Monopole–Zero Point–Dipole on Health




The above diagram also explains the connections between Information—Energy—Allopathic Medicine and Zero-Point Technologies.

tem2.1 1

With this brief summary, the experimentation—validation—execution of the Zero-Point Monopole—Dipole Matter-Being Paradigm on Health and future vacuum technology, as outlined in the continuation of Postings 15, 16, 17, and 18, can now be preceded with proper funding.


tem2.1 2


tem2.1 3

The above diagram connects Zero-Point Energy to Health.

The Chinese Character for Wind is Feng.

FENG: The Meaning of Wind in Chinese Medicine. With special attention to acupoint fengchi (GB-20). by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon

“A term in the field of traditional Chinese medicine that causes considerable difficulty for modern practitioners is wind (feng).  It is known as:

  • one of the six external causes of disease (six qi or six yin);
  • one of the conditions associated with the five elements systematic correspondences (wind associated with the wood element);
  • an entity that has an external and an internal origin, associated with diagnostic categories; and
  • one of the terms used in acupuncture point names, such as fengchi (GB-20), fengfu (GV-16), fengmen (BL-12), and fengshi (GB-31).

“The use of this term feng is so widespread and mysterious that a modern text on the underlying meaning of acupuncture point names is titled: “Grasping the Wind (1).”  Certainly, to understand basic Chinese medical thinking sufficiently to carry out an Oriental medicine practice, one must grasp the meaning of wind.”

“A difficulty with the term wind is that it is widely and freely used in the Orient in relation to health and disease, while it has no equivalent meaning or implication for Westerners in the medical field.  A patient unfamiliar with the use of the term may be told, “your condition involves wind,” or this treatment is for “wind-heat.”  The puzzling reference to a weather condition may call for explanation.   An appropriate depiction of the Chinese concept can set the stage for better appreciation of the Chinese tradition.  On the other hand, an unacceptable depiction can lead to even greater suspicion of the foreign concepts employed in the sometimes bizarre medical tradition that includes cupping, blood letting, inserting over a dozen needles in the body, and ingestion of large combinations of herbs.”

Modern Diseases Clarifications:

  • “diseases involving excess movement of the body: epilepsy (rare convulsions) and Parkinson’s disease;
  • diseases involving symptoms appearing in different parts of the body at different times: early stage rheumatism involving differing joints or skin rashes that appear in different places;
  • diseases involving loss of movement: stroke, paralysis, tetany, and coma;
  • various pain, numbness, and spastic syndromes, sometimes referred to as bi syndromes, including headache, toothache, limb numbness, tendon spasms, arthritis, deep bone pain;
  • diseases that are acute: common cold, influenza, sinus infection, skin eruption, sore throat, cough, eye disorders; and
  • diseases that affect the surface of the body (skin or flesh, rather than viscera): chronic eczema, leprosy, scrofula, hair loss.”

“In the field of modern medicine, a number of causative factors have been identified for the “wind” disorders of concern, including infectious agents, neurological problems, and autoimmune diseases.  Despite progress in scientific analysis, the reason that a disease has arisen in any individual may remain difficult to pin down; further, the manifestations among different patients varies, sometimes markedly.  None of the modern explanations for the cause or manifestation of the diseases and disorders inherently contradicts the traditional Chinese concept that they are caused by wind or somehow involve wind, but the explanations do seem more detailed and up to date.  The availability of modern explanations raises the question of how useful the ancient terminology is when it comes to understanding the disease and deciding upon the method of treatment.  Thus, it is important to get a sense of how much reliance there is upon the basic concept of wind in the Chinese system.”

In short, Wind (Feng) is a Pre-Quantum concept on Local—Non-Local Health as conceived by the Chinese, expressed in the Classic of the Nei-Ching.




tem2.1 1


Holon HC (—-> Ck-7—Ck-4—Ck-2) identifies the Local—Non-Local Involution Logic of the individual encoded in the Vacuum Computer.


Holon Tw (—> Ck-6—Ck5—Ck-1) indicates the stability Logic of the individual’s Local—Non-Local Health, defined by the difference between Logic of Now the Involution Logic encoded in the Vacuum Computer.


The order of these points listed below have no significant. The point descriptions are quoted from the book Grasping The Wind by Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman, and Ken Boss.

SI-12: Grasping the Wind (bing feng), A deep depression is found at this spot when the arm is raised. An invasion of external wind can get caught in this depression and cause shoulder disorders. In a manner of speaking, the point catches or “grasps” the wind. SI-12 is treated to relieve this type of shoulder pain accompanied by inability to raise the arm.

Bl-12: Wind Gate (feng men), Bl-12 is called Wind Gate both because wind pathogens enter the body there, and because the point can be used to treat exterior wind patterns. The alternate names feng fu, Wind Mansion, and Heat Mansion, slso reflect this line of reasoning.

Tw-17: Wind Screen (yi feng), This point is located behind the ear, which acts as a screen for the point, shading it and protecting it from the wind. In addition, the point may be utilized to dispel wind, thus screening the body from wind pathogens.

GB-20: Wind Pool (feng chi), The depression in which GB-20 is located resembles a pool in the landscape of the body. Wind pathogens are said to collect in this depression, and the point is used in the treatment wind disease.

GB-31: Wind Market (feng shi), Wind disorders can be treated by applying acupuncture or moxibustion at this point. Furthermore, wind qi may gather in this area like people gathering at a market or fair.

GV-16: Wind Mansion (feng fu), This point is used to treat wind disorders such as wind strike, stiff neck, headache, aversion to cold, visual dizziness, hemiplegia, head wind and wind cold. It teats both endogenous or exogenous wind, especially when that wind affects the brain. GV-16 is further considered to be appoint at which wind pathogens enter the body.

CV-4 (guan yuan, dan tian, …, 26 alternative names), Depending on which meaning of the character guan is considered, CV-4 is a “passageway of original qi (—> Ch’i)” the “ critical juncture of original yang and original yin,” or the place where “original qi is stored” [locked in —> computer encoded]. The rendering of this name as Origin Pass is an attempt to include all these ideas.

The plethora of alternate names for this point are a result of it being the site of uterus (i.e., blood chamber), the cinnabar field (dan tian), and the life gate fire.

CV-17 (dan zhong), This point is named after its location in the center of the chest. The Spiritual Axis calls this area of the body the “palace of the heart governor [Heart Constrictor, HC. This point identifies who you are, namely, the you encoded inside the Vacuum Computer]. This may explain the imperial nature of the point names in the region.

13-Collapse of NOW (4)




With respect to health, it is Wind that brings other 5 Evils Ch’i—Qi in with it. According to Chinese Medical Philosophy, Wind is the cause of the “100 diseases”. Wind has to do with the combined Collapsed of HC and Lv; both are Yin Acu-Point Circuits. Remember, HC connects to the Holon Circuits of Ck-7—Ck-4—Ck-1. On the other hand, its Yang partner Tw formed by the Holon Circuits of Ck-6—Ck-5—Ck-2. To complete, Ck-3 forms The Hara; the Holon Circuits of Sp—SI—GB.

靈 -魂-魄  —–> HC-Du and Tw-Ren [Neutral]

HC is a three Yin Circuits

HC —-> Ck-7 is Yin, Ck-4 is Yin, and Ck-1 is Yin

Tw —–> is 1 Yin and 2 Yang Circuits

Ck-6 is Yang, Ck-5 is Yin, and Ck-2 is Yang

Upper—Middle—Lower Warmer à 5-Element Holon

精-氣-神 —–> The Hara and Tw Holon [Neutral]

Ck-3, The Hara —–> is 1 Yang and 2 Yin Circuits

Sp is Yin, SI is Yin, GB is Yang

身-心-靈 —–> The 5 Pairs of Yin and Yang Circuits [Neutral]

The 5-Element Circuits


Wind —–> Lv-GB and HC-Tw

Heat —–> Ht and Ki-Chong

Fire —–> Ht-SI

Cold —–> Ki-Bl

Damp —–> Sp-SI

Dryness —–> Lu-LI

PRE-NATAL Connection

Chong —–> Sea of Blood [Spiritual / Genetic]

HC —–> Left-Brain, Pineal and The Limbic System

Tw —–> Upper Tw; Right Brain, Pituitary

POST NATAL Connections

Middle and Lower Tw

5-Element Pairs

BECHAMP Dominates


Heat —–> Connected to Fire-Cold as a Holon

PASTEUR Dominates

Fire —–> Connected to Heat as a pair

Cold —–> Connected to Heat-Fire as a Holon



The above outline is an attempt to illustrate the local/non-local—–Yang-Yin—–Pre-Post Natal Connection; and Bechamp-Psteur Connection within the Acu-Point / Chakra Circuits.

HOLON HEALTH IN Mind—Soul—Spirit or ----靈—靈 -魂-魄

PRE-NATEL [Collapses of 8-Birth Date Destiny]

Spirit-Genetic Destiny Connected to the Collapses of Celestial—

Terrestrial—5-Element Constellation at Birth

POST-NATAL [Unwanted 5-Element Collapses at NOW]

The Collapsed Interactions of between the Holon Celestial—

Terrestrial—5-Element Constellation at NOW and at


The 5-Element Mandala of the Chinese NAME will also be

used in this analysis

Bechamp-Pasteur HEALTH at Now [Live Blood Microscope and

Standard Lab analysis]

Chinese Pulse-Psychic Reading

PERSONALITY; State of Being Human; Collapses [the State of a

Perfect and a complete Being; namely the state of LOVE]


The Six Qi and Six Yin

by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, In such cases, the six qi are known as liuyin (six excesses) or even liuxie (six evils). ….. English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine (6)

The Six Evils or Six Pernicious Influences in Chinese Medicine

Jump to Wind‎: Wind is involved with movement and activity, and brings other evil Qi in with it. It is the most … 6) Wind-Rash. acute onset; moves around … Liver Yin Xu, Yang Kan – Long-standing Yin deficiency with Heat. long term use of …

@ The Cause of Blood Pressure–Heart Attack–stroke






陽明 —> Ying Ming—LI—St, 太陰 —> Tai Yang—SI—B), 少陽 —> Shao Yang—Tw—GB, 厥陰 —> Jueh Yin—HC—Lv, 太陽 —> Tai Yin—Lu—Sp, 少陰 —> Shao Yin—Ht—Ki

6-Evil Information-energy Flow

—> Local Heat—Ht—Fire, 相火 —> Non-Local Heat—HC—Minister Fire,  濕 —> Humidity—Sp—Earth, 燥 —> Dryness—Lu—Metal, —> Cold—Ki—Water, 風 —> Local & Non-Local Wind—Lv—Wood

The key is the three Non-Local Components. Two of these Non-Local Components involves with the cause of Blood Pressure—Heart Attack—Stroke; namely, and 相火

Thus, the cause Holon on Blood Pressure—Heart Attack—Stroke can be reduces to simply addressing the Blood Pressure/Cholesterol issue; namely, the Holon

  • [(-)]—[Local & Non-Local Heat]—[Heart & Heart Constrictor]
  • []—[Local & Non-Local Wind]—Liver
  • []—Cold—Kidney

This is the reason why there is a strong connection between Blood Pressure/Cholesterol and Heart Attack-Stroke; namely the three form a Holon. This connection reduces to the common Local & Non-Local effects of the Liver {Wind} and the Heart (the Constrictor). Notice, from the 5-elment theory both Liver and Heart are connected in a way that Liver promotes Heart functions.

Traditionally, the favored point for the entrance of 風 Fong [Wind] is at Fengfu [GV-16] whence it may spread up to Paihui [GV-20] to produce symptoms of headache, vertigo etc. and/or down to Ta Chui [Gv-14] to produce stiffness over the cervical and trapezial areas. As presented in the Acu-Brain Posting, GV-16 promotes Left-Right Acu-Point Normalization, and GV-20 mapped onto Ck-8 that integrates Spirit-Mind and Soul-Mind. Therefore, GV-16 and GV-20 definitely takes over the function of the Heart Constrictor. However, from the standpoint of treatment, it is easier to activate healing from the Heart Constrictor. Next, let us connect and Local—Non-Local effects between Wind [or Liver] and Cholesterol. This connection is shown in the diagram below


tem2 1

Show above: D-Glucose <—> Local collapses onto energy-mass / right-spin logic-information.  L-Glucose <—> Non-Local teleportation / left-spin logic-information

Glucose is one of the main products of photosynthesis and fuels for cellular respiration. Glucose exists in several different molecular structures, but all of these structures can be divided into two families of mirror images. Only one set of these isomers exists in nature. This is the Right-Spin refers to as D-Glucose.

Glucose is an ubiquitous fuel [local and non-local] in the biology of the Liver. It is used as an energy source in most organisms, from bacteria to humans. Use of glucose may be by either aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, or fermentation. Glucose is the human body’s key source of energy, through aerobic respiration, providing approximately 3.75 kilocalories (16 kilojoules) of food energy per gram.

The Chinese medicine explanation for strokes
An article by Fletcher Kovich
Western medicine believes that most strokes are caused by a blood clot travelling to the brain and blocking the blood supply to a part of the brain. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it
is understood that many strokes are not caused in this way. There is no blocking agent involved at all.
The damage to the brain during many “strokes” is caused by excessive “Liver energy” surging up into the patient’s head. This is the same mechanism that causes migraines, but the effects are much more serious because the brain has become weakened due to greatly depleted “Kidney energy” (depleted Kidney function).
One of the functions of the Kidneys is to nourish the brain. Kidney energy naturally diminishes as we go through life and in old age the Kidney energy has become greatly depleted. All the symptoms of old age are due to Kidney Deficiency (poor short term memory, failing hearing, frequent urination, problems with
knees or hips or ankles, brittle bones, low libido, hair turning grey and thinning and falling out).
Because the Kidneys have not been nourishing the brain properly for many years, the “substance” of the brain has become weakened (the Yin of the brain). The most noticeable symptoms of this “decay” are the poor short term memory and the failing hearing. This decay makes the brain much more prone to
damage. It is weakened and it cannot protect itself against the violent up-surging of Liver energy—when this happens.
In these patients, they may experience an attack of “Liver Yang Rising” (which is the Chinese medicine term for excess Liver energy surging upwards), and because the structures in their brain have become weak, this powerful energy surging upwards into their head causes brain damage. (If they were younger and their Kidney function were stronger, so that the substance of their brain were stronger, then they would only experience a migraine attack, or something similar—with no brain damage.)
The weak Kidney function in older people not only weakens the “substance” of he brain, but also makes it more likely that they will experience one of these Liver Yang Rising attacks. This is because strong Kidney energy plays a part in restraining this excess Liver energy. But not all old people are prone to building up this excess Liver energy, which explains why not all old people are prone to suffering strokes.
The most likely time of day for attacks
The Liver energy (or: Liver function, particularly its function of storing the blood) is at its most powerful between 1-3am. And the Kidney function is at its weakest between 5-7am. These two factors make it most likely that strokes of this type will occur in the early hours of the morning, and particularly around 5am.
This is because the Liver energy is at a high level and the weak Kidney energy is less able to restrain the Liver, so attacks become more likely.
Another factor that makes such strokes more likely. The Lungs ordinarily also play a part in helping to restrain the Liver. In patients where the Lung energy (Lung function) is weak, this makes them even more prone to this type of stroke.It is not easy to translate Chinese medicine concepts into language that can be understand by people who are only familiar with Western medicine beliefs, but this concept may be understood as follows.
The functioning of each of the twelve main organs varies in strength throughout the day. Each organ is most active at a certain time of day, and its functioning then diminishes until, twelve hours later, it is at its weakest. The Liver is at its most active between 1-3am and the Lungs are at their most active between 3-5am. When the Lungs are weak, they are less able to take their proper turn in the cycle of organs, and since the Liver reaches the peak of its activity immediately before the Lungs should reach their peak, this means that the Liver is left to go into excess, since the Lungs are not strong enough to take charge of the body’s energy resources as they should, and the resources are left in the hands of the Liver for longer than is normal.
How does this excess energy build up in the Liver?
Certain patients will be prone to this syndrome. Throughout their life, their Liver energy will tend to get blocked, and this energy will build up within the Liver until it reaches a point when the body must release it. In most cases, this excess energy then surges upwards into the head (along he Liver and Gallbladder
“channels”). This is the mechanism behind most migraines. Many migraines in women occur at a certain part of their menstrual cycle. This is because most period pains and pms symptoms are caused by this same blocked Liver energy. All these symptoms can be extremely strong, which reflects the power of this excess Liver energy. In men who experience migraines, they usually present a combination of weak Kidney energy and the tendency for their Liver energy to become blocked.
The Liver energy tends to become blocked in people who are too inflexible. They have an overdeveloped sense of right and wrong, and they will insist on rules of every sort being strictly obeyed. A “rule” might be something as simple as the way a particular household task should be performed, or it may be a convention in society, such as politeness or obeying social etiquette. The person’s insistence on these “rules” being strictly obeyed is the outward expression of the fact that their own Liver energy does not flow smoothly.
Another “blocking” factor for the Liver is when emotions are not released but are held inside, when people do not express grievances and prefer to “suffer in silence”. The Liver feels the offence, feels that the person is wronged, but this emotion is not released.
People with blocked Liver energy are also often angry people. This anger is another way that this energy can be expressed, or released. Physical stagnation is another factor that tends to lead to blocked Liver energy. Physical exercise enables the Liver energy to circulate. Indeed, when people are inactive for a long time, most people will become aware of an irritation developing around the level of their Liver, a feeling as though their blood were beginning to boil.
The Liver energy also becomes blocked due to “stress”. The person is trying to perform some task but something is preventing this from happening and the emotion they feel (the frustration) causes the Liver energy to stop flowing. They experience this same agitated feeling, as though their blood were starting to boil. This sensation is due to the Liver energy building up and creating “heat” within them. People often sigh in this situation, which is one of the ways that the body uses to attempt to move the blocked Liver energy (the diaphragm is beside the Liver, and deeply sighing, using the diaphragm, gives some momentary relief).

Two Paths: One Local and One Non-Local

Presented in this quote is the local interactions with non-local influence; namely Information—Energy [the Lv Meridian] interacting with Energy-Mass [Organ Function].  The key cause on Stroke and Heart Attack comes from Non-Local interacting between Negative-Information and Perverse Energy. In short, this has to do with Monopole—Dipole Interaction; namely, GV-16—Left-Right Brain, GV-20—[Spirit-Mind / Soul-Mind], and Ck-8—[Ck-7 / Ck-6], and so on with the non-local relations to the Heart Constrictor [HC]. I might also make the conjecture that the DNA, Hemoglobin, etc also have this Local—-Non-Local connection.

In addition GV-1 is a reunion point with Ren Mai, the kidneys, and possibly the gallbladder. It is in the connection between the kidneys and the Chong Mai and Dai Mai that the latter two can be viewed as monopoles, a conclusion stated in previous posting. Furthermore the Kidneys involve also with the Local / Non-Local Genetic information of the individual.

In conclusion, we have just illustrated an example of the Local & Non-Local Holon in Bio-Chemistry—-172 Bio-Element Table—-Acu-points. This example also suggest how the 27 Formula enter into the discussion either directly or indirectly in the Logic-Information background [reason for Faraday Cage]. In addition, the Observer’s Local / Non-Local Holon / Brain-Interactions is the Acu-Brain, which replaces the Du–Ren discussion in Ch’i-Kung.

The Monopole points are the Reunion Points of the Du—Ren—Chong Mai and the electrical zero voltage points; namely, GV-16, GV-20, GV-1—CV-1, CV-17, CV-4 / CV-7, CV-15, GV-26, and LBl-26 / RBl-26. Remember, Chong Mai does not contains points on its own.

The Monopole—-Dipole Table is shown below.

Monopole            Dipole

  • GV-20          All Yang Points
  • GV-1             Ren Mai, Ki, GB
  • GV-16            Yang Wei, Bl
  • GV-26                 LI, St
  • CV-7              Ki, Chong Mai
  • CV-4                Chong Mai
  • CV-17         HC, Lu, Ki. Sp, SI, T/Ms HC, Lu, Ht
  • CV-1                   Du Mai, St

T/Ms —> Tendino-Muscular

Thus, the Dipole points are pick from the corresponding Organ Meridians, as shown above.

These sets of Monopole—Dipole points / meridians might be the lost secret behind the act of Dim Mark 點脈 Dim mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack Acu-Points and meridians, said to incapacitate or sometimes cause immediate or even delayed death to an opponent.

Physiology II–of 靈-魂-魄—身-心-靈—精-氣-神

This posting formulates the Local / Non-Local actions, i.e., the communicational structures of the Logic-Information and Information-Energy for Spirit and Soul within the Vacuum.  As shown in the diagram-formulas within this posting, this communicational structure is a spiraling flattened open-ended nanotube. Notice, the Logic-Information / Information-Energy of the gnomonic spiral is also carried within this spiraling flattened open-ended nanotube. Thus, the first example on the Non-Local Carrier is connected to the physical constants generated by the gnomonic spiral of Phi (See posting on Physical Constants Generated by Phi).

Here, we shall examine this Local / now-Local Vacuum Carrier for Living Matter, namely carrying the message of 9 in 6—6—6 and 6 in 6—9—9. Embedded in this Vacuum Carrier is the Tetrakty with number logic added, as shown below, and included in the Nanotube formulas illustrated in Holon Dig1—Dig2—Dig3. This modified Tetrakty represents the Logic of Numbers and Sacred Geometry in the Being World. The contents illustrated in these diagrams are constantly changing—transmuting—transforming following the Logic (the Li) between Spirit and Soul from Magnetic Monopole to Electric Dipole; from Fractal Monopole (the Tao) to Yin-Yang Dipole; and back. These Spirit-Soul Local / Non-Local actions are equivalent to the pair productions in the virtual / elementary particle world of Matter.




tem2 2


tem2 3


tem2 4


tem2 6


tem2 7


tem2 8

The mappings of Platonic Solids with Chakras as shown in the above diagram  are from Blair. In the concepts of the Paradigm, each Chakra contains the entire Tetraktys. Yet, each Chakra has its dominating Solid, depending on the particular Holon defined by Observer—Observation—Reference Frame. In addition, the Spiral begins with Ck-3 for Human in an evolutionary stage. However, for Ascended HumanS or HumanS in an involutionary stage, the Spiral begins with Ck-4.

Dig-1—-Dig-2—-Dig-3 expresses the Ordered Fractal-Information Monopoles. To be correct, there are (perhaps even more) Disordered-Disinformation Fractals (depending on the Observer’s observation and Reference Frames) carried within these Monopoles. Both Ordered and Disordered Monopoles are important in understanding the reality of the Vacuum’s Local / Non-Local actions.

These Changing—Transmuting—Transforming Logic / Information Monopoles carried by Spiraling Flattened Nanotubes are the Matter-Being Paradigm’s interpretations of the Taoist concepts of ordered–disordered changes as expressed in the following diagram.


and are equivalent to the Elementary Particle Physicists’ observations and modeling of the Particle trucks (can be interpreted as tracks of Logic / Charged Monopoles), as shown below.

tem2 1

Top: Experimental Tracks; Bottom: Physicist’s Model

In Chinese Medicine, these Local / Non-Local Disordered-Disinformation Monopole Perturbations carried by the Nanotubes are referred to as —> Fire, affects Ht / Ki; 相火 —> Heat-Fire, affects Tw / GB; —> Damp, affects Lu / Sp; —> Dryness, affects LI / St; —> Cold, affects SI / Bl, —> Wind, affects HC / Lv. In treatment, it is the Non-Local (effects from Being perspective) part that is hard to diagnose and properly treat (both with herbs and acupuncture). To be specific (for examples), from the Matter-Being Paradigm, Blood-Pressure and the effects caused by changing weather have their embedded non-local perturbations in acu-point circuits HC and Tw. In addition, HC and Tw also have a direct influence on Heart Attacks and Strokes. In acupuncture, one needs to examine the Information / Magnetic Monopole perturbations. Another powerful example is the Non-Local nature of  DNA.

Holon Physiology-III

This is the Third posting.

  • First posting: Holon Physiology-I, The Big Picture
  • Second posting: Holon Physiology-II, Logic Component in Physiology
  • Third posingt: Holon Physiology-III: Logic-Information-Meridians: The Extra-Meridian Logic Collapsed onto 36 Information-Energy Meridian, which consist of 12-Organ, 12-Tendino-Muscular, 12-Longitudinal Lo, 12-Divergent
  • Forth posting: Holon Physiology-IV: Continues with the Information-Energy Meridians
  • Firth posting: Holon Physiology-V: Energy-Mass
  • Sixth posting: Holon Physiology-VI: Energy Function, Functional-Energy Medicine and Pre-Post Natal Psychology
  • Seventh posting: Holon Physiology-VII: Classes and Clinical Works-WebHealth

Only the Logic of Du, Ren, and Chong of the Eight-Extra Meridian Logic-Information Circuit are shown here in this posting.



Du Mai, CV-1, GV-1 Points

tem2 1

GV points on Front of Head for Du

tem2 2

Illustrated next is the Logic-Information Circuit of Ren.


tem2 3

Illustrated next is the Logic-Information Circuit of Chong.


tem2 4

Notice, Chong Mai has no points of its own. Chong Mai is form from connecting the Logic-Information Points of others. Only the Du and Ren have their own set of Logic Points, as explained in the diagram shown below



As shown above, the formation of both the Logic-Information Circuits (the Du and Ren) and the Information-Energy Path (the Organ Meridians) is selected from a large set of Acu-Points in the Vacuum. This large set of Acu-Points is Co-Created in the Big Bang, namely the GUT Monopole Set, whose members are created from the infinite personality set embedded in the potentials of the Base 9 numbers (see the formation of Ck-9).

Each Acu-Point contains a particular logic from either the Du, Ren or each of the 12 Organs. This explains the organ–Du–Ren points in forming the Chong, Yin Chiao, Yang Chiao, Yin Wei, and Yang Wei, where (as an example) the Chong Mai points are shown above. This set of organ–Du–Ren points also formed the 12-organ meridians, constrained with its own physical organ points.

In conclusion, together, the set of organ–Du–Ren points formed 14 meridians: 2 Logic-Information (the Du and Ren) and 12 Organ Information-Energy meridians.


These Eight Extra Meridian or Logic-Information Circuits (especially the Du and Ren) and Organ (not constrained) Acu-Points within the set of GUT Monopoles collapsed onto the following 4 sets of 12 each of the Organ Constrained Information-Energy Circuits. This set of 12 is:

12-Organ Meridians (Information-Energy Circuits). Besides the Du and the Ren, this is the only set that contains its own Acu-Points

Heart (Ht), Small Intestine (SI), Spleen (Sp), Stomach (St), Lung (Lu), Large Intestine (LI), Kidney (Ki), Bladder (Bl), Liver (Lv), Gall Bladder (GB), Heart Constrictor (HC), Triple Warmer (Tw)

12-Tendino-Muscular Meridians of each Organ: (T/Ms)

12-Longitudinal Lo Circuits of each Organ: (Lo)

12-Divergent Meridians of each Organ


The following list represents the collapsed formation from the GV Logic points of the Du Logic Circuit.

  • GV-1: Assists in Forming Ren Mai, and the following Information-Energy Meridians: Ki, GB.
  • GV-13: Assists in Forming Bl Meridians
  • GV-14: Assists in Forming all Yang Meridians
  • GV-15: Assists in Forming Yang Wei
  • GV-16: Assists in Forming Yang Wei and Bl Meridians
  • GV-17: Assists in Forming Bl Meridian
  • GV-20: Assists in Forming all the Yang Meridians
  • GV-24: Assists in Forming Bl and St Meridians
  • GV-26: Assists in Forming LI and St Meridians
  • GV-28: Assists in Forming the Ren and the St Meridians

Listed below is the collapsed formation from the CV Logic Points of the Ren Logic Circuit.

  • CV-24: Assists in Forming the Du, the LI, and St
  • CV-23: Assists in Forming the Yin Wei
  • CV-22: Assists in Forming the Yin Wei
  • CV-17: Assists in Forming the HC, Lu, Ki, Sp, SI, alarm point of Upper Warmer and HC; T/Ms of HC, Lu, Ht
  • CV-15: Assists in forming the Chong, LO Point
  • CV-14: Assists in forming the Alarm point of Ht
  • CV-13: Assists in forming the SI, St
  • CV-12: Assists in forming the SI, Alarm point of St, Alarm point of Middle Warmer, and all Yin Meridians
  • CV-10: Assists in forming the Sp
  • CV-7: Assists in forming Chong, Ki, and Alarm point of Lower Warmer
  • CV-4: Assists in forming Chong, Alarm point of SI, Sp, Ki, Li
  • CV-3: Assists in forming Sp, Ki, Li, Alarm point of Bl, T/Ms of Li, Sp, St, Ki
  • CV-2: Assists in forming Sp, Ki, Li
  • CV-1: Assists in forming St, GV (? Chong)

Alarm point –> The point that contains all the logic-information of that entire meridian

This explains the collapsing points. Remember, the Logic Points for the entire 12-organ meridian set existed (i.e., co-created) within the GUT Monopole set before being organized into the 12-organ meridian circuits. Remember also both the collapsing instruction and the information on the logic connection of each and all these points within their respective meridian-circuit set (namely, the 12-organ and the Du and Ren). These are Local—Non-Local information.

Glossary A-D (2004)

Taken from Volume 1 of 6, Knowing the Unknowable: Glossary-Technical Notes for the Holon Theory of Everything, 2004, to be used together with those defined in this Website. Without saying, those defined in this Website are more mature. Yet this Glossary is very helpful in the understanding of this Paradigm and in the evolution of the Author’s thinking. Many terms in this glossary are not used in this Website. These additional terms offer the reader a perspective with respect to the Author’s thinking, especially how the Author interpreted (intellectually) the metaphysical-psychic world.

It took more than nine years to finish these Holon definitions in the glossary and another six years to complete the model on God’s Vacuum Computer, which defines the Matter-Being Paradigm.


Actualization: (See Free Will)

Alive: (See Death/Alive)

Anti-Matter: (See Matter)

Acu-Brain: As suggested by its name, it is the brain of the acupuncture networks or the network of acu-points. Unlike the physical brain with the gray and white tissues inside the skull of a person, the acu-brain has no physical structure. The structure of an acu-brain is formed by arranging a set of “key” acu-points in the hologram, or the “picture”, logic of an archetype/gestalt. This hologram, for example the tree of life, is formed in the mind of a person. While the physical brain communicates locally with speeds of 0.5 meter to 100 meters per second via the impulses of a neuron, the acu-brain communicates through non-local influences. Thus, the acu-brain occupies neither space nor time. Its mode of communication is via the conservation between the archetype/gestalt logic and the encoded information of the acu-points. (See Tree of Life, Archetype/Gestalt Logic, and Non-Local Reality)

From pre-birth to approximately 2 years of age, the acu-brain of the logic/information-body governs the “conscious activities” of the child. As the child grows in age, the physical brain of the physical-body slowly takes over, while the acu-brain becomes dormant. One needs to activate the mind/soul-spirit physiology to reawaken the acu-brain. (See Volume 3, Body, and Embryology)

Acu-Point. An acu-point is an acupuncture point in Chinese medical practices. It is also a node of communication with the spaceless-timeless vacuum, or a zero-point non-local connection via intentions in the physiology of the spirit. The entire system of acu-points, constrained by each point’s local anatomic-physiology and its acu-brain represents the physiology of a person’s spirit, which is often referred to as the logic-body. There are, at the present stage of understanding, a total of 850 known acu-points. Each acu-point communicates non-locally between the mind of an individual and the vacuum of an infinite source of information, yet each acu-point is constrained within the local anatomic-physiological information of the physical body-brain activities. Therefore, included in the encoded program of each acu-point is not only the biased physiological disturbances that leads to illnesses, but also the karmic information from previous life-times. In addition, encoded in the logic-body is the potential destiny of the individual subject to the person’s free-will as he or she completes his or her life-path. (See Volume 3, Karma, Destiny, and Co-Creation/Creation)

In acupuncture, the term “meridians” is used to denote a grouping of 14 common sets of acu-points, based on a similar set of biased disturbances. These 14 common sets of biases form 12 constrained Holons with similar organ-physiological-informational constraints. These 12 Holons, or meridians, are denoted as follows

Lu –> Lungs, LI –> Large Intestine, HC –> Blood/Circulation/Vascular (Heart Constrictor), Sp –> Spleen/Pancreas, Lv –> Liver, St –> Stomach, GB –> Gall Bladder, Ki –> Kidney, Bl –> Urinary Badder

The remaining two of the fourteen are denoted as Du Mai and Ren Mai, which model the Holon constraints of the yin-yang binary craniosacral circuits. Besides these dual circuits of the craniosacral, there are three other dual circuits. These three correspond to the yin-yang binary circuits of the fascia, which represent the four dimensional webs of elastic, connective tissue that envelops muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels. These three sets denoted as Yin-Wei and Yang-Wei, Yin-Chiao and Yang-Chiao, and the pair of Mais referred to as Chong and Dai. Integrating the components of these 4 sets of binary meridians form the Holon for zero-point physiology. This Holon integration is also the hidden foundation behind the Shaolin training in muscle-tendon changing and marrow-brain rejuvenation. (See Ch’i-Kung, and Health/Illness)

With respect to health and illness, each acu-point can be in one of five states depending on the status of its biased communication within its body-mind/soul-spirit networks. These five conditions are: a state dominated by an overall yin-condition, a state dominated by an overall yang-condition, a state that needs tonification, a state that needs sedation or a steady state. Thus, the success or failure of an acupuncture treatment depends upon identifying which of the five states each acu-point is associated with the particular disturbance. For example, in the case of tinnitus (subjective symptom of ringing in the ears), the acu-points suggested are:

  • Head: GV-20, GB-5, GB-17, GB-18. Around the ear: SI-19, Tw-17
  • Occiput: Bl-10, GB-12, GB-20.
  • Neck: Tw-16, St-9, LI-18
  • Shoulder: GB-21
  • Back: Bl-15, Bl-18, Bl-20, Bl-23. Abdomen: CV-15, CV-12, St-27
  • Arms: LI-10, HC-6. Legs: St-36, Sp-6, Lv-3

To be successful, an acupuncturist needs to know for each of these acu-points whether to treat the domination of yin or the domination of yang, to sedate or to tonify, or not to treat this particular acu-point because it is already in a steady state. Therefore, although with the identical set of points suggested in an acupuncture book, the treatment will be individually different even with the same symptoms. In addition, these five conditions will change as the treatment progresses.

Perfect health implies all acu-points are in a steady state. It happens that each of these five states can be computed mathematically via an information-communication paradigm. Again the Holon integration of both treatments in the form of sedation versus tonification and yin versus yang is an example of zero-point physiology. (See Zero-Point Physiology, Chakra, and Embryology)


Earth Information-Energy Point: These are Earth’s acu-points. Like human acu-points, they are nodes of communication between the Earth and the spaceless-timeless vacuum. They respond, non-locally and in the space-time continuum to the intention of human spirit and the physiology of soul-perceptions. The information-energy of these points, like those of human acu-points, can be positive or negative relative to human body-mind/soul-spirit physiology. The negative points can be viewed as entropy-energy points, namely points that produce negative reactions in body-mind/soul-spirit physiology.

Stonehenge: A set of Earth’s acu-points arranged in a circle. Similar to the discovery of human acu-points, Stonehenge and similar sacred sites are located on Ley lines on or near the Earth’s acu-points. These sites were discovered by human soul-perception and spirit knowingness at a time when the human’s right-brain was fully matured. That is to say, ancient technology has to do with human extra-sensory capability through a fully matured right-brain without the disturbance of the left-brain. In the Holon Theory, human mental evolution began first with the development of right-brain domination. Today, we have a technology, which is fully dominated with left-brain maturity. And the direction of our future evolution is toward the integration of left and right brain functions with the full development of our anterior commissure. The anterior commissure lies below the corpus callosium. It connects the unconscious limbic structures in both hemispheres and carries emotional information between them. It does not, at our present stage of evolution, connect the conscious areas of the brain, so our own words and thoughts cannot be exchanged.

Ley-lines, Earth Meridians: Like the acupuncture meridians, these ley-lines are lines formed by connecting multiple Earth’s acu-points.

Geomancy, Feng Shui: The ancient arts, in a modern setting, of discovering Earth’s acu-points through the technology of human soul-perception and spirit-knowingness. The terms “in a modern setting” correspond to a proto-scientific method, which involves the manipulation of 27 dimensions (or information coordinates) in an apparatus known, in Chinese, as the “geomancy compass”, which is an ordinary compass surrounded by anything from sixteen to thirty-eight rings of symbols for the various Feng Shui. The art of Feng Shui is picking out the harmonies and discordances, relative to human body-mind/soul-spirit physiology, in the landscape. These are the 27 dimensions, with a new quantum-relativistic understanding, used in our embryological mathematics in determining the health of one’s body-mind/soul-spirit physiology. (See Health/Illness, Numbers, Orbifolds, and Embryology).

Ancient Architecture: (See Body)

Angels/Demons: In the Holon Theory, Angels/Demons are space-time soul and/or non-local spirit connections between the individual’s acu-points and the cosmic acu-points at the singularity that defines the reincarnation of the individual. The difference between an Angel-connections and a Demon-connection is that the former’s set of connects has to do with information that defines the individual’s encoded destiny, while the latter’s set of connections corresponds to the encoded karmic patterns of the individual. These connections are computed for the individual using the embryological mathematics. (See Acu-Points and Embryology)

Anti-Gravity: Anti-Gravity is a technology which involves the informed manipulation of the Holon whose components are electromagnetic-gravity-information, within the conservation laws between information and energy in a magnetic dominated medium. Notice, the spiral motion in most proposed anti-gravity designs is in agreement with  a Holon suggestion of using energy from converting space-time information.

Akasha Record: A record of encoded logic in the Vacuum.

Alchemy: A proto-science for the refinement of thinking for the sake of the thinker; the search for the elixir of life, or the philosopher’s stone or red powder by which the basic components of matter and the individual’s character are transmuted into one. In the Holon Theory, Alchemy is a method of obtaining spirit knowingness and soul-clarity through correspondence between an individual’s human character and the basic component of physical matter through the knowledge and experimentation of atomic-molecular transmutation, whose activities interact with human intention.

Apriori Knowledge: Knowledge beyond learned knowledge, or potential knowledge in the form of encoded logic. Knowledge obtained via converting, or decoding, the logic encoded in the vacuum or in the archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World) into information. (See Vacuum, and Archetypal Universe)

Archetype/Gestalt Logic: An archetype is a set of encoded logic that connects non-locally to the mind/soul-spirit physiology of the inner self. This connection can be actualized via informed intention. The intention’s functional medium is space-time (or the wave component of matter) with soul connections and/or the vacuum (filled with encoded logic) connecting to spirit knowingness. Gestalt has to do with the holographic, or pictorial, non-local logic expressed in a hologram. Archetype/Gestalt logic denotes the encoded logical connection between a person’s mind/soul-spirit perception/knowingness and the space-time/non-local informational objects encoded in the holograms. Examples of archetype/gestalt logic in the form of holograms are numbers, Hebrew alphabet, Chinese characters, mandalas, and so on. (See Tree of Life)

Archetypal Universe: A non-local, or a pre-space and pre-time, universe where the logic (both math-logic and archetype/gestalt logic) component of matter is encoded.  This universe is also referred to as the Base 9 World. This universe is an ether-filled universe. (See Ether, and Apriori Knowledge)

Ascension: Standard religious meaning is: bodily ascent into heaven. In the Holon Theory, ascension is defined as a person satisfying the necessary and sufficient conditions towards becoming a perfect and a complete human Being. The state of a perfect, yet not complete, human Being is defined as the state of Sageness within and Kingliness without. On the other hand, to be a complete and a perfect human Being, a person needs to satisfy the state defined as the Image of God. Image of God is our next ascension to an involutionary state 8 inside an evolutionary stage 9-universe. We are currently in an evolutionary stage 5 Universe heading toward an involutionary state 6, a perfect human Being and an evolutionary state 7. That is to say, within this stage 5 is the involutionary state 6.

Exceptions: advanced spirits ascended into tri-universe 6-7-8 had completed the requirement through the perfection of unconditional love in a state of Godliness in Self, or the state of intellectual love via a state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without. (See Christ, Godliness in Self, Sagneness Within, Kingliness Without, Parallel Universe, and the Path of Ascension at the end of this Glossary)

Astrology: Psychological analysis of human characters by means of correspondence between events in human experience and celestial motion. It is usually classified as a method of divination and delineation of character. In the Holon perspective, Astrology is a proto-science on understanding the Ch’i relationship, or the soul space-time and spirit non-local communication, between an individual’s acu-points and the acu-points of the Cosmos. The energy-points, such as the zodiacs, are the Cosmos’ acu-points. These relationships follow the embryological mathematics, which is based on the 27 information dimensions. (See Au-Points, and Embryology)

Astroprojection: Soul perception, which occurs in a space-time medium where the observation occurs in event-time. (See Space-time, and Event-Time)

Doppelganger, Apparitions of the Living: An example of uninformed astro-projection. England’s Queen Elizabeth I, pragmatic though she was, saw her doppelganger shortly before she died. The pale and wizened fetch was lying on the queen’s bed. In 1771, the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had a prescient vision of his doppelganger. While traveling to Drusenheim, he imagined seeing himself, in unfamiliar clothes, riding in the opposite direction. Eight years later he found himself on the same road, wearing the very clothes he had imagined. Notice, Doppelganger is a logic-information body.

Aura Energy: Soul perception in an energy medium where information-energy conversion happens. The aura of a person is also referred to as an energy-body.


Being/being: The state of existence. Being, with the capital B, corresponds to a state of existence associated with the state of Sageness within leading to a state of Godliness in self. That is, Being implies that a person’s state of existence is in a soul-spirit informed state. On the other hand, being (with a small b) represents a simple uninformed state of non-local existence in either animate or inanimate matter. The key in understanding the concept of Being/being is in one’s understanding of the concept of non-local/space-time, or a soul-spirit, state of existence. (See Non-Local Reality)

Biblical Events: Events of soul-perceptions and/or spirit-knowingness. That is, these events represent the logic-information and/or information-energy aspects of reality. Recorded in these events are descriptions of the manifested right-brain technology of the soul. (See Volume 4, Technology)

Big Bang: A singularity that occurred at the very beginning of the universe. This singularity was the result of a series of symmetry breaks in the holographic logic of the archetypal/gestalt universe (i.e., the Base 9 World). The first set of symmetry breaks occurred at the Big Bang or zero-time and is between the encoded logic and its embedded informational contents. The second set of symmetry breaks occurred at the interval from Planck time to GUT time (or from 10-43 second to 10-35 second) between information and its embedded energy. The third set of symmetry breaks occurred at the electroweak time — about 10-10 second — between the particle’s energy and its masses. These symmetry breaks occurred inside the topological universe of observer information. The Big Bang is an event which caused a break from the single logic state of matter into the tri-state of matter in the form of logic-information, wave-energy, and particle-mass that corresponds, respectively, to the first, second, and third sets of symmetry breaks. In addition, the three sets of symmetry breaks generated matter in the form of invisible or potential energy, invisible matter, and visible matter of the 3-dimensional universe; respectively. (See Co-Creation/Creation, and Time)

Black Hole: A region of space-time from which nothing, not even light, can escape because gravity is so strong. This region represents a singularity in the cosmological scale, yet it has a corresponding connection to the micro scale world of elementary particles. This coupling of the two scales occurs in a non-local dimensional shift inside a state of singularity. This dimensional shift occurs inside a teleportation operator that teleports an object from the black hole into a wormhole and out of the wormhole through a white hole into another region of the universe or into a parallel universe. Notice, this teleportation operator can also be an informed state of intention. (See Teleportation, Singularity, and Wormhole)

Cosmic radio waves are found either in particle accelerators or in black holes. To energize a quasar’s radio-emitting gas in a black hole requires 108 x 107 = 1015 solar masses of chemical fuel (10,000 times more fuel than is contained in our entire Milky Way galaxy). This is the only way possible to convert gravity into energy through implosions, that is, converting space-time information into energy through the Holon of electromagnetic-gravitation-information. Notice that cosmic radio waves are produced by near-light speed electrons that spiral around and around in magnetic fields. The magnetic field forces an electron to spiral instead of in a straight line, and the electron’s spiraling motion produces radio waves. This spiraling motion in a magnetic environment satisfies the criteria for the conversion of space-time information into energy. (See Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena)

Body: In the context of a Holon, the following three body components apply.

  • Spirit –> Logic Body –>  Acu-Points/Acu-Brain
  • Soul –> Information/Energy Body –> Chakras/Neuro-Endocrine
  • Body –> Physical Body –>  Anatomic Physiology
  • Brain –> Electromagnetic activities of the physical body

Information-Energy Body, Crop Circles: Like the Chakras, the patterns of the human soul, these Crop Circles are the patterns of the Earth’s soul. Thus, we have the following correspondences:

    • Acu-Points <—-> Earth’s Energy Point
    • Meridians <—-> Ley-Lines
    • Chakras Dynamics <—-> Crop Circles

Chakras Dynamics corresponds to the dynamics in collective consciousness and Earth energy. Remember the soul represents the quantum reality of spirit-brain lock-key communication. Like the quantum world, the soul represents a temporary space-time reality of the lock, or the logic of the spirit, finding the key, or the observation logic of the brain. Remember also each of the Chakras is a Holon of three acu-point meridians. This explains that (1) the crop circle designs follow the principles of sacred geometry, and (2) crop circles have been materializing over major ley lines. These two conclusions are included in the summarization recorded in a quotation taken from Atlantis Rising, #14.

1. “…crop circle designs flaunting the principles of sacred geometry, either visually or veiled within the construction blueprint, much in the same way ancient esoteric knowledge was hidden within the framework of religious fables or monuments.

“In `Dowsing Crop Circles’ two decades of collective research by noted dowsers Richard Andrews and Hamish Miller, among others, reveals that crop circles have been materializing over major ley lines – the earth’s magnetic energy grid – or their tributaries. Millier had also observed, together with Paul Broadhurst in `The Sun and the Serpent,’ how this energy congregates at stone circles and tumuli.”

2. “Exhausting lab analysis into hundreds of crop circles… by biophysicist Dr. Levengood reveals physical and biophysical changes in plants inside crop circles. …An effect unique to crop formations and reproduced in a lab setting through `a very rapid rate of heating.’

“This leads to the speculation that the affected plants are ‘microwaved’ for a very intense yet brief period. The groundwater is partly vaporized, partly sucked into the plant, thereby preventing the field from catching fire, while the stems are made supple enough to bend without cracking, enabling them to be easily manipulated into precise patterns.

3. “Colin Andrews notes several accounts of a trilling sound heard by people prior to witnessing crop circles forming. This sound…captured on magnetic tape and analyzed at Jet Propulsion Lab as mechanical in nature…beating at…5.2 k Hz. The same sound had been previously heard by a BBC cameraman while recording an interview…which…rendered two…TV cameras obsolete …Could it be, by implication, that crop circles are the universal language?”

The above properties summarized for the Crop Circles, and those recorded below for the UFO, follow closely the physics suggested by the Holon whose components are electromagnetism, gravitation, and information (See Gravitational-Electromagnetic Field). That is to say, both Crop Circles and UFOs are affected in a magnetic environment. They appear in spiral motions or patterns, exhibit low frequency vibrations, and frequently appear in ley lines. Crop Circles and UFOs are simply information-energy (or electromagnetic-gravitation-information) phenomena. Remember, information is hidden in the magnetic component of the electromagnetic waves of low frequency. (See Technology, and Lock-Key Technology)

Information-Energy Body, UFO: In John Michell’s research recorded in his book, The New View Over Atlantis, the following finding on UFOs is recorded.

Seen in their own element UFOs appear as points of concentrated energy. Evidently the phenomenon is connected in some way with magnetism, for several contributors to Flying Saucer Review report UFO activity at scenes of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and magnetic storms. This is a characteristic they share with fireballs and those other mysterious lights, dreaded by lonely travelers at night, known in various districts as devil’s lanterns, will o’ the wisp or corpse candles. Often, as mentioned earlier, these lights regularly appear along certain tracks, following in Welsh legend the rout taken by a bier, for they are seen moving along old church paths, through graveyards, and between spots of ancient sanctity.

It may be that such phantom lights are manifestations of electromagnetic energy; they are most commonly encountered in the neighbourhood of geological faults (or ley-lines). An article published in the Flying Saucer Review of August 1968 indicates that the same is true of UFOs. The author, M. Lagarde, carried out a statistical analysis of the geographical distribution of UFO activity and found that the greater proportion of sightings took place in areas along fault lines. This discovery is particularly interesting in view of a theory formed some years ago by another Frenchman, M. Aime Michel, who also investigated the pattern of flying saucer reports. In his book, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, he gives several instances of straight lines across the earth’s surface, which seem to attract UFO activity, and produces evidence to show that UFOs have a tendency to navigate along these lines, moving over the country by certain definite routes.

It seems therefore that UFOs are connected in several ways with Druid magic. In the first place, they frequent certain straight lines across the earth’s surface. Secondly, like the lines themselves, they have magnetic associations. Thirdly, the appearance of UFOs is not entirely unrelated to the psychological condition of their observers. This is not, of course, meant as an implication that these apparitions have no physical reality, or that those who see them are mad. But it is a fact that people who see UFOs often experience the sensations of a vision, as if what they are seeing has not only a physical form, but also some further existence as an object already familiar and encountered in dreams.

The comments on Crop Circles, as stated above, also hold for this UFO summary report.

As described in Black Holes, the only possible way for it to exhibit its massive energy is through converting the information, in the vacuum into energy at a singularity. Likewise, the same gravitational phenomenon is happening in Crop Circle and UFO formations, but with much less implosive energy. They are manifested from logic in the collective consciousness, at a singularity through informed intention. Notice, we are at an age of left-brain enlightenment. Furthermore, the collective consciousness could be a combined consciousness, namely a singularity state created through informed-intention where the informed-intention is an intention Holon of past-present-future collective consciousness. (See Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena)

Information-Energy Structure, Ancient Architecture: As we have said elsewhere, in the path of human evolution, our right-brain matured first and ancient technology was dominated by their matured right-brain vision in the form of space-time perception and understanding. As explained in the definitions for Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena, and Technology, controlling the structure of Space-time was perhaps one of the technologies of the ancient civilization. Furthermore, building a right-brain technology without the intellectual understanding of left-brain reasoning was the reason why their civilization was destroyed. What were left behind were the remains of their architectural structures. Thus, it is through the geometry of their designs synthesizing in its architectural proportions that we begin to understand their science and technology. It is through these architectural designs that, in the context of the Holon Theory, we begin to discover that the ancients intuitively understood the conservation of logic and information and the conservation of information and energy. In addition, they understood the power in the information of numbers and its correspondence to the patterns of the universe and of human characters, in a base nine system of arithmetic.

In The New View over Atlantis, John Michell has the following observation on the architectural geometry of the Pyramid.

There is no doubt that within the Pyramid’s fabric is encoded many scientific laws and formulae, but the preservation of such knowledge can scarcely have been the only motive of its builders. Its numerical properties must surely have had some practical purpose in relation to the form of science which the Pyramid was designed to serve.

There has been much talk in recent years of ‘pyramid power’ and the possible function of the Great Pyramid as an accumulator and transformer of cosmic energies. The idea certainly accords with the traditional use of the Pyramid in connection with initiation, magic and mysticism, and it is supported by the occurrence of symbolic numbers in ancient temples to procure the invocation of the gods or aspects of cosmic energy which those numbers symbolized. Pyramid investigators are confronted with an instrument designed for a type of science which today is no longer recognized. It is not, however, beyond recovery, for its records are preserved in the language of numbers, built into the Pyramid’s dimensions, and these provide certain clues to the nature of the Pyramid’s original function.

In summary, the right-brain technology of the ancient civilization understood the conservation of logic into information and of information into energy, while the present technology of the left-brain has an understanding of the conservation between energy and mass. The former involves the understanding of living matter based on soul-spirit observation; whereas the present corresponds to an understanding of non-living matter that follows the mechanistic functioning of physical objects. What is needed in the future is the technological integration of both.

Materialization, Information-Energy/Mass: The act of converting information into energy-mass. This is the combined technology of both the right-brain, dominated by the technology in ancient civilization, and the left-brain, which is dominated by today’s technology. Thus, materialization, in our opinion, cannot be accomplished within today’s technological understanding. In fact, this is the future technology of Co-Creation.

What about reports of seeing a materialized double, for example, the reports of miracles performed by Padre Pio including appearing from nowhere, and helping people in trouble, without ever leaving his monastery near Poggia, Italy. Notice, it is almost impossible to tell a materialized double from that of an information-energy body without careful examination. Thus, in the case of Padre Pio, what people see in their mind’s eye was Padre Pio’s information-energy body. Notice, an information-energy body controlled at a distance from the body-brain networks can perform miracles.

Boson: An elementary particle whose function is communication. These are whole number spin particles. Examples of bosons are the photons, and the weak gluons, w+, z0. The weak gluon z0 is also referred to as “invisible light” or as a heavy photon, while (w++w-) and (z0+z0) are also referred to as heavy gravitons and involves the Higgs interactions in the Co-Creation of mass. On the other hand, fractional spin particles are referred to as fermions and are responsible for building structures. (See Elementary Particle)


Celestial Stems/Terrestrial Branches: There are 22 information coordinates that form a logic correspondence to the 22 logic-paths encoded in the Tree of Life. (See Tree of Life)

Terrestrial Branches: A set of space-coordinates defined qualitatively in twelve information dimensions; and is used in the formulas of I-Ching logic. Each coordinate has its own qualitative meaning in relationship to its communication with the other eleven coordinates and with respect to the particular system in question.

Celestial Stems: A set of time-coordinates defined qualitatively in ten information dimensions; and is used in the formulas of I-Ching logic. Each coordinate has its own qualitative meaning in relationship to its communication with the other nine coordinates and with respects to the particular system in question. This set of 10 stems, by itself as a set, form a logic correspondence to the set of 10 cycles encoded in the Tree of Life. (See I-Ching)

Chakra: A hologram in logic-information formed by a Holon of three sets of acu-points. There are seven Chakras for a human being. Taken together, they define the physiology of one’s soul. On the other hand, the logic encoded in all the acu-points, taken as a whole, defines the physiology of one’s spirit. The physiology of the former communicates in a space-time/information-energy medium; whereas the action of the latter, or physiology of the spirit, is communicated through non-local influences.

In an optimum state of body-mind/soul-spirit physiology, each of these seven chakas, except chakas one, six, and seven, are balanced within the Holon fire-air-water. Chakra one is dominated by fire. Chakra six is dominated by air. Chakra seven is dominated by water. Thus, in an optimum state of body-mind/soul-spirit physiology, Chakra-one-six-seven is balanced within the perspective of the Holon fire-air-water. The state of kundalini occurs where air or oxygen causes the state of fire to rise from Chakra one to Chakra six due to an intense activation of Chakra six. The state of kundalini can also occur when Chakra seven is depleted due to intensive spiritual activity. However, for this latter case of kundalini, the direction of disturbance travels downward instead of upward.

Besides the Holon fire-air-water connections from Chakras 1-6-7, there exist also the following two Chakra Holon connections, namely, Chakras 3-4-7, and Chakras 4-5-7. In addition, there are the following coupling communications amongst Chakras 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 4 and 7, and 5 and 6. Knowing these Holon connections and coupling communications is important in determining the overall health status of these Chakras (the physiologies of the soul) with respect to each of their corresponding endocrine physiology, as described below, and in the embryological mathematics.  (See Volume 3, Soul-Spirit Physiology, Health/Illness, and Embryology)

In addition, the communication of these Chakras can also be understood by the concept of source and flow. That is, there are three Source Chakras and three Chakras responsible for the flow of information. The three Source Chakras are Chakras 1 representing the source of fire, 2 representing the source of water, and 4 representing the source of air. The three flow Chakras are Chakras 1 identified with fire communication, 6 identified with air communication, and 7 identified with water communication. Furthermore, Chakra 3 together with the Hara is the source of information coming from the food that we eat and drink. The three components for this Holon are Chakra 3, the Hara, and Food. Treating the entropy produced from Chakra 3 and the Hara is the concept of functional medicine from the Chinese and the germ/fermentation theory of Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur. On the other hand, Chakra 5 represents the source of information coming from the air that we breathe. The entropy generated by the interaction between Chakra 5 and the information we breathe into our lungs is the germ/bacteria theory of Pasteur. The three components for this Holon are Chakra 5, Lungs and Breath. The former Holon, related to Chakra 3, developed into today’s functional/energy medicine, whereas the latter Holon, related to Chakra 5, was adopted by conventional allopathic medicine. Lastly, to complete the Holon picture, the third set of sources and flow has to do with the mind-soul-spirit connection to our brain, which represents the encoding organ. The components for this last Holon are soul, spirit, and brain. These three Holons form the embryological mathematics as described in the Holon meaning for embryology.

Next, let us examine the functions of these Chakras, as shown below.

  • Chakra 7 –> Knowing, Spirit-Knowingness without attachment or biases
  • Chakra 6 –> Knowing, Soul-Perception with bias towards one’s own interests
  • Chakra 5 –> Receiving or acceptance of Learned Knowledge, and subject to the constraints of Chakra 7 or Chakra 6
  • Chakra 4 –> Communication, constrained by learned and unlearned knowledge. This self-communicated knowledge represents who you are.
  • Chakra 3 –> Storage of Emotions
  • Chakra 2 –> Survival, by understanding oneself through self-communication with Chakra 4
  • Chakra 1 –> Survival, using the learned knowledge from Chakra 5

Finally, in Holon physiology, the system of Chakras represents the physiological functions, which satisfies the conservation law between information and energy. On the other hand, the physiological functions that correspond to Chakras are the chemistries of the neuro-endocrine system. These chemical activities satisfy the law of mass-energy conservation. The last conservation law between logic and information is satisfied by the non-local communication of acu-points. In summary, the correspondences between Chakras and endocrines are as shown below. (See Glands, and Symmetry)

Chakra 1 <—-> Adrenal, Chakra 2 <—-> Gonads, Chakra 3 <—-> Pancreas, Chakra 4 <—-> Thymes, Chakra 5 <—-> Thyroid, Chakra 6 <—-> Pituitary, Chakra 7 <—-> Pineal

In addition, the following correspondences, between Tridosa, Neuro-Endocrines, Acu-Point Meridians, for the craniosacral communications can be formulated.

  • Air (Flow) <—-> Pituitary <—-> Chong Mai
  • Water (Source) <—-> Pineal <—-> Ren Mai
  • Fire (Sink) <—-> Adrenal <—-> Dur Mai

Channeling: Knowledge obtained via Soul-spacetime perceptions and/or spirit-nonlocal knowingness. The former corresponds to the use of right-brain intention, i.e., intentional actions within a space-time/information-energy medium; whereas the latter involves the use of left-brain intention, i.e., intentional actions in obtaining knowledge beyond learned knowledge. Knowledge obtained through prophecies, astro-projection, aura-energy interactions, dowsing, and so on are actualized intentions through right-brain soul-perceptions. On the other hand, scientific breakthroughs and knowing the unknowable are actualizations of left-brain spirit-intention. The latter requires learned knowledge, in the formulation of asking/analyzing the specific set of questions/answers, while the former needs very little learned knowledge, e.g., a simple yes/no, a right/wrong answer, and so on. Finally, channeling with the combined actualization of both soul-spirit intentions satisfies the necessary and sufficient conditions for Co-Creation. These necessary and sufficient conditions are defined as converting encoded logic into information through spirit-knowingness, and the transformation of information into energy via soul-observation. (See Soul Perception, Spirit Knowingness, and Apriori Knowledge)

Charge-Purity-Time, (C-P-T): (See Spin)

Christ: Christ lives in tri-universe 8-9-0 where mass ascensions are heading. On the other hand, an advanced spirit is an ascended individual living in evolutionary stage 7, the next ascended state of us humans. The completed characteristics that define evolutionary stage 7 logic are the states of Sageness within and Kingliness without and Godliness in Self. Notice that state 6 is in both tri-universes of 4-5-6 and 6-7-8. Christ is in tri-universe 8-9-0 in the process of completing either evolutionary state 9 or involutionary state 0. The former is an evolved stage that defines the state referred to as Imagine of God, while the latter corresponds to a God state. Remember, involutionary state 8 is also referred to as Imagine of God, namely the rules for evolutionary stage 9. For the purpose of reference and comparison, we currently live in a tri-universe 4-5-6, a parallel universe to tri-universe of 6-7-8 for ascended Humans. Thus, in his First Coming, Christ descended into our tri-universe 4-5-6 via the parallel universe defined as the involutionary state 6. Remember, evolution is a process with an event duration, whereas, involution is a discrete jump in ascension. (See Volume 4, 888, Ascension, and Parallel Universe)

Ch’i: Communication or miscommunication between two points. The former corresponds to information transfer; whereas, the latter has to do with entropy transfer. The former involves the generation of usable and free energy from the conservation of informed information into energy, while the latter corresponds to the generation of pervasive energy by miscommunicated information. There are two Chinese characters for Ch’i. One corresponds to pre-natal or pre-heaven, and the other has to do with post-natal or post-heaven (denoted as Qi, to differentiate from Ch’i). The former corresponds to non-local influences, communication without a messenger, whereas the latter represents local action with messengers. Here a messenger could be a photon, an electron, an ion, or a virus, and so on. The non-local influences have to do with Li-Ch’i, where Li means logic, i.e., the logic component of matter. In addition, everything contains Yin-Ch’i and Yang-Ch’i. Yin-Ch’i has to do with its source of information while Yang-Ch’i denotes the flow information. Thus, Ch’i, embedded in the total meaning of its two characters, represents the Holon of matter whose three components are logic-information, wave-energy, and particle-mass.

Ch’i-Kung: Optimum action in the effective use of Ch’i. Thus, Ch’i-Kung implies the ability to control, command, and finally co-create matter. In human terms, matter corresponds to the Holon of body-mind/soul-spirit and action implies informed intention. The key in Ch’i-Kung training is the Holon interactions of the following two Holons: the movement/physiology Holon with the three components of Fascia/Acu-Points, Craniosacral/Acu-brain, and Neuro-endocrines/Chakras, and the activation Holon whose components are informed intention, consciousness in a state of singularity, and learned knowledge. To be complete in Ch’i-Kung training, the three disciplines of Yoga, Rolfing, and Craniosacral must be integrated into a Holon of practice. (See Health/Illness, Ch’i, Chakra, Acu-Brain, Soul-Spirit Physiology, and Yi-Gin Ching/Shii-Soei Ching)

Co-Creation/Creation: Co-Creation is Creation with informed free-will logic via actualized intention or quantum observation. Informed knowledge via perfected intention is obtained from decoding involution logic. Co-Creation also occurs with simple lock-key information of the observer-observed relationship among quantum particles. The former has to do with deterministic Co-Creation, while the latter corresponds to probabilistic Co-Creation. On the other hand, Creation corresponds to the Created logic that has correspondence to the Logic of the First Cause. This set of Created or Co-Created logic is also referred to as involution logic. (See Volume 4, Evolution-Involution, Time, Universe’s Origin, Resonance, and Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Six Days of Creation: (See Volume 4, Post-Heaven)

Coincidence: Non-locally connected events. (See Correspondence)

Cold Fusion: (See Human Atomic Table in Symmetry)

Compactification: The process of “curling up” six of the ten dimensions of superstring theory. (See Curled-up Dimensions)

Consciousness: Actualized intentions or quantum observations at the moment of Now in a state of singularity. To be at the moment of Now, one must be at a state of soul-perception and/or spirit knowingness; thus consciousness can only be defined within the space-time and/or non-local physiology of soul-spirit. As such, consciousness cannot be defined with the actions of body-brain physiology such as sense perceptions. All actions in body-brain physiology reduce to an actualized state after consciousness had occurred. Therefore, within this Holon Theory, consciousness cannot be created in artificial intelligence.

Conservation of information-energy-mass: Unlike the standard law of conservation of energy, which states that energy (or its equivalent in mass) can neither be created nor destroyed, the conservation of information-energy-mass states that energy (or mass) can be Co-Created with the logic-information component of matter. Notice, the term Co-Creation, instead of Creation, was used because all logic-information is derived from or in non-local correspondence with the logic of God’s First Cause. (See Information)

Wave-particle paradox: This paradox exists because of the incomplete understanding of the law of energy-mass conservation. In the Holon Theory, the wave aspect of matter involves the conservation of information and energy; whereas the particle aspect has to do with the conservation of energy-mass. Thus, both the wave and the particle contain the same energy component with two different colors; and this also explains the complementary correspondence of the two. In other words, energy corresponding to the wave aspect is colored by its information; whereas the energy of the particle aspect is colored by its mass.

Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena: Phenomena manifested through soul-spirit intention. The occurrence of these phenomena follows the conservation of logic-information and information-energy in a magnetic medium. The formation of this phenomenon is enhanced when the electromagnetic-gravity-information Holon is satisfied. Thus, this phenomenon is created within the dimensional shift within an individual’s state of consciousness. Remember that the state of consciousness corresponds to a singularity inside one’s spirit. Therefore, the degree and intensity of the individual’s informed or non-informed intention is also an important issue in the success or failure of creating these phenomena. One can also say that these are right-brain phenomena. Almost all of this phenomenon happens in a trance state, not under the control of one’s free will.

Levitation: Changing the space-time constraints of an object through soul-perception. Remember, soul is defined as the space-time continuum of oneself; thus, the basic structure of space-time and one’s soul are directly connected in levitation.

Poltergeist: Ability to move, generally in a unconscious state, physical objects by one’s mind. The same explanation given for levitation could be used to explain the actions of a poltergeist.

Psychokinesis: Ability to move, in a controlled manner, physical objects by one’s mind.

Stigmata: Wounds resembling those received by Christ before and during the Crucifixion. These are wounds caused by one’s mind through one’s strong intention and faith in serving Christ, where the devout become too obsessed with the image of the crucified Christ. The explanation is the same as that given for psychokinesis or the actions of a poltergeist, namely, the conversion of information into energy. The difference in this case is that the self-generated energy is used to inflict wounds on one’s own hands, feet, forehead and side.

Constraints: Constraints are defined as actions that are biased by the uniqueness of the system’s or the object’s composition, including its history and its finality.

Correspondence: Correlative associations in the form of non-local and/or genetic connections. Therefore, unlike the principle of causality, which involves the linear sequence of cause and effect, the principle of correspondence categorizes the non-local connections. (See Entanglement)

An example of the Correspondence Principle, namely the Five-Element Theory taken from the physiology of Chinese medicine, is illustrated below.


Here the individual correspondence, within this five-element spiral, is mapped as follows.

Heart –> Gums-Tongue/Blood Vessels, Spleen –> Mouth/Flesh, Lung –> Nose/Skin, Kidney –> Ears/Bone, Liver –> Eyes/Sinus

These mappings carry the following meanings: For example, in the correspondence of abnormal heart functions, the health of the gums or tongue and blood vessels is also abnormal. This does not mean that the health conditions of the gums or tongue and blood vessels were caused by the abnormal heart conditions. There is no cause and effect involved. Perhaps, a better way to explain this is by using the concept of resonance. Likewise, the meanings for each of the remaining four mappings can be interpreted in the same way. (See Health/Illness, and Resonance)

Creation: (See Co-Creation/Creation, Time)

Creator: (See God/Creator)

Crop Circles: (See Information-Energy Body, in Body)

Curled-up Dimension: A spatial dimension that is curled up so small that it cannot be detected. These curled-up dimensions, in the Holon Theory, represent dimensions of qualitative information; rather than spatial dimensions.


Dark Matter: Matter in galaxies and clusters, and possibly between clusters, that cannot be observed directly; but can be detected by its gravitational field. As much as ninety percent of the matter in our universe is dark matter. Here the term matter is defined as wave-particle. In the Holon Theory of matter, i.e., in a Holon of logic-wave-particle, dark matter corresponds to its information-energy component, while visible matter corresponds to the energy-mass component. That is to say, dark matter is potential matter encoded in its information aspect. (See Matter, Dark Energy, and Mass)

Dark Energy: Unobservable energy in the galaxies that is detected from the measurement of the geometry of the universe. In the Holon Theory, dark energy is potential energy converted from its logic-information aspect, namely the conservation of Logic and its information or potential energy.

Death/Alive: Death corresponds to a state in which the functions of one’s soul and/or one’s spirit have been discontinued. Alive implies the existence of a soul and a spirit. (See Soul-Spirit Physiology)

Destiny: In the Holon Theory, destiny is defined as an action in space-time whose end points, namely the logic of its initial and its final conditions, are defined apriori. With this definition, the destiny of our Universe is defined in God’s Binary (i.e., initial-final) Input Logic. The destiny of a person is also defined in the involution-evolution Co-Creation logic.

Dimensions: Converting the logic encoded in numbers into information. If conversion is in base-nine arithmetic, the result corresponds to coordinates in non-local information. On the other hand, if conversion is in base-ten arithmetic, the result has to do with coordinates in geometry. The bridge that connects the two, on the math-logic side, is Clifford Algebra of the various Topologies; and on the archetype-logic (or Li-Logic) side is the pre-motion in the form of gnomonic expansion-contraction of numbers 3 and 9. For fractional dimension, see Fractals.

Clifford W. Kingdon, (1845-1879): Mathematician and philosopher who developed the Theory of Biquaternions (a generalization of Hamilton’s Theory of Quaternions) and linked them with more general associative algebras. In his philosophy, he presented the idea that matter and energy are simply different types of curvatures of space, thus foreshadowing Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In addition, he used biquaternions to study motion in non-Euclidean manifolds (surfaces), now known as “Space of Clifford-Klein.” He showed that spaces of constant curvature could have several different topological structures and proved the topological equivalence of a Rieman surface to a box with holes in it.

Dimensional Shift: The ability of executing the changes of dimensions at a singularity in the moment of Now.

DNA: Encoding medium that carries all the information cells required to reproduce and plays a vital part in heredity. Thus, DNA, in the Holon Theory, is the messenger or the carrier; rather than the encoder of the logic-information. The encoder, or the Co-Creator, is the informed free will within the process of involution-evolution. Here, informed knowledge is the encoded involution logic, which is non-locally connected to the Creation logic that in turn has its correspondence to the logic of the First Cause. The encoder or the Co-Creator is the actualization process known as evolution-involution. (See First Cause, Evolution-Involution, and Embryology)

With respect to the logic-information component of the DNA, the following findings of Dr. Merrill Garnett, stated in the website, is related. Garnett’s electro-analytic measurements reveal the presence of a second genetic code by which DNA segments and cell membranes exchange ultra-low frequency sinusoidal currents. His theory is that these pulsed currents are the basis of all physiologic pulses and determine the polarization, charge, and folding of enzymes, nucleic acids, and membrane phospholipids. … There is a traditional DNA based genetic code. Nevertheless, I have found the dynamic corollaries of the genetic code. This second code governs energy exchange and is the electronic receiver and transmitter of DNA. When it gets out of alignment, it can no longer exchange energy and we die. Dead things have only the first code; live things have both codes. … The second code is a musical program of repeated phrases which re-phrases combinations throughout life. It requires alignment of the nucleosomes for transmission. These are specially coiled chromatin. They form a series inductance electronic device and send 50 milivolt signals to the catalytic centers of certain enzymes at ultra-low resonant frequencies.

Doppelganger: (See Astroprojection)

Dowsing: To search for a source of water or minerals or a yes/no answer to a question with a divining rod. In the Holon Theory, Dowsing is a method that helps to awaken one’s spirit knowingness by the use of a divining rod. A divining rod can be nearly any material from a live tree branch to glass, aluminum or copper.

QA: What is Spirit-Causal Physiology



tem-2 2

5-Causal Paths: Holon of Ht–HC–Tw, and Sp, Lu, Ki, plus Lv with their respective path of constrained physiology


ACU-POINT MERIDIAN CIRCUITS: GB -> Gall Bladder, Lv -> Liver, Bl -> Bladder, Ki -> Kidney, LI -> Large Intestine, Lu -> Lung, St -> Stomach, Sp -> Spleen, SI -> Small Intestine, Ht -> Heart, Tw -> Triple Burners, HC -> Heart Constrictor, Ren -> Ren Mai, Du -> Du Mai


CK-8 -> Chakra-8: Point of Knowingness, Logic of Anterior Commissure, Left-Right Brain Integration (See the Kundalini Posting).

Ck-1 -> Logic of Adrenals Spinal Column (Logic of Kidneys), Ck-2 -> Logic of Gonads-Reproductive System, Ck-3 -> Logic of Pancreas-Stomach (also Logic of Liver–Gall bladder–Nervous System) Ck-4 -> Logic of  Thymus-Heart (also Logic of Blood–Vagus–Circulatory), Ck-5 -> Logic Thyroid-Bronchial (also Logic of Vocal apparatus–Lungs–Alimentary Canal), Ck-6 -> Logic Pituitary–Lower brain–Nervous System  (also Logic of Left Eye–Ears–Nose), Ck-7 -> Logic Pineal–Upper Brain–Right Eye



Lee Smolin, The Trouble with Physics

    For more than two centuries, until the present period, our understanding of the laws of nature expanded rapidly. But today, despite our best efforts, what we know for certain about these laws is no more than what we knew back in the 1970s. How…for three decades to pass without major progress in fundamental physics?

John Magueijo, Faster than the Speed of Light

    Unfortunately, Einstein himself bears a lot of the responsibility for having brought about this state of affairs in fundamental physics… He became more mystical and started to believe that mathematical beauty alone … could point scientists in the right direction. Regretfully, when he discovered general relativity—employing this strategy—he succeeded! And this experience spoiled him for the rest of his life …



tem-2 1

From Ancient Wisdom (Right Brain Mind-Soul Technology) of the Past to Modern Science (Left Brain Mind-Spirit Technology) of Today and to a Predictive Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science (Left-Right Soul-Spirit Technology) of the Future

Similarity in Quantum and Acu-Point Measurements

Quoted from Julian Kenyon, Modern Techniques of Acupuncture

    [All Bioenergetic regulatory device used to measure Acu-Points] … are partially dependent on the psyche of the practitioner … it is therefore of some importance to discuss the psyche in medicine, and because they demand some contribution from the mind of the practitioner. The changes in readings made are in part psychokinetic effects (PK) which may in some cases be observed extrasensorally… This has important practical implications as it means that it is very sensitive to observer affect, both in a positive and negative manner.

Quantum Observer in both Acu-Point and Quantum

  • Wave-Particle Duality in Quantum
    Mind-Body Duality in Acu-Point
  • Observer/Measurement Effects
    The Psyche Effects in Acu-Point Measurement
  • Difficulty with Classical Physics
    Difficulty with Classical (Allopathic) Medicine
  • Unable to explain Non-locality
    Unable to explain actions in Soul-Spirit
  • Quantum Physics Needs a Paradigm
  • Acupuncture Needs a Paradigm

Bio System Vs Being

  • Bio Systems <—> Interconnectedness-Entanglement —> Physical System
  • Being <— Interconnectedness-Entanglement —> Matter

The Paradigm

    Matter –> Logic–Wave–Particle
    Being –> Mind–Soul–Spirit
    Matter-Being Communication –> Local/Non-Local Interactions in Six Inter-Connected Components + Free Will

    All Quantum-Observations (including pointer readings from elementary particles to humans), at a minimum, contain all seven of these components. These communications, both information and dis-information, are all registered in the Self-Programmed/Non-Local Vacuum Computer.
    The dis-information are the entropies of the universe. Information formed the path of evolution guided by the pre-programmed path of involution; namely, the First Cause plus its “forcing-function”. The First Cause represents the initial conditions of the universe, while the “forcing-function” is the universe’s final conditions. Thus, the universe’s entropy formula is

    Involution = Evolution – Entropy

    which is also the formula that defines the non-local entangled computer input/output.
    The First Cause and the “forcing function” are pre-programmed in the Vacuum Computer at the time of Creation or at GUT (Grand Unification Time). One might assume in the Matter-Being model that these pre-programmed codes are the non-local design of this universe, or inputs from a non-local observer. I shall refer to this non-local observer God

The Paradigm

  • Completed the Theory of Everything in Modern Physics
  • Putting God into Modern Physics
  • Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Modern Physics
  • Putting Humanity into Modern Physics
  • Defined the Vacuum, Non-locality, Observer’s Free Will, Outlined a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Nano Science-Technology


    A Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer

Spirit –>Non-local Computer Codes/Subroutines

  • In Non-Local Logic-Information Vacuum
  • Matter-Being’s Logic Component
  • 10 Computer Dimension + Free Will Dimension of the Observer

Soul –> Non-local Computer Execution

  • In Non-Local Information-Energy Vacuum
  • Matter-Being’s Wave Component
  • Execution: Logic-Information <—Information Crossover —> Information-Energy

Body –> Local Computer Outputs

  • Collapsed Non-Local Input-Output
  • Matter-Being’s Particle Commponent
  • Particle: Information-Energy <—Collapsed Energy —> Energy-Mass

Mind –> Brain-Soul/Brain-Spirit Non-Local/Local Communication

  • Spirit-Mind: Spirit/Non-Local-Information <— Information Crossover —> Local Information/Brain-Communication (Match Spirit-Information with Soul Information)
  • Soul-Mind: Soul/Non-Local Information <—Collapsed Energy —> Local Electromagnetic-Energy/Brain Communication (Match Soul-Energy with Brain-Body Energy)
  • Brain-Body —> Evolved/Involved Control-Feedback Organ in Humans

Entanglement–> Non-local Viruses and Noise

    Explained in the Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer

Matter-Being Conservation in Three Components

Changes in [Information–Energy–Mass] = Zero

Thus, for Matter-Being Conservation, Information must added to Einstein’s Mass-Energy formula. It is this Information component that connects non-local to local, physics to psychology, etc. To be correct, the term Information must also include dis-information when free will and entanglement are included within the observer-observed reference frame. See the Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer for specifics.

Outside Lorentz

This additional component of information takes us outside the Loretz frame of reference to include velocities greater than or equal to the velocity light. Notice that the three components of Being reside in the non-local logic-information (spirit) and information-energy (soul) vacuums. There is no space-time, in the sense of Einstein’s Relativity inside these two vacuums. That is, by definition, space and time do not exist inside the vacuum. Sace forms a “non-local boundary” between Being and Matter as explained in this paradigm, between the nucleus (non-local connected to spin vortexes, see Posts of later dates, and the electron-orbits (local). Time is the teleportation operator between Being and Matter with space separating them. This is the reason why sace and time are connected as space-time, namely forming a non-local/local continuum.

In addition, energy by its nature is no-local and resides within the soul or within the quantum wave, while collapsed energy turns into mass and resides in the particle aspect. Collapsing implies that space and time becomes space-time at the Moment of Now.

What is Inflationary without Space-Time?

Expansion-Contraction within the Logic-Information vacuum is through Gnomonic Logic. “There are certain things,” said Aristotle, “which suffer no alteration [in logic] save in magnitude when they grow [expand or contract] …” He was referring to the phenomenon the Greeks called the gnomon and the expansion based upon it. “A gnomon is any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves he resultant figure similar to the original” Thus, in this paradigm, if inflation is needed, it is accomplished through computer logic programmed into First Cause and he “forcing-functions” in the form of Gonomonic Logic.

Creating the Physical Constants

In these vacuums, (1) velocity of light appears as light-constant or the logic-information component of light (i.e. number 3 in base-9). When this light-constant crossover to the information vacuum, it becomes the information-energy photons in the form of Phi-spiral and free wills. Through them all physical constants are formed. Notice, all three processes (photons—Phi Spiral—Free Will) work together in a non-local/local  wayas a Free will Holon at Now. Finally, (3) collapsing this Holon forms the local electromagnetic energy.

The Constant that binds this Mater-Being Holon together is 137,

which is the fine structure constant. In this paradigm, the constant binds Matter and Being together by their free wills between Being and Matter.

Bio-Nano and Bio-Quantum

Chemistry has to do with the local interactions of electron orbits with the non-local environment of their nucleus as its background, and he physical constants as constraints. On the other hand, Nano-chemistry involves the non-local interaction inside he nucleus with the local constraints of its elecron orbits. It is this reason (combining Being and Mater) that the terms Nano and Quantum are changed to Bi-nano and Bo-quantum. In addiion the Chemistry Being relates to either Occult Chemistry or with Holon knowledge of Alchemy-ORMUS-Occult integrated into Bio-nano Chemistry.


tem2 1


To the Reader

(A) Reader’s Pre-established Mind-Set

    1) For the scientific-intellectual reader: This book/webside addresses a Paradigm of Everything in an attempt to put mind—soul—spirit into quantum-relativistic physics and vice versa. Mind—soul—spirit is connected to each and every piece of living or non-living matter. Its action is local and yet non-local. No language can fully capture its non-local action. Its local actions are recognizable by all of us. It exists, but outside the range of scientific observations. It is real, but no vocabulary fully describes it. Thus, it becomes a taboo subject in the scientific circle.
    2) For the sensitive-psychic reader: The realness of mind—soul—spirit are the only reality whose presence must be felt through ancient meditation methods, and cannot be described-explained in any language, let alone in scientific terms. Like actions of God, the actions of mind—soul—spirit are unknowable.
    3) Both types of readers must have an open mind, and read the entire Webside before making any judgment about the validity of its contents. For backgrounds to this Paradigm, please search the Internet.

(B) Breaking Traditions and Changing Scientific Paradigms

    1) Scientific Paradigms: Completing the Incompleteness in Quantum-Relativity Physics by Breaking Scientific Paradigms: One big shift in today’s paradigm is reinterpreting the hypernumbers, especially the imaginary number i as a teleportation operator in mathematical physics that connects the spaceless-timeless vacuums with 3-D space. Mind—Soul—Spirit actions are activities at singularity crossover. Thus, complex (i) equations, i.e. quantum-relativistic physics, are equations describing crossovers.
    2) Breaking Traditions: Consciousness can be scientifically defined as the moment of Now. Hence, consciousness is a crossover-teleportation operator connecting the vacuum with one’s mind. The feelings described by “psychics” in their meditative states are activities at crossover, namely Intentions—Consciousness—Knowing that directly connects a quantum observer with the vacuum.
    3) If this Matter-Being Paradigm presented in this book/Website is “correct,” its value to science, technology, and humanity is unbelievable. Preliminary indications are that the Paradigm is heading in the “right” direction.

(C) Non-Local Language

    1) No language exists or is established for describing non-locality and yet locally connected objects. In addition, this website attempts to connect all subjects from ancient to modern and from metaphysics to physics with one set of assumed principles, namely spirit—soul—mind representing Being mapped onto logic—information—energy representing Matter. Diagrams and flow-charts with arrows (indicating connected communications or mappings of concepts) replacing language and mathematical equations occupy more than half of this paradigm. Every section on these Pages and Postings is fully packed with new information outside the reader’s own paradigm.
    2) In addition, the concept of mind-soul-spirit expressed in three levels (and within these levels their nine components) is taken from ancient Chinese philosophy on health expressed in the classic I-Ching. Notice, by coincidence, there are also three levels of Quarks and Leptons in particle physics. These concepts are expressed in both their Chinese characters (a holistic non-linear representation of their meanings) and “not exact” English linear translations. In fact, the maturity of the Author on understanding this Paradigm grows with the Postings written in later dates
    3) I am still learning how to present this paradigm in an intellectual-intuitive manner [intellectual–>left-brain scientific-technological-deductive, intuitive–>right-brain metaphysical-occult-inductive, and yet both left-right is interconnected/entangled]. Therefore, the reader should read this Website with an open mind and with the book, “The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics-Chemistry-Genetics-Technology” at hand. The second part of the book contains 44 pages of questions and answers together with 70 pages of Glossary, which perhaps provide the background needed for an easier understanding.
    As of January 2010, this Page and the Post on Prophecies are my most mature writings by date, while the book represents my earliest mature work.
    Preliminary Applications

Posting on Webhealth

The Only Real-Time Health Diagnostic-Treatment Computer that could be implemented on the Web. Furthermore, the only mind-soul-spirit health system that is not bounded by the quantum measurement effect. For it is based on formulating the Acu-Point’s Logic-Information operators.

Posting on Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer

    A Bio-Quantum Solution for 2012: Harmonic Convergence by a Matured Group with A Single Left-Right Brain Purpose in a matched Logic-Information<—->Information-Energy Field

Posting on Cold Fusion in the Concept of Bio-Quantum

    Resolving the Control-Repeatability Problem plus the formation of a Faraday Cage for Information/disinformation entangled Viruses [namely, Information and Magnetic Monopoles] within the non-local free will field


Predicted and verified the Fermionic Condensates, high temperature super-conductivity of Iron, the need for information-magnetic Faraday Cage for Being, low energy transmutation and cold fusions in concepts of Bio-Quantum, and putting health into a mathematical discipline. …
Rediscovered the concepts stated in Nei Ching (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) and soul-genetic, re-structured I-Ching logic within the computer logic of bits, qubits, free wills and line diagrams, and in turn integrated into the theory of quantum observations. …
Completed the incompleteness in Quantum-Relativistic Physics and the standard model of elementary particles via the logic-information (i.e., the spirit) component of matter, in understanding the non-local/local connectivity between monopoles/dipoles within the non-local/local meanings space and time, in the duality between the Big Bang Cosmology and Logic-Creationism. …
Captured-Improved-Expanded the Paradigms of David Bohm’s active information, Seth Lloyd’s computer model of the Universe, Carl Jung’s psycho-physics of synchronicity and collective consciousness, Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere and point Omega, Jan Christiaan Smuts’ Holism and Evolution, Ilva Prigogine’s bifurcation point at singularity, Ken Wilber’s Involution-Evolution Spirituality, and the Russian’s Torsion field, Sacred-Torus-Vortex Geometry, Radionics, and Consciousness.


Offers a Physio-Psychological Information Model via the Vacuum Computer to explain the Observer-Observed Non-Local/Local Results Found in the Global Consciousness Project, of which there are no satisfactory answer.

And from the metaphysical perspective, a model for explaining Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the Akasha Chronicle, a spiritual record of the history, pre-history, and future of the world and mankind.

When entering into the wild ideas of modern physics, this computer model together with its Participatory Universe Model enhane  the GUT Monopole Model. The GUT Monopoles carry inside them the entire thermal history of the universe are represented by programs within the Vacuum Computer. As one enters the different layers of the Monopole, or subroutines within each program, different eras of the universe are reviewed.

Provides a model for Penrose and Pagels Observations
Sir Roger Penrose

Sir Roger Penrose is unique in offering something close to a proof in formal logic that minds are not merely computers. There is a kind of piquant appeal in an argument against the power of formal symbolic systems, which is itself clothed largely in formal symbolic terms. Although it is this ‘mathematical’ argument, based on the famous proof by Gödel of the incompleteness of arithmetic, which has attracted the greatest attention, an important part of Penrose’s theory is provided by positive speculations about how consciousness might really work. He thinks that consciousness may depend on a new kind of quantum physics which we don’t, as yet, have a theory for…

Heinz H. Pagels in Perfect Symmetry
…an interesting image for the quantum universe is that it is a giant computer—an information-processing system. … quantum particles are the “hardware.” The logical rules these particles obey, the laws of nature, are the “software.”