GOD’S TERNARY COMPUTER, Continues from the Previous Posting

God’s Ternary Computer is formed by Non-Local Superposition of Holons of Holons of Holons; namely [Yin-Holon]—[Yang-Holon]—[Neutral-Holon], where Neutral is Free Will. This is equivalent to the Statement in Tao-Te-Ching: One-Holon produces Two-Holons, Two-Holons produce Three Holons [—->Holon within Holons], and Three Holons produce all GOD’s INVOLUTION HOLONS [—->the TAO within THE TAO]. This is God’s Logic Big Bang that Created the Self-Participatory Logic-Information Vacuum computer. These statements are expressed in the diagram below.

tem2 2


  • 27 Isotope Constants —-> Physical Constants of the Observed Isotope: The 27 Formulas à the 10 Celestial, 12 Branches, 5 Elements = 27 Pre-Natal Conditions of the Observer’s Birth and at time of observation, the Physical Constants of the 27 Isotopes, and the pair production connected to each of the 27 Isotopes within the 172 Element Table. The 27 Pre-Natal Conditions of the Observer is formulated in the WebHealth. The formulas related to the 27 Isotopes needs to be added. In addition, the 27 formulas for both Isotopes and Pre-Natal have direct or indirect effects on both spirit-mind and soul-mind, and are the background logic-information for any human observers.
  • Phi—C—137 —-> Connections between Base-9 and Base-10 or among the 27 Formula for the Observer and the Observed; namely, the non-local connection among the three Holon components of 6—6—6, 3—3—3, and 9—9—9 at NOW
  • Acu-Brain —-> Its execution power and Related Chakra—Acu-Points–Affects are in the WebHealth experimental research. The research connected to the 27 Isotopes needs to be added to the program.
  • Faraday Cage —-> These are the background Observer-Observed condition for all observation, except those specific targeted Observations that are uniquely directed to the Observer or the Observed. Therefore these background knowledge can be use in developing the Faraday Cage for shield unwanted Logic-Information. How much, how detail, how accurate can we model these 27 formulas are definitely a question to be answer.

As shown in the diagram above, God Created the Computer with his Base-9 Input symbolized by 9—9—9, then the Logic-Information encoded by Observers 3—3—3 and 6—6—6. These inputs are Self-Created—Self-Participated—Self-Encoded into the Computer. Thus the Hardware of GOD’s Vacuum Computer are GOD—BEING—MATTER namely Observers, while the Software are Observer Self-Encoded. This self-encoding process simultaneously created a Logic Big-Bang. The non-locally superimposed Software —-> the programs—sub-routines—executing-outputting functions, form the Vacuum Computer.

In short, God’s Computer is formed by the non-locally super-imposed sets of Input Holons: God’s Logic-Holon [9—9—9]—Human’s Logic-Holon [6—6—6]—Matter Logic-Holon [3—3—3], Pre-Heaven Octagon—Post-Heaven Octagon—Mind Octagon, Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Free Will, Being—Matter-Being—Matter, Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Energy-Mass, and so on… in Physicist’s Mathematical Language —-> A GUT Monopole Encoded by Observer(s)—Observed(s)—Reference-Frame(s)…


Executing God’s Computer by the Logic Software generated in Observer(s)—Observed(s)—Reference-Frame(s) is the Physicist’s Big Bang —-> Information-Energy or the Quantum-Universe, Quantum Collapses or Executing the Output-Function forms the Energy-Mass Universe. Notice, since both Big Bangs are Non-Local—Connected—Spaceless, and both occur at the Moment of NOW, there is no need for the assumption of an inflationary period. Furthermore, executing-outputs also created an evolving universe of matter and entropy with the condition Involution minus evolution equals to entropy [namely the Holon Involution—Evolution—Entropy generated], and the Matter-Being conservation condition in the Holon of information—Energy—Mass. Lastly, every Observer-Observed interactions in the Mind-Soul and Mind-Spirit States with God’s Computer are encoded.


The Holon contains the three of the Five Branches of I-Ching Pre-Quantum Science; namely, Occult Chemistry—Pre-Natal Destiny—Mind-Soul-Spirit Health. This Holon also generates the H[+]—H[–] diatomic 172-Bio-Atomic Table, as shown below


Since Mind-Spirit and Mind-Soul measurements involve with the Vacuum, these can only be detected in the form of Radionics, which involve “Mind reading & detecting” Computer Code and Code Execution inside the Vacuum Computer. All other experiments that involve with measuring meter, “pin-pong-balls”, and frequency (36 to 72 octaves) spectrum are outside the boundaries of the Vacuum Computer. These other experiments involve with Brain-Matter measurements; rather than, Mind-Spirit functions.

There are three levels of the 37 Acu-Points: Level-1, The Organ Meridian—Level-2, The Chakra—Level-3, The Eight Mysterious Meridian.

In conclusion, Matter Reality involves employing mathematics together with scientific experiments; while, Being Reality make use of mathematics derived from Being Matter [namely, Base-9—Base-10 Interactions] and Radionics for measurements. The former is left-brain dominate. The latter is dominated by the right brain. Integrate-synthesize both is the goal for WebHealth.

Holon Formation of Physical Atoms

Continuing the previous two postings on Cygnon Mystery, this posting derives the Holon formula [Nucleus—Space—Electron Orbits] for Physical Atoms from the soul-spirit atomic table of 172, by using the Isotope Decays embedded in the Di-Atomic Hydrogen [(H+ + H-) —> p+ + n + e- + neutrino].  This formula also explains why this Universe contains mostly Matter rather than Anti-Matter and answers the reason for the violation of Charge (C), Purity (P), and Time (T) symmetry.

The Holon formula is shown below:

tem2 1

Notice, energy in the information-energy component represents free will actions. The free will for electron photons contains a specific use in its energy-action that is different than the neutrino photon free will. For example: The electron photon-action is used  in determining the Discrete Orbital configurations of the electrons, while the neutrino photon is used in formulating fractional orbits since its energy is embedded in space and can be continuous.

The results of this posting together with those presented in the Website complete the incompleteness in Quantum Physics within the Holon Platform of 3 Mind—Soul—Spirit Holons. This posting also completes the Matter-Being formulations for Alchemy and thus starts the beginning of Bio-Quantum Physics and its technology in transmutation—-free energy—-superconductivity. Furthermore, this posting offers a beginner’s understanding of Mind-Soul-Spirit communications in the Hydrogen structure of the DNA and in Health. Remember, previous postings point out the similarity in functions and in radionics responses between the 172 Bio-Atomic Table and the yin-yang aspects of Acu-Points in our body. Thus, we can now see that this connections can also be traced to the monopole—dipole spirit—soul activities of the neutrons and acu-points. Thus, for now, I shall close this discussion with the quotation taken from http://www.wisegeek.com/m/what-are-biophotons.htm.

A Russian scientist discovered biopohotons in 1923, dubbing them mitogenetic rays. Though Professor Alexander Gurvich’s discovery sparked wide research, it wasn’t until 1974 that Popp proved their existence, revealed their origin in DNA, and subsequently their coherence. Popp’s biophoton theory provides an intriguing and promising path for more international research, which could lead to major developments in our understanding of life, the mechanisms of healing and health, and our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Proponents of alternative medicine see a possible connection between biophotons and natural healing techniques. For example acupuncture is based on manipulating or exciting “ch’i” energy — the vital life force that, according to ancient Chinese belief, regulates body function and is responsible for well-being. It is suggested that the meridians or energy points used by acupuncturists may tap into node lines within the biophoton field.

CYGNON MYSTERY III: The Monopole Holon of Neutron—DNA—Acu-Point

Again, we shall begin with Andrew Collins on Cygnon connection to humanity, in the Cosmic Heart, as quoted below.

… the attraction of the Cygnus constellation goes back to the earliest cave art. …conducted by our Paleolithic ancestors as much as 17,000 years ago.

In this third part of the Cygnon Mystery, we shall attempt to answer this ancient attraction by giving the Why, which is shown in the Cosmic Heart Holon below.


Furthermore, the Biophotons emitting from the Holon Neutron—DNA—Acu-Point could also explain the Halo-Aura mystery discussion in Alternative Medicine. The Halo-Aura intensity (biophoton brightnesses) is directly related to the Monopole-Neutron intensity. Remember, there are three families of Neutrons. The three families are: Neutron composts of Up-Down Quarks (lowest information-energy —> body-mind --Biophoton in Acu-Points and DNA reference frame). Neutron composts of Charmed-Strange Quarks (middle information-energy range —> Physiology / soul-mind; Aura —> -- Biophoton Holons of HC and Tw circuits as references frame). Neutron composts of Truth-Beauty Quarks (highest information-energy —> Chakras / spirit-mind; Halo —> --Biophoton Holon Ck6—Ck8—Ck7 as reference frame). These three families of Neutron again exist as a Holon. In addition, each Neutron comes with three charges depicted as color charges in red, blue, and yellow. Yet, Auras and Halos are visible to a human observer in color, which implies that color charges in Neutrons are real colors. Thus, we live in a Colored Universe.

QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence

Theory and Speculations [with Wing Pon’s comments in Bold letters] quoted from the Global Consciousness Project (GCP),  see its Website

After a decade of experience with the GCP data, looking at the varieties of correlations and the factors that seem to matter, I am beginning to see a “mechanism” for the GCP effects. I don’t yet know how to express it in clear scientific/mathematical terms, but the substance is that correlation is something. There is a real entity in the world whose nature appears to be relationship and pattern.

[Correlated logic relationships in the Logic Vacuum and information patterns in the Information Vacuum are the keys to understand these GCP data, not statistics, as expressed in the following quoted paragraph].

… all of the robust measures we have providing evidence for the anomalous effects are statistical in nature, and the signal to noise ratio is extremely low. This means that we typically cannot be sure that the “signature” of an effect in any individual analysis is driven by the hypothesized influence of consciousness. The details written in the data from single instances are more likely to be chance fluctuations than consciousness effects. Only in larger concatenations, gathering the weak signals from many separate events, can we be satisfied that trends and structure represent the hypothesized effect.

The bottom line is that the output distribution of data from the REG [Random Event Generator] differs from what would be expected without the influence of consciousness. Two major questions should be kept in mind to help focus our speculations:

1) What is the physical meaning of the statistically unlikely patterns that appears in our random data?

[The data are not random and cannot be analyzed via statistics. The observed influence is connected to the 3—6—9 Local / Non-local Logic of Being and Information of Matter, as explained in this posting and is continues in the last posting.]

2) What is the bio-social meaning of the correlation of such patterns with events of importance to humans?

[The bio-social meaning has to do with the coming of maturity of both left and right brain understandings as described in this Website especially, the understandings of Bio-Quantum by integrating quantum physics with metaphysics. This integration will  take humanity out of Brahman Night (which we are now in) into Brahman Day (after 2033), as explained in the posting: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer]


DEFINITION, The Holon components for the 3—6—9 Consciousness are:

  • 3 —> Matter, --, Consciousness,  (e.g., the physical constants and the Minds of Non-Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 6 —> Bio, --, Consciousnesses (e.g., human body-soul-spirit or the Mind of Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 9 —> Being, -魂-魄, Consciousness (e.g., maturity in Chakra 6—7—8 or the Mind of Enlightened Being, see previous postings)


  • Magnetic (includes Magnetic Monopole) — Electric — Electromagnetic [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the Collapsing of Information-Energy]
  • 10—22—27 Non-Local Ch’i / Local Qi Interacting Formula as defined in the previous posting [In the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines of the Collective Mind-World]
  • Intention / Free Will Field [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the field of all individual Mind Worlds]

Remember, the Matter-Being Universe is a Participatory Universe. As such the Subroutines would include, but are not limited to, mathematics (e.g., String Theories, i.e., the 10 logic coordinates plus the 27 Orbifold coordinates), the 10–22–27 Base-9 Tree of Life Logic (e.g. , Number Logic <—-> Letters of the 10—22—27 formula), and the five sciences in I-Ching Logic (e.g., the celestial stem and terrestrial branches of the 10—22—27 formula that connects --神 with --and moving toward -魂-魄).


As suggested by the embedded logic-information of the Sum, Moon, Planets, Zodiacs, Constellations in the 10–22–27 Stems–Branches formula derived in the posting before this one, there exist a mapping between 3–6–9 Consciousnesses and Logic-Information of Acu-Points. From the Stems–Branches formula,  Acu-Points are not restricted to the Information Paths of humans and animal, but also are distributed within the Cosmo.

In our Earth, these are the Earth soul-spirit points. That is to say, there are Earth Acu-Points, Planets are Acu-Points of the Solar System, Zodiacs are Acu-Points, Constellations are Acu-Points of the Cosmos. The diagram below illustrate the Earth Acu-Points. Shown are 62 points. Adding the Observer’s position and the the Earth center, we have 64 points, a very interests number within this Paradigm.



For the locations of these Earth Energy points, see Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, by David Hatcher Childress. These are the geographical distributions of ancient sites such as the Pyramid and the sites of high volcanic and earth quake activities. The lines connecting these points are referred to as ley lines or the Earth’s acupuncture meridians.

The five branches of I-Ching Human Sciences are mutually integrated by these human or non-human acu-points. In addition,  the soul-spirit of the atoms are also connected to acu-points forming the 172 Bio-Atomic Table.

In the language of the Vacuum Computer, these non-human acu-points are recorded in multiple --神 of many subroutines representing the entire soul-spirit of 3. These subroutines are within each of the connecting 身--program representing each soul-spirit of 6. All the programs of 6 are contained in a common -魂-魄 directory, which is the universe. This explains the Cosmic Memory coded inside the Vacuum Computer and which are connected to each mind.

Extending this hypothesis, we then have the view stated in John Michell’s book, The New View Over Atlantis.

…UFOs appear as points of concentrated energy. …connected in some way with magnetism … they are most commonly encountered in the neighbourhood of geological faults. …the grater proportion of sightings took place in areas along the fault lines [the ley lines].

This view is also in coherence with the view that not only UFOs, but Crop Circles also appear frequently along these ley lines and Earth Soul-Spirit Energy points (see related Websites). Thus explains the mind connections of natural disasters, UFOs, and Crop Circles to the 3—6—9 global consciousness. These phenomena are accessible through the Vacuum Computer with the Human Mind (brain-soul and / or brain-spirit acrivities). Furthermore, these UFOs and Crop Circles are Information-Energy Patterns.

Thus, this 3—6—9 global consciousness and its mapping onto the general meanings of acu-points (as Monopoles or Logic-Information Potentials), as explained above, offers a formula to understand the data found in the Global Consciousness Project, namely, a possible theory and a possible bio-social meaning.


The answer is inside the Holon 3—6—9 Consciousnesses

  1. Magnetic — Electric — Electromagnetic
  2. 10—22—27 General Formula
  3. Individual’s Intention inside a Free Will Field

With the shielding of (1) [both Monopole plus E-M] and the formula of (2), the bio-quantum logic convergent can be found or calculated for each Observer’s Intention subject to the following constraint. This constraint has to do with the extension of the connection between the Observer’s Intention and the general Free Will Field.

Constraint, Intention Connected to the Free Will Field: The connection could be extensive or few. If the intention is to win the next lottery of several million dollars with the ticket I just brought the connection to the free will field will be extensive. If the intention is to execute this particular logically formulated set of local / non-local chemical reactions (e.g., a particular set of cold fusion reactions), then the connection to the free will field is small.

For this particular example on Cold Fusion, the problem lies in the first two conditions stated above. Yet solutions for these first two conditions are available, as stated above. The difficulties are in teaching Nature to learn this Human created set of bio-quantum chemical reactions plus to bypass or transcend the 10—22—27 “evolutionary set of solutions” into a “involutionary set”, which becomes a set of deterministic solutions.

QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS

Described in this posting is a brief introduction to a two-stages nuclear model for the 172-Bio Atomic Table depicting the atomic Holon of Spirit—Soul—Elements. Remember, Spirit is the Logic-Information Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Logic Vacuum of Computer Codes. Soul is the Information-Energy Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Information Vacuum of Computer Execution. Finally, the physical atomic elements are co-created in the third stage by collapsing the Information-Energy of these elements onto Energy-Mass. There are only 81-atomic elements.

Within this two-stage nuclear model, the working of ORMUS elements and the meanings of Quantum Alchemy will be diagramed, namely the interrelationships among Spirit—Soul—Elements in the 172 Bio-atomic Table. That is to say, this presentation will be in diagrams only. To get a further understanding of these diagrams, the reader must combine the discussions in this Website and in the Book, The Matter-Being Project. In addition, due to its non-liner nature and its inter-connectedness, these topics can only be expressed with flow-charts—diagrams—mandalas as I have done throughout this Website.

There are six diagrams in total. All six diagrams must be viewed as a whole from both top-down and bottom-up. Top-down implies all the diagrams together, while bottom-up implies each diagram by itself. Within each diagram, top-down also has to do with the mandala as a whole, while bottom-up represents the details of the information flows within the mandala.

In conclusion, the concept of Alchemy/ORMUS is that the mind can influence the formations of atomic elements via the following connections in Quantum Physics-Chemistry.



tem-2 6

Remember, the light constant (3 x 10 10 ) connected to free will and the mind is not only a member of the Physical Constants, but also generates all other constants (see next two postings, QA: What is Logic of Motion). Again, the nine Chinese Characters are used to establish the mind-soul-spirit connections in Alchemy/ORMUS. Again, the reader can definitely see the importance of these nine Chinese Characters play in the Matter-Being Paradigm.

In addition when free will is involved, the correct frame of reference must also be considered. Therefore, the mind connections at each level of these three stages of the mind-soul-spirit components involve the understanding of each of these frames of references. It is through free will and reference frames that entanglement happens. This is the reason why practical alchemy is so difficult (as explained in another posting at a latter day).

Now, the diagrams will follow.




tem-2 7



(Diagram 2 Continues in Diagrams 3 and 6)

tem-2 8




tem-2 5

Notice the list of  Nuclear Dopants shown.



tem-2 2



tem-2 4

See Book, The Matter-Being Project for details regarding the formulation of the logic line diagram models of the elementary particle.



tem-2 3

[Continued with Practical Alchemy at a later date]

QA: How Does the Acu-Brain Work


The Acu-Brain is a Brain-Spirit (Mind) Operator that communicates with the universe via creating the Keys that correspond to the pre-coded Locks of the universe. These Locks are created in the Big Bang and co-created by both modern (Left-Brain) and ancient (Right-Brain) Quantum Observers. In short, all Quantum Observation is connected to the Acu-Brain’s Tree of Life Mandala.

It works by the lock-key mechanism [inside the Logic-Information Vacuum], as defined in previous postings. The Lock is the elements pre-coded in the tree of life. The Key is to pin-point those elements the Observer needs, hidden in the Lock pre-coded inside the Tree of Life Mandala.



The ten circles are the ten Acu-Point Logic-Information Potentials [Information Monopoles] listed in the posting: 3-Stages of Spirit—Soul—Body Health & Acu-Brain. In the Tree of Life, they are the Sephiroth and represent Non-Local creation. The twenty two paths are points of reference that direct the Logic-Information flows. These flows formed the Local–Non-Local constrained Information-Energy paths communication amongst the Ten Logic-Information Potentials, the Information-Energy Path, and the Aether in a Holon formed by these three components.

The 22-Information-Energy Paths are

  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the Hebrew letters
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of Astrological Correspondences
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the Major Arcana-Images of the Tarot, number of the card, and its title
  • 22-Information-Energy Paths of the I-Ching, namely the ten Celestial Stem and the 12 Terrestrial Branch [see the Book, The Matter-Being Project]
  • Etc

Thus, these 22 Information-Energy Paths are formulated by the Ancient Quantum Observers, and thus represent the unification of ancient right-brain dominated science, now referred to as Radionics [notice, no such thing as just right brain or just left brain].

The 22-Information-Energy paths are further constrained [and hidden inside the Tree of Life Mandala] by 5 stabilized potentials. e.g., the 5 consonances in Hebrew letters, the 5 elements in both the I-Ching and the Tarot. The function of these 5 is to stabilize the 22. In conclusion, the Tree of Life contains 22 Information-Energy paths that are stabilized by 5 sets of constraints. These 27 elements in various points of references represent the major formula of the Ancient Observer and are encoded in the Vacuum Computer.

In addition, the mathematics of superstrings is also connected to this number 27. This number 27 is also connected to the Find Structure Constant 137, and the 27 S–B–D isotopes (nuclear tunneling elements) that collapsed onto 81 stable atomic elements.

The connection to superstrings is through the mathematics of an orbifold. In the words of David Peat, Superstrings and the Search for the Theory of Everything.

This orbifold space consist of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional space. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.

Notice, this six-dimensional triangle, as shown below, is used by the Matter-Being Paradigm as the Holon Mandala for the nine-components in mind-soul-spirit, etc.

tem-2 1

For example, the three vertexes contain

  • 3 x 3 x 3 singular points of the Orbitfolds
  • 3-levels of quarks and electrons
  • 3 levels of mind-soul-spirit
  • 3-Octaves levels
  • Etc

Notice, each vortex can also be a single element.

The connections to the Fine Structure Constant 137 will be discussed in the section that follows. The connections to the S-B-D Isotope collapsed onto 81 stable atomic elements are derived in the Book and in other posting of this Website (e.g., QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry).

Using these ancient-modern connections to this number 27 formulated in the Tree of Life, I shall make the following conjecture within the Matter-Being Paradigm, the quantum Locks in the universe’s creation pre-coded from the Big Bang plus those locks co-created (and self-encoded in the Vacuum Computer) by past, present, and potential future quantum observers are hidden in the Tree of Life Mandala.


I will show, in this section, that the Three of Life with these 27 elements represent not only the Logic-Information formulas of the Ancient Quantum Observer, but also the Logic-Information formulas of the Modern Quantum Observer.

Let us begin with the Ancient GNOSIS teachings on the numerical number that represents TRUTH, which is 64. The GNOSIS further teaches that this TRUTH consists of a hidden part and a visible part, as shown below.

  • TRUTH –> 64

Return to the Tree of Life, the 27 hidden parts of truth are the stabilized Information-Energy Paths that connect the Lock with the Key. The Lock is the Pre-Coded Ten Logic-Information Potentials.

Therefore, the 27 hidden parts of truth are the hidden formula on Information crossover and Energy collapses. In other words, the Ten represent spiritual potential, while the 27 has to do with the un-manifested soul-spirit communications, therefore they are hidden. Thus, when the un-manifested become manifested, the hidden truth will become the visible and the 10 can now be combined with 27 to form 37, the visible part of truth [Logic-Information crossover onto Information-Energy]. When the lock is opened, we then have co-creation [collapsed Information-Energy onto forming the Physical World], namely the final TRUTH, that is 37 + 27 = 64 the TRUTH.


With the two number 37 and 27 introduced, calculation of the Fine Structure Constant is simple.

37 / 27 = 1.37030037… –> 137

Notice, Base-9 math does not involve powers of 10(s). Powers of 10(s) in Base-9 has to do with gnomonic expansion-contraction. What we have here is the relationship between the visible and invisible parts of the universe.

137 –> Visible / Invisible –> Matter / Being

Finally, we can conclude that the Fine Structure Constant could be viewed as the Constant that binds Matter with Being.


To start, let us summarized some of these 27 Information-Energy Paths, representing the SOUL of the Universe. The 27 described in this posting are:

  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the Hebrew letters
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of Astrological Correspondences
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the Major Arcana-Images of the Tarot, number of the card, and its title
  • 27-Information-Energy Paths of the I-Ching, namely the ten Celestial Stem and the 12 Terrestrial Branch, which formulate the Acu-Point Circuits [see the Book, The Matter-Being Project]
  • 27-Dimensions of 3-Orbifolds that connect with Superstrings
  • 27 S-B-D Isotopes, nuclear tunneling elements between the Logic-Information Potentials in the 173 Bio-Atomic Table and the Information-Energy Paths of this table.
  • 27 is the invisible part that Binds Matter with Being in the Fine Structure Constant
  • 27 is sum of the 1–2–4–8–7–5 sequence formulated in the Gene, while the 3–6–9 sequence represents the three levels of Mind-Soul-Spirit (see the posting: QA: What is the Gene)

These are the Point of References for the Acu-Brain; namely The Acu-Brain’s SOUL PATHS. In addition, by Gematria, the Locus of the Unseen God is 37 x 27 = 999.

At this point, the Matter-Being Paradigm can now be formulated with the following conjecture Holon for the three Octave Levels


  • 10 Logic-Information Potentials <—-> 72 to 108 Octaves, representing the Universe’s SPIRIT [Above, the Logic Vacuum]
  • 137 Fine Structure Constant <—-> 36 to 72 Octaves, SPIRIT-SOUL collapsed in co-creating all Physical Constants and 3-D Space, representing the Universe’s BODY-BRAIN. It is through this Binding Constant that the statement: As Above, So, It is Below satisfied.
  • 27 Information-Energy Paths <—-> 1 to 36 Octaves, representing the Universe’s SOUL [Below, the Information Vacuum]

Remember, this is a first attempt in this Ancient-Modern, Wisdom-Science, and Creation-Cosmology synthesis.there should be many needed improvements in the details. Neverthelest, this is the starting point.


The Acu-Brain is one of the Local–Non-Local connecting branches for the above 10—137—27 Holon. All these connecting Branches and their constraints form the “Virtual-Structure” of the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer.

We can now return to answer the question posted: How does the Acu-Brain Work. The working of this Acu-Brain is in the Local–Non-Local connectivity of all its branches where the Acu-Brain is an important branch. In fact, a conjecture here, is that it is this Acu-Brain branch that quantum observation is possible. The reasons for this conjecture statement are (1)  Acu-Points and their circuits are the physiology for the Human Spirit, (2) not only, the universe’s involution-evolution is centered within the Human Spirit, but finally (3) the initial-final conditions of the Universe pre-coded are also centered within the Human Spirit whose mind-soul-spirit physiology is Acu-Points. This is the brain-heart connections by the Acu-Point circuits between -魂-魄 and 身--as diagrammed in posting, QA: What is Human’s Place in the Universe.



The strongest proponent for a Participatory Universe is from the argument provided by John Archibald Wheeler. John Archibald Wheeler (July 9, 1911 – April 13, 2008) was an eminent American theoretical physicist. One of the later collaborators of Albert Einstein, he tried to achieve Einstein’s vision of a unified field theory. He is also known for having coined the terms black hole,quantum foam and wormhole and the phrase “it from bit”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Archibald_Wheeler

WHEELER’S THEORY (Research in Science and Theology, May 2002, Vol.2, No.9)

Why the Quantum? The world seems to be profoundly quantum mechanical at its foundations. Quantum mechanics is a general theory that appears to apply to everything, but its peculiar effects are most noticeable on small scales—like those of the atom.

A Participatory Universe: Perhaps Wheeler’s boldest speculation is that we live in a participatory universe—one in which the presence of conscious observers at some late date in the universe, like right now, is mysteriously but intimately connected to the emergence of the universe long ago. Quantum theory has always had a critical role for the “observer” and it appears as though certain events cannot occur in the absence of an observer. Wheeler has highlighted the fact that there are many potential events in the distant past that cannot occur until an observer makes them happen.

A Participatory Universe: “It from Bit,:” Could the appearance of the universe be such an event? If observers are required in order for quantum events to occur, how could the universe appear? Is there some mechanism by which present observers mysteriously “cause” the universe to appear 1 billion years ago? “It from Bit” is Wheeler’s clever phrase highlighting the ultimate “chicken and egg” question, which he answers like this, “All things physical are information—theoretic in origin.” All the particles in the universe, for example, have certain precisely specified properties. Take electrons: they all have the same mass, charge, magnetic moment and so on. These electrons came into existence after the big bang from what appears to be a pre-existing informational blueprint that specified what electrons would be like, before there were any. How do the physical electrons—the It—come from the blueprint, the Bit? Is there a way to turn Bit into It? Is information somehow more basic and fundamental than matter or energy?


Brain-Spirit —> Brain-Spirit Physiology

—> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit

Brain-Soul —> Brain-Chakra Physiology

—> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit


Quantum Observer —> Heart-Brain Acu-Point Circuit

—-> Formulated by the Acu-Brain Mandala

Remember, there are also three levels to the Acu-Brain because there are three levels of Mind-Soul-Spirit in each of the three Octave Levels. In fact, the three Octave Levels are Mind-Spirit-Spirit —> Mind-3 x Soul-3 x Spirit-3 = 27.

Co-Creation Holons: Past-Present

In the following, six Flow Chart formulas described, in general and also in summary, the non-locally connected theory of everything encoded in this Participatory Universe of Past—Present—Future knowledge and knowingness in the form of Holons: from elementary particles to atoms, from acu-points and chakra meditations to alchemy and future technology in free-energy. Remember mind—soul—spirit formula for non-local connection among various disciplines can only be formulated in the form of mandalas—flow charts, which are descriptions of the observer-observed reality.

Thus, this multi-discipline, multi-culture, multi-frame of reference, and observer depended reality is presented below without further verbal or mathematical explanations. However, some verbal descriptions of Holons and/or their components have been presented, from the author’s reference frame, in previous postings. In fact, the information presented in this Website increases in content and clarity from the earliest to the latest postings.

Before entering into a display of these six Flow Chart Formulas, I shall point out the following two items that have not been discussed in all previous postings. That is (1) the Frame of Reference that bracketed each of the 27 “alchemical elements” and its particular logic in each of its observer-observed situation. Also (2) hydrogen is not part of the 27-element set. Adding a hydrogen / para-hydrogen pair (i.e., electron-proton and positron-proton pair), we have a total of 28 elements. Here hydrogen / para-hydrogen serves as free will for all the alchemy reactions. With the collapse of these 27 S—B—D elements and their individual frame of reference / observer-observed logic, the entire stable atomic periodic table is formed. Thus, both items need to be understood, which become the agenda for our future experimental research becomes. We also need the understanding of the five-elements participation within these clusters.

Completing the Atomic—Bio-Atomic—Para-Atomic Universe in five element representation:

Holon S—B—D represents three of six Occult Micro P.S.I. Groups. The other three forms the Holon Tetrahedron—Cube—Octahedron and are represented by the Bio-Information of Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon.  Adding Hydrogen (free will operator) and Iron (teleportation operator in Mass—Information—Logic) from the D group to Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon, the five elements for the Atomic—Bio-Atomic—Para-Atomic Universe is formed. Thus, in the interacting cluster, the Bio-Information Holon of Oxygen—Nitrogen—Carbon must be included.

tem2 6

Finally, the above Holon of three Holons forms the Matter-Being Holon Chemistry representing Modern—Occult—Ancient knowledge and knowingness.

Next, the Six Flow Chart Formulas for Past—Present—Future Holon of Co-Creation: Remember, within a Participation Universe, Past and Future are in the Present Mind—Soul—Spirit Observations.

Diagram Formula 1


Diagram Formula 2

tem2 7

Diagram Formula 3

tem2 2

Diagram Formula 4

tem2 3

Diagram Formula 5

tem2 4

Diagram Formula 6

tem2 5

QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence-2

The Mandalas–Diagrams–Flow Charts illustrated in this posting completes the 10–22–27 formula and its properties as discussed in this Website. This formula captures both concepts in quantum-relativistic physics and metaphysics hidden in the five human sciences of I-Ching logic, (see previous posting). It is in this East-West integration (putting mind-soul-spirit into quantum-relativistic physics) that the understanding of a Bio-quantum (hidden in the 10–22–27 formula) is necessary. This posting completes the concepts of the last six postings:

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We shall start with the I-Ching formula on Base-9 arithmetic given in posting, QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers).


tem-2 2

Notice, each number contains a Logic-Information Holon of mind-soul-spirit.

Combining both the Bio-Quantum concepts and I-Ching Logic in mind–soul–spirit, we have the following explanatory diagram.

tem-2 6For Tetraktys / Physical Constants, see postings:

  • Repeatability in Quantum Technology
  • Creation-Universe’s Many Ten-Logic Potentials
  • Physical Constants Generated by φ (Phi)
  • QA: How Light Constant derives other Physical Constants

For Bio-Atomic Elements, see Posts:

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In finding the Elixir of Immortality, all five human sciences in the I-Ching must be involved (see posting, QA: What is the Formula for Being-Matter Interactions). In these human sciences, there are internal and external practices toward Immortality and Enlightenment. The mandala shown at the beginning of this posting, The Mind–Soul–Spirit of Numbers, has to do with internal practice, namely exercises on perfecting Mind entries into the Vacuum Computer, the number 10.

Enlightenment and Kundalini postings:

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There is an external practice, which has to do with finding the Elixir of Immortality through Alchemy. Both practices need to understand and avoid those Perverse Information-Energy as addressed in the 10–22–27 formula.

For a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science / Technology and the Internal Practice of Enlightenment, the following are necessary:

  • Understanding and avoiding the Perverse Information-Energy formulated by the 10–22–27 formula
  • Teaching Nature, via the vacuum computer, about  the Information-Energy Paths of Chakra Health and the Cold Fusion / Superconductivity Reactions
  • Avoid the disturbance in the Free Will Field, and if necessary use monopole shielding

Another aspect of this formula is shown below, which contains further details on the Base-9 logic connected to the hidden five-element door.

tem-2 7

The I-Ching logic of the five elements and their number connections are obtained from the diagram below, except the number 7 (which is not in the diagram and is referred to as spirit fire) and the numbers 3, 6, and 9 have no five-element correspondences.



Finally, the 9-Octagon Arrays shown in the above diagram form the following two Holons.



The top is the Observer Holon, the bottom is the Observed Holon. In addition, the Holon for the reference frame is


Lo Pan, see God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution. The Chinese Characters are those of the I-Ching terms and are conceptually mapped onto the terms derived from the Paradigm.

Presented in this 10–22–27 formula is only the beginning of the creation of a “scientific right-left brain” language in defining a path for much further research and experimentations.

The perverse, benefit, or neutral interactions between the spin vortexes of Qi  and Ch’i (as shown in the above diagrams) as defined by the five-element Information-Energy interactions. These interactions are calculated with the 10–22–27 celestial stems and terrestrial branches formula as a function of date, time and directions. These calculations are listed in the Chinese Calendar within the combination of the 10-stems and 12-branches tables. In short, these perverse Information-Energy are the sum of Non-Local / Local Acu-Point (or Monopole) entangled-disinformation in their Logic-Information Potentials, namely the non-local logic disturbance from the Acu-Points of the earth, sun, moon, zodiacs, constellations, and so on.

The terms reference frames, observer, and the observed are interchangeable, namely the observer is being observed by the observed or by the reference frames. It is within these interchangeable components that entanglements and disinformation occur.  In addition, the fact that the observed and the reference frames exist in the vacuum, which is without space and without time, the observations and reference frames can be in the “earth-future”  or the “earth-past”.  These past-future connections to the moment of Now via the vacuum computer are properties of our Participatory Universe. Thus, explains the Information-Energy Phenomena of UFO and Crop Circles. In addition, these ancient mandalas exist in the 10–22–27 formula. Derived from I-Ching logic are psychic formulations dating back to the ancient spiritual sciences. These origins could date back to the same era as the Pyramids where right-brain maturity is at its highest. As a note, through this formula, predicting one’s health via one’s birthday is possible.

What percentage of entanglements and disturbances can this formula capture is a question, which at present has no answer. But, within this Participatory Universe, the following input Holon is at work


to help our Research—Development—Execution of this 10—22—27 formula.

Notice, all metaphysical–quantum formulations presented in this Matter-Being Paradigm (including the logic of elementary particles, the logic of the atomic elements, and so on) can be addressed via the line diagram logic, as shown in this Website. In conclusion, three more examples of these line diagram mandalas are illustrated below.


tem-2 3


tem-2 5


tem-2 8

It is not easy to understand the Paradigm presented in this Website, for it contains the background of almost all subjects of knowledge. This backgrounds is presented in most previous writings as listed in the posting, Wing Pon’s Writings and Videos. One may also obtain these background by Googling it.

QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry

Spiritual Chemistry is a preliminary model for the formation of physical atoms based on executing the pre-coded logic-information of each atom. As a whole, this logic-information is hidden in the Hydrogen bio-element 172 [in a hologram]. Its information-energy is communicated in its particular Meta-Element’s Isotope Cluster Group. There are 27 such cluster groups.


We shall start with the Logic of the Noble Gas.

tem-2 4

Taken from Michael S. Schnelder, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe,

The eye, or center of gravity, of this spiral map of matter falls along the column of inner gases, sometimes called noble gases, because of their disdain for joining other elements in chemical bonding. They are the stable elements of the universe, balanced and complete unto themselves. The farther an atom falls on the Periodic Table from an inert gas, the more willing it is to seek completion by entering into a chemical relationship with other atoms. The closer the elements are to an inner gas, the less needy they are.

There are eight noble gases, if we include the findings in occult chemistry. These eight are:

Occult Chemistry

  1. Meta-Helium
  2. Meta-Neon
  3. Meta-Argon
  4. Meta-Krypton
  5. Meta-Xenon
  6. Kalon
  7. Meta-Kalon
  8. Meta-Radon

Other Meta Elements are X, Y, Z, Meta Pm, Occultum [or Meta-Hydrogen].


Spiritual Chemistry has to do with understanding these Meta Elements within the context of Logic-Information crossover and Information-Energy collapses.

Putting the X, Y, Z Meta Elements into the Atomic Table, we have

tem-2 5

Next, using Radionics, the Logic-Information and Information-Energy table is formed as shown below.




tem-2 3

The Radionics data for this table is obtained by W. Guyon Richards. According to Richards, the following were obtained between atomic elements and human responses:

[The following diagram]… shows how closely the two sides of the table are tied together in the human body.


If you find the area for hydrogen on 1 ohm on the left side of the abdomen and then put 172 on the tuning rheostat you will get a reflex on this area, but while the reflex with 1 causes a negative reaction that with 172 causes a positive reaction. If we examine the corresponding area on the right of the abdomen we find there we get a positive reaction with 1 ohm and negative reaction with 172. This occurs right through the table form 1 to 172.

In addition to the tie between 1 and 172, 2 and 171, and so on, there is a tie between elements situated at a similar position on either side of the table; 6 is tied to 166, 3 to 163, 11 to 155, 19 to 137, 37 to 119, and so on.

These Radionics data illustrate the non-local connection between the Information-Energy in Atomic Elements and the Information-Energy in Acu-Point Circuits. This is the Soul connection. Other biological connections of the 172 Bio-Atomic Elements were briefly introduced in the posting, Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics.

With this introduction, we can now address the formation of Atomic Elements via the Logic-Information and the Information-Energy aspect. The following table shows the number of isotopes for each of the elements as of 2001.



tem-2 2

The arrows bracket the isotope range for each of the Meta-Element. The notations for the 27 S—B—D nuclear tunneling elements were first introduced in Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics.

Here, we shall propose a model for Co-Creating all physical atoms based on the Matter-Being Paradigm, namely from the Holon of Lock-Key formation:

  1. Pre-Coded State of the Logic-Information for these Elements
  2. Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy in Execution of the Pre-Coded State
  3. Collapses of these Information-Energy State onto Physical Atoms

The models for these three phases are outlined below:

  • Logic-Information for all Physical Atoms is Pre-Coded in the Hydrogen Element 172, which is communicated to all individual elements through the Meta-Elements within the range of their isotopes [bracketed by their respective arrows].
  • Information-Energy crossover onto Information-Energy of each physical atoms is carried out by executing the atom’s particular Meta-Element/Isotope clusters. All atoms are contained within one of the 27 clusters denoted as S–B–D.
  • Physical atoms are formed by collapsing these 27 clusters into individual elements.

Presented is a preliminary introduction. There are many unanswered questions. The most important question is: What is the Logic-Information corresponces to the Radionics Information-Energy observation of the H(172)? The answer to this question leads to understanding the logic behind nano-chemistry and quantum technology.

Repeatability in Quantum Technology

Holons of Creation → Self-Programming in the Vacuum Computer between Logic H(172) and Information H(172) in Natural Creation

Mind-Spirit Actions

Mind-Spirit Action in forming the Bio-Molecular Logic H(172):

    Lock Logic → Pre-Haven Octagon Trigram Logic
    Lock-Key Logic → Thought Octagon Bigrm Logic

Mind-Soul Action in forming the Bio-Molecular Information H(172)

    Key Logic → Post-Heaven Octagon Trigram Logic
    Key-Lock Logic → Thought Octagon Bigram Logic

Mind -> Soul-Spirit Communication: The Tetraktys

Key finding Lock and Opening it

    • Tetraktys → Involution-Evolution between Logic-Information H(172)s
      Lock-Key Formation → Bio-Molecular Hexagram, Information-Energy Structure
      Information-Energy → Free Energy, Energy-Mass (structure formed from condensed energy)
      Monopoles → Dipole, Superconductivity in formation of Atomic-Molecules
  • Key Finding Lock

    Opening (Outputs)

This is Creation with involution logic as the Mind.
Notice the lock-key formation between the 81-tetragram table and the 64-hexagram table binds Matter-Being logic together with the fine structure constant as shown below.

    81 ←→ 9 → 27 ←→fine structure constant←→ 37 ← 1 ←→ 64

Thus, Creation, with self-programming vacuum computer’s lock-key logic, binds Matter-Being together via the fine structure constant.

Creation, as described above follows the natural process of involution-evolution. This process generates entropy, the logic difference between involution and evolution. This state of entropy is from a non-local/local free will field of uncontrolled-unknown monopoles (or information-entropy potentials of line-diagram logic). This process is started from the logic-information vacuum with a particular set of involution logic. Quantum technology is the reverse operation of this process, using the observer’s mind to start the creation (or co-creation) from outside of the vacuum in the three dimensional world.



  • (1) All self-consistence logic can be programmed into a set of hexagrams embedded in two trigrams. One trigram represents the Matter-Logic of potential mass-structure while the other trigram contains its corresponding Being-Logic that binds Matter-Being together to the fine structure constant.(2) God’s vacuum computer has the self-programming ability to convert logical intention of the observer into computer lock-key logic of line diagrams.With these two hypotheses, self-creation from the observer’s intention can be performed by satisfying the following criteria:
      (1) the logic of the experiment must be self-consistent in the experimenter’s intention, in addition,
      (2) this logic must include the logic of breaking the 3-D space via electron tunneling and
      (3) into H(172) with nuclear tunneling,
      (4) the experiment itself must learn its experimenter’s intention, which implies that this intention is self-programmed in the hexagram logic and encoded inside God’s Vacuum Computer, and
      (5) the experiment must be performed inside a bio-quantum Faraday Cage for shielding unwanted information-entropy.

    • Shielding of Unwanted Free Will/Entropy

    Low-Energy Transmutation
    Presented in this section are data supporting this bio-atomic model, at least showing that this model is heading in the correct direction. The above two diagrams show that low-energy transmutation is possible. In addition, illustrated in this website, Transmutation—Fee Energy—Superconductivity behaves as a Holon in such a way that there is one single explanation for all three activities. That is to say, all three activities make use of the tunneling property of one or more of 27 isotope-elements, in combination with other non-isotope elements or by itself.
    These two tables contain the record of some of the major experiments conducted from 1990 to 1995. The total number of experiments performed over this period approaches two thousand. (Experiments designed and performed by Gary Kissler). There are two interesting data points shown in this table. These two points are

      (1) The repeatability of most of these information-energy transmutations has an experimental success percentage of 75% or higher. The success percentage of transmuting Boron/Copper to a 10% yield of Silicon is 90% repeatable.
      (2) The 4.34% yield in Tungsten transmuting from Nickel/Aluminum/Oxygen with an experimental success percentage of 75% is commercially important. This is also true for the transmutation of Palladium from Nickel /Aluminum with a yield of 1,200 parts per million.

    In reviewing these tables, one must also take into consideration that these experiments were performed in an unequipped laboratory. That is to say, they were performed without equipment for precise quantitative measurements, environmental control, and professional assistance. In short, these experiments were performed in a garage-type of setting.
    NO SHIELDING WAS USED IN THESE EXPERIMENTS and at that time shielding was not known to be a necessary condition. In fact, this concept of shielding the unwanted monopole was not at all in our thinking.

    This self-programming ability to convert intention onto line diagram logic of pairs of lock-key trigrams is embedded in the First Cause, while the involution-evolution creations are in the Second Cause.

    First and Second Cause in Symmetry Break of Number 9 Logic and Topology/Gnomonic expansion-contraction of Information

    First Cause → Creation of the Computer and the Formation of

      Being Logic ← Computer → Matter Logic
      Spirit ← Computer Modules → Logic
      Soul ← Computer Executions → Bio-Quantum

    Observer’s Actions

      Mind → Reading of Computer Code ← Brain-Spirit Interaction
      Mind → Executing Computer Code ← Brain-Soul Interaction

    Second Cause → Creation of Space and the 3-D Universe

      Body-Brain ← Computer Outputs → Particle
      Gnomonic → Inflationary Universe

    Computer/Aether Physics

      Logic Vacuum ←→ Logic Potentials → Program Modules ← Monopoles
      Information Vacuum ←→ Information Potentials → Program Execution ← Magnetic Monopoles

      • Dark Matter -> Information Potentials (Magnetic Monopoles)
        Dark Energy -> Logic Potentials

    • BEING: the Invisible Universe at the top of the diagram

      MATTER: the Visible Universe at the bottom of the diagram
      (bottom from Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe)

    Dimensional Comparison between Today’s Computer and the Vacuum Computer

    Today’s Computer in 5-D + Free Will

      • 3-D in x, y, z
        2-D binary, 0 or 1
    • (a) Space

      (b) Computer Logic

      (b) Free will, 1-D (Programmer)

    God’s Vacuum Computer in 10-D + Free Will

      • Pre-Octagon
        Binary, 0, 1
    • (a) 3-Sets of Information Coordinates

      (b) 7-D Computer Logic

      (c) Free Will, 1-D, (Neutral Lines <–> Photons <- 3-6-9)

    Mind-Soul-Spirit in Involution Logic of Numbers

    [1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5], [64->1, 128->2, 256->4, 512->8, 1024->7, 2048->5]… is known as the music of the sphere together with 3-6-9 and the Tetraktys, as shown in the above diagram, they formed the involution-evolution vortexes in a nano-tube.

    The Music of the Sphere Cycle

    Applying these two series to model the DNA, we have

    This dimensional comparison illustrates the power and flexibility of the vacuum computer in comparison to today’s computer technology. Notice, there is a direct correlation between dimensions and the power-flexibility of the computer’s encoding software. Thus, the ability of God’s Vacuum Computer to translate the observer’s intention into line diagram codes is not at all impossible, especially since the observer’s intention is a form of Being-Logic that is bound together with Matter-Logic. Even in today’s computer technology, many different categories of language softwares exist, i.e.: Language learning software, Translation software, Dictionary software or Grammar software, just to name a few. In addition there are Language translation programs that not only translate and transform your written words into other languages, but also help you to find appropriate words and synonyms.
    (This page continues in Repeatability and Deterministic Quantum, under construction)

  • Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics

    (See Book for details)

    The above diagram formulated in the book “Matter-Being Paradigm” is a display of 172 logic-information or spirit-soul elements. This table referred to as H(172) is formulated from three sets of experimental discoveries. These are (1) the discovery of Occult Chemistry, (2) the discovery from Radionics, and (3) the discovery of acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. These details are discussed in the book.

    Atomic number 1-172 (-,+) reactions on human body

      1-86 (-) above the navel on right side, (+) on left side
      1-86 (-) below the navel on the left side, (+) on right side
      87-172 (-) above the navel on the left side, (+) on right side
      87-172 below the navel on the right side, (+) on left side

    With the proper lock-key observer-observed interaction, this table formed (1) the collapsed formation of the 81 stable atoms of the periodic table, (2) the mind-soul-spirit encoding of the Junk-DNA, and (3) human’s spiritual personality derived from the Acu-Point circuits.

      Acupuncture Point Circuits

    Notice, only 81 elements in the atomic table are stable. The collapsing caused by the observer-observed effects of these 81 stable elements in the formation of physical atoms simultaneously formed space, the duration of time, and the physical constants in physics. It is the formation of space that separates the atomic nucleus from its electron orbits that created the stability in matter and the 3-D physical universe. The logic-information that govern this collapse in H(172) formed the particle mind, the living soul, and the human spirit of the universe with their respective components of ching-Qi-Shen, shen-xin-ling, and ling-hun-p’o. The encoding of the Junk-DNA in each life time explains the responsiveness of living organisms at each life time to the environmental effects and yet the stability of the generational DNA. This explains the non-randomness of genetic evolution yet the responsiveness to environmental effects at each life time. Finally, the three components of the human spirit via their spiritual personality (inherited in the qualitative vibrations of their numbers directed by their free will) follows the involution logic of the universe, (see book for detail).

    The atomic level of H(172) formation encoded the deterministic atomic universe governed by the magnetic transition properties of the periodic table. These magnetic transitions are: Paramagnetic, Para to Ferromagnetic, Ferromagnetic, Diamagnetic, Superconductor dopants a–b–c (taken from Bob Crane, a research partner). The Junk-DNA level of H(172) governs the living universe via the soul of the organism. Finally, the qualitative vibrations of the human spirit together with either negative or positive free will govern the entire universe. As stated in the book the logic-information for all three levels of H(172) collapses are encoded in the self-programmable vacuum computer. A possible model for this vacuum computer is proposed in the book. These collapses formed the matter-being, quantitative-qualitative physics at soul singularity and spirit singularity crossovers. The collapses are the symmetry breaks at crossovers.

    This paper will briefly examine the mechanisms for the first two sets of H(172) encoded logic-information and their crossover quantitative-qualitative physics. These are the symmetry break mechanisms at crossover. They contain (a) the teleportation in and out of the H(172) table, (b) the interaction governed by the specific sets of logic-information inside H(172), and (c) the collapses. Remember these mechanisms operate outside space and forces. For the remaining discussion, the symbols in the above table need to be defined. Embedded in (a) are the atomic-electron tunneling or the Fermion-Boson condensates, (b) atomic-chemical formation in clusters governed by information potentials (information monopoles) and/or magnetic monopoles, and (c) atomic-molecular transmutations with embedded free energy and superconductivity as outputs from H(172).

    The Notations shown in the above Table:

      S–D–B –> Isotope Tunneling Elements

      29 minus Technetium & Promthium = 27 Tunneling Emements
      • Li, F, Na, Cl, K, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Br, Rb, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, I, Cs, Sm, Er, Tm, Re,Os, Ir, Pt, Au, At

      E –> Electron Tunneling Elements = 10 Elements

      • C, Si, Ti, Ge, Zr, Sn, Ce, Tb, Hf, Pb

    These tunneling properties explain the properties of ORMUS elements, which are all Isotope Elements and are listed below:

      • B-Elements: Cobalt 27, Ruthenium 44, Platinum 78, Nickel 28, Rhodium 45, Osmium 76, Gold 79, Palladium 46, Iridium 77
        D-Elements: Silver 47, Copper 29

    All these elements are listed in Hudson’s patents. These elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation. Remember these ORME activities function inside H(172).

    Cold Fusion
    The most widely studied experimental system consists of a glass-walled electrolysis cell containing a palladium or nickel cathode, a platinum anode, and an electrolyte of LiOD, Li2 SO4 or D2 SO4 dissolved in D2O or H2O. Beginning with the pioneering work of Fleischmann, Pons and Hawkins this system has provided evidence for the generation of energy in excess of amounts that are explainable by electrochemical processes and for production of substantial amounts of 4 He. Thus, the elements mostly used in cold fusion experiments are Isotope-Elements

      • Palladium S
        Platinum B
        Nickel B
        Lithium B

    Once again, the isotope-elements are involved. Notice to enter into H(172) the observer needs to break the atomic symmetry, namely breaking the space between the nucleus and electron circuits. This involves electron tunneling.
    The H in H(172) represents the logic-information of the hydrogen, which contains the entire logic-information of all table element, i.e., the building block for all elements. Thus, D20 serves as electron tunneling in cold fusion experiments.

    Junk DNA—On-Off Switch—Blood ←→ Acu-Point Soul-Spirit Health

    Blood relates to the four acu-point networks in the 4-fire element, namely, St, SI, HC, and Tw. The last two connections are with the soul-spirit. In the blood, the connections are in the isotope elements; namely potassium, chloride, sodium, iron, and hydrogen from the composition of water. The amount of these elements in the blood are listed below. Although these isotope elements connect both side of the H(172) bio-atomic cluster via the 8 tunneling elements, namely between the blood and the logic-information vacuum. This connection must be completed with an observer. In this case the observer is the Holon Mind—Consciousness—Intention. There are observers always coming from the chemical environment, conscious environment, and the free will field. This explains the continuous changing aspects of one’s soul. These changing aspects include perturbations, sometimes violent-destructive impact on one’s soul physiology. These impacts cause health problems, illnesses, and death.

    Here are the biological properties of Sodium, Chlorine, Iron, and Potassium.

      • Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.: 2600-7800, Bone/p.p.m.: 10000, Blood/mg dm-3: 1970
        Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.:2000-5200, Bone/p.p.m.: 900, Blood/mg dm-3: 2890
        Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.m.: 180, Bone/p.p.m.: 3-380, Blood/mg dm-3: 447
        Levels in humans: Muscle/p.p.:16000, Bone/p.p.m.: 2100, Blood/mg dm-3: 1620
    • Sodium




    The connection between the isotope elements in the blood and the physiology of the acu-point network via the Holon HC—Tw—Ck-8 is illustrated in the Book. Fire (the Tw and HC meridians) is an information-energy element. Thus, the connection is with the information-energy (or the soul) vacuum. The corresponding logic-information element is water, which are the hidden functions of the kidney meridian. The same set of isotope elements are in kidney as water and inorganic electrolytes. In addition, the sodium-potassium pump is an important function for each and every cell and both sodium and potassium are isotope elements
    Besides the communication of the blood, between the two sides of the H(172) cluster and the acu-point chakra circuits, there are also chemical-molecular communications. All molecular communications are directed by the Holon of spins—vortexes—spirals. In the case of blood flows, spins are generated when blood passes from the arteries to the veins and into the capillaries. Spin motions are formed especially in the capillaries.
    In addition, the hydrogen H element in all DNA and in water serves as the electron tunneling between H(172). The H in H(172) represents the logic-information of hydrogen, which contains the entire logic-information of all table elements, i.e., the building block of all elements.

    (This page continues in God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution)