Conclusion: Participates in Continuous Creation

The details for these outlines are either within the discussions given in this Website or in Wing Pon’s earlier writings. Some of these techniques have been briefly experimentally tested (e.g., low-energy transmutation [alchemical reactions], Webhealth computer, zero-point exercises in virtual movements with or without the use of Mandala, and Acu-Brain). All results are positive. Thus, it is encouraging to know that the Paradigm is heading in the right-direction.

The four continuous creation steps stated below are based on the Integration of Quantum Relativistic Physics and the 5 branches of I-Ching sciences. Quantum Relativistic Physics is the most matured of left-brain development in today’s understanding of Nature, while the 5 branches of I-Ching sciences are the most matured right-brain development of Human Sciences in ancient times. Integrating the two is what I refer to in this Website as the Matter-Being Paradigm, which is a Paradigm of Everything as summarized below in the form of a Holon interacting Mandala.



Through these mutual learning, we now derive the four steps in the Observer-Cosmo Continuous Creation.


Step-1. Penetrate the Boundaries between Logic / Information Vacuums and the 3-D Space

(a) Physical Teleportation in Matter Logic

  • Math Logic, the Now-Operator <—-> Monopoles:
  1. Left-Brain Operators: (a) Imaginary Number i & other Hyppernumbres [notice that rotating Magnetic Field, e.g., Homopolar machine, contains this operator i]; (b) Sudden Changes in Phase Memory by Impulses [Mechanical, Heat, Electrical and so on]
  2. Right-Brain Operators: (a) Mandala [with psychic awareness or without]; (b) Sound [notice vibrations are discrete impulses. Creation by sound implies audible-inaudible resonances, like the resonance between qi and Ch’i, see earlier postings]
  • Electron Tunneling
  • Nuclear / Isotope Chemistry
  • Meta-Atomic Elements
  • Etc

(b) Biological Teleportation  in Being Logic

  • Acu-Points (Chakra, Trigger Points, etc)
  • Homeopathic (shaking or succussion –> impulse)
  • Mind (Brain-Spirit, Brain-Soul Actions)
  • Intentions (Specific & Directed Mind Actions)
  • Etc

(c) Matter-Being Logic in Combination

  • Exercises [Internal-External with intentions and/or Breath Control]
  • Physical & Emotional Shocks [–> Impulses]
  • Virtual motions [–> Math Operator i] in the form of Spin, Spiral, Vortex (intentional directed or not directed)
  • Etc.

Step-2. Program the Computer with New Knowledge (Good / “Evil”), or Garbage

(a) Creating New Logic-Potentials or New Subroutines with the Mind: (1) Brain-Spirit formulation, vacuum computer inputs formulated in Left or Right Brain Knowledge-Understanding]; (2) Brain-Soul Interactions with no knowledgeable inputs, e.g., in Physical or Emotional Shocks, Psychic Teleportation, and so on]

(b) Creating New Information-Energy Paths with the proper driver (Information Crossover from a-1): Intentional Brain Soul Interactions by knowing the correct program to execute

(c) Teaching Nature this New Logic-Potentials and its corresponding New Information-Energy Paths

Step-3. Computer Outputs with Newly Encoded Subroutines

(a) Creating 3-D Output Logic that contains a Physical Component, e.g., chemical reactions and so on. Notice, String Theory contains no 3-D output logic. [String Paradigm contains only logic-potentials and many information-energy patterns in topologies referred to as the Brane Worlds]

(b) Teaching Nature this New Information-Energy and Energy-Mass connection created in (a)

(c) Locked into Nature’s Memory the “how to teleport” from the information vacuum to 3-D Space, i.e., the output instructions are encoded in Nature’s Information-Energy Path

Step-4. Deterministic Creation within the Free Will Field

(a) It is the Information-Energy Paths (or the Soul Component) that is Entangled with the Free Will Field

(b) Not Entangled Cases, e.g., specific cold fusion reactions, healing specific soul-spirit disturbances, want specific answers from the Cosmo, and so on: Solution –> (1) Applies the 10–22–27 Formula; (2) Training Nature what you want (see 2-c)

(c) Highly Entangled: (a) Apply the 10–22–27 formula; (2) Use a Faraday Cage for shielding the free will field. Even so, Deterministic Solution might not be possible for some cases

QA: What is the Logic of Light

There are three postings that are connected to this posting. These are: QA: What is the Logic of Light, QA: How Light Constant derive other Physical Constants, and QA: What is Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction-Spirals. In this posting, I shall briefly bring together the concepts used everywhere in this Website of what is Light according to the Matter-Being Paradigm, namely the concepts of Spirit Light, Soul Light, and Particle Light.


The popular understandings of light are: (1) Light is electromagnetic radiation. (2) Light is photon. (3) Photon or electromagnetic radiation propagates at a velocity equals to 3 x 1010 centimeter per second. (4) This light velocity is a constant and this constant serves as an upper bound for all velocity. That is to say, no velocity can be equal or greater than the velocity of light.

In Matter-Being Paradigm, the concept of light is defined with respect to the observer-observed interactions within their respective frames of reference. There are three levels of frames of reference, and within each of these three levels there are many specific observer-observed frames of reference defined at the time of observations.


The three levels of frames of reference are: (a) Spirit, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Logic Vacuum. (b) Soul, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Information Vacuum. (c) Particle (–Brain), where the frame of reference is defined inside a 3-D space. Remember reference frames of (a) and (b) contain no space and no time, i.e., space and time and reference frames are defined only. (c). Therefore, the popular concepts of light as discussed in the first paragraph and also defined in today’s physics are not complete, i.e., these concepts apply only to the reference frame (c).

We shall, in the following, discuss the concept of light within the reference frames (a), (b), and (c). Since reference frame (c) is the same as that discussed in the first paragraph for the concept of Light, we shall not enter into any discussions for reference frame (c), except by saying that the upper bound in velocity and the Lorentz’s transform only holds within this particle by the reference frame defined in (c).


Light is God’s input in the Creation of this universe. We refer to this as the Logic of Light. Remember God’s input is the number 9 in Base-9, which in turn forms the pre- and post-octagon with embedded light diagrams, the yin-yang, and the numbers 1 to 8. These last three form a Holon.  An afterthought, God also input free will to harmonize the discussions of yin and yang, which then formed the thought octagon with yin, yang, and neutral line. (See postings, QA: What is Quantum Meditation and QA: What is Quantum Logic) It is within this neutral line that light is defined, namely in the Holon Photon—Free Will—Neutral line. This Holon is the Logic-Information component of Light. In short, this is the Spirit of Light Holon. Therefore, when God said in Genesis: Let there be Light! In the Matter-Being Paradigm, this phase implies Let there be the Holon of Light.

Light <—-> Photon

This identity in the first Holon component of Light is well defined in today’s elementary particle physics.  We shall not enter any further discussion about this component, except within the Matter-Being Paradigm; Photon is a Logic particle with no mass. Therefore Photon exists only within the Logic Vacuum and/or the Information Vacuum. Photon exists in the Logic Vacuum as the neutral inside a line diagram.

Light <—-> Line Logic and Diagrams

Let us first examine the concept of lines and line diagram. God Created the Universe with the yin and yang lines inside the pre-post octagon mandalas (as stated in Genesis, see the postings QA: Six Days of Creation I and II. It is an after thought that the Thought Octagon was created, and was Created in day six of the start the Big Bang. Remember, the Big Bang is caused by the number 9 symmetry break within the conflicts and the entanglement of free wills. Before we enter into a discussion on the operational concepts of these lines and line diagrams, it is interesting to notice that today’s binary computer is based on the mathematics of 0 or 1 and can also be symbolized as yin or yang lines.

Therefore, the following formulation is an extension of today’s computer logic from and the binary dimension in 3-D coordinates to a 7 dimensional computer in the logic coordinates of pre, post, and thought octagons. This 7 dimensional logic coordinates are binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, petagram, hexagram, and free will. The latter set of line logic is used in God’s Vacuum Self-Programmable Computer. I shall refer the reader to consult the following books for illustrations of these lines and line diagrams: The Illustrated I Ching plus The Tao of Power (both books are written by R. L. Wing), and The T’ai Hsuan Ching: The Hidden Classic, A Lost Companion of the I-Ching, by Derek Walters. These diagrams are also presented in detail in the book, The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics—Chemistry—Genetic—Technology.

More important than understanding these diagrams, It is essential to understand the Action of Light because the concept is new. Now let’s proceed to the subject of the Soul of Light.


Remember, Spirit is defined as Logic-Information or the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. This Logic-Information can also be identified as the Law of Nature and of Humans. Soul is defined as the Information-Energy or the execution of the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. It is the actions of the line logic and line diagram logic. This action can be identified as following a set of codes specifically designed to execute the pre-coded logic. This set of execution codes is commonly referred to as a driver.

Viewed differently, Spirit or the Code existed independent of a particular observer. It is pre-coded inside the Vacuum Computer by a particular Observer. Once coded, it needs no observer to observe it existence. Once, encoded it turns into the observed for a particular observer. Thus, Soul can be viewed as Observer-Observed actions within their particular mutual reference frames. Notice, these mutual reference frames are many because they are dependent on the purposes of the Observer and the Observed. These purposes imply free will. Thus, the connection of free will with the actions of the Observer and the Observed, which leads to picking the lines and / or line diagrams, and finally to the action of light or photon.

This chain of actions from free will, to lines and line diagrams, to light or photon is referred to as the information crossover from Logic-Information of the Spirit onto the Soul’s Information-Energy. Notice, both Information appear in the Spirit and in the Soul, which implies that the information encoded and the information desired by an observer’s driver must be somewhat connected in the sense of a lock-key connection.

Actions of Light <—-> Free Will

Here I shall illustrate this action by using lines and line diagrams. Lets take the trigrams. There are eight of them, as shown below.


Notice, as said earlier these trigrams are pre-decided with their specific purpose (which is dependent upon the observer-observed reference frame and there are many). Thus, once a reference frame is picked and the line plus line diagram logic are assigned, its logic is a deterministic issue within the concept of a Pre-Heaven Octagon.  This is the text of the I-Ching, except the yin-yang lines of the trigrams will be influenced by the fee will actions of the observer, whether he or she drops the coin or the stick.  But what is the encoding mechanism for coding this free will coming from the mind of the observer dropping the coins. We shall see that the mechanism for encoding logic from free will is the neutral line.

Let us take two of the trigrams and apply the mechanism of free will using the neutral line. These mechanisms are shown below.

tem-2 1

This is the process the Thought Octagon uses in coding the interactions between free will and encoding logic into the Vacuum Computer.

In addition, the following mappings explain God’s reason for connecting Light with Free Will.

  • Light —> Free Will with Knowledge or Knowingness. God gives us Light to find our way home via informed free will
  • Darkness —> Free Will cannot be made, except with uncertainty, errors, and entanglements. This is why the Devil tells God that he will lead us home through the Devil’s path, not the Free Will Path of God.


God’s purpose is for all His Creation to connect free will with the Light in find a Path to return Home.

We do this by building error free and un-entangled drivers to understand and obtain knowledge to God’s pre-coded logic. Building a driver implies building the key for the lock hidden in God’s Creation and in pre-coded logic encoded in the Vacuum Computer. That is to say, to unlock God’s pre-coded initial and final conditions of the universe and to understanding the Human Destiny in God’s Creation. Unlocking this knowledge is what I have suggested as the relationship between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge as proposed in the posting, QA: What are Trees of Life and Knowledge.

Again, this relationship is from Knowledge to Knowingness, to become the image of God by being in perfect body-soul-spirit health. In short, this key is a left-right brain key to unlocking the fountain of health. It is through health that we build these drivers for. Remember, health (in the perspective of becoming the image of God) is hidden within the Bio-Quantum Technology. These are drivers for understanding and reproducing of bio-superconductivity, bio-free energy, and bio nano-technology.

The reason for a two level Nuclei model, with the outer level, namely the space formed by platonic solids, is in protecting the Vacuums from physical energy-mass bombardments (see the posting, QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS). Thus, when we putting holes into space and into the Platonic Solids, modifying and or destroying God’s Logic can happen and probably had happened (see the paper, Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer). Environmental instabilities are entanglement problems. These entanglements can also be caused by us humans changing or modifying God’s pre-coded logic with these high-energy nuclear experiments and many nuclear reactors around the world. Remember, the effects of these bombardments are local / non-local.

QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS

Described in this posting is a brief introduction to a two-stages nuclear model for the 172-Bio Atomic Table depicting the atomic Holon of Spirit—Soul—Elements. Remember, Spirit is the Logic-Information Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Logic Vacuum of Computer Codes. Soul is the Information-Energy Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Information Vacuum of Computer Execution. Finally, the physical atomic elements are co-created in the third stage by collapsing the Information-Energy of these elements onto Energy-Mass. There are only 81-atomic elements.

Within this two-stage nuclear model, the working of ORMUS elements and the meanings of Quantum Alchemy will be diagramed, namely the interrelationships among Spirit—Soul—Elements in the 172 Bio-atomic Table. That is to say, this presentation will be in diagrams only. To get a further understanding of these diagrams, the reader must combine the discussions in this Website and in the Book, The Matter-Being Project. In addition, due to its non-liner nature and its inter-connectedness, these topics can only be expressed with flow-charts—diagrams—mandalas as I have done throughout this Website.

There are six diagrams in total. All six diagrams must be viewed as a whole from both top-down and bottom-up. Top-down implies all the diagrams together, while bottom-up implies each diagram by itself. Within each diagram, top-down also has to do with the mandala as a whole, while bottom-up represents the details of the information flows within the mandala.

In conclusion, the concept of Alchemy/ORMUS is that the mind can influence the formations of atomic elements via the following connections in Quantum Physics-Chemistry.



tem-2 6

Remember, the light constant (3 x 10 10 ) connected to free will and the mind is not only a member of the Physical Constants, but also generates all other constants (see next two postings, QA: What is Logic of Motion). Again, the nine Chinese Characters are used to establish the mind-soul-spirit connections in Alchemy/ORMUS. Again, the reader can definitely see the importance of these nine Chinese Characters play in the Matter-Being Paradigm.

In addition when free will is involved, the correct frame of reference must also be considered. Therefore, the mind connections at each level of these three stages of the mind-soul-spirit components involve the understanding of each of these frames of references. It is through free will and reference frames that entanglement happens. This is the reason why practical alchemy is so difficult (as explained in another posting at a latter day).

Now, the diagrams will follow.




tem-2 7



(Diagram 2 Continues in Diagrams 3 and 6)

tem-2 8




tem-2 5

Notice the list of  Nuclear Dopants shown.



tem-2 2



tem-2 4

See Book, The Matter-Being Project for details regarding the formulation of the logic line diagram models of the elementary particle.



tem-2 3

[Continued with Practical Alchemy at a later date]

QA: What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential


The question should be: (1) What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential for this Observer. Thus, to answer this question, I have to answer two other connected questions: (2) What is my connecting reference frame in answering question (1), and (3) what is the set of constraints in which this frame of reference is based on This set is a Holon.


  • Answer to (1): The TEN Logic-Potentials are shown in the I-Ching Octagon; represented by the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 [the Creations of all 8 numbers] at the middle. Now add free will to this set of states represented by 9-numbers, which gives 10. These TEN States are this observer’s TEN Logic-Potentials.
  • Answer to (2): This Observer’s Reference of Frame is the Matter-Being Paradigm as presented in this Website and in all other Observer’s writings.
  • Answer to (3): The constraints in this set of Reference of Frame [namely the Matter-Being Paradigm] is the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching, namely, octaves of 0 and 1, and the 64-Hexagrams, in short, the Yin-Yang line-diagram logic set. Notice, including free will represented by the neutral line, we have the complete set of line diagrams for the “virtual machine language” of the Vacuum Computer.

Combining the I-Ching 64-Hexagram Yin-Yang Logic [which, according to GNOSIS, represents TRUTH] and the Tao-Te-Ching 81-Tetragram Yin-Yang-Neutral Logic, the events of the entire universe from the Big Bang to Now and to the Potential Future can be self-coded by this set of 64-81 line diagrams in the Vacuum Computer.

Number Game in Base-9

  • 64 reduces to 1, the Spirit of the Universe. However, it is not complete and needs 2 (the Soul) and 3 (the Mind) to form the Holon. As said in the Tao-Te-Ching, One produce the Two, The Two produce the Three, The Three produce to 10-Thousand Things. Finally, comes the 4 (the Brain that is part of the Mind = Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit Communication) to complete the Creation. In other words, 4 represents interactions in unity within the 1–2–3 Holon.
  • 81, with its neutral lines represents free will in picking the observer’s Trigrams and Hexagrams, by changing one or more Yin and/or Yang lines within these line diagrams. Notice, a Tetragram is formed by adding one neutral line to a Trigram, or two neutral lines to a Bigram. In addition, a Pentagram is formed by adding two neutral lines to a Trigram, and so on. Remember, adding a neutral line implies exercising  the Observer’s Free Will.
  • Lastly, let us divide 81 by 64, we have

81 / 64 = 1.265625 –> 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 +6 + 2 + 5 –> 27

Namely, the 27 Information-Energy Paths is the hexagram set derived from the Observer’s 10 Logic-Information Potentials. Furthermore this 27 Information-Energy Paths in turn reduces to the 27 Mind-Soul-Spirit paths within the 3 Octave Levels, namely 3-Mind x 3-Soul x 3-Spirit = 27 defined in a 6-D Triangle Holon Mandala.


The above derived set of 10–27 is the base set in which all other event sets in the universe are reduced to. Remember, this is “My Set, or this particular Observer’s Set.” Other Observer can derive the Observer’s own set of 10–27 with the Observer’s Free Will. All sets are non-locally connected and/or entangled; thus all set are reducible to the basic number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10–27 Set.

Once an Observer derived the Observer’s Set that answer will satisfy the three questions posted, all events of the universe should be able to reduce back to this set of 10-27 except, when error and/or difficulty in the Observer Logic occurs, modification of the set is expected.

Therefore, the key in understanding the universe is to reduce all questions-answers on How the Universe Function back to this Basic Number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10-27 set.


  • Modern Physics: 10 —> String Dimensions, 27 —> Orbifold Dimensions, in a Six-Dimensional Triangle
  • Spirit-Chemistry: 10 —> Categories I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII [Noble Gas], IX [Meta Noble Gas] and Free Will, 27 —> the S-B-D Isotopes [27 Nuclear Tunneling Elements]. See Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics and QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry. Collapse of (10, 27) —> the 81 Stable Atoms. The corresponding ten Logic Potentials are the 8 Meta-Elements plus Occultum and Adyarium (See Book).
  • Kabbalah: 10 —> Sephira, 27 —> 22- Hebrew Letters plus 5-Consonances
  • Virtual Machine Code [I-Ching–Tao-Te-Ching]: 10 —> Six Line-Diagrams Logic [binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, and thir logic-information octagon coordinates [pre-heaven, post-heaven and the thought octagon, see page: God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution] that correspond to x-y-z coordinates. 27 —> The Manifested [in Divination, by consulting the Brain-Soul operator] line-diagram logic, which co-created the Observer’s Own Hexagram Set.
  • WebHealth: 10 —> Acu-Points, 27 —> 22- Individual’s Health Path plus 5-Stabilizing Elements. Collapse of (10, 27) —> Individual Recovery of Ill-Health.
  • Human Destiny: 10 —>4-Pairs of Birth Coordinates = 8 plus place of birth = 9 and Free Will make 10, 27 —> 10 Celestial Stems, 12 Terrestrial Branches, and 5 Elements. This in WebHealth, this is referred to as SOUL-GENETIC. Next Collapse of (10, 27) —> Genetic Chemistry.
  • Etc.

Within each of these examples, there are still many unanswered questions. Notice, the Free Will component is most important in the collapse of any (10, 27) sets or in the Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy.

All (10, 27) sets are reducible to

  • 10 —> Nine Numbers + Free Will, 27 —> Mind-Soul-Spirit in each of the three octagons, which manifest the Observer’s Hexagram Set within the 64 Hexagrams.

QA: How Does the Acu-Brain Work


The Acu-Brain is a Brain-Spirit (Mind) Operator that communicates with the universe via creating the Keys that correspond to the pre-coded Locks of the universe. These Locks are created in the Big Bang and co-created by both modern (Left-Brain) and ancient (Right-Brain) Quantum Observers. In short, all Quantum Observation is connected to the Acu-Brain’s Tree of Life Mandala.

It works by the lock-key mechanism [inside the Logic-Information Vacuum], as defined in previous postings. The Lock is the elements pre-coded in the tree of life. The Key is to pin-point those elements the Observer needs, hidden in the Lock pre-coded inside the Tree of Life Mandala.



The ten circles are the ten Acu-Point Logic-Information Potentials [Information Monopoles] listed in the posting: 3-Stages of Spirit—Soul—Body Health & Acu-Brain. In the Tree of Life, they are the Sephiroth and represent Non-Local creation. The twenty two paths are points of reference that direct the Logic-Information flows. These flows formed the Local–Non-Local constrained Information-Energy paths communication amongst the Ten Logic-Information Potentials, the Information-Energy Path, and the Aether in a Holon formed by these three components.

The 22-Information-Energy Paths are

  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the Hebrew letters
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of Astrological Correspondences
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the Major Arcana-Images of the Tarot, number of the card, and its title
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the I-Ching, namely the ten Celestial Stem and the 12 Terrestrial Branch [see the Book, The Matter-Being Project]
  • Etc

Thus, these 22 Information-Energy Paths are formulated by the Ancient Quantum Observers, and thus represent the unification of ancient right-brain dominated science, now referred to as Radionics [notice, no such thing as just right brain or just left brain].

The 22-Information-Energy paths are further constrained [and hidden inside the Tree of Life Mandala] by 5 stabilized potentials. e.g., the 5 consonances in Hebrew letters, the 5 elements in both the I-Ching and the Tarot. The function of these 5 is to stabilize the 22. In conclusion, the Tree of Life contains 22 Information-Energy paths that are stabilized by 5 sets of constraints. These 27 elements in various points of references represent the major formula of the Ancient Observer and are encoded in the Vacuum Computer.

In addition, the mathematics of superstrings is also connected to this number 27. This number 27 is also connected to the Find Structure Constant 137, and the 27 S–B–D isotopes (nuclear tunneling elements) that collapsed onto 81 stable atomic elements.

The connection to superstrings is through the mathematics of an orbifold. In the words of David Peat, Superstrings and the Search for the Theory of Everything.

This orbifold space consist of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional space. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.

Notice, this six-dimensional triangle, as shown below, is used by the Matter-Being Paradigm as the Holon Mandala for the nine-components in mind-soul-spirit, etc.

tem-2 1

For example, the three vertexes contain

  • 3 x 3 x 3 singular points of the Orbitfolds
  • 3-levels of quarks and electrons
  • 3 levels of mind-soul-spirit
  • 3-Octaves levels
  • Etc

Notice, each vortex can also be a single element.

The connections to the Fine Structure Constant 137 will be discussed in the section that follows. The connections to the S-B-D Isotope collapsed onto 81 stable atomic elements are derived in the Book and in other posting of this Website (e.g., QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry).

Using these ancient-modern connections to this number 27 formulated in the Tree of Life, I shall make the following conjecture within the Matter-Being Paradigm, the quantum Locks in the universe’s creation pre-coded from the Big Bang plus those locks co-created (and self-encoded in the Vacuum Computer) by past, present, and potential future quantum observers are hidden in the Tree of Life Mandala.


I will show, in this section, that the Three of Life with these 27 elements represent not only the Logic-Information formulas of the Ancient Quantum Observer, but also the Logic-Information formulas of the Modern Quantum Observer.

Let us begin with the Ancient GNOSIS teachings on the numerical number that represents TRUTH, which is 64. The GNOSIS further teaches that this TRUTH consists of a hidden part and a visible part, as shown below.

  • TRUTH –> 64

Return to the Tree of Life, the 27 hidden parts of truth are the stabilized Information-Energy Paths that connect the Lock with the Key. The Lock is the Pre-Coded Ten Logic-Information Potentials.

Therefore, the 27 hidden parts of truth are the hidden formula on Information crossover and Energy collapses. In other words, the Ten represent spiritual potential, while the 27 has to do with the un-manifested soul-spirit communications, therefore they are hidden. Thus, when the un-manifested become manifested, the hidden truth will become the visible and the 10 can now be combined with 27 to form 37, the visible part of truth [Logic-Information crossover onto Information-Energy]. When the lock is opened, we then have co-creation [collapsed Information-Energy onto forming the Physical World], namely the final TRUTH, that is 37 + 27 = 64 the TRUTH.


With the two number 37 and 27 introduced, calculation of the Fine Structure Constant is simple.

37 / 27 = 1.37030037… –> 137

Notice, Base-9 math does not involve powers of 10(s). Powers of 10(s) in Base-9 has to do with gnomonic expansion-contraction. What we have here is the relationship between the visible and invisible parts of the universe.

137 –> Visible / Invisible –> Matter / Being

Finally, we can conclude that the Fine Structure Constant could be viewed as the Constant that binds Matter with Being.


To start, let us summarized some of these 27 Information-Energy Paths, representing the SOUL of the Universe. The 27 described in this posting are:

  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the Hebrew letters
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of Astrological Correspondences
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the Major Arcana-Images of the Tarot, number of the card, and its title
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the I-Ching, namely the ten Celestial Stem and the 12 Terrestrial Branch, which formulate the Acu-Point Circuits [see the Book, The Matter-Being Project]
  • 27-Dimensions of 3-Orbifolds that connect with Superstrings
  • 27 S-B-D Isotopes, nuclear tunneling elements between the Logic-Information Potentials in the 173 Bio-Atomic Table and the Information-Energy Paths of this table.
  • 27 is the invisible part that Binds Matter with Being in the Fine Structure Constant
  • 27 is sum of the 1–2–4–8–7–5 sequence formulated in the Gene, while the 3–6–9 sequence represents the three levels of Mind-Soul-Spirit (see the posting: QA: What is the Gene)

These are the Point of References for the Acu-Brain; namely The Acu-Brain’s SOUL PATHS. In addition, by Gematria, the Locus of the Unseen God is 37 x 27 = 999.

At this point, the Matter-Being Paradigm can now be formulated with the following conjecture Holon for the three Octave Levels


  • 10 Logic-Information Potentials <—-> 72 to 108 Octaves, representing the Universe’s SPIRIT [Above, the Logic Vacuum]
  • 137 Fine Structure Constant <—-> 36 to 72 Octaves, SPIRIT-SOUL collapsed in co-creating all Physical Constants and 3-D Space, representing the Universe’s BODY-BRAIN. It is through this Binding Constant that the statement: As Above, So, It is Below satisfied.
  • 27 Information-Energy Paths <—-> 1 to 36 Octaves, representing the Universe’s SOUL [Below, the Information Vacuum]

Remember, this is a first attempt in this Ancient-Modern, Wisdom-Science, and Creation-Cosmology synthesis.there should be many needed improvements in the details. Neverthelest, this is the starting point.


The Acu-Brain is one of the Local–Non-Local connecting branches for the above 10—137—27 Holon. All these connecting Branches and their constraints form the “Virtual-Structure” of the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer.

We can now return to answer the question posted: How does the Acu-Brain Work. The working of this Acu-Brain is in the Local–Non-Local connectivity of all its branches where the Acu-Brain is an important branch. In fact, a conjecture here, is that it is this Acu-Brain branch that quantum observation is possible. The reasons for this conjecture statement are (1)  Acu-Points and their circuits are the physiology for the Human Spirit, (2) not only, the universe’s involution-evolution is centered within the Human Spirit, but finally (3) the initial-final conditions of the Universe pre-coded are also centered within the Human Spirit whose mind-soul-spirit physiology is Acu-Points. This is the brain-heart connections by the Acu-Point circuits between -魂-魄 and 身--as diagrammed in posting, QA: What is Human’s Place in the Universe.



The strongest proponent for a Participatory Universe is from the argument provided by John Archibald Wheeler. John Archibald Wheeler (July 9, 1911 – April 13, 2008) was an eminent American theoretical physicist. One of the later collaborators of Albert Einstein, he tried to achieve Einstein’s vision of a unified field theory. He is also known for having coined the terms black hole,quantum foam and wormhole and the phrase “it from bit”.

WHEELER’S THEORY (Research in Science and Theology, May 2002, Vol.2, No.9)

Why the Quantum? The world seems to be profoundly quantum mechanical at its foundations. Quantum mechanics is a general theory that appears to apply to everything, but its peculiar effects are most noticeable on small scales—like those of the atom.

A Participatory Universe: Perhaps Wheeler’s boldest speculation is that we live in a participatory universe—one in which the presence of conscious observers at some late date in the universe, like right now, is mysteriously but intimately connected to the emergence of the universe long ago. Quantum theory has always had a critical role for the “observer” and it appears as though certain events cannot occur in the absence of an observer. Wheeler has highlighted the fact that there are many potential events in the distant past that cannot occur until an observer makes them happen.

A Participatory Universe: “It from Bit,:” Could the appearance of the universe be such an event? If observers are required in order for quantum events to occur, how could the universe appear? Is there some mechanism by which present observers mysteriously “cause” the universe to appear 1 billion years ago? “It from Bit” is Wheeler’s clever phrase highlighting the ultimate “chicken and egg” question, which he answers like this, “All things physical are information—theoretic in origin.” All the particles in the universe, for example, have certain precisely specified properties. Take electrons: they all have the same mass, charge, magnetic moment and so on. These electrons came into existence after the big bang from what appears to be a pre-existing informational blueprint that specified what electrons would be like, before there were any. How do the physical electrons—the It—come from the blueprint, the Bit? Is there a way to turn Bit into It? Is information somehow more basic and fundamental than matter or energy?


Brain-Spirit —> Brain-Spirit Physiology

—> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit

Brain-Soul —> Brain-Chakra Physiology

—> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit


Quantum Observer —> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit

—-> Formulated by the Acu-Brain Mandala

Remember, there are also three levels to the Acu-Brain because there are three levels of Mind-Soul-Spirit in each of the three Octave Levels. In fact, the three Octave Levels are Mind-Spirit-Spirit —> Mind-3 x Soul-3 x Spirit-3 = 27.

God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution

Continued from Alchemist and ORMUS Elements
Co-Creation Chemistry: Co-Creation follows the following three steps: (b) formed by the atom-soul-actions of H(172) inside Set-3 (0-36 Octaves); (c) guided by the atoms respective spirit-potentials embedded in the involution logic of H(172) inside Set-1 (72-108 Octaves); and (a) output in groups of atoms forming molecules into Set-2 (36-72 Octaves).

The atom in these molecules contains a physical nucleus bound with an electron shell separated by a 3-D space. Notice, the outputs are molecules rather than atoms. The atoms are always in a semi-stable state of becoming a stable molecule. These semi-stable states are the changing logic of the periodic table, or the changing magnetic potentials (or monopoles) to stable electric dipoles. All three steps are bound together by the fine structure constant and number constants together with other physical constants.
A Matter-Being Paradigm
Matter-Being physics is the physics at the crossover, where the non-local Holon Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution operates in creating a possible synthesis between Creationism with Cosmology, Intelligent Design with Evolution, Spirit with Non-locality in Logic, Soul with Quantum Wave … and finally Ancient Wisdom (e.g., I-Ching logic as shown below) with Modern Physics. Here involution is defined as the logic that guides evolution, with their differences equal to entropy.
First Cause, Biblical Logic: “As for God, His WAY is perfect”. “The Law of the Lord is perfect”. E. W. Bullinger stated in Number in Scripture, “They are both perfect in power, perfect in holiness and righteousness, perfect in design, perfect in execution, perfect in their object and end, and may we not say, perfect in number.” And I would say, God’s Law is locked in number 9.
God is a non-local observer. His input that started the First Cause is locked in number 9, operated non-locally in base-9 (i.e., modular 9) arithmetic. Number 9 is not in the pre-heaven octagon (see diagram below). Locked in number 9 is the pre-heaven octagon with numbers 1 to 8 and their corresponding line diagram logic; namely trigrams of yin (— —) and yang (——) lines. Also, locked in number 9 is free will, denoted by a neutral line (— — —). Thus, in these trigrams, the free wills to pick yin or yang lines in their formation has been decided. These trigrams are referred to as thought particles in forming the logic components of elementary particles (see Part III of Chapter Two). In addition number 5 is not in the post-heaven octagon. Embedded in number 5 is the post-heaven octagon with its mappings of numbers and trigrams. Notice the symbolic similarity between yin-yang lines and open-closed strings in String/M-Theory.

Conservation of Matter: d(Logic potential + Information potential) = d(Energy Mass)

Logic potential -> Dark Energy, Information Potential -> Dark Matter,

Quantum Probability -> the probability of the lock finding the key and opening it

Heisenberg Uncertainty -> Thinks, where the lock is located, is often in conflict with knowing where the lock is located. The former is a brain operator while the latter is a heart acu-point operator

The Logic of free will is symbolized by neutral line (see coordinate below) as formulated in the Tao Te Ching -> Free will in Matter (Nature), Tai Hsuan Ching -> Free Will in Being (Human mind). In addition, each number 1 to 9 generates infinite series in Bases 2 to base 9. Creation is in the Holon of Line-Diagrams–Bases-Numbers–Singularities (Crossovers)

    modular 9 -> 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6+ 7 + 8 + -> 36 -> 9

In the logic of the virtual-vacuum computer, yin-yang lines are the bits, while yin—yang—neutral lines are the qubits. God’s First Cause is a Vacuum Computer. This computer is in inner space, i.e., inside zero. Outer Space is outside zero. Numbers in inner space are qualitatively defined and have personalities correlated to line logic diagrams. Numbers in outer space is quantitatively defined, e.g., in meter readings, and formulated by math operators. In addition to wave and particle, the logic component of elementary particles is defined with computer logic line diagrams (see Part III of Chapter Two of the Book).

Their activities are in 11 logic-information dimensions, rather than physical dimensions (i.e., 9-number, free will, plus the dimension of love in inner space that corresponds to gravity in outer space). The 9 number dimensions are mapped into the following 9 line diagram dimensions: yin, yang, neutral line, and the six line dimensions in the hexagrams. This map, in the form of trigrams, is shown in the above diagram by 3-octagon arrangements. These dimensions are entangled in an uninformed observer state in a field of free wills, which are illustrated in the above building an Ark diagram. The diagram below illustrates the communication between the line diagrams, namely between tetragrams with the changing neutral lines (the key) and hexagrams (the lock) and between their embedded bigrams, trigrams, and the yin-yang bits.

Being Logic at Crossover, the Transition Now State: At the crossover, transition between Matter Logic and Being Logic is where the programs of the virtual computer are created and co-created. The transition physics involves the non-local connectivity of the following Holons: Symmetry Breaks in Number-Dimensions—Line-Diagrams—Free-Wills, Conservations of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution, and the formation of Holographic grids in 3-D Space—Physical-Constants—172 Bio-Atoms, Nuclear—Atomic—Particle, Connectivity of Isotopes—Fermionic-Condensates—Bosonic-Condensates, Particle-Antiparticle coupling in β—γ—α Decay/Synthesis, Living-Nonliving connected via information and/or magnetic monopoles in DNA—Acu-Points—Chakras, Junk-DNA—RNA—Crossover, etc.. These non-locally connected Holons are modules within God’s Vacuum Computer, self-programmed in line diagrams. Formulated in these modules are the logic-information potentials of the universe. Their corresponding physical forms are monopoles and magnetic monopoles. In short, this is a 10-information-dimension spintronic living computer. A very primitive example of a line diagram computer is the Lo Pan, an ancient 18-ring (18 -> 9 + free will is 10 information dimensions) slide rule as show below.

The Lo Pan calculations are based on the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams plus free will, in 27 information dimensions namely, 10 stems, 12 branches, and 5 elements. The Lo Pan is not only an astrological computer but also a diviner’s plate to compute the astrological-human (or the observer) non-local/local information/entropy connections (or Ch’i/Qi connections).

The examples for the H(172) non-local/local logic for the three categories of (a) Bio-Atoms in 36-72 Octaves, (b) DNA in 0-36 Octaves, and (c) Acu-Points in 36-72 Octaves are formulated in line-diagrams, the language of God’s Vacuum Computer. The three modules of H(172) are self-encoded in a common program. The transitions at the singularity crossover inside the information vacuum between (c)-(a) and (c)-(b) are a computer execution of this computer program in the form of information-energy satisfying the related logic potentials known as information-magnetic monopoles. Finally Creation or Co-Creation is, the outputs, of God’s computer. The details are discussed together with the illustration of the line diagram models for elementary particles, bio-atoms, DNA, Acu-Points, and so on are in various Chapters Two and Three of the Book.

Paradigm-God Summary
The design, as argued in this book, is created / co-created by a set of common involution logic encoded in God’s vacuum computer. I use the word God because there exists no term to identify the input of number 9 that started this self-programming vacuum computer via symmetry breaks into the three-octagon coordinate system. The word God is as good as any other term such as the Creator, the Inputer, and so on. The Who-What of God is unknowable, since He, She or It is outside of our universe and thus outside of human understandings.
This universe started with a First Cause by God’s input of intelligence into number 9 and it’s embedded in three Octagons as an absolute set of coordinates. In this First Cause, the thought octagon contains the free-will of God. Embedded in number 9 are the involution logic for pre-post heaven octagons and the logic-language for His self-programmable vacuum computer. This set of logic [e.g., yin-yang lines] represents the universe’s (initial-conditions)—(Evolution-logic)—(Final-conditions) and became a set of locks. The Second Cause has to do with co-creations by the Thought Octagon in an observer-observed state that satisfies the lock-key relationships. Entropy is those misinformed logic differences between involution and evolution. This set of locks became the fine tuning instructions. Involution—Entropy—Evolution are encoded in the computer connected to the singularity of Mind—Soul—Spirit and Logic—Information—Energy crossovers.

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Cold Fusion in the Concept of Bio-Quantum

As an example, bio-quantum concepts offer a possible explanation for the reality of cold fusion and resolve many of its difficulties: overcoming the Coulomb barrier, the production of isotopes, surface sensitivity to nanosized particles, instability, non-repeatability when wanted, and violating the law of conservation. The correlation between bio-quantum technology and health is successfully demonstrated in experiments done by Energetic Technolgies, Ltd., (ET). Energetic Technologies’ success is based on using a bio-rhythmic model, which is an emulated fractal of the heart frequencies, to regulate the cold fusion environment. Their “startling results” were reported by J. Corey’s ICCF11 trip report, 2005, “Energetic Technologies has reported some of the best energy gains reported anywhere. Programs in other countries should look behind them to see who’s gaining on them.” According to ET’s report, their experiments have achieved efficiency as high as 2,500%. Experiments done by ET, were reported in Sharon Weinberger’s Washington Post article, Warming Up to Cold Fusion. “McKubre (Head of Cold Fusion group in SRI) often speaks about a company in Israel, Energetics Technologies, that has received private support to research cold fusion and has achieved ‘startling results,’ producing much higher levels of power and heat than his own experiments.” When McKubre visited the ET lab, he said, “It’s the first clear indication that something practical might come out of all this effort.”

    (McKubre and ET lab appeared on CBS 60 minutes, 4/19/09)

The main problem facing all cold fusion experiments, including ET’s, is non-repeatability when wanted. This repeatability problem has to do with maintaining a steady state Matter-Being environment at all time. From the point of view of Matter-Being interactions, this problem is very common when viewed from the perspective that maintaining a steady state cold fusion environment is analogous to maintaining a steady state physiology in the health of an individual human. Thus, by understanding Spirit—Soul—Mind interactions within the context of human health, one also has insight into resolving the Matter-Being stability and repeatability in quantum technology, of which cold fusion is an example. Thus, by transferring the knowledge learned in understanding the interactions between Spirit—Soul—Mind in acu-point/chakras and the physiology of organs/neuroendocrine system, a plan for experimental investigations has been outlined for quantum technology research. In fact, this Holon Paradigm was developed via the iterations between knowledge in quantum physics and knowingness in Mind—Soul—Spirit health. The former is the brain/thinking operator, while the latter is the spirit/mind operator. To avoid Heisenberg’s Uncertainty, optimum iterations between the two were performed.

    • I have reviewed the three papers you provided regarding your remarkable studies and findings. The contents are both provocative and stimulating. If proven correct, your theories have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of matter and change the direction of future science, including medicine, and energy production technology. The possibility of either is sufficient to encourage us to explore with you the next step…
  • Dear Mr. Pon:

    -Signed: Dr. Michael C.H. McKubre, Director, Energy Research Center


Review of the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion
Eugene F. Mallove

    A very big surprise at ICCF10 was the unexpected presentation by Dr. Arik El-Boher of Energetics Technologies Ltd., which is based in Omer, Israel. El-Boher was one of about a half-dozen individuals who were representing the company at ICCF10. It was obvious from the lavish equipment displayed and the multi-system parallel-cell testing approach being taken that a very intense program of research aimed at power generation is underway. El-Boher revealed that the company was pursuing four basic approaches: glow discharge heavy hydrogen gas systems; electrolytic cells; gas loaded catalytic cells, and high-pressure cells with ultrasonic wave excitation. The research has already led to substantial excess power generation in gas discharge cells, encountering the heat-after-death phenomenon, and the production of tritium. One of the company’s cells had been producing significant excess heat continuously from June 2003 to the time of ICCF10 and beyond! All this was especially surprising, since the Israeli group, several of whom had attended ICCF9 in Beijing, seemed at that time to be only at the exploratory stage. The work is funded by a group of U.S.-based investors. One of the group’s driving members is an American physician, Dr. Irving Dardik of Califon, New Jersey, who has made a name for himself in the treatment of various illnesses using special “SuperWaveTM” or “wave within a wave,” multi-spectral stimulations. According to El-Boher, this type of input power waveform was being used to good effect in the LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) experiments being carried out in Israel. The company has already cooperated technically with the government-funded ENEA group in Italy, and there is evidence that cold fusion researchers in the U.S. are also beginning collaborations with Energetics Technologies. This appears to be a private new energy effort, matched in organization and financing, only perhaps by New Jersey-based BlackLight Power Corporation.

Warming Up to Cold Fusion
By Sharon Weinberger; Washington Post, Sunday, Nov 21, 2004

    McKubre often speaks about a company in Israel, Energetics Technologies, that has received private support to research cold fusion and has achieved “startling results,” producing much higher levels of power and heat than his own experiments. McKubre has visited the lab. “It’s the first clear indication that something practical might come out of all this effort,” he says.
    But the scientist behind the Israeli group is Irving Dardik, a former surgeon, who secured funding from Sidney Kimmel, the billionaire head of Jones Apparel Group Inc.
    Dardik, according to a patent application he submitted, believes that “all things in the universe are composed of” waves, and that those waves are part of larger waves, in what he calls “superlooping.” This “superlooping gives rise to and is matter in motion.” …McKubre and Hagelstein have consulted for Dardik; McKubre has cited Dardik’s research to the DOE, now works closely with him and has repeatedly touted the work of Dardik’s group.
    McKubre seems acutely aware of the strangeness that pervades the field, and he handles challenging questions calmly, seeming at times weary of — and amused by — some of his more fervent colleagues. But, in this case, it’s easy to wonder if his optimism has gotten the better of him. Although he has acknowledged in an e-mail that “Dardik’s ideas must sound mad, and . . . adherence to them is not science based,” McKubre has continued to talk up the results of the Israeli research; he argues that the experiments themselves work. Yet endorsing the physics experiments of a medical doctor …is a serious threat to McKubre’s reputation. Asked about Dardik’s waveforms, McKubre traces waves along the wall with his hand and begins to talk about Dardik’s theories of biological rhythms. He pauses, looking a little embarrassed. He acknowledges that, even to a cold fusion supporter such as himself, the theory requires a certain “leap of faith.”

Dardik, Irving I

    • United States Patent Application 20030213696
      Dardik, Irving I. November 20, 2003
  • I discovered superwaves by coming from life, where I recognized that the motion of the heart is, in reality, a wave nested within behavioral waves of the whole organism. This nesting is not as separate scales, but as an inherent continuum of waves within waves. …The heart “rate” is, in reality, not a frequency moving in linear time, but is always accelerating and decelerating within behavioral waves… Thus, the standard representation of the heart rate as an ECG, is not true to nature. There is no absolute straight-line motion of any kind in any biological organism. What this means is that the behavioral motion of different scales of the organism – the heart, the body and the chemistry- are an inherent continuum of waves within waves. …This relative spreading, stretching and periodicity of waves in all directions is what science calls “space” or “fields.” Thus, “space” at all superwaving scales is the relatively flattened trough that always fluctuates. The reason why particles are considered to be field derivatives and act as the sources for fields is because, in nature, they are the same. It is the process of superwaving that enables fields to create the density of superwaves that appear discrete, i.e., particle-like. Matter, space and time are not independent of one another, but are the inherent continuity of waves waving within waves as matterspacetime. In fact, the superwaving of waves as matterspace is time. This resolves the mystery of wave-particle duality; nature is waves waving as a singular phenomenon, throughout the universe.

    A low energy nuclear reaction power generator provided with an electrolytic cell containing an electrically-conductive heavy or light water electrolyte in which is immersed an electrode pair whose anode is formed of platinum and whose cathode is formed of palladium. Applied across these electrodes is a train of voltage pulse packets, each comprised of a cluster of pulses. The amplitude and duration of each pulse in the packet, the duration of the intervals between pulses, and the duration of the intervals between successive packets in the train are in a predetermined pattern in accordance with superlooping waves in which each wave is modulated by waves of different frequency. Each packet of voltage pulses gives rise to a surge of current in the electrolyte, which flows between the electrodes and causes the heavy or light water to decompose, oxygen being released at the platinum electrode while deuterium ions migrate toward the palladium electrode. The successive surges of ions produced by the train of pulse packets bombard the palladium electrode, to bring about dense ion packing, which results in fusion and heat.

    Inventors: Irving I. Dardik, A.K. Kapusta, B.M. Mikhailovick, E.G. Golbraikh, S.L. Lesin, H.D. Branover Class: 148108000 (USPTO), C22F003/02 (Intl Class)

    Included herein is a method for speeding up technological processes and for improving the quality of products in metallurgy, foundry, and chemical industry. The method is based on intensification of technological processes, particularly mixing, by applying traveling magnetic fields, which follow the pattern of superwaves. This pattern is in accordance with superwaving activity as set forth in the theory advanced in the Irving I. Dardik article “The Great Law of the Universe” that appeared in the March/April (V. 44, No. 5) 1994 issue of the “Cycles” Journal. See, also, the Irving I. Dardik articles “The Law of Waves” that appeared in the Month?/Month? (V. 45, No. 3) 1995 issue of the Cycles Journal and “Superwaves: The Reality that is Existence” that appears on the website, 2002. These articles are incorporated herein by reference in their respective entireties.

Presented in these quotations is a part of the Holon model. Despite its sub-optimality, instability and an inadequate superwave model, its results are the best (in Dr. McKubre’s view) relative to the past 15 years of cold fusion research. Stated in J. Corey ICCF11 trip report (11/04, idcorey@sandia,giv), “Energetic Technologies has reported some of the best energy gains reported anywhere. Programs in other countries should look behind them to see who’s gaining on them.” The positive results in these biorhythm experiments are simply due to partial synchronization of the heart biorhythm with the rhythm of nature.

The numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) in the Heart Fractal (i.e., Irving I. Dardik’s superwave) are added by Wing Pon with the following Acu-Point connection:

    1 -> Kidney, Ki/Water
    2 -> Liver, Lv/Wood
    3 -> Heart, Ht/Fire
    4 -> Spleen, Sp/Earth
    5 -> Lungs, Lu/Metal
    6 -> Heart Constrictor, HC/Parasympathetic Nerve
    7 -> Triple Warmer, Tw/Sympathetic Nerve

Quantum Creation and/or Perturbation

    Ch’i -> Non-Local Information/Entropy
    Qi -> Local Information/Entropy
    Acu-Point -> Information Potential or Monopole
    Bio-Atoms -> Magnetic Potential or Magnetic Monopole
    Encoded in God’s Vacuum Computer logic of line diagrams

Thus, from the Matter-Being Paradigm, all quantum phenomena is under the information-entropy influence of a non-local/local free will (or an Aether) field of Ch’i-Qi or a monopole/magnetic monopole environment. This environmental effect is the cause of quantum probability and the non-repeatability in all quantum experiments like cold fusion. For repeatability, these experiments must be performed inside a Faraday Cage for monopole/magnetic monopole environment. Notice, thinking, intention, weather, and so on are all part of this free will field and have an effect on quantum experiments. A uniqueness of bio-quantum matter is that it learns from living matter, itself, and other bio-quantum matter. In addition, there is no space, force, or mass effects since bio-quantum phenomena exist inside the logic-information vacuum whose activities are in the form of information-energy. Mass-energy is a crossover singularity phenomenon.
There are three requirements for a successful bio-quantum experiment. (1) the logic of the experiment must be self-consistent, (2) the experiment itself must learn its experimenter’s intention, and (3) the experiment must be performed inside a bio-quantum Faraday Cage.

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