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being in Matter. Notice, there are no English translations or Mappings or descriptions that can take the place of these nine Chinese Characters for they are Mandalas, which establish a unique connection between the Author and the Living Universe. In addition, it is these soul-spirit connections that connect the Author to the Pre-Quantum Logic of the I-Ching.

Glossary L-R (2004)


Least Action Principle: The sum of an action, between the initial state A, and its final state B, taken over a particular path must be at a minimum. That is to say, of all the paths between A and B, the path taken, without any interference, is an automatic minimum action, or a maximum amount of information, path. This means that the logic of the two end points is connected non-locally. Action defined, in Newtonian physics, as a quantity related to the momentum and position of a body. On the other hand, action (more specifically, action-at-a-distance-time) in quantum physics is related to a quantum observation.

Leptons: Particles not involved with the strong nuclear force. There are six leptons in numbers: the electron, muon, tau, and their corresponding neutrinos.

Ley lines: (See Acu-Point)

Levitation: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Li-Logic: Archetypal/gestalt logic or a pictorial hologram or a Mandala.

Light Constant: The information encoded in number 3 as a gnomonic number. Number 3 functions as a teleportation operator on both sides of a bridge that connects, through a singularity, base 9 and base 10 arithmetic. In the base 9 side of the singularity, the integer 3 connects non-locally to the gnomonic contraction-expansion of number 9, God’s Number Holon. On the base 10 side, with the gnomonic contraction-expansion in 10, the speed of light (3 x 1010) and the physical constants are Co-Created via the free will/gnomonic Holon. (See Number, Universe’s Origin)

This bridge of singularity also connects the inward spiral with the outward spiral, as described in the Spiral Geometry of magnetic-GUT monopole pair. (See Photon, Spiral Geometry, Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Lock-Key Technology: Actualized observer’s intentions in Co-Creation for both animate and inanimate observers (see Observer and Co-Creation). For humans to Co-Create, in the current stage of our soul-spirit evolution-involution, the following are the necessary and sufficient conditions. Making or learning how to make the key, and using left-brain quantum technology. This is the purpose of nanotechnology and/or neutron technology; and is the necessary condition for Co-Creation. However, for finding and fitting the key into the proper lock, and executing an opening of the lock, right brain technology is needed. This is informed intention assisted with the scalar technology of Radionics. Thus, the technology of informed Radionics is the sufficient condition for Co-Creation. In addition, Co-Creation is based on magnetic-information technology; whereas today’s technology is electric-energy based. Furthermore, we need also to move from today’s binary-base to a ternary-base Co-Creation technology, especially in computer technology. (See Technology, Scalar Electromagnetic, Subtle Energy, Spiral Geometry, and Yin-Yang)

In addition, electric-energy based technology has to do with atomic chemistry based on information carried by the electrons. On the other hand, information based technology corresponds to nuclear chemistry, which is based on the source of information encoded in neutrons. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Logic: The added, third, component of matter. Besides the wave-particle components, there also exists a logic component. Besides math logic, there is also archetype/gestalt logic. Logic-wave-particle represents the essence of matter; whereas their corresponding activities are Information-energy-mass. (See Maxwell’s Demon)

Logic-Information: (See Information)

Lorentz Transform: In the normal formulation of the Lorentz Transform, all velocities were assumed to be less than the velocity of light. With this assumption, the Lorentz Transforms are mathematical formulas that describe the increase of mass, shortening of length, and dilation of time characteristic of a moving body that forms the basis of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

In the Holon Theory, this less than light-velocity assumption was abandoned, and the Lorentz Transform formulas were used to derive the teleportation operators [ci]n in taking a body to a singularity at the moment of Now.

Lost Soul: (See Soul)

Love: The subject of Christ’s teaching in His First Coming, and also the prerequisite for a Second Coming. The Holon definition for love is defined in the term resurrection. On the other hand, within the perspective of the Holon Theory, the concept of force is also viewed as love-hate relationships. That is, the force of attraction is a love relationship between two parties, namely the elementary particles, while repulsion corresponds to hate. Thus, from a global perspective, the relationship between the human love/hate relationship, is expressed as the “forces of Nature” that is evident in the accelerated expansion of our universe resulting from the hate being expressed in our world.  (See Resurrection and Second Coming)


M-Theory: M-Theory emerged as a unification of the five superstring theories, which is involved with eleven space-time dimensions.

Mandala: An archetypal or Li Logic hologram, which contains encoded logic that has the ability to actualize its state of information-energy by one’s soul-spirit physiology in a proper state of consciousness. (See Archetype/Gestalt Logic)

Mass: The quantity of matter in a body, its inertia or resistance to acceleration in free space. Mass, in the Holon Theory, is a Holon with the following components:

  • Energy-Mass
  • Information Mass
  • Logic Mass

Magic: An ancient practice using knowledge that anticipated the ability for non-local influences. These are right brain intuitive non-local responses with very little or no learned knowledge of the intellectual type.

Magnetic Monopole: A very massive particle formed 10-35 sec after the Big Bang that carries an isolated north or south magnetic pole. It forms a dipole with the logic-information monopole. (See GUT monopole)

Magnetic Charge: A magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge. While the proton is the charge particle for the electric dipole, the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge particle is assumed to be the neutron.

Magnetic Current: Communication between a magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole. While the electron is the current particle for the electric dipole, the current particle for the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole is assumed to be the anti-neutrino.

Materialization: (See Body)

Matter: Matter, in the Holon Theory, is modeled using a Holon, as shown below.

  • Logic <——> Spirit
  • Wave <——> Soul
  • Particle <——> Body-Brain

These are the three components for the essences of matter. The activities Holon for matter is stated below.

  • Information <——> Non-Local Knowingness
  • Energy <——-> Space-Time Perception
  • Inertia/Mass <——> Sensations

The above mappings also indicate the nature of non-local entanglements and correspondences between inanimate and animate matters or between intentions and non-local connections.

Anti-Matter: Imagine an elementary particle cut out from a sheet of pre space-time paper; if we consider the elementary particle as matter, the hole it leaves on the sheet is anti-matter (or vice versa). Thus, at God’s Creation, Creating the logic of matter, also Created the logic of anti-matter in a lock-key relation. The lock is two sided. It can be opened from the left side or right side. The keys are complimentary to each other. That is, their logic is in symmetry.

God Created this Universe with a left-sided key. Therefore, in our matter universe, anti-matter appears only in the form of virtual particles symmetric to matter. In short, the right-sided key is a virtual key, invisible to us. This theory, coincidentally, follows the Biblical concepts of left-right directions. (See Left-Right Spin in Spin)

Maxwell’s Demon: A hypothetical being that directs the motion of molecules in a way so as to circumvent the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In the Holon Theory this hypothetical being is taken to be the logic component of matter.

Mind: Soul-Brain interactions. (See Soul)

Miracle: A happening that seems to be against the known, conventional, laws of nature or science, thought of as caused by God or a god. In the Holon Theory, this happening is caused by the conversion of Logic into a physical event. This happening can be actualized by uninformed intention or unyielding blind faith. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Mirror: The boundary between the non-local or Base 9 world and the 3-dimensional or Base 10 World, and is referred to as the Quantum World. There are two sets of boundary conditions in this mirror. They are the boundary between logic and its information contents, and the boundary between information and its embedded energy contents. (See the sections on Observational Mirrors)

Momentum: A change in position. Since information can be interpreted as changes, i.e., any change in state contains information; therefore, momentum can be viewed as mechanical information.

Angular Momentum: A change in angular position. (See Spiral Geometry)

Force: Time rate of change in momentum, or mechanical information.

Moment of Now: (See Planck’s Constant, Time)


Newtonian Physics: Physics of the Least Action Principle, applied to the logic of mechanical bodies, (See Least Action Principle). In the Holon Theory, due to the fact that momentum can be interpreted as mechanical information and acceleration as a time rate of change in mechanical information, Newtonian physics can also be interpreted as the physics of information.

Quantum Physics: In the context of information, quantum physics is the physics of observations at the moment of Now. (See Quantum Models in Volume 4) It is the physics of intention in a soul-spirit, or a spacetime-nonlocal, medium. On the other hand, Newtonian physics involves the mechanical activities of 3-dimensional objects actualized or Co-Created by the observation process.

Neutrino: A very small mass, spin 1/2 lepton often emitted in particle decays. In the Holon Theory, the neutrino is a left-handed particle, which fills all space. It is the particle that participates in the formation of space. There are three types of masses, namely, logic-mass, information-mass, and energy-mass. Hence, while the neutrino has mass, it might not be energy-mass, it definitely has logic mass and information mass. (See Mass, Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass, and Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Non-Local Reality: A spaceless and timeless universe containing the medium for encoded logic. The reality of this universe is hidden in its encoded logic-information aspect waiting to be decoded by an observer. This decoding occurs by actualizing the spirit-knowingness or by actualizing the logic aspect of matter.

Now: (See Time)

Numbers: Embedded in numbers is both quantitative and qualitative logic. In the Holon Theory we are interested in the qualitative logic-information encoded in numbers. There is a Holon for numbers whose components are: integer, fractional, and transcendental. Integers are whole numbers such as a 2, a 3, or a 5. Fractional numbers are a quotient of integers such as 3/2 or 1.5. Transcendental numbers are the natural constants such as p = 3.141… or e = 2.718…. (See Imaginary Numbers)

Base 9: Qualitative logic operates in base 9 arithmetic. This set of qualitative logic possesses non-local influences but is locally constrained by the uniqueness of each number, namely 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and 9.

Base 10: Quantitative logic operates in base 10, or in decimal arithmetic. This set of quantitative logic is used in standard mathematical operations.

Numbers & The Hebrew Alphabets: Consists of 22 letters and 5 finals (from 500 to 900) to make up three series of 9, a Holon of 9, in all:


Notice, 10 and 100 are both equal to 1 in base 9 arithmetic. There is no zero in base 9.

Numbers & The Greek Alphabets: The Greek letters were 24, and the required number, 27, was made up by using Stigma for 6, Koppe for 90, and Sampsi for 900.

tem2 1

Notice, there are also 27 coordinates in the I-Ching, namely, 12 terrestrial branches, 10 celestial stems, and the 5 elements.

This number 27 is embedded in the orbifold formulation of the superstring theories, and in the embryology of mind-soul-spirit. (See Orbifolds, Strings, Elementary Particle, and Embryology)

Fractional/Transcendental Numbers: As stated above, qualitative logic operates in the set of base 9 integers. What is the qualitative meaning in each of these 9 integer numbers when it is a transcendental number or appears as a fraction such as .5 or .8? Fractional numbers are formed, from the qualitative perspective, in the resonant mappings between base 9 and base 10. Included in this resonance is the mapping between numbers and geometry, for example, the Pythagorean Theorem. This action has to do with converting the logic encoded in these integers to information, which is an action dependent on the informed knowledge of the observer. There is also an upper bond in the observer’s informed knowledge. These upper bonds form the transcendental numbers and the fractals that form our physical world. The mappings and their actions are expressed in the Holon shown below.

tem2 2

Included in this Holon is the third component, namely the effects from communication or interference with other members of the set. (See Fractals)

Numbers 27/37 and 36/72: (See String)

Numerology: Arithmetical operation in base 9 mathematics. For example, 15 is reduced to a number less than or equal to 9, thus, 15 is mapped into 1 + 5 = 6. Thus, the number 15 is equivalent to the number 6 in a base 9 system of mathematics. These 9 numbers, from 1 to and including 9, represent 9 information dimensions. There exists a correspondence between any set of encoded information and this set of 9 information dimensions. Notice, within these information dimensions, the number 6 is different from the number 15. That is, although number 15 carries the information encoded in dimension number 6, embedded in this dimension is the information of 1 and 5, which represent the unique “makeup” of number 6. Most important is the make-up of the number 9. Thus, there are significant differences between 9 by itself, or 9 from the number 27, or 9 from the number 36, or 9 from the number 72.


Orbifold: The mathematical space created as a coordinate system for the compactified space of superstring theory. These six dimensional orbifolds could be thought of as generalizations of a six dimensional torus, consisting of twenty-seven singular points. In the Holon Theory, a Holon is denoted by an orbifold, i.e., a hyperspace triangle. In this book, a 3 dimensional triangle is used to represent an orbifold. David Peat describes the relationship between orbifolds and strings below:

This orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional space. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.

…What is the relationship of this patched-up orbifold to a Calabi-Yau space? It turns out that the Calabi-Yau space is a sort of smooth version of the repaired orbifold — it could be thought of as what happens when the radius of each of the twenty-seven patches shrinks to zero.

(See Strings, Dimensions, and Numbers)

Observer, in Space-time: Maker of an observation. The observer can be either an animate or an inanimate object. A non-physical, or space-time, observation is defined as an act of intention in animate matter, or a connected non-local influence in inanimate matter. Part of this act of observation is the co-creation by a key-logic searching for its lock-logic. Here, the key-logic is co-created by the observer. An actualized space-time observation is when the key-logic meets with its lock-logic in a lock-key relationship. This lock-key dynamic occurs inside the topological universe, a mirror universe between the archetypal universe (i.e., the Base 9 World) where the lock-logic was encoded and the 3-dimensional universe (i.e., the Base 10 World) where the lock-key object manifested. In short, an observation is a co-creation process, which manifests when a key finds the correct lock. Thus, all space-time observation by a human Being occurs at the soul level, see sections on Observational Mirror. (See Lock-Key Technology)


Parallel Universes: In the Holon Theory, an evolution-involution model of the universe is adopted. Thus, in this model, the universe goes through various stages of evolution. Also within each stage of evolution there are two involution states, a previous state and a future state. Thus, these two involutionary states and the one evolutionary stage form the model of a tri-state universe. Each evolutionary stage represents the universe’s state of Becoming, while each involutionary state corresponds to a state of Being for the universe. Notice that each stage of evolution is bracketed with a beginning state and an ending state, whereas, the state of involution occurs at the ending state of each stage of evolution, in a discrete jump. This discrete jump is a singularity, where ascension occurs, i.e., the discrete transition from one evolutionary stage to another evolutionary stage occurs. In this model, the universe’s states of Being, in progression, define the universe’s ascension direction. On the other hand, the evolutionary stages define the universe’s activities toward the next state of Being. The former set is referred to as stages while the latter set is call states. Numbers represents the stages and states with their corresponding personalities embedded in each of the tri-states. The personalities are represented by each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. For example, stage 5 contains the dominating personalities for numbers 4, 5, and 6, where 4 is in parallel with the previous tri-state universe of stage 3.

If we take each stage and each state together as forming a universe, we have a multi-universe model, i.e., a tri-state universe model. In this model, each universe is a Holon of one stage and two states, namely, its history or the previous state, and its next final state. Thus, our stage 5 universe is in parallel, in the sense of having a common state, with state 4 in the stage 3-universe and with state 6 in the stage 7 universe. The common state for stages 3 and 5 universes is state 4, while the common state for stages 5 and 7 universes is state 6. Thus, universes of states 4 and 6 are parallel universes in common with the universes of stage 3 and 5, and in common with the universes of stage 5 and 7, respectively. In addition, encoded in each of these numbers is its logic-information, or the universe’s personalities. These parallel universes are connected at singularity, namely the discrete transition at each involutionary state, via intentions or quantum observations subject to the completion of its necessary and sufficient conditions. (See Singularity)

In summary, within the perspective of this tri-universe model, the present stage of our Universe contains simultaneously three dominating personalities defined by their status of involution-evolution, namely, stages 4, 5, and 6. Our universe’s next stage of evolution is a stage-7 in the tri-state 6-7-8 universe, which co-exists with involutionary states 6- and 8. But before evolving into a stage-7 universe, one must first ascend into a state 6-universe, which is a singularity. Notice that the transition from stage 5 to stage 7 occurs simultaneously in our ascension to a state 6-universe. In short, at each transition or ascension, one jumps from the evolutionary stage of one tri-state universe to the evolutionary stage of the next tri-state universe. Furthermore, the tri-state universe of 0-1-2 is a basic Creation, i.e., the encoding of God’s Input Logic of the First Cause or the initial conditions of our Universe; whereas, the tri-state universe 8-9-0 contains our Universe’s final conditions. These final conditions are embedded in God’s Encoded Logic of the First Cause together with the final set of involutionary logic satisfied by us humans in our return to God’s Creation through Co-Creation. (See Technology, and Universe’s Origin). See Ascension and String Theories.

Particle: A 3-dimensional energy-mass object.

Phase Changes: A general change in state, e.g., from solid to liquid, or simply the momentum of the system. A process, which involves the release of encoded logic-information and the re-encoding of new logic-information.

Photon: A quantum particle of light, the smallest packet of the electromagnetic field. A photon is a boson particle with zero spin. In the Holon Theory, the logic formulation of a photon is represented by a bigram of yin-yang binary logic, i.e., formed by one pre-heaven yin-yang line and one post-heaven yin-yang line (See Vol 2 for detail). The photons are informational flow particles, communicating between the magnetic-GUT (i.e., Logic-Information) monopole/dipole. (See Magnetic Monopole, and GUT Monopole, Universe’s Origin)

Planck Constant: A constant, 6.63 x 10-34 in mks units, that involves the symmetry break between logic and its information, that is between the logic encoded in the archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World) and the decoded information via a logic-observer.

Planck Length: Equals 1.62 x 10-35 meters.

Planck Time: Equals 5.34 x 10-44 sec after the Big Bang. This is taken to be the time corresponding to the moment of Now.

Poltergeist: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Position: Bookkeeping information. The position of an object represents a confirmation of where the object is. If the position of an object changes from being at point A to point B, this motion, or finding the object at B rather than at A changes the state of confirmation. This change in the state of confirmation is a state of information. (See Momentum)

Post Heaven: The key logic in a 3-dimensional universe. This set of key logic is either created or co-created by the intention of an observer, with or without lock-key technology. (See Lock-Key Technology)

Pre Heaven: The lock logic in an Archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World). This set of lock logic corresponds to the logic encoded in the Vacuum, or the space inside zero.

Six Days of Creation: In the first three days, God Created the Pre-Heaven Logic, or the lock-logic, of the Universe. In the second three days, God Created the Post-Heaven logic, or the key-logic of the Universe. In the seventh day, God rested and let the lock logic and the key logic Co-Create our 3-dimensional Universe.

Praying: A sacramental act. In the Holon Theory, this is an act in faith knowingness. (See Faith)

Pyramid: (See Ancient Architecture, in Body)

Psychokinesis: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)


Qi-Kung: (See Ch’i/Qi-Kung)

Quantum Incoherence: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Quantum Physics: (See Newtonian Physics)

Quarks: A charged elementary particle that is affected by the strong forces. Quarks comes in six “flavors”: up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top, and each flavor in three “colors”: red, yellow, and blue. In the Holon Theory, these flavors are viewed as attributes to the personalities of elementary particles and are formulated in the line-logic of trigrams. (See Vol 2, and Strong Force)

Qubits: (See Ebits/Qubits)


Radionics: Radionics is treated as a “black box” that is primarily concerned with health diagnosis where the purpose is investigating and combating the causes of diseases. The working of this black-box is unexplainable by normal scientific paradigms. It is of general opinion that its operating principle is related to the subtle energy field. In the Holon Theory, the operating principle of this “black box” is related to the conservation of logic into information (or potential energy) and conservation of information into energy. As discussed in the definition for Spiral Geometry, this logic-information can be actualized through the frequency Holon ge, gn, and sound. Here sound frequency is added to affect the resonance and frequencies of the electron and the neutrino photons. (See Subtle Energy, and Spiral Geometry)

Reincarnation: The state of reincarnation is at a singularity where the body-brain of the previous incarnation and the body-brain of the next stage of reincarnation exist not only simultaneously, but also in a state of non-local influences. Therefore, one reincarnate before the death of one’s body-brain system, and one’s soul-spirit physiology can influence one’s next reincarnated body-brain functions via its soul-spirit bodies. In short, reincarnation occurs as dimensional shifts inside of a singularity. Remember that Soul time is not the same as body time. See section on Observational Mirrors. (See also Dimensional Shift and Singularity)

At the moment of reincarnation, the soul-spirit physiology encoded in the previous incarnated body-brain system (at that Moment of Now), plus any changes at singularity, are encoded in the soul-spirit of the newly incarnated body-brain physiology, namely, in the acu-points and the chakras of the new body.  (See Embryology, Chakra, and Acu-Point)

Religion: Blind faith on an unknown (i.e., unknowable) personal God. An organizational system of practices based on a common belief system.

Resonance: In physics, the selective response of an object or a system that vibrates in phase with an externally applied oscillatory force. Remember, in the Holon Theory information is encoded in, or carried by, phase coordinates. Thus, two objects or systems, that are in resonance correspond to an understandable transfer of information between them, i.e., a lock-key connection between their logic-information. This transfer in the form of resonance has a direct correspondence with the conservation of matter. The types of resonance in matter are shown below.

  • Logic-Information —> Transfer of Logic (process 1, a non-local action potential) into Understandable Information (process 2, in the form of invisible energy, referred to as dark energy)
  • Information-Energy —> Transfer of Information (process 1, in the form of invisible energy) into Usable Energy (process 2, in the form of visible energy, referred to as dark matter)
  • Energy-Mass —> Transfer of Energy (process 1, in the form of visible  energy) into visible mass

In any resonant phenomena, all three types of resonant transfers must be conserved, in the principle of a Holon, i.e., in the form of Information-Energy-Mass. That is, an informed non-local action in logic can, through the phenomenon of resonance, influence changes in understandable information and/or usable energy and/or visible mass of the same system. On the other hand, an informed vibration in the mass component, through lattice vibration, can influence changes in the wave-energy component and/or the logic-information component of the same system. (See Universe’s Origin, and Transmutation)

Resonator: A structure for producing resonance. Acu-points and ancient architectures are information-energy resonators, (see Acu-Points, and Body). UFO’s and crop circles are resonance produced artifacts. Resonating structures satisfy the necessary conditions for Co-Creation, which is the ability to convert the logic-information component of matter into its corresponding wave-energy component. That is to say, Co-Creation requires the manifestation of matter, from its pre-determined logic component into its particle-mass component via a resonant wave-energy action in informed non-local logic. Thus, for Co-Creation, the sufficient condition calls for the ability to manifest the energy-mass component from the wave-information component, while the necessary condition is the conversion of the logic-information component into a wave-energy component. Wave-energy is the intermediate action, or the responsible resonating process, in Co-Creation. Thus, we need to combine the ancient’s understanding in constructing information-energy resonators with today’s understanding of constructing energy-mass resonators in elementary particle accelerators. This integration is equivalent to left-right brain informed integration.

Resonating Process, Light-Sound:

Light and sound are the most known resonating processes. They were used in ancient science and technology. This process forms a Holon with components corresponding to light, sound, and lattice vibration or matter-wave in various media. To understand light and its relationship to the Co-Creation process, or the logic-information to energy-mass resonant process, we need to bring back the logic formulation on the composition of light defined as a photon Holon.

Resurrection: The standard religious meaning of resurrection is: the state of having risen from death. First resurrection is a state of ascension. Preparing for a state of 2nd resurrection corresponds to a restored state of Christ’s Spiritual Teaching, see Ascension and String Theories.

Love: The logic of love consists of a Holon with the following three components:

  • Intellectual Love —> Love of God’s Knowledge (Chakras 5, 7, 4)
  • Emotional Love —> Blind and Egotistical Love (Chakra 3, 6, 4)
  • Animal Love —> Sexual Love (Chakra 1, 2, 3)

Christ’s First Coming teaches as how to love God, with respect to His Knowledge. This is the right-brain prerequisite for the 2nd resurrection for mass ascension. (See Second Coming, and Christ)

Rise: Co-Creation toward the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. (See Spin)

Intellectual Rise: Ascension from evolution stage 5 to evolution stage 7 with perfection on informed intention. (See Fall, and Parallel Universe)

Robinson Congruence: The mathematical mappings of complex, i.e., real plus imaginary numbers, onto the geometry of a Penrose twistor formed by a series of twisting light-rays. (See Spin Networks)

QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary)

The preliminary stage of the top-down summary on the Matter-Being Paradigm is presented in the posting: QA: What is Quantum Meditation (Paradigm Summary). The bottom-up Summary of the Paradigm, in preliminary stages, are in this posting: QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary) and the posting: QA: What is Quantum Computer (Paradigm Summary).

This posting summarizes the preliminary discussions in:

  • QA: What is graviton—free-will—photon?
  • QA: What is the Universe Accelerating?
  • Defining Love <——> Gravitation
  • Defining Aether in the Logic and Information Vacuum (within the BIG BANG <— MANDALA —> I-CHING Holon, discussed in the posting: QA: What is the Gene
  • Defining, in the form of Mandalas, the Logic Component of Matter or its Spirit Component in Logic Line Diagrams



tem-2 1

This diagram contains the following summaries (see Book and the discussions below for details).

  • Radial lines —> Gnomonic Expansion (Hate) /Contraction (Love)
  • Circles/Yin-Yang Wave —> Gnomonic Spiral/Vortex (crossover, in-out discontinuity —> Phi (collapse of Information-Energy onto Energy-Mass —> generates the physical constants and space)
  • 9 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 in Base 9
  • 9 = 3–3–3, 3 sets of numbers, 3 Octagons, 3 Circles —> Holon of Everything, 1 produce 2, 2 produce 3, 3 produce the Holon of Everything.  3 generates --神, 3+3 generates --, 3+3+3 generates 靈 -魂-魄.
  • 3 Octagons: Pre (outside octagon), Post (middle octagon), Thought (inside octagon, Free Will)
  • —  —, Yin ——, Yang —> Trigrams —> Logic of Quarks and Leptons (No free will line –> Very Strong Logic-Information Potentials)
  • Logic of Free will —> Neutral Line — — —, (hidden, decision of picking Yin or Yang) —> Photon (the light in decision making)
  • Two Photons jointed together in Lock-Key —> Graviton (Strong Spirit Love, Logic-Information Potential)
  • Three Photons (3 neutral line) —> Love-Hate Soul-Paths
  • Adding a neutral line to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Tetragram (Electro-Weak Boson Logic, weak with one free will line –>Love-Hate in Soul-Logic, Information-Energy Path)
  • Adding two neutral lines to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Petagram (Gravitation, Very weak in physical love with two free will lines, Energy-Mass Path)
  • Hexagram —> Collapsed State of Matter –> 64 Hexagrams –> 10, Base 10
  • Ten Logic Potentials: yin, yang, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, pre-heaven octagon, post-heaven octagon, thought octagon with neutral lines.
  • Aether: the mandala inside the inner octagon, which is the Holon of 3-circles—yin-yang lines—9.
  • Space is generated by collapsing three sets of yin-yang wave functions generated by the yin-trigram logic of neutrino and the yang-trigram logic of electrons.  The boundary in collapsing these three sets of wave forms a physical space. One yin-yang pair of wave function is shown in the inner diagram.
  • ETC


The Logic components of quarks and leptons, namely their Logic-Information potentials (see Book for notations and explanation).



tem-2 1

The Love-Hate Logic of Elementary Particles


The bottom diagram denotes the formation of a Graviton with the love of two photon jointing together. The above diagram depicts the collapsing of a Graviton in the hate of two photons leaving each other to produce gravitation. This explains why gravitation is weak while the gravitons are strong in the lock-key configuration.

This explains the love-hate logic in matter; however, the love-hate logic in Being (for examples Humans) is much stronger. Thus, explains the increasing acceleration of the Universe due to today’s human conditions (see PostING, QA: Why Universe Accelerating, and QA: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer).

Next, the Holon of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Energy-Mass for elementary particles is shown in the diagram below



tem-2 3

The following are depicted in the above diagram.

  • God’s Inputs in Logic-Information of Matter
  1. Octagon—Yin-Yang—Ch’i Holon
  2. Logic Potential 9 in Base-9
  3. Octagon Holon: Pre—Post—Thought <—->Final—Initial—Now State Conditions
  • God’s Inputs in Spirit-Being Potential
  1. Holon of Free-Will—Photon—Neutral Line
  2. Crossover / Soul-State of Becoming —Neutral Bigram — Graviton
  3. Logic-Information in Free Will Potential Crossover into Information-Energy Path of the Photon
  • Crossovers / Collaspses
  1. No Neutral Line (Free Will Decided, Very Strong) with Yin-Yang Trigram: (a) Formation of Quakes and Leptons in Logic-Information Potentials and Information-Energy Paths, (b)Collapsed into Quakes and Leptons with Masses
  2. One Neutral Line (Free will, Weak) / Yin-Yang Lines to form Bigrams & Trigrams: (a) Formation of the Information-energy Paths of Boson-Electroweak, W+, W-, Z Particle in Soul-Wave States, (b) Collapsed into Electromagnetic
  3. Two Lock-Key Neutral Lines (Free Wills Decided, Infinitely Strong) No Yin-Yang Lines: (a) Bigram for two Decided Neutral Lines, Glueon / Spirit Potential, (b) Formation of Graviton Information-Energy Path in Soul-State of Becoming
  4. Two Neutral Lines (Free Will Undecided, Very Weak) No Yin-Yang Lines: Collapsed into Gravitation
  • Resolving Difficulties in Today’s Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  1. Completing the Model by adding the Logic / Spirit Component
  2. Explains and Define Aether and the Vaccums
  3. Explains the Strength of Particles and their Forces as the Numbers of Neutral Line in Collapsed States, Strength in Decreasing Order: 1-Photon, 2-Graviton, 3-Quarks & Leptons, 4-Bosons, 5-electroweak, 6-Electromagnetic, 7-Gravity
  4. Explains the tremendous difference in Strength between Graviton and Gravity; thus offers a Matter-Being Paradigm explanation for the similar observation on gravity given in Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions.
  5. Bosons are in Soul-Wave Information-Energy states, thus resolved the Boson Coulomb difficulty.

To complete the explanation of the above elementary particle diagram, the following three diagrams are needed.





tem-2 1

The total Hexagrams shown in the above two tables equal to 37



tem-2 2




The Yin-Yang line diagrams (bigrams, trigrams, hexagrams) are from the Chinese I-Ching Classic. The tetragrams are from the Chinese Classics T’ai Hsuan Ching and Tao Te Ching.


QA: What is a Reference Frame


The structure of a Matter-Being reference frame has to do with the various observer-observed interacting / communicating dimensions. In addition, these interactions are self-coded in the vacuum computer. To describe the observer-observed interactions, all these dimensions are involved in one form or another. In short, a reference frame is defined inside the Holon dimensions of Being—-Computer Code—-Matter


tem-2 1

The 8-D system follows the I-Ching logic for designing the self-programming vacuum computer. Remember, today’s computer was invented with the binary logic of yin or yang, symbolized as 0 or 1. Notice, as shown in the diagram, there are three reference frames integrated together in a Holon.

The physical side of the Energy-Mass Reference Frame is the definition given by today’s Physicists, as quoted below

An observational frame of reference, often referred to as a physical frame of reference, a frame of reference, or simply a frame, is a physical concept related to an observer and the observer’s state of motion. … There are two types of observational reference frame: inertial and non-inertial.

In special relativity these frames are related by Lorentz transformations. In Newtonian mechanics, a more restricted definition requires only that Newton’s first law holds true …

Measurement apparatus

A further aspect of a frame of reference is the role of the measurement apparatus (for example, clocks and rods) attached to the frame … This question … is of particular interest in quantum mechanics, where the relation between observer and measurement is still under discussion.

In this connection it may be noted that the clocks and rods often used to describe observers’ measurement equipment in thought, in practice are replaced by a much more complicated and indirect metrology that is connected to the nature of the vacuum, and uses atomic clocks that … must be corrected for gravitational time dilation.

The above Physicists answer is too restricted. It covers only the frame of reference for Matter without taking into consideration that the observation is made by mind-soul-spirit of the observer including meter readings, whether the observer is a living or a non-living system. This explain the


As shown in the above diagram, even in the Energy-Mass Reference Frame, the physicist’s answer contains at most half of the Matter-Being interacting dimensions, namely at most half of the input-output dimensions. Let along the most important aspects of the Observer-Observed dimensions are in the Logic-Information-Energy Reference Frame and the Computer Coding Reference Frame

The two additional Reference Frames are brought about by the addition of the Being component. In clarifying this diagram, the Logic-Information-Energy Reference Frame needs to be further expanded upon, while further explanation of the Coding Reference Frame can be found in the other Posts and in the Book. One additional comment for the Coding Reference Frame is on its dimensions.

The Free Will component connects all three Reference Frames. Thus, there are Six Coding Dimensions

The most important aspect of the Logic-Information-Energy Reference Frame is the mind state of the observer and perhaps of the observed. This mind state with its internal interactions is shown below.

Emotion <—> Want

Want —> Produce a Strong Positive Free Will, this Free Will is locally connected to Brain-Body Emotions

Knowledge <—> Believe

Believe —> Produce a Biased Free Will, this Free Will is Connected to the Observer’s Soul

Knowingness <—> Faith

Faith —> Beyond Free Will, this Faith is Connected to the

Observer’s Spirit of Love. A Strong Faith can dissolve the entire non-local free will field and all entanglements. It short, Co-Creation begins with a Strong State of Pure Love, which is a state of information crossover and energy collapse.

Notice, the state of Want—Believe—Faith directly influences both the input-output process and its encoding logic. On the other hand, Believe–Faith–Love is connected to the concepts of Truth and Reality.

Reality and Truth: What is true is real. What is real does not mean it is true.  Reality is observer dependent. Truth is observer invariant and is a continuously approaching state.

Reality and Belief: What one observes is a state of becoming, and depends on one’s belief. One’s belief may or may not be real. What is real may or may not be one’s belief.

Reality and Faith: Faith with Knowingness and Love can create reality. Faith without knowingness is blind faith, while faith with knowingness is intellectual faith. Faith with Knowingness and Love is a state of Co-Creation.

Faith in a Field of Free Wills: The success or failure of one’s free will in co-creating one’s reality, within a field of competitive free wills, has to do with the strength in collapsing one’s free will Holon, knowingness—faith—sticktoitiveness. Sticktoitiveness takes the place of Love.

LOVE —> Sticktoitiveness, without conditions and/or attachment, in a state of knowingness


A Brief Summary

This paradigm is a synthesis of metaphysics in ancient philosophy and quantum-relativistic physics of today. Also, Included in this synthesis is a 3-dimensional world of substances.

(1) In metaphysics, the emphasis is the concept of Being embedded in understanding mind-soul-spirit and free will. Embedded in mind-soul-spirit and free will is the concept of God, or the Creator, or the First Cause. All these metaphysical issues taken together are referred to as the Logic of Being.
(2) In quantum-relativistic physics the emphasis is in understanding local/non-local space-time interactions of quanta. Embedded in these interactions are the phenomena of observer-observed reality in the frame of reference of the observer and the observed whose frame of reference can be different from each other. These observer-observed phenomena form the reality for both the observer and the observed. All these observer-observed interplays taken together are referred to as the Logic of Matter-Being interactions.
(3) In the world of substances, the emphasis is in understanding the concepts of space, time, motions, and atomic-molecular formation. Embedded in these concepts are the meanings of action-at-a-distance, the vacuum as related to the metaphysical idea of an aether, and the question of existences.
It is in this world of substances that space in the sense of 3-dimensional, time in the sense of durations, velocity in the sense of continuous motions, masses in the sense of rigid bodies or molecules-atoms, and forces in the sense of push-pull are co-created in the collapsed outputs of the soul-particle singularity crossover. Taken together is an attempt to explain the existence of matter. This existence is embedded in the Logic of Matter.

In the Matter-Being Paradigm:

(1) → The Logic of Being, (2) → The Logic of Matter-Being, or Being-Matter, or observer-observed interplays, and (3) → The Logic of Matter. All three can be taken together or (1)—(2)—(3) referred to as a Holon, the unit of wholeness among Being, Matter, and their interactions (see diagram below). Thus, Matter-Being Paradigm can be referred to as a Paradigm of Holons. In this Holon paradigm, there exists a first observer, a first being observed, and a first observer-observed interplay; or a First Holon.

The Holon (1—2—3) is more than the Sum (1+2+3)

The boundaries in the above diagram are imaginary. Inside these boundaries are logic contents. For example:

1 → Heaven, Yang or Positive Contents (e.g., Love)
3 → Hell, Yin or Negative Contents (e.g., Hate)
2 → Free Wills, a choice to be in Heaven or in Hell, or just be Human

Both Heaven and Hell is in us Human, defined by Free Will—Love—Hate, the Holon 1—2—3. Love and Hate are imaginary operators executed by Free Will. This imaginary operator is consciousness, while Free Will is intention.
In the logic of 3-dimensional space, this imaginary operator is [ i ], the square root of a negative number. In addition time, the moment of Now, is also an imaginary operator. These imaginary operators are referred to as the teleportation operator, i.e., it teleport us Human into Heaven or into Hell. Since all equations of motions (defined by ψ) for quanta in relativistic-quantum physics contain the operator [ i ], ψ is a teleportation operator.

Teleportation Operator -> Teleport to the Boundary, at the crossover

Crossover is defined as infinity in the logic of matter. In the Matter-Being Paradigm, Infinity is also an imaginary number. That is to say, infinity is at the junction where two or more imaginary boundaries meet. It is at this junction that the observer (the key, ψ) meets with the observed (the lock, ψ∗). And the lock-key state (or ψ∗ψ) is a state at which the observer communicates perfectly with the observed. If one needs to give a number for this junction, this can be either infinity or zero. In metaphysics, this imaginary number is the Tao (for the junction between Human and Heaven). Perhaps, in this case, one can argue that when the Tao is zero, Human is in perfect harmony with God. When the Tao takes on the number infinity, Human becomes the image of God.

The lock ←→ key interactions at crossovers
Brain-Spirit Crossover

Spiral—Vortex—Spin ←→ Numbers—Line Diagrams—Intentions

Brain-Soul Crossover
Spiral—Vortex—Spin ←→ Sacred Geometry—Polyhedrons—Intentions

Holon Definitions
Spiral—Vortex—Spin → Storage of Information
Numbers—Line Diagrams—Intentions → Convert Intentions into Computer Code
Sacred Geometry—Polyhedrons—Intentions → Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction in the observer-observed intended frames of references

The First Holon is the Self-Programmable Vacuum (or God’s) Computer:

The first observer is taken as God. The first being observed is number 9 in base-9 (or modulo 9). The observer-observed interplay is the symmetry breaks of number 9 into many logic components of 10 according to the free will of the observer.
There is One, the Observer (or God). One produces Two, which is Number 9. Two produce Three from the free will of breaking 9 into its components. And Three produces everything in the involution-evolution logic of 10 (see the various 10-logic potentials in the papers on the Acu-Brain and the Creation: Universe’s Many 10-Logic Potentials). This First Holon is the first cause, generating the universe inside the self-programming vacuum computer.

The Universe inside the Vacuum Computer:

(1) → The Logic Encoded inside a program named The Universe. (2) → The Execution of the modules and the paths within each of the modules in the Universe program. (3) → The outputs of the Vacuum Computer. In Being Logic: (1) → The Spirit. (2) → The Soul in an ever-changing state of becoming. (3) → The Mind, defined as Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit interface. In Matter Logic: (1) → The Logic-information component (or Dark-Matter). (2) → The quanta, in an ever-changing state of information-energy (or Dark Energy). (3) → The particle, collapsed quanta state of energy-masses (or Visible Matter). This Universe is generated by the Observer-Observed inside the First Holon following the involution-evolution logic of free will. In this paradigm, entropy is the logic differences between involution and evolution.
The Universe inside the Computer
(Illustrated by the Laptop, as shown, where the entire Universe goes into)

tem2 2

The Invisible Universe of Logic-Information including the Laptop is shown in the top diagram (except the laptop shown at the end of the chain of creations). The Visible (created from invisible or the computer outputs), the bottom diagram, is taken from Seth Lloyd, “Programming the Universe.” “Is the universe actually a giant quantum computer? According to Seth Lloyd–Professor of Quantum-Mechanical Engineering at MIT and originator of the first technologically feasible design for a working quantum computer–the answer is yes.”

Resolving Quantum Difficulties

Probability of Observer’s Reality:

Observer → The Key, Observed → The Lock, Observation → Key looking for the Lock, Observer’s interplay with the Observed → (The probability of) Key found Lock, Observer’s Reality → (The probability of) The Lock is opened. Quantum Determinism: (1) Informed on “making, or knowing” the key logic corresponds to lock logic. (2) The Key knows the where about of the Lock. (3) The Lock is opened. Again it is a Holon. The logic of connecting the Key with the Lock is the quantum operator i (the imaginary number) in the logic of the quanta, and consciousness in the logic of intention inside mind-soul-spirit. Taking i as the teleportation operator, (1) → ψ, (2) → ψ∗, (3) → ψψ∗.Thus, both the imaginary number i and consciousness including time-instinct are teleportation operators connecting the key in the brain and the lock in the spirit. This explains the fact that space-time continuum is formulated with the space-teleportation Holon operator i—c—t, where c is the light constant and t is the time-instinct. In this paradigm, both t and i are teleportation operators while c is a constant together with all other physical constants generated at the brain-spirit/brain-soul singularity crossovers.

Heisenberg Uncertainty is

the conflicts between thinking with knowledge and knowing with the “heart” (defined by acu-point circuits). The former is the physical mind with the brain operator. The later is the mind of the soul with the heart operator referred to as the Acu-Brain.

Conservation of Being with Matter:

In the Logic Vacuum
Dark Matter -> Logic – Information Conserved

In the Information Vacuum
Dark Energy -> Information – Energy Conserved

In the Visible Universe
Visible Matter -> Energy – Mass Conserved

Local/Non-Local Entanglement → Conflicts between information-energy in the soul world and the energy-mass in the physical world, namely the energy entangled at the singularity crossover between the soul and the physical.
For deterministic quantum technology, these entangled information-energy (or magnetic monopoles) generated between soul activities in the information vacuum and energy-mass in the physical space must be shielded. In addition, the computer learned and encoded the intentions of both the technology designer-operator and the logic of the technology in such a way that computer execution and outputs become a natural observer-observed lock-key respondence at their intended frame of reference.

AND SO ON…(See Website and the Book)

In Being-Matter Interface Logic:


For qualitative meanings of these numbers, see the Book for details. For the meanings of these Chinese Characters, see the page on Purpose and the Book.

The ancient philosophers “see” number at the brain-spirit crossover between the logic-information vacuum and the observer’s brain. Thus, as John Michell puts it in “The Dimensions of Paradise:”

In the writings of the old philosophers, there is common agreement that the true purpose of number is for investigating the universe. Traditional cosmogonies tell how he Creator dream up a scheme of numbers, and from that original thought everything else proceeded.

Number in its qualitative sense formed the First Paradigm, or the First Cause. On the other hand, sacred geometry ranks next to number, as the Queen of science, expressing through visible and invisible shapes expressed itself at the brain-soul crossover between the information-energy vacuum and the observer’s brain. In short, number and form at Creation, namely at the First Cause, were One.

AND SO ON…(See Postings of later dates)


These line diagrams embedded in the hexagrams (outer symbol) are

Yin or Yang Lines
Yin or Yang or neutral Bigrams
Yin or Yang Trigrams
Yin or Yang or neutral Hexagrams

Forming 28 Pairs of trigrams plus 8 single hexagrams in a set of 64 Hexagrams as shown below

The above 36 Coordinates plus one of the Observer-Observed pair equals 37. This is the Observed free will determined by the numbers of heads or tails in your coin-throw to obtain the hexagrams. The other half of the Observer-Observed interplay is embedded in the Observer’s mind interacting with the Tetragram symbols. Formed by the Free Wills of picking Yin or Yang lines symbolized by the Holon of 27 yin—27 yang—27 neutral Bigrams in forming the 81 Tetragrams (inter symbol), where the neutral line symbolizes free will.

The 64 Hexagrams are visible logic, while the 27 line diagram-Holon that formed the Tetragrams are invisible logic, due to the Observer’s free will. This explains why the 64 Hexagrms are used in the I-Ching Logic, while the meanings of the 81 Tetragrams are hidden in the Logic of the T’ai Hsuan Ching (a Lost companion of the I-Ching). The Hexagram line diagrams symbolized Matter Logic, while the Tetragram line diagrams denote Being Logic.

The ratio of Matter Logic divided by Being Logic equals

37 / 27 = 1.37037037…

The value 137 is the fine structure constant. One can also call this fine structure constant, namely the logic of binding light with matter or:

Fine Structure Constant → Binds Together Matter Logic with Being Logic to form the encoding logic of a Matter-Being Universe inside the computer.

The I Ching is claimed by learned Chinese scholars of all the dynasties in Chinese history and among European scholars as the most remarkable book of the world  literature. However, the Matter-Being Paradigm’s involvement with the I Ching is not its literature but its line diagram logic to be used as machine language for the Vacuum Computer. Leibniz first brings the line diagram logic of the I Ching hexagrams to the consciousness of modern binary arithmetic. The present paradigm expands the binary arithmetic of yin and yang into a set of 10-dimensional machine logic of the vacuum computer. This set of 10-dimensional logic is one of many 10-logic potential, as described in this Website.

Physics is the paradigm for all Western material sciences. On the other hand, I Ching is the paradigm for all Chinese sciences that involves the logic in Being, especially health. Thus, besides borrowing the I Ching line diagrams for use in defining the machine language of the vacuum computer, those Being Logics in Chinese sciences were also integrated with Matter Logic in quantum-relativistic physics. In this respect, the logic in Nei Ching (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) was especially important in this integration.

AND SO ON… (See Postings of later dates the derivations of all other physical constants and the integration of Chinese concepts of Health with the quantum observer-observed concept. Vice versa, the concept of an acu-point is integrated into the notion of a monopole or information potential, and the concept of mind-soul-spirit health in Nei Ching is integrated into the three levels of Matter Logic.)


AND SO ON… (See Book for details)


The Universe modeled as a Computer Program inside the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer has a direct correspondence with the Akasha Chronicle of the mystic. In Rudolf Steiner’s explanation:

Everything which comes into being in time has its origin in the eternal. But the eternal is not accessible to sensory perception. Nevertheless, the ways to the perception of the eternal are open for man… Then he can see in events what is not perceptible to the senses, that part which time cannot destroy. He penetrates from transitory to non-transitory history. It is a fact that this history is written in other characters than in ordinary history. In gnosis and in theosophy it is called the “Akasha Chronicle.” Only a faint conception of this chronicle can be given in our language. For our language corresponds to the world of the senses… To the uninitiated, who cannot yet convince himself of the reality of a separate spiritual world through his own experience, the initiate easily appears to be a visionary, if not something worse.

The language of this non-transitory history is an observer-observed interface language. The observer is the intention inside the programmer’s mind. While the observed are the interplay inside the Holon of [observer’s intention]—[the computer’s machine language]—[ computer execution and/or outputs]. This interplay is a lock-key Holon. It is through this lock-key Holon that realities are formed in the observer’s mind (at the brain-soul and/or brain-spirit crossovers), in the computer’s encoded modules (the 10-logic-potential mondalas), and in the Akasha Chronicle (the paths of the mondalas). These realities again form a Holon. These paths are based on either the mathematical (or topological) logic of the physicists or the visions of the mystics.

Crossover Holon of Observer–Akasha Chronicle–Observed
At Brain-Soul Crossover

Mystic -> Quantum Observer

Radionics -> Executing Information-Energy (or Subtle Energy) at Holon of brain-soul crossover. The Information-Energy is unstable and temporary due to the ever-changing state of the soul. Radionics are produced temporarially Holon Implant on the Observed (”object”).

Psychic Visions -> Executing Information-Energy at Holon of brain-soul crossover. Information-energy appeared as visions in the mind of the observer.

Psychic Attack or Healing -> Executing Information-Energy directed to the Observed. In the Attack case, the Information-Energy is negative. In the Healing case, the Information-Energy is positive.

At Brain-Spirit Crossover

Conscious-Intentions -> Reading of Logic-Information at the Holon of brain-spirit crossover for answers to a particular question. Accuracy depends on the specificity of the question and its “logic-accuracy”. Reading of computer program modules may initiate encoding of logic-information into the computer modules and their paths (see quantum experiments).

Dowsing –> Reading of Logic-Information at brain-spirit crossover for yes-no answers to simple questions, whose answers are already in the computer module.

Quantum Experiments -> The Computer learned the Observer’s (or Experimenter’s) Intention and self-programmed the intention into the program module by converting intention into computer machine logic. Yet these experiments will be disturbed by soul-particle entanglements, thus information shielding is necessary.

God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution

Continued from Alchemist and ORMUS Elements
Co-Creation Chemistry: Co-Creation follows the following three steps: (b) formed by the atom-soul-actions of H(172) inside Set-3 (0-36 Octaves); (c) guided by the atoms respective spirit-potentials embedded in the involution logic of H(172) inside Set-1 (72-108 Octaves); and (a) output in groups of atoms forming molecules into Set-2 (36-72 Octaves).

The atom in these molecules contains a physical nucleus bound with an electron shell separated by a 3-D space. Notice, the outputs are molecules rather than atoms. The atoms are always in a semi-stable state of becoming a stable molecule. These semi-stable states are the changing logic of the periodic table, or the changing magnetic potentials (or monopoles) to stable electric dipoles. All three steps are bound together by the fine structure constant and number constants together with other physical constants.
A Matter-Being Paradigm
Matter-Being physics is the physics at the crossover, where the non-local Holon Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution operates in creating a possible synthesis between Creationism with Cosmology, Intelligent Design with Evolution, Spirit with Non-locality in Logic, Soul with Quantum Wave … and finally Ancient Wisdom (e.g., I-Ching logic as shown below) with Modern Physics. Here involution is defined as the logic that guides evolution, with their differences equal to entropy.
First Cause, Biblical Logic: “As for God, His WAY is perfect”. “The Law of the Lord is perfect”. E. W. Bullinger stated in Number in Scripture, “They are both perfect in power, perfect in holiness and righteousness, perfect in design, perfect in execution, perfect in their object and end, and may we not say, perfect in number.” And I would say, God’s Law is locked in number 9.
God is a non-local observer. His input that started the First Cause is locked in number 9, operated non-locally in base-9 (i.e., modular 9) arithmetic. Number 9 is not in the pre-heaven octagon (see diagram below). Locked in number 9 is the pre-heaven octagon with numbers 1 to 8 and their corresponding line diagram logic; namely trigrams of yin (— —) and yang (——) lines. Also, locked in number 9 is free will, denoted by a neutral line (— — —). Thus, in these trigrams, the free wills to pick yin or yang lines in their formation has been decided. These trigrams are referred to as thought particles in forming the logic components of elementary particles (see Part III of Chapter Two). In addition number 5 is not in the post-heaven octagon. Embedded in number 5 is the post-heaven octagon with its mappings of numbers and trigrams. Notice the symbolic similarity between yin-yang lines and open-closed strings in String/M-Theory.

Conservation of Matter: d(Logic potential + Information potential) = d(Energy Mass)

Logic potential -> Dark Energy, Information Potential -> Dark Matter,

Quantum Probability -> the probability of the lock finding the key and opening it

Heisenberg Uncertainty -> Thinks, where the lock is located, is often in conflict with knowing where the lock is located. The former is a brain operator while the latter is a heart acu-point operator

The Logic of free will is symbolized by neutral line (see coordinate below) as formulated in the Tao Te Ching -> Free will in Matter (Nature), Tai Hsuan Ching -> Free Will in Being (Human mind). In addition, each number 1 to 9 generates infinite series in Bases 2 to base 9. Creation is in the Holon of Line-Diagrams–Bases-Numbers–Singularities (Crossovers)

    modular 9 -> 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6+ 7 + 8 + -> 36 -> 9

In the logic of the virtual-vacuum computer, yin-yang lines are the bits, while yin—yang—neutral lines are the qubits. God’s First Cause is a Vacuum Computer. This computer is in inner space, i.e., inside zero. Outer Space is outside zero. Numbers in inner space are qualitatively defined and have personalities correlated to line logic diagrams. Numbers in outer space is quantitatively defined, e.g., in meter readings, and formulated by math operators. In addition to wave and particle, the logic component of elementary particles is defined with computer logic line diagrams (see Part III of Chapter Two of the Book).

Their activities are in 11 logic-information dimensions, rather than physical dimensions (i.e., 9-number, free will, plus the dimension of love in inner space that corresponds to gravity in outer space). The 9 number dimensions are mapped into the following 9 line diagram dimensions: yin, yang, neutral line, and the six line dimensions in the hexagrams. This map, in the form of trigrams, is shown in the above diagram by 3-octagon arrangements. These dimensions are entangled in an uninformed observer state in a field of free wills, which are illustrated in the above building an Ark diagram. The diagram below illustrates the communication between the line diagrams, namely between tetragrams with the changing neutral lines (the key) and hexagrams (the lock) and between their embedded bigrams, trigrams, and the yin-yang bits.

Being Logic at Crossover, the Transition Now State: At the crossover, transition between Matter Logic and Being Logic is where the programs of the virtual computer are created and co-created. The transition physics involves the non-local connectivity of the following Holons: Symmetry Breaks in Number-Dimensions—Line-Diagrams—Free-Wills, Conservations of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution, and the formation of Holographic grids in 3-D Space—Physical-Constants—172 Bio-Atoms, Nuclear—Atomic—Particle, Connectivity of Isotopes—Fermionic-Condensates—Bosonic-Condensates, Particle-Antiparticle coupling in β—γ—α Decay/Synthesis, Living-Nonliving connected via information and/or magnetic monopoles in DNA—Acu-Points—Chakras, Junk-DNA—RNA—Crossover, etc.. These non-locally connected Holons are modules within God’s Vacuum Computer, self-programmed in line diagrams. Formulated in these modules are the logic-information potentials of the universe. Their corresponding physical forms are monopoles and magnetic monopoles. In short, this is a 10-information-dimension spintronic living computer. A very primitive example of a line diagram computer is the Lo Pan, an ancient 18-ring (18 -> 9 + free will is 10 information dimensions) slide rule as show below.

The Lo Pan calculations are based on the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams plus free will, in 27 information dimensions namely, 10 stems, 12 branches, and 5 elements. The Lo Pan is not only an astrological computer but also a diviner’s plate to compute the astrological-human (or the observer) non-local/local information/entropy connections (or Ch’i/Qi connections).

The examples for the H(172) non-local/local logic for the three categories of (a) Bio-Atoms in 36-72 Octaves, (b) DNA in 0-36 Octaves, and (c) Acu-Points in 36-72 Octaves are formulated in line-diagrams, the language of God’s Vacuum Computer. The three modules of H(172) are self-encoded in a common program. The transitions at the singularity crossover inside the information vacuum between (c)-(a) and (c)-(b) are a computer execution of this computer program in the form of information-energy satisfying the related logic potentials known as information-magnetic monopoles. Finally Creation or Co-Creation is, the outputs, of God’s computer. The details are discussed together with the illustration of the line diagram models for elementary particles, bio-atoms, DNA, Acu-Points, and so on are in various Chapters Two and Three of the Book.

Paradigm-God Summary
The design, as argued in this book, is created / co-created by a set of common involution logic encoded in God’s vacuum computer. I use the word God because there exists no term to identify the input of number 9 that started this self-programming vacuum computer via symmetry breaks into the three-octagon coordinate system. The word God is as good as any other term such as the Creator, the Inputer, and so on. The Who-What of God is unknowable, since He, She or It is outside of our universe and thus outside of human understandings.
This universe started with a First Cause by God’s input of intelligence into number 9 and it’s embedded in three Octagons as an absolute set of coordinates. In this First Cause, the thought octagon contains the free-will of God. Embedded in number 9 are the involution logic for pre-post heaven octagons and the logic-language for His self-programmable vacuum computer. This set of logic [e.g., yin-yang lines] represents the universe’s (initial-conditions)—(Evolution-logic)—(Final-conditions) and became a set of locks. The Second Cause has to do with co-creations by the Thought Octagon in an observer-observed state that satisfies the lock-key relationships. Entropy is those misinformed logic differences between involution and evolution. This set of locks became the fine tuning instructions. Involution—Entropy—Evolution are encoded in the computer connected to the singularity of Mind—Soul—Spirit and Logic—Information—Energy crossovers.

(This page continues in Repeatability in Quantum Technology, a page under construction)