Glossary: Torsion – Truth (2004)

Torsion: (See Spiral Geometry)

Transmutation: (See Free-Energy, and Human Atomic Table in Symmetry)

Tree of Life: A mandala, or a hologram of Jewish mystical archetype/gestalt logic. Displayed in this hologram are 10 sets of encoded logic and 22 paths of communication connected to these 10 sets of logic. These 22 paths of communication correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Embedded in this hologram are the logic-information dimensions of the Divine. Here, encoded in the Tree of Life, are the major secrets of the universe.

Truth: (See Truth Of Informed Knowledge in Universe’s Origin)

Trigrams: A trigram is formed by a combination of three lines, as described below. These three lines are formed in combination with either the yin and the yang lines, or the yin, the yang, and the neutral lines. The former trigrams, eight in total, symbolize the binary logic of the I-Ching, whereas the latter trigrams, twelve in total, correspond to the ternary logic of the Tao-Te-Ching. (See Ebits/Qubits)

Twistor: (See Robinson Congruence, and spiral geometry)


UFO: (See Body)

Aliens and Abductions: The abduction of individuals by aliens, non-Earth citizens, into their UFOs, and the assertion that some abductees have been medically operated on inasmuch as indentation marks can be found on their bodies. What we know, as of today, is that there is no convincing evidence that these alien abductions ever happened. In support of this conclusion, Peter Brookesmith in UFO: The Complete Sightings, reported the following experimental results.

Controversy surrounds all these claims largely because of the investigators’ dependence on regressive hypnosis. People with no interest in or acquaintance with UFOs produced, under hypnosis, almost exactly the same accounts of alien abductions as did genuine abductees. In 1987, Dr. Ed Bullard analysed 270 abduction cases from all over the world, he found such a consistency among the reports, from the look of the aliens to the idiosyncrasies of their demands, that he concluded that they could not have had a common source. And the more he weeded out the likely hoaxes and delusions, the more alike the fundamental germs of the stories came to appear.

Mind-scanning and alien sexual interference may simply reflect the condition of being on a hypnotist’s couch.

Remember that an effective hypnotic state is one that enhances soul perception and spirit knowingness, in this case with misinformed knowledge and/or biased knowledge from one’s own belief of reality. On the indentation marks, they are self-inflicted via converting psyche-information into energy. (See Stigmata in Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena)

Uncertainty Principle: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Unification of Forces: The unification of forces satisfies the following force Holon.

tem2 12

(See Strong Force, Electroweak, Gravity, and Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass). Replacing force with the notion of human love will be formulated in Volume 4.

Universe’s Origin: Shown in the following diagrams. (See Parallel Universe, Moment of Now, God/Creator, Singularity, Numbers, Dimensions, Curled-up Dimension, Resonance, Free Will, and Entropy). The Li-Formula for a logic origin of this universe is formulated in Volume 4.

tem2 13

Where the Big Bang is at the Moment of Now, which is Planck’s Time, the non-local side of the mirror.

Bases 9/10 Resonance/Generation of Space: In Vol 2, Knowing the Unknowable, starting with the 1-2-3 Holon together with its geometric correspondences we construct the logic of space via the logic propagation of the light Holon with the logic of light propagation shown below.

tem2 14

The free will interaction, related to informed knowledge, is between the light constant, namely, the archetype/gestalt representation of the number 3 in base 9 and the math-logic of number 3 in base 10 as shown in the above Holon. The component 1010, with x = 10 for the cgs unit system, is the symmetry break in free will interaction/gnomonic propagation. (See Fractional/Transcendent Numbers in Numbers)

Likewise, all the physical constants can be computed with the above Holon as shown below.

tem2 15

I can now formulate the Logic Holon for Space as shown below.

tem2 16

Shown above, encoded in the logic of Space are both math/physical constants and archetype/gestalt logic of numbers in a non-local communication or correspondence.

Space/Atoms/neutrino—photon—electron Logic: Space is also filled, or formed by the Holon logic interactions of photon, neutrino, and electron. This interaction is depicted in the familiar diagram shown below, showing inside the mirror at 10-18 to 10-12 meters.

tem2 17

Notice, the nuclear particles are logically bounded at the mirror in the formation of the nucleus, while photons, electrons, and neutrinos involve the formation of space and the atoms outside the nucleus beyond 10-12 meters, the local side of the mirror. (A refined definition for space formulated in the Five Element Theory will be developed in Volume 4)

Platonic Solids/Bases 9-10 Resonance, Formation of Macro Objects: The formation of macro objects are Co-Created through the resonance of numbers in base 9 and geometry in base 10. The first diagram illustrates the resonant formation of geometry in base 10 and the first three numbers in base 9.

tem2 18

Number 3 resonates with phi = 1.61803398875…, the Golden Proportion ratio in Sacred Geometry. Geometrically, f can be computed by phi = [(5)1/2 + 1]/2, or it can be computed from p in the formula [phi]2 =5pi/6 = 1.6180337… where pi is computed from the light constant 3. That is, both pi and phi are the outcomes of base 9 and base 10 mappings.

tem2 19

The next diagram, shown below, depicts the resonant formation of macro objects between the numbers in base 9 and the geometry for the platonic objects in base 10.

tem2 20

The resonance between the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral and f, the golden mean proportion, creates a Macro World of Fractals, where the platonic solids are the building blocks.

tem2 21

The tetraktys is derived from a triangle of 9 dots plus a dot at the center of the triangle. Notice that the 9 dots are in equal proportion, which is in resonance with the number 9. The center dot represents zero, or the space where logic is encoded.

tem2 22

The Swastika is made in the form of the cross, with the arms bent at right angles forming a two dimensional figure. Shown above are two Swastikas, one forming a left/outward spin while the other a right/inward spin. Notice that these two Swastikas are inside a triangle, or a Holon. The formal depicts evolution and the latter illustrates involution. Involution involves an inward spiral from the dodecahedron back to the space inside zero where logic is encoded. Evolution has to do with the outward spiral from the encoded logic to the dodecahedron. A further conjecture is on the difference between the paths of involution and evolution. The former is an ideal mapping between base 9 numbers and the geometry of these ideal objects, i.e., with perfect informed knowledge from spirit knowing in a non-local world, while the latter is an imperfect mapping inside a three-dimensional space, between base 9 and fractal geometry of these objects. Thus, evolution produces our fractal world, or a world of holograms. This explains the increase of entropy in the 3-D (or Base 10) universe. This also separates Creation from Co-Creation, i.e., Creation involves involutionary knowledge while Co-Creation has to do with evolutionary knowledge. (See Fractals, and “Are you a Hologram? Scientific American, August 2003)

The nine stages of involution-evolution are illustrated in the diagram below.

tem2 23

What we have presented is he knowledge for informed free will which satisfies he necessary conditions for co-creation. This informed knowledge is used to create the key logic corresponding to the lock logic structure he or she, or the co-creator, wants to co-create. The sufficient conditions involve generating the necessary energy for co-creation, which also needs to be satisfied. (See Parallel Universe)

Sufficient Condition, a Conjecture: In the final stage of human involution, after we inherited God’s Image, we will have the ability to convert logic-information into energy through intention, satisfying the following energy Holon.

  • Logic —> Dark Matter
  • Information —> Dark Energy
  • Energy —> Visible Matter

Truth of Informed Knowledge: A perfect state of informed knowledge, relative to the maturity of the observer’s state of learned knowledge. The following steps are suggested for receiving and evaluating the truthfulness of informed knowledge. (1) Reception of knowledge must be unbiased; i.e., before receiving, the observer must empty his or her cup of learned knowledge. (2) The received knowledge and one’s learned knowledge must fit into a lock-key relationship. (3) The received knowledge, relative to the observer’s present stage of learned maturity, is true if step 2 is positive. Otherwise, put aside the informed knowledge for truthfulness evaluation at a later stage of the observer’s learned maturity. Notice, the status or the degree of truthfulness can change based on the observer’s state of learned maturity.

Beware:  To avoid damage/destruction, co-creation must begin with: (1) understanding the co-creating effects in our own body-brain physiology, and (2) understanding the co-creating effects on Nature.

Glossary S-Strong Force (2004)


Sacrament: An act in Faith Knowingness.

Sageness Within: A person’s inner self emulates the soul-spirit of a sage, i.e., a very wise person. (See also Godliness in Self)

Scalar electromagnetism: Standard electromagnetism involves the vectors of an electric field and a magnetic field, namely, the E-vector and B-vector, respectively. Scalar electromagnetism implies electromagnetic activities that have no E-vector and B-vector present. In the Holon Theory, it has to do with information-energy conservation (See Radionics, and Subtle Energy)

Schrodinger’s Cat: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Second Law of Thermodynamics: The requirement that natural activities inside a closed system seek a state of equilibrium, namely that disorder always increases over time in a closed system and that energy used to do work cannot be reused.

Second Coming: Cause of a definite and a sustained ideological change in humanity’s direction for satisfying God’s Encoded Logic due to serious misunderstandings of God’s Goal for humanity. Christ’s First Coming is in restoring a state of unconditional love for humanity. The Second Coming, if there is one, is in directing us humans in our development of a co-creation technology, which is a technology of love. This is an integrated state of unconditional love with the intellectual love of God’s knowledge. The former is a state of right brain maturity, while the latter is a state of left brain maturity. Thus, the technology of love is a matured state of right-left brain integration. (See Resurrection)

Sense Perception: Body-brain perception, or sensations.

Sin: Sin, in the Holon Theory, is not following God’s Encoded Logic.

Singularity: In relativity physics, singularity is defined as a point in space-time at which the space-time curvature becomes infinite. In the Holon Theory, singularity also corresponds to a state beyond space-time, or a pre space-time state, which connects to a non-local world of encoded logic. Notice, from the Holon perspective, each point in space-time is a singularity because the time component in space-time is defined by the teleportation operator ict. The state of Now is a singularity. A state of involution is a singularity. The state of consciousness is a singularity. (See Non-Local Reality)

Singularity Operator: An operator that teleports a subject into a singularity state, when the subject is operated upon. For example, in quantum observation, the teleportation operator is the imaginary number i; and in the human system, the teleportation operator is a state of pure intention. (See Intention, Imaginary numbers, and Teleportation)

Six Days of Creation: (See Post-Heaven)

Soul: Space-time Continuum of Self. (See Wave, Quantum)

Lost Soul: The soul of a dead person, i.e., the lock-key relationship is broken between one’s body-brain component and one’s spirit component. The existence of a lost soul has to do with an individual who does not know that his body-brain system has died because his/her memory or his/her mind, is locked within the present lifetime. Individuals become lost souls because (1) he or she does not want to leave his or her memory; (2) he or she died from a violent shock, and the information created by the violent event is encoded in his or her memory, or in his or her mind. This memory is locked within the area of his or her death or in his or her favorite areas when alive. The former corresponds to a memory of his or her violent death, while the latter has to do with a memory that he or she does not want to forget. Reincarnation cannot occur until this information is unlocked, and he or she knows that death has occurred. Even in his or her next reincarnation, these memories are encoded in his or her acu-points. These memories turn into the individual’s karmic patterns.

Fragmented Soul: The second reason stated for a lost soul. A Fragmented Soul has to do with the soul’s memory locked within the information of his or her violent death rather than with his or her spirit component.

Soul-Perception: Perception in a space-time medium, which contains events in event-time. The activities of soul-perception include astroprojection and aura-energy perceptions. (See Time)

Soul-Spirit Physiology: Spirit physiology has to do with the physiology of acu-points; whereas, soul physiology corresponds to connected activities between the Chakras and the Neuro-Endocrine System. (See Acu-Point, Chakra, and Zero-Point Physiology)

Space-time: A union of space and time originally defined in the special theory of relativity. This is the medium, defined by the space component, where lock-key interactions occur, under the teleportation operator ict, defined by the time component. (See Observer and Singularity)

In the Holon Theory, global space-time is generated by the neutrino particle as part of the gravitational/electromagnetic interactions. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Magnetic Current, and Magnetic Charge, see also Volume 4)

Space-Time Continuum: An event in soul-perception, or wave-observation, which implies that a space-time event in which the entire script, from beginning to end, is played out at the Moment of Now. (See Time)

Special Theory of Relativity: Einstein’s theory based on the idea that the laws of physics should be the same for all observers, no matter how they are moving in the absence of gravitational fields. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Spin: One of the intrinsic characteristics of an elementary particle. Particles have an intrinsic amount of spin that is either a whole number or half a whole number, (in multiples of Planck’s Constants). It can also be used as units for measuring quantum information. Thus, in the Holon Theory, the logic of spin is symbolized by a yin line or a yang line, which corresponds to a bit of information. (See Ebits/Qubits)

Left-Spin (or Spiral): Spiral in the direction of the Fal, namely, Co-Creation away from, or in conflict with, God’s Encoded Logic. Logic away from God’s Encoded Logic can also be interpreted as misinformed involution logic in the involution-evolution process. Left-spin can also appear in a left-right system of balanced logic.

Right-Spin (or Spiral): Spiral in the direction of the Rise, namely, Co-Creation towards, in the direction of, God’s Encoded Logic. Right-spin can also appear in a left-right system of balanced logic. Left and Right imply Left Spin and Right Spin.

Spin Networks: Representations of space in the form of graphs connecting lines to points. The points represent the angular momentum, or “spin,”, or elementary particles, and the lines represent the paths of the particles. This is an idea devised by Roger Penrose and used to generate his twistor geometry. In the Holon Theory, these spin networks can be viewed as networks of qubits, like the networks of yin lines and yang lines. In addition, there is a possible correspondence between these spin-networks of elementary particles and the net networks of acu-points.

Charge-Parity-Time: A Holon formed at a singularity. Charge could be viewed as a bit of information (i.e., yin or yang). Parity has to do with left or right (e.g., left-spin or right-spin). Time is a singularity operator. In the Holon Theory, both charge and parity can be viewed as matter versus anti-matter, i.e., a particle with a yin charge is in a left-handed universe; whereas, an anti-particle corresponds to having a yang change in a right-handed universe. The logic of both particle and anti-particle  (i.e., the particle and its hole) was Created simultaneously in God’s Mind; thus at Creation or in the logic universe, there is conservation between particle and anti-particle or between charge and parity. (See Matter) Big Bang and all subsequent Co-Creations generated a left-handed universe. Therefore, in both the teleportation and the 3-dimensional (or Base 10) universes of wave-particles, matter and anti-matter, or charge and parity, conservation is violated. But when time, a singularity operator, is added to the charge and parity equation, the conservation of charge-parity-time holds. That is, because with time added to the equation, the system is teleported into the logic universe where matter conserves with anti-matter. In addition, this left-right dominance is switched in living matter. That is, our Universe is left-handed (inside the Fall) while we humans are right-handed (within the Rise). This explains the mystery hidden in the conservation equation between charge-parity-time with respect to a Co-Created left-handed or a right-handed universe.

Spiral Geometry: A continuous change in the phases, for example, the angles of motion, of a system or an object. These phase changes represent the continuous releasing-reencoding of potential information from its encoded logic in the logic aspect of matter. A quantum observer with the proper lock-key relationship can actualize this potential information. Thus, spiral geometric forms are potentially observable reality to a quantum observer. Since each observer possesses a unique set of learned knowledge and its own unique set of biased constraints, the spiral form will be different for different observers. This explains the many different, yet related, forms of observer’s reality such as the various types of vortexes, the torsion field, torice and twistor geometry, and so on. In short, wave phenomena are transitory reality from the perspective of the observer.

Let us consider the binary spiral activities of the nuclear-atomic pair versus the magnetic-GUT monopole pair as defined in a gravitational-electromagnetic field as shown below.

  • Nucleus: [ n0 + u ] <——> [ e- + p+ ]    Atoms
  • Magnetic Monopole    [ n0u ] <——>[ e+ +  u ]GUT Monopole

From the perspective of information, p+ and  n0 are the source particles where information is encoded, while e-, u, e+ and u are informational flow particles. The flow of e- follows a left-handed outward spiral, and is balanced by the flow of e+ in a right-handed inward spiral. Likewise the outward spiral of u is balanced by the inward spiral of u. Notice, the inward e+ and the outward e- combined to form the photon particle ye, while the pair u and u combined to form the photon yn. Particle ye is the high-energy photon, the propagator of the electromagnetic wave, while the pn is the low-energy photon, the information carrier inside the electromagnetic field. In addition, the pair of magnetic and GUT monopoles formed a dipole of Logic-Information. Thus, Co-Creation is based on the observer manipulating the Logic-Information dipole through the yn photon, which depends on the communication of the n0 and u pair. This is the well-known quantum observable effect, or in the Holon perspective, the lock-key probabilistic interaction defined by the “key looking for the lock.” On the other hand, our present science and technology emphasize manipulating the electric dipole of the p+ and e- pair. The connection between these two dipoles is the information carried by the e+ and u. Notice that the state of involution is governed by the magnetic-GUT dipole, while the process of evolution is governed by the electric dipole. The communication between the state of involution and the process of evolution is embedded in the electromagnetic field or in the information encoded in the light and lower frequency spectrums. (See Lock-Key Technology and Technology)

Logic of Spirals: The key to the importance of sacred geometry is embedded in the logic that governs its geometry. This logic is referred to as the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral. That is to say, the expansion-contraction-spiral is governed by its gnomonic logic. Notice, this logic is beyond space and time, or it is non-locally defined in pre space-time. Elsewhere, this gnomonic logic is referred to as involution logic, where its motion or geometry governs the process of evolution. In addition, the specifics of this gnomonic logic are encoded in the Logic-Information or the magnetic-GUT dipole and hence are carried by the light and lower frequency spectrums of yn and are propagated by ye. The joining of the inward and outward spirals at the point of singularity is joined by the logic of the light constant, namely, the number three. This joining point connects the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral Holon of the base nine and the base-ten arithmetic. (See Gnomonic, Light-Constant, Photon, and Number)

Accelerated Expansion of the Universe: Expansion-contraction of the universe depends on the conservation of information-energy-mass, namely the three conservation laws. In addition, the key that controls the state of expansion-contraction of the universe depends on the decoding of its encoded logic into information, the process we refer to as informed free will. The opposite is the error in decoding, which results in the process of entropy production. The former contributes to the universe’s contraction, whereas the latter corresponds to the universe’s accelerated expansion. This logic-information includes not only the logic encoded in the laws of nature and the micro world, but also in cultural logic and in human’s collective consciousness. All three form a Holon of mutual influences and integration. It is the latter, the disorder in cultural logic, that causes the production of entropy in this Holon and the accelerated expansion of the universe. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Spirit: Non-local Self. Here, the term “Self” applies also to an elementary particle. (See Immortality)

Spirit-Knowingness: Knowledge transfer at a state of singularity in the Moment of Now, via an act of actualized intention. This is knowledge beyond learned knowledge.

Knowingness: Actualized intention with sufficient learned knowledge to understand the knowledge transfer at singularity.

Extra-Sensory Perception, ESP (or Telepathy): Perception beyond the five physical senses of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting. These are sensory inputs coming from soul-perception in the space-time continuum, and spirit knowingness in a non-local setting. In total, there are seven sensory perceptions in total, and they all correspond with the Chinese 5/7-Element Theory.

Spontaneous Human Combustion: (See Yin-Yang)

Standard Model of Elementary Particle: An enormously successful theory in unifying the three nongravitational forces and their action on matter, i.e., the quarks-leptons formulation of elementary particles. This standard model, in the Holon Theory, is taken to be the basic model for elementary particles, where the strings are logic-information objects, or the information-energy conservation dynamics in their logic-wave transitions. Added to the Standard Model, from the Holon Theory, is the logic component of these elementary particles, or the pre-quarks, pre-leptons, pre-bosons and the pre-gluons. These logic components are formulated with the binary-ternary logic of the I-Ching bigrams and trigrams. Furthermore, the logic formulations, developed in Vol 2, for elementary particles, space, time, micro-macro objects, forces, and motion establish the logic components of matter and at the same time define a logic universe.

Stigmata: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Stonehenge: (See Acu-Point)

Strings: Fundamental one-dimensional objects. According to recent theories, elementary particles are the musical notes of multidimensional strings. Different vibration patterns of a string give rise to elementary particles with different properties. In the Holon Theory, these strings are logic-information objects. In addition, strings are classified as open strings or closed strings, which can be viewed as having a correspondence to the I-Ching logic of yin lines or the yang lines respectively, while the logic of elementary particles are formulated within the ternary logic of yin and yang lines in the symbolism of the I-Ching trigrams. (See Volume 4)

Superstrings:  A string theory that incorporates supersymmetry.

Superstrings/Orbifolds/I-Ching Logic: Before we begin with these relationships, let us remember that an Orbifold is a Holon of three singularities depicted by a hyperspace triangle. As to the relationship between orbifolds and superstrings, David Peat, in the Search for The Theory of Everything (pp. 157-161), offers the following descriptive relationship.

One important consequence of dealing with orbifolds or Calabi-Yau spaces is that, as the original ten dimensions of string space are curled up, the basic supersymmetry of the theory is not destroyed. This is a key to the whole string approach, for it is not good creating a supersymmetry theory if its vital symmetry is destroyed as soon as the space is curled up.

Of particular importance for the six compactified dimensions is their topology. Topologies, remember, are more general than geometries, for they can deal with spaces that can be stretched and distorted and contain a variety of holes and handles. Particular topologies can be characterized by what are called their Euler numbers or Euler characteristics – these are named after the great eighteenth century mathematician Leonhard Euler. Euler characteristics are related to the dimensionality and the number of holes or handles the particular space contains. As an example, think of the sorts of figures that can be drawn in our own three-dimensional space. A sphere, which is topologically equivalent to a cube, beaker, etc. has no holes and has an Euler characteristic of 2. A torus, with one hole or handle, has an Euler characteristic of zero, as does a cup.

Now this idea of an Euler characteristic, related to the number of “handles” a space contains, is particularly important when it comes to the topologies of compactified spaces. Physicists already knew that quarks and leptons occur in a number of “generations” – that is, the elementary particles appear to replicate themselves so that they are in every way identical except for their masses. The reason for this replication was a considerable mystery until the whole business of compactification was understood. New theoreticians realize that this replication is an inevitable consequence of the topology of the curled up or compactified space. In particular, it has been shown that the number of “generations” of quarks and leptons must be equal to one-half the Euler number of the Calabi-Yau or orbifold space.

The elementary particles observed up to now appear to occur in three generations; thus, the neutrino occurs in three apparently identical forms, called the electron neutrino, the muon neutrino, and the tau neutrino. It has always been something of a mystery as to why nature should replicate itself in this way. The answer, it seems is that this replication is a natural consequence of the topological properties of the compactified six-dimensional space.

In fact, the Euler number of the Calabi-Yai or orbifold space could be much higher; one reasonable assumption about the compactified space gives is an Euler number of 72, which means thirty-six generations of elementary particles! Clearly this is an absurd result. What is needed is a compactified space with a low Euler number, and this can only come about if the corresponding space contains many holes or handles. But, as we shall see, these holes, in turn, have an important effect on the quantum fields themselves. …the presence of holes in an orbifold space has the effect of breaking the basic symmetry of the space.

The compactified six-dimensional space, Euler number of 72, and thirty-six generations of elementary particles were underlined for the following discussion. Instead of viewing the topology of elementary particles, the Holon Theory emphasizes the logic of elementary particles in trigrams and hexagrams of the I-Ching logic of yin and yang lines. Thus, from the Holon perspective, an orbifold is a holon, while the compactified six-dimensional space is a hexagram of six informational dimensions. In addition, the thirty-six generations of elementary particles correspond directly to the basic set of thirty-six hexagrams set that generates into the full set of the sixty-four I-Ching hexagrams. Specifically, as shown below, this set of thirty-six hexagrams consists of 28 asymmetric off-diagonal pairs (Table a) and 8 symmetric diagonal pairs (Table b).


Notice, in Table b, although the hexagrams formed are visually identical in interchanging the top and bottom trigrams, nevertheless, the encoded logic is nevertheless different because the top is encoded with the logic of a pre-heaven trigram, whereas the bottom is encoded with the logic of a post-heaven trigram. Therefore, in terms of encoded logic, there are a total of 72 hexagrams in Tables a and b. Thus, this set (of 72, 36) has a direct correspondence to the I-Ching encoded logic, and has been shown to represent the logic formulation of elementary particles. Notice the numbers in the diagram represent the numbers for each of the 64-hexagrams in the I-Ching. (See Numbers and Yin-Yang)

This set of 36 hexagrams is also used to formulate or to depict a system of 36 networks of acu-points. (See Symmetry)

Numbers 36 and 72: The priests of ancient Egypt preserved a cannon, a numerical code of harmonies and proportions, which was applied to music, art, statecraft, and the institutions of their civilization. There are 36 numbers in this cannon; they are reduced, in numerology, to the number 9 which is the spiritual coordinate in the meanings of numbers. Furthermore, all 36 numbers are multipliers of 72. In addition, as an example, there are 36 Greek gods, as listed:

Aries, Amethyst, Athena Taurus, Hyacinth, Aphrodite
Gemini, Chrysoprase, Apollo, Cancer, Topaz, Hermes
Leo, Beryl, Zeus, Virgo, Chrysolite, Demeter
Libra, Sardonyx, Aries, Sagittarius, Smaragdus, Artemis
Capricorn, Chalcedon, Hestia, Aquarius, Sapphire, Hera
Pisces Jasper, Poseidon, Sardium Hephaistos, Scorpio

In fact, there are 72 names for God, see Volume 4. The importance of the number 9 was explained elsewhere, and the numbers 36 and 72 both reduce to number 9. Another example of a pair of numbers that reduce to 9 is numbers 27 and 36, as shown below. Remember, the number 27 is the common informational dimension that connects the mathematics of embryology with superstring theories.

Number 27 and 37: In Gnostic teachings, the numbers 37 and 27 are related to truth in the following ways:

  • 37 —> All Visible Truth
  • 27 —> All Invisible Truth
  • 64 —> 37 + 27 —> Total Truth
  • 64 —> Total Number of Hexagrams

Thomas Simcox Lea and Frederick Bligh Bond explain these mappings in their book, The Apostolic Gnosis, and it is quoted below.

tem2 1

With respect to scientific truth,

27/37 —> 1/1.37037037037… —> 1/137

This number is the fine structure constant, or the coupling constant between electromagnetic, waves and atomic structure. Next, we have

.037037037…/.027 —> 1.371742114

This number, in base 9 arithmetic, approximates the fine structure constant for the hydrogen atom. The exact value, in base ten arithmetic, for this constant is 1.3717160 x 108. A third example is

27/27 —> .729729729 —> 729/2 —> 364.5

This is the exact Balmer Constant in a hydrogen spectrum.

Strong Force: The nuclear force and the strongest of all four fundamental forces. These four fundamental forces are gravitation, electromagnetism, weak, and strong. In the Holon Theory, gravitation-electromagnetic-weak are components of a particle interacting Holon while the strong interacting component is modeled as the communication of logic-information in quark logic. (See Unification of Forces)

Glossary L-R (2004)


Least Action Principle: The sum of an action, between the initial state A, and its final state B, taken over a particular path must be at a minimum. That is to say, of all the paths between A and B, the path taken, without any interference, is an automatic minimum action, or a maximum amount of information, path. This means that the logic of the two end points is connected non-locally. Action defined, in Newtonian physics, as a quantity related to the momentum and position of a body. On the other hand, action (more specifically, action-at-a-distance-time) in quantum physics is related to a quantum observation.

Leptons: Particles not involved with the strong nuclear force. There are six leptons in numbers: the electron, muon, tau, and their corresponding neutrinos.

Ley lines: (See Acu-Point)

Levitation: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Li-Logic: Archetypal/gestalt logic or a pictorial hologram or a Mandala.

Light Constant: The information encoded in number 3 as a gnomonic number. Number 3 functions as a teleportation operator on both sides of a bridge that connects, through a singularity, base 9 and base 10 arithmetic. In the base 9 side of the singularity, the integer 3 connects non-locally to the gnomonic contraction-expansion of number 9, God’s Number Holon. On the base 10 side, with the gnomonic contraction-expansion in 10, the speed of light (3 x 1010) and the physical constants are Co-Created via the free will/gnomonic Holon. (See Number, Universe’s Origin)

This bridge of singularity also connects the inward spiral with the outward spiral, as described in the Spiral Geometry of magnetic-GUT monopole pair. (See Photon, Spiral Geometry, Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Lock-Key Technology: Actualized observer’s intentions in Co-Creation for both animate and inanimate observers (see Observer and Co-Creation). For humans to Co-Create, in the current stage of our soul-spirit evolution-involution, the following are the necessary and sufficient conditions. Making or learning how to make the key, and using left-brain quantum technology. This is the purpose of nanotechnology and/or neutron technology; and is the necessary condition for Co-Creation. However, for finding and fitting the key into the proper lock, and executing an opening of the lock, right brain technology is needed. This is informed intention assisted with the scalar technology of Radionics. Thus, the technology of informed Radionics is the sufficient condition for Co-Creation. In addition, Co-Creation is based on magnetic-information technology; whereas today’s technology is electric-energy based. Furthermore, we need also to move from today’s binary-base to a ternary-base Co-Creation technology, especially in computer technology. (See Technology, Scalar Electromagnetic, Subtle Energy, Spiral Geometry, and Yin-Yang)

In addition, electric-energy based technology has to do with atomic chemistry based on information carried by the electrons. On the other hand, information based technology corresponds to nuclear chemistry, which is based on the source of information encoded in neutrons. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Logic: The added, third, component of matter. Besides the wave-particle components, there also exists a logic component. Besides math logic, there is also archetype/gestalt logic. Logic-wave-particle represents the essence of matter; whereas their corresponding activities are Information-energy-mass. (See Maxwell’s Demon)

Logic-Information: (See Information)

Lorentz Transform: In the normal formulation of the Lorentz Transform, all velocities were assumed to be less than the velocity of light. With this assumption, the Lorentz Transforms are mathematical formulas that describe the increase of mass, shortening of length, and dilation of time characteristic of a moving body that forms the basis of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

In the Holon Theory, this less than light-velocity assumption was abandoned, and the Lorentz Transform formulas were used to derive the teleportation operators [ci]n in taking a body to a singularity at the moment of Now.

Lost Soul: (See Soul)

Love: The subject of Christ’s teaching in His First Coming, and also the prerequisite for a Second Coming. The Holon definition for love is defined in the term resurrection. On the other hand, within the perspective of the Holon Theory, the concept of force is also viewed as love-hate relationships. That is, the force of attraction is a love relationship between two parties, namely the elementary particles, while repulsion corresponds to hate. Thus, from a global perspective, the relationship between the human love/hate relationship, is expressed as the “forces of Nature” that is evident in the accelerated expansion of our universe resulting from the hate being expressed in our world.  (See Resurrection and Second Coming)


M-Theory: M-Theory emerged as a unification of the five superstring theories, which is involved with eleven space-time dimensions.

Mandala: An archetypal or Li Logic hologram, which contains encoded logic that has the ability to actualize its state of information-energy by one’s soul-spirit physiology in a proper state of consciousness. (See Archetype/Gestalt Logic)

Mass: The quantity of matter in a body, its inertia or resistance to acceleration in free space. Mass, in the Holon Theory, is a Holon with the following components:

  • Energy-Mass
  • Information Mass
  • Logic Mass

Magic: An ancient practice using knowledge that anticipated the ability for non-local influences. These are right brain intuitive non-local responses with very little or no learned knowledge of the intellectual type.

Magnetic Monopole: A very massive particle formed 10-35 sec after the Big Bang that carries an isolated north or south magnetic pole. It forms a dipole with the logic-information monopole. (See GUT monopole)

Magnetic Charge: A magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge. While the proton is the charge particle for the electric dipole, the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge particle is assumed to be the neutron.

Magnetic Current: Communication between a magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole. While the electron is the current particle for the electric dipole, the current particle for the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole is assumed to be the anti-neutrino.

Materialization: (See Body)

Matter: Matter, in the Holon Theory, is modeled using a Holon, as shown below.

  • Logic <——> Spirit
  • Wave <——> Soul
  • Particle <——> Body-Brain

These are the three components for the essences of matter. The activities Holon for matter is stated below.

  • Information <——> Non-Local Knowingness
  • Energy <——-> Space-Time Perception
  • Inertia/Mass <——> Sensations

The above mappings also indicate the nature of non-local entanglements and correspondences between inanimate and animate matters or between intentions and non-local connections.

Anti-Matter: Imagine an elementary particle cut out from a sheet of pre space-time paper; if we consider the elementary particle as matter, the hole it leaves on the sheet is anti-matter (or vice versa). Thus, at God’s Creation, Creating the logic of matter, also Created the logic of anti-matter in a lock-key relation. The lock is two sided. It can be opened from the left side or right side. The keys are complimentary to each other. That is, their logic is in symmetry.

God Created this Universe with a left-sided key. Therefore, in our matter universe, anti-matter appears only in the form of virtual particles symmetric to matter. In short, the right-sided key is a virtual key, invisible to us. This theory, coincidentally, follows the Biblical concepts of left-right directions. (See Left-Right Spin in Spin)

Maxwell’s Demon: A hypothetical being that directs the motion of molecules in a way so as to circumvent the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In the Holon Theory this hypothetical being is taken to be the logic component of matter.

Mind: Soul-Brain interactions. (See Soul)

Miracle: A happening that seems to be against the known, conventional, laws of nature or science, thought of as caused by God or a god. In the Holon Theory, this happening is caused by the conversion of Logic into a physical event. This happening can be actualized by uninformed intention or unyielding blind faith. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Mirror: The boundary between the non-local or Base 9 world and the 3-dimensional or Base 10 World, and is referred to as the Quantum World. There are two sets of boundary conditions in this mirror. They are the boundary between logic and its information contents, and the boundary between information and its embedded energy contents. (See the sections on Observational Mirrors)

Momentum: A change in position. Since information can be interpreted as changes, i.e., any change in state contains information; therefore, momentum can be viewed as mechanical information.

Angular Momentum: A change in angular position. (See Spiral Geometry)

Force: Time rate of change in momentum, or mechanical information.

Moment of Now: (See Planck’s Constant, Time)


Newtonian Physics: Physics of the Least Action Principle, applied to the logic of mechanical bodies, (See Least Action Principle). In the Holon Theory, due to the fact that momentum can be interpreted as mechanical information and acceleration as a time rate of change in mechanical information, Newtonian physics can also be interpreted as the physics of information.

Quantum Physics: In the context of information, quantum physics is the physics of observations at the moment of Now. (See Quantum Models in Volume 4) It is the physics of intention in a soul-spirit, or a spacetime-nonlocal, medium. On the other hand, Newtonian physics involves the mechanical activities of 3-dimensional objects actualized or Co-Created by the observation process.

Neutrino: A very small mass, spin 1/2 lepton often emitted in particle decays. In the Holon Theory, the neutrino is a left-handed particle, which fills all space. It is the particle that participates in the formation of space. There are three types of masses, namely, logic-mass, information-mass, and energy-mass. Hence, while the neutrino has mass, it might not be energy-mass, it definitely has logic mass and information mass. (See Mass, Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass, and Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Non-Local Reality: A spaceless and timeless universe containing the medium for encoded logic. The reality of this universe is hidden in its encoded logic-information aspect waiting to be decoded by an observer. This decoding occurs by actualizing the spirit-knowingness or by actualizing the logic aspect of matter.

Now: (See Time)

Numbers: Embedded in numbers is both quantitative and qualitative logic. In the Holon Theory we are interested in the qualitative logic-information encoded in numbers. There is a Holon for numbers whose components are: integer, fractional, and transcendental. Integers are whole numbers such as a 2, a 3, or a 5. Fractional numbers are a quotient of integers such as 3/2 or 1.5. Transcendental numbers are the natural constants such as p = 3.141… or e = 2.718…. (See Imaginary Numbers)

Base 9: Qualitative logic operates in base 9 arithmetic. This set of qualitative logic possesses non-local influences but is locally constrained by the uniqueness of each number, namely 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and 9.

Base 10: Quantitative logic operates in base 10, or in decimal arithmetic. This set of quantitative logic is used in standard mathematical operations.

Numbers & The Hebrew Alphabets: Consists of 22 letters and 5 finals (from 500 to 900) to make up three series of 9, a Holon of 9, in all:


Notice, 10 and 100 are both equal to 1 in base 9 arithmetic. There is no zero in base 9.

Numbers & The Greek Alphabets: The Greek letters were 24, and the required number, 27, was made up by using Stigma for 6, Koppe for 90, and Sampsi for 900.

tem2 1

Notice, there are also 27 coordinates in the I-Ching, namely, 12 terrestrial branches, 10 celestial stems, and the 5 elements.

This number 27 is embedded in the orbifold formulation of the superstring theories, and in the embryology of mind-soul-spirit. (See Orbifolds, Strings, Elementary Particle, and Embryology)

Fractional/Transcendental Numbers: As stated above, qualitative logic operates in the set of base 9 integers. What is the qualitative meaning in each of these 9 integer numbers when it is a transcendental number or appears as a fraction such as .5 or .8? Fractional numbers are formed, from the qualitative perspective, in the resonant mappings between base 9 and base 10. Included in this resonance is the mapping between numbers and geometry, for example, the Pythagorean Theorem. This action has to do with converting the logic encoded in these integers to information, which is an action dependent on the informed knowledge of the observer. There is also an upper bond in the observer’s informed knowledge. These upper bonds form the transcendental numbers and the fractals that form our physical world. The mappings and their actions are expressed in the Holon shown below.

tem2 2

Included in this Holon is the third component, namely the effects from communication or interference with other members of the set. (See Fractals)

Numbers 27/37 and 36/72: (See String)

Numerology: Arithmetical operation in base 9 mathematics. For example, 15 is reduced to a number less than or equal to 9, thus, 15 is mapped into 1 + 5 = 6. Thus, the number 15 is equivalent to the number 6 in a base 9 system of mathematics. These 9 numbers, from 1 to and including 9, represent 9 information dimensions. There exists a correspondence between any set of encoded information and this set of 9 information dimensions. Notice, within these information dimensions, the number 6 is different from the number 15. That is, although number 15 carries the information encoded in dimension number 6, embedded in this dimension is the information of 1 and 5, which represent the unique “makeup” of number 6. Most important is the make-up of the number 9. Thus, there are significant differences between 9 by itself, or 9 from the number 27, or 9 from the number 36, or 9 from the number 72.


Orbifold: The mathematical space created as a coordinate system for the compactified space of superstring theory. These six dimensional orbifolds could be thought of as generalizations of a six dimensional torus, consisting of twenty-seven singular points. In the Holon Theory, a Holon is denoted by an orbifold, i.e., a hyperspace triangle. In this book, a 3 dimensional triangle is used to represent an orbifold. David Peat describes the relationship between orbifolds and strings below:

This orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional space. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.

…What is the relationship of this patched-up orbifold to a Calabi-Yau space? It turns out that the Calabi-Yau space is a sort of smooth version of the repaired orbifold — it could be thought of as what happens when the radius of each of the twenty-seven patches shrinks to zero.

(See Strings, Dimensions, and Numbers)

Observer, in Space-time: Maker of an observation. The observer can be either an animate or an inanimate object. A non-physical, or space-time, observation is defined as an act of intention in animate matter, or a connected non-local influence in inanimate matter. Part of this act of observation is the co-creation by a key-logic searching for its lock-logic. Here, the key-logic is co-created by the observer. An actualized space-time observation is when the key-logic meets with its lock-logic in a lock-key relationship. This lock-key dynamic occurs inside the topological universe, a mirror universe between the archetypal universe (i.e., the Base 9 World) where the lock-logic was encoded and the 3-dimensional universe (i.e., the Base 10 World) where the lock-key object manifested. In short, an observation is a co-creation process, which manifests when a key finds the correct lock. Thus, all space-time observation by a human Being occurs at the soul level, see sections on Observational Mirror. (See Lock-Key Technology)


Parallel Universes: In the Holon Theory, an evolution-involution model of the universe is adopted. Thus, in this model, the universe goes through various stages of evolution. Also within each stage of evolution there are two involution states, a previous state and a future state. Thus, these two involutionary states and the one evolutionary stage form the model of a tri-state universe. Each evolutionary stage represents the universe’s state of Becoming, while each involutionary state corresponds to a state of Being for the universe. Notice that each stage of evolution is bracketed with a beginning state and an ending state, whereas, the state of involution occurs at the ending state of each stage of evolution, in a discrete jump. This discrete jump is a singularity, where ascension occurs, i.e., the discrete transition from one evolutionary stage to another evolutionary stage occurs. In this model, the universe’s states of Being, in progression, define the universe’s ascension direction. On the other hand, the evolutionary stages define the universe’s activities toward the next state of Being. The former set is referred to as stages while the latter set is call states. Numbers represents the stages and states with their corresponding personalities embedded in each of the tri-states. The personalities are represented by each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. For example, stage 5 contains the dominating personalities for numbers 4, 5, and 6, where 4 is in parallel with the previous tri-state universe of stage 3.

If we take each stage and each state together as forming a universe, we have a multi-universe model, i.e., a tri-state universe model. In this model, each universe is a Holon of one stage and two states, namely, its history or the previous state, and its next final state. Thus, our stage 5 universe is in parallel, in the sense of having a common state, with state 4 in the stage 3-universe and with state 6 in the stage 7 universe. The common state for stages 3 and 5 universes is state 4, while the common state for stages 5 and 7 universes is state 6. Thus, universes of states 4 and 6 are parallel universes in common with the universes of stage 3 and 5, and in common with the universes of stage 5 and 7, respectively. In addition, encoded in each of these numbers is its logic-information, or the universe’s personalities. These parallel universes are connected at singularity, namely the discrete transition at each involutionary state, via intentions or quantum observations subject to the completion of its necessary and sufficient conditions. (See Singularity)

In summary, within the perspective of this tri-universe model, the present stage of our Universe contains simultaneously three dominating personalities defined by their status of involution-evolution, namely, stages 4, 5, and 6. Our universe’s next stage of evolution is a stage-7 in the tri-state 6-7-8 universe, which co-exists with involutionary states 6- and 8. But before evolving into a stage-7 universe, one must first ascend into a state 6-universe, which is a singularity. Notice that the transition from stage 5 to stage 7 occurs simultaneously in our ascension to a state 6-universe. In short, at each transition or ascension, one jumps from the evolutionary stage of one tri-state universe to the evolutionary stage of the next tri-state universe. Furthermore, the tri-state universe of 0-1-2 is a basic Creation, i.e., the encoding of God’s Input Logic of the First Cause or the initial conditions of our Universe; whereas, the tri-state universe 8-9-0 contains our Universe’s final conditions. These final conditions are embedded in God’s Encoded Logic of the First Cause together with the final set of involutionary logic satisfied by us humans in our return to God’s Creation through Co-Creation. (See Technology, and Universe’s Origin). See Ascension and String Theories.

Particle: A 3-dimensional energy-mass object.

Phase Changes: A general change in state, e.g., from solid to liquid, or simply the momentum of the system. A process, which involves the release of encoded logic-information and the re-encoding of new logic-information.

Photon: A quantum particle of light, the smallest packet of the electromagnetic field. A photon is a boson particle with zero spin. In the Holon Theory, the logic formulation of a photon is represented by a bigram of yin-yang binary logic, i.e., formed by one pre-heaven yin-yang line and one post-heaven yin-yang line (See Vol 2 for detail). The photons are informational flow particles, communicating between the magnetic-GUT (i.e., Logic-Information) monopole/dipole. (See Magnetic Monopole, and GUT Monopole, Universe’s Origin)

Planck Constant: A constant, 6.63 x 10-34 in mks units, that involves the symmetry break between logic and its information, that is between the logic encoded in the archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World) and the decoded information via a logic-observer.

Planck Length: Equals 1.62 x 10-35 meters.

Planck Time: Equals 5.34 x 10-44 sec after the Big Bang. This is taken to be the time corresponding to the moment of Now.

Poltergeist: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Position: Bookkeeping information. The position of an object represents a confirmation of where the object is. If the position of an object changes from being at point A to point B, this motion, or finding the object at B rather than at A changes the state of confirmation. This change in the state of confirmation is a state of information. (See Momentum)

Post Heaven: The key logic in a 3-dimensional universe. This set of key logic is either created or co-created by the intention of an observer, with or without lock-key technology. (See Lock-Key Technology)

Pre Heaven: The lock logic in an Archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World). This set of lock logic corresponds to the logic encoded in the Vacuum, or the space inside zero.

Six Days of Creation: In the first three days, God Created the Pre-Heaven Logic, or the lock-logic, of the Universe. In the second three days, God Created the Post-Heaven logic, or the key-logic of the Universe. In the seventh day, God rested and let the lock logic and the key logic Co-Create our 3-dimensional Universe.

Praying: A sacramental act. In the Holon Theory, this is an act in faith knowingness. (See Faith)

Pyramid: (See Ancient Architecture, in Body)

Psychokinesis: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)


Qi-Kung: (See Ch’i/Qi-Kung)

Quantum Incoherence: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Quantum Physics: (See Newtonian Physics)

Quarks: A charged elementary particle that is affected by the strong forces. Quarks comes in six “flavors”: up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top, and each flavor in three “colors”: red, yellow, and blue. In the Holon Theory, these flavors are viewed as attributes to the personalities of elementary particles and are formulated in the line-logic of trigrams. (See Vol 2, and Strong Force)

Qubits: (See Ebits/Qubits)


Radionics: Radionics is treated as a “black box” that is primarily concerned with health diagnosis where the purpose is investigating and combating the causes of diseases. The working of this black-box is unexplainable by normal scientific paradigms. It is of general opinion that its operating principle is related to the subtle energy field. In the Holon Theory, the operating principle of this “black box” is related to the conservation of logic into information (or potential energy) and conservation of information into energy. As discussed in the definition for Spiral Geometry, this logic-information can be actualized through the frequency Holon ge, gn, and sound. Here sound frequency is added to affect the resonance and frequencies of the electron and the neutrino photons. (See Subtle Energy, and Spiral Geometry)

Reincarnation: The state of reincarnation is at a singularity where the body-brain of the previous incarnation and the body-brain of the next stage of reincarnation exist not only simultaneously, but also in a state of non-local influences. Therefore, one reincarnate before the death of one’s body-brain system, and one’s soul-spirit physiology can influence one’s next reincarnated body-brain functions via its soul-spirit bodies. In short, reincarnation occurs as dimensional shifts inside of a singularity. Remember that Soul time is not the same as body time. See section on Observational Mirrors. (See also Dimensional Shift and Singularity)

At the moment of reincarnation, the soul-spirit physiology encoded in the previous incarnated body-brain system (at that Moment of Now), plus any changes at singularity, are encoded in the soul-spirit of the newly incarnated body-brain physiology, namely, in the acu-points and the chakras of the new body.  (See Embryology, Chakra, and Acu-Point)

Religion: Blind faith on an unknown (i.e., unknowable) personal God. An organizational system of practices based on a common belief system.

Resonance: In physics, the selective response of an object or a system that vibrates in phase with an externally applied oscillatory force. Remember, in the Holon Theory information is encoded in, or carried by, phase coordinates. Thus, two objects or systems, that are in resonance correspond to an understandable transfer of information between them, i.e., a lock-key connection between their logic-information. This transfer in the form of resonance has a direct correspondence with the conservation of matter. The types of resonance in matter are shown below.

  • Logic-Information —> Transfer of Logic (process 1, a non-local action potential) into Understandable Information (process 2, in the form of invisible energy, referred to as dark energy)
  • Information-Energy —> Transfer of Information (process 1, in the form of invisible energy) into Usable Energy (process 2, in the form of visible energy, referred to as dark matter)
  • Energy-Mass —> Transfer of Energy (process 1, in the form of visible  energy) into visible mass

In any resonant phenomena, all three types of resonant transfers must be conserved, in the principle of a Holon, i.e., in the form of Information-Energy-Mass. That is, an informed non-local action in logic can, through the phenomenon of resonance, influence changes in understandable information and/or usable energy and/or visible mass of the same system. On the other hand, an informed vibration in the mass component, through lattice vibration, can influence changes in the wave-energy component and/or the logic-information component of the same system. (See Universe’s Origin, and Transmutation)

Resonator: A structure for producing resonance. Acu-points and ancient architectures are information-energy resonators, (see Acu-Points, and Body). UFO’s and crop circles are resonance produced artifacts. Resonating structures satisfy the necessary conditions for Co-Creation, which is the ability to convert the logic-information component of matter into its corresponding wave-energy component. That is to say, Co-Creation requires the manifestation of matter, from its pre-determined logic component into its particle-mass component via a resonant wave-energy action in informed non-local logic. Thus, for Co-Creation, the sufficient condition calls for the ability to manifest the energy-mass component from the wave-information component, while the necessary condition is the conversion of the logic-information component into a wave-energy component. Wave-energy is the intermediate action, or the responsible resonating process, in Co-Creation. Thus, we need to combine the ancient’s understanding in constructing information-energy resonators with today’s understanding of constructing energy-mass resonators in elementary particle accelerators. This integration is equivalent to left-right brain informed integration.

Resonating Process, Light-Sound:

Light and sound are the most known resonating processes. They were used in ancient science and technology. This process forms a Holon with components corresponding to light, sound, and lattice vibration or matter-wave in various media. To understand light and its relationship to the Co-Creation process, or the logic-information to energy-mass resonant process, we need to bring back the logic formulation on the composition of light defined as a photon Holon.

Resurrection: The standard religious meaning of resurrection is: the state of having risen from death. First resurrection is a state of ascension. Preparing for a state of 2nd resurrection corresponds to a restored state of Christ’s Spiritual Teaching, see Ascension and String Theories.

Love: The logic of love consists of a Holon with the following three components:

  • Intellectual Love —> Love of God’s Knowledge (Chakras 5, 7, 4)
  • Emotional Love —> Blind and Egotistical Love (Chakra 3, 6, 4)
  • Animal Love —> Sexual Love (Chakra 1, 2, 3)

Christ’s First Coming teaches as how to love God, with respect to His Knowledge. This is the right-brain prerequisite for the 2nd resurrection for mass ascension. (See Second Coming, and Christ)

Rise: Co-Creation toward the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. (See Spin)

Intellectual Rise: Ascension from evolution stage 5 to evolution stage 7 with perfection on informed intention. (See Fall, and Parallel Universe)

Robinson Congruence: The mathematical mappings of complex, i.e., real plus imaginary numbers, onto the geometry of a Penrose twistor formed by a series of twisting light-rays. (See Spin Networks)

Glossary H-K (2004)


Health/Illness: The three components for the Holon of Health/Illness are stated below. (See Acu-Points, Chakra, Glands, and Symmetry)

The Three Stages for Health/Illness

(1) Information-Communication Stage: This is the initial stage of health disturbance. In this initial stage, there are no visible symptoms. These disturbances are not felt by most of us. We have no knowledge of them as they occur. The disturbances are present at all times. The origin of these disturbances is from the mind, the physical-psychological environment, the things we eat, and the way we live. One of the biggest sources of disturbance is from our mind, defined in quantum physiology as brain-soul interactions, where the soul is defined as the space-time continuum of one’s Self. Although there are a few sensitive individuals who feel the emotional or psychical disturbances, perhaps the most common sensation is tiredness (mental and/or physical). Most people do not feel anything because of minimum awareness of communications between the individual’s mind and the body. Tiredness is the body’s natural way of saying No. It is the body’s way of telling you to listen. All tiredness caused by miscommunications is the result of dualistic conflicts, the want and not want, love and hate, or simply the duality of sedating versus tonifying certain physiological functions. The corrections treatments for these miscommunications are acupuncture, homeopathy and mental-psychological consultation. Consultation involves understanding the existence of a conflict and the knowledge to harmonize these conflicts. This is the stage where quantum mathematics, integrated with binary-ternary logic, is applied and in most cases, early detection of these disturbances or miscommunication has proven to be accurate. In fact, when certain symptoms (even physical symptoms such as disturbances in prostate communication) are detected in our health computer, conventional medical tests will indicate the abnormal chemistry two to three years later if the disturbed information is not corrected. Thus, if these disturbances continue without correction, the damage will progress to the next stage of health and wellness. This is the functional stage. Thus, the feeling of tiredness progresses to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

(2) Functional Stage: In this second stage, the normal functions of an individual’s physiological systems and the organs are affected. The individual will begin to have symptoms such as those stated in stage one, tiredness plus aches and pains, dizziness, gaining and losing weight, etc. However, in this stage, the symptoms are chronic. The most common is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Again, the individual does not consider himself or herself ill. Here illness is defined as structural changes, such as changes in blood chemistry, or in x-rays and other pictorial representations of the anatomy. Namely, these are the findings in conventional medical diagnoses; thus these symptoms are outside of today’s conventional medical model, let alone, corrections and treatments. Most of these disturbances are from (1) the neuro-endocrine functional miscommunications of the hormonal system, especially the dualistic conflicts in pineal-thymus-parasympathetic and the pituitary-sympathetic networks, and (2) in the fermentation of undigested foods due to a functional abnormality in one’s metabolic functions. In turn, these fermented foods develop bacteria inside the guts and mucous lining of the stomach. Furthermore, in serious cases, both networks of neuro-endocrine and metabolic functions interact with each other to produce complicated symptoms of autoimmune disturbances. The corrections-treatments to these functional disturbances are both eastern and western herbs. If these functional disturbances continue to progress without correction or treatment, the damage will progress to the third stage of health and wellness, the Stage of Illness.

(3) Illness Stage: This stage has to do with changes in physiological-anatomical structures including changes in chemistry. This is where today’s allopathic doctor begins his or her diagnosis and treatments. However, at this last stage of health-wellness disturbance, all three stages are present. This explains the side effects of medicines, for medicines are needed to treat the specific areas of structural change. However, to be effective, these treatments must be strong and pinpointed; and thus generally affect both the communication and the functions of the individual’s entire body-mind physiology. These generalized actions are often referred to as side effects of the medicines. To correct these side effects, further medications are prescribed and, in turn, create more miscommunications and abnormal functions. What is needed is the combination/integration of all three stages of corrections and treatments. This is what we at E-W Institute refer to as the integration of medicine.

In the Holon Theory, the concepts of health/illness are based on a paradigm shift in our scientific understanding of the concept of matter. Matter, this stuff that makes up our bodies, is drastically different in our reality as understood in the 21st century from that proposed in the 19th century. In the 19th century model, matter is simply a particle. Particle physics is Newtonian mechanics. Likewise, the model of health/illness is based on bodily functions. Allopathic medicine was developed based on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. In the 20th century model, matter is both particle and wave, which is a dual aspect. The physics of particle and wave brings in quantum-relativistic physics. Likewise, the model of health/illness is based on the dual actions between mind and body. This mind-body duality contributes to the dualistic conflicts between allopathic and alternative medicines. These conflicts between allopathic and alternative medicines have their origin in our present understanding of quantum-relativistic physics, which was in turn generated from the conflicts embedded in our dualistic model of matter. Therefore, to resolve the conflicts between the allopathic and alternative models of medicine, one needs to first resolve the duality embedded in the quantum-relativistic definition of matter. In short, we need to resolve the dualistic difficulties hidden in the internal interactions between wave and particle.

Like the concept of a wave function, in today’s model of health/illness, with respect to both allopathic and alternative treatments, we have no scientific definition of the mind versus the body. These words need to be defined scientifically, not just the body and mind, but also the mystical terms referred to as the soul and the spirit. Thus, like the incompleteness in today’s status of quantum-relativistic physics, today’s allopathic-alternative model of health/illness is also incomplete. To resolve this incompleteness in both quantum-relativistic physics and the allopathic-alternative model of health/illness, a paradigm shift is needed. In fact, this paradigm shift is already suggested in John Steward Bell’s formulation of the theorem of non-local connectivity. This non-local component seems to be more visible in living matter, and therefore more visible in modeling health/illness than in physical matter. In addition, the completion of both quantum-relativistic physics and the model for allopathic-alternative medicine is in the scientific understanding of the word consciousness. This term consciousness is better understood from Bell’s theorem, and the concept of a singularity, rather than from physiology. Therefore, to understand health/illness, and to resolve the duality embedded in body and mind, one needs to have a conceptual understanding of contemporary physics. (See Consciousness, Soul-Spirit Physiology)

Health Computer: An Introduction

During the past 10 years the US Government authorized a special healthcare-base research project by The National Institutes of Health, (“US – NIH”). This project’s goal was to attempt to develop a means to extract medically-useful intelligence from data and information about the functioning of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System. The medical research community leadership had long been convinced that this system held valuable but so far inaccessible knowledge. Today some $20 Billion has been spent on the research project without meaningful success. Taken from the World Health Science Corp., April 2000

Our breakthroughs, after 40 years of related private research succeeded where the NIH research failed. In short, this Health Computer is the only workable illness preventive system in the world.

Based on our breakthroughs with the Holon Information-Communication paradigm, we are able to put the communication network of the neuro-endocrine system into a set of mathematical formulas; our Health Computer can uniquely compute the health-information of an individual. As explained by the Holon paradigm, this is only the first of three stages on the health of an individual. The other two stages are the functional stage and the illness stage.

The functional (or energy) stage has to do with Hara Communication, which is also mathematically formulated in our Health Computer. The hara is the basic place of the living energy. Therefore, the roots of all diseases (functional disturbances) are here. When you diagnose the disease, you must diagnose the hara. Before touching the pulse, one has to diagnose the symptoms. Before diagnosing the symptoms, one has to touch the hara.. Kiiko Matsumoto & Stephen Birch, Hara Diagnosis

The mathematics for both the neuro-endocrine and the hara networks not only captures the physical health, but also the total health-communication of the entire body-mind/soul-spirit of an individual in various modules besides the physical health module.


Each of the organs, namely, Lu, LI, HC, Tw, Ht, SI, and so on, has their own networks of acu-points. These networks, referred to as meridians, can be found in any acupuncture textbook. In addition, each of these organ networks has their own five-element networks, as shown below.

tem2 1

There are five sets of these networks. There are also interacting networks between these organ networks and the extra meridians, see Symmetry. These sets of networks, within networks, are simplified and formulated in the mathematics for the Health Computer. For a further discussion of the endocrine acu-point networks, see Symmetry.

The output of the Health Computer, in the physical health module, consists of (1) the information-communication disturbances and possible functional symptoms of the individual’s neuro-endocrine-hara networks in real time and (2) the remedies, corresponding to these disturbances, in the form of herbs, homeopathics (including Bach flowers and Cell Salts), natural oils, food recommendations, and acupuncture points for acupressure or use by an acupuncturist.  The entire health evaluation is automatic with little operator participation and thus can be implemented in the Worldwide Web, special clinics, and ordinary medical offices.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: A quantum principle stating that one can never be exactly sure of both the position and the velocity of a particle. The more accurately one knows the one, the less accurately one can know the other. This principle suggests that the quantum system itself contains uncertainty, thereby existing in a continuous state of incoherence. In the Holon Theory, this principle exists in a transitional state, or in the boundary interactions, where the lock is searching for the key and vice versa. Here the lock is the encoded logic embedded in the logic aspect of matter and the key is the observer logic. Therefore, this uncertainty principle applies only to the wave-energy aspect of matter. It is generated by the conservation of information-energy, (see conservation of information-energy-mass). This principle does not hold inside the logic (the Base 9) or the 3-dimensional universes. (See Lock-Key Technology)

Schrodinger’s Cat This paradox exists because of the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The state of the cat, alive or dead, depends on the logic of Schrodinger’s key. Therefore, which lock, i.e., the lock with the alive logic or the lock with the death logic, will the key fit can only be known after Schrodinger’s key found its lock.

Quantum incoherence: The process by which multiple possible realities permitted by quantum observation are eliminated. In the Holon Theory, incoherence is possible by understanding the encoded information of the particular lock-logic that needs to be opened, and the knowledge of Co-Creating a key-logic together with a deterministic way of getting the key to meet the lock. What we described here are the necessary and sufficient conditions for Co-Creation.

Hexagrams: Formed by pairs of trigrams. (See Trigrams, and Ebits/Qubits).

Higgs Particles: Higgs particles are so-called Higgs bosons, with 0 spin. Higgs interacts only with particle/anti-particle couples. In the Holon Theory, this logic/anti-logic is mechanized by the upper-primary or nuclear/lower-primary or nuclear trigrams of a hexagram. For the terms nuclear, lower primary, and upper primary, see Vol 2. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

History: (See Time)

Hologram: Every element of a body contains the whole message of the whole body. A 3D hologram can be created with the intersection of three self-coherent light rays, orthogonal to each other.

Holon: A three-component model of reality. These three components of reality correspond to the Holon model of matter: Reality with respect to logic-information, wave-energy, and particle-mass; or Reality with respect to spirit-knowingness, soul-observation, body-sensation (human observed reality), and so on. Three universes are formed by these three sets of reality. These three are: the non-local archetypal universe of the logic-information (or Base 9) world; the topological, or the wave-energy universe of the observer world; and the 3-dimension universe of the particle-mass world. In the Holon model, reality is formed from all three universes, simultaneously, non-locality, in space-time continuum, and is 3-dimensional. The reality of these three universes is approximated in a diagram shown below:

tem2 2

Notice, time is at the Moment of Now, which equals Planck’s time. Notice also that spin is proportional to Planck’s constant, and hence embedded in the formula for computing the Moment of Now. In addition, the non-local world corresponds to the world of the spirit. The quantum world corresponds to the world of the soul. The 3-dimensional world corresponds to the world of the body-brain network. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Spin, Time, and Free Energy)

In the context of today’s physics, the following trinities support the assumption of a Holon model for the definition of matter and hence reality in general:

tem2 4

In short, trinity models are used in all ancient cultures. (See Universe’s Origin)

Holon Theory of Everything: A theory on the non-local or the spiritual connections of all subjects of cultural logic, or human knowledge. (See Strings, Orbifolds, Numbers, and Embryology)

Homeopathy: Remedies diluted to the extent that no remedy molecule (namely, its particle-mass aspect) exists in the diluted solution in any detectable form. What exists, in the context of remedy, is the logic-information of the remedy molecules.


i: Interpreting this imaginary, i, as a teleportation operator is another break with traditional physicist’s thinking. This number i is a mathematical term defined as [= (-1)1/2], i.e., i x i = -1 and [i x i]  x  [i x i] = 1. This operation of i with itself is shown below in the notion of a teleportation operator operating on a.

tem2 1

The mirror is at zero. The shape, the contour of this mirror (depicted by 0) represents the surface of the quantum world. Inside zero (right side of the mirror) is the non-local world, while outside zero (left side of the mirror) corresponds to the three-dimensional world. As shown, i represents the key-logic, operating on a in the three-dimensional world. At the mirror, the key logic meets with the lock logic from inside zero, forming the lock-key operation (process 1) that brings a inside the non-local world, where a becomes -a (process 2), and at the same time returns it to the 3-dimensional world through the lock-key operation in the mirror (processes 3 and 4). This entire process, from 1 to 4, happens at the instant of Now. In short, the object a is being teleported into the non-local world and back, at the instant of Now, by the operator i. This instant of Now is referred to in physics as a singularity. Thus, i can therefore be viewed as a teleportation operator. (See Imaginary Number)

I-Ching/Tao Te Ching: These are two ancient Chinese classics. The I-Ching is a text based on the superposition of binary logic, symbolized by a yin-line and a yang-line, into trigrams/hexagrams. On the other hand, the Tao Te Ching can be interpreted as a text based on the superposition of ternary logic, symbolized by a yin-line, a yang-line, and a neutral-line, into bigrams/tetragrams. The I-Ching text contains the spiritual interpretations of the 8-trigrams and the 64 hexgrams, while the Tao-Te-Ching contains 81 chapters, which can also be viewed as spiritual interpretations of their corresponding 81 tetragrams. (See Trigrams, and Hexagrams, Yin-Yang)

There are five connected branches of ancient science derived from the binary logic of the I-Ching. These five branches are:

1. Prediction of personal events, or answers, based on one’s informed intention and the encoded message hidden in the trigrams and hexagrams obtained by one’s throw of three coins or fifty sticks. The intention is formed by formulating your question, writing it down and then letting it go, but being aware of it. It should be short and concise. If possible, try to get an image of the question in your mind. Notice, the more you are informed with your question, through self or learned knowledge, the more accurate your answers will be. With this intention in mind, you throw your three coins or fifty sticks. In throwing your three coins or fifty sticks, you should forget, or stop any mental activities on the questions you asked, i.e., let go of any mental processes related to your questions. Finally, in interpreting the trigrams and hexagrams obtained from your throwing of the three coins or fifty sticks, the I-Ching text is used only to awaken your spirit knowingness, which is from where your answers must come. This process is defined by the 27 information dimensions, whose accuracy depends on your informed free will, which is dependent on your learned knowledge and your spiritual knowingness, and the degree to which you have satisfied the conservation between logic and information.

2. Prediction of your karmic patterns and destiny based on the symmetry breaks, in the cosmos and in your reincarnation, caused by the birth of you, namely, the addition of a new piece of matter in the universe. This process is also defined by the 27 information-dimensions, whose accuracy is dependent on your informed knowledge and the degree you have satisfied the conservation between information and energy.

3. Prediction of your karmic patterns (and sometimes destiny) based on palmistry and facial features. Notice that your hands and facial features are somewhat related to the karmic information encoded within your acu-point networks. The accuracy of this method is dependent on the degree to which the encoded information is converted, without too many disturbances, into energy-mass, namely, the features of your hands and face.

A subcategory is the proto-science referred to as Feng Shui, or geomancy. (See Geomancy in Acu-Point)

4. Medicine: Acupuncture and herbal formulations for the maintenance of one’s body-mind/soul-spirit health, which also includes the correction of one’s karma and satisfying one’s destiny. This science is also formulated within the 27 information dimensions, which is strongly connected to the method used in items (1), (2), and (3). The purposes are to correct any entropy productions in body-mind/soul-spirit health by normalizing the three conservation laws of matter, namely, the conservation between logic-information within the spirit, information-energy within the mind, and energy-mass or chemistry within the body.

5.  Maintenance: The maintenance of one’s body-mind/soul-spirit health through physical-psychological practices often referred to as Ch’i (or Qi) Kung, and through the act of alchemy. (See Ch’i/Qi Kung, and Alchemy)

Illness: (See Health/Illness)

Imaginary Number, i: equals the square root of -1, or [-1]1/2. In the Holon Theory, this number is used as a teleportation operator, teleporting between dimensions four and zero, i.e., i 0 = i 4 = 1. Likewise the imaginary number w, defined as [ + w2 = -1 + w ], is also a teleportation operator between dimensions six and zero. These operators are also referred to as hypernumbers.

In addition, the letter i corresponds to the integer number 9, which is one of three teleportation integers. The number 9 is also a spiritual number that connects with God’s Encoded Logic. In base 9 arithmetic, the number 9 contains all integers, i.e., 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45 à 9. Thus, the number 9 contains the ability to dimensionally shift to all other dimensions, from 0 to 9, in a base 9 system.

Immortality, of the Spirit: In the Holon Theory, this is the lock representation of you, namely, the set of encoded logic that defines the three-dimensional aspect of you. This lock exists beyond space and time. It is your logic-body and hence it is immortal, but your set logic, or your logic-body, is modifiable. This set of logic, or your spirit, is immortal because it is connected non-locally to the initial set of logic at the universe’s creation, which is the set of logic that defines the First Cause. The act of modifying this set of logic, or the lock, is referred to in the Holon Theory as involution, the opposite of evolution. Evolution represents the evolvement of your soul through the reincarnation of your body-brain networks. On the other hand, involution has to do with the involvement of your spirit to a perfect set of logic, corresponding to a final condition, which defines your destiny. At that final stage of your involution, your spirit will be in the Image of God.

Notice, the soul, contrary to popular belief, produces a temporary aspect of you in the quantum world of space-time continuum, for it represents the probabilistic path of your key, created by the intention of your brain, finding your lock, which is your spirit, (see Embryology). This lock can also be something unstructured or questioned in your brain’s unconscious mental activities or intentions, such as the space-time image encountered in your astroprojection.

In-God’s Image: (See God/Creator, and Immortality)

Information: An informed change of state. On the other hand, a misinformed change of state leads to negative information, or the production of entropy. (For Mechanistic Information, see Momentum, and Newtonian Physics)

Information-Energy Conservation: The requirement that wave-energy is released, or dissipated, at any time that a bit of information is decoded or erased. Vice versa, soul-spirit energy from the act of intention is dissipated to encode the information into the logic aspect of matter. The conservation of matter must include the conservation of information and energy. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Logic-Information Conservation: The logic aspect of matter contains potential energy embedded in the encoded information. This potential energy can be released via the act of Co-Creation with the proper set of knowledge and technology. The conservation of matter must include the conservation between logic and information. (See Conservation of information-energy-mass)

Inflation: A brief period of accelerated expansion during which the very early universe, about 10-35 sec after the Big Bang, increased its size by an enormous factor. This inflationary assumption is not part of the Holon Theory. The concept of an inflationary universe is automatically embedded in the non-locality of the logic-information aspect of matter.

Information Medicine: Health/illness/medicine, all three, defined as a Holon, whose three components are informational, functional, and structural. Information has two states, namely, informed state of communication or a state of miscommunication. The informed state is a healthy state. The state of miscommunication is a disturbed state of health, and the corrective remedies are homeopathics, acupuncture, healing with intentions, and so on. Informational disturbances can degenerate into functional disorder and further into structural, or abnormal changes in physiological chemistry. Illnesses are categories of various structural disorders. (See Homeopathic, and Health/Illness)

Inspiration: Knowing through mind/soul-spirit intention. An inspirational state is a state of spirit-knowingness occurring inside a singularity.

Instinct: (See Free Will)

Intention: Unlike the activities of thinking, which involve brain functions only; intention has to do with actions of the mind, or brain-soul communications, and/or spirit-knowingness. The activities of the former generate a state of space-time perception, referred to as astroprojection or an aura-energy state; whereas the latter actualize a non-local state of spirit-knowingness. (See Soul-Perception, Spirit-Knowingness, and Consciousness)

Intuition: Visual learning through the right brain.

Intellect: Linear logical learning with the left brain.

Involution: (See Evolution/Involution)


Karma: Actualizable soul space-time connected events. The information of these events is encoded in the acu-point physiology. These events occur in event time; therefore, karma can be changed via actualized intention in the Moment of Now. (See Time, Soul, and Acu-Points)

Kingliness Without: A person’s action emulates the actions of a noble King.

Kundalini: Intense activities in soul space-time perceptions or spirit knowingness, at a stage in which its activities cannot be supported by normal body-brain physiology. (See Chakra, Spirit Knowingness, Soul Perceptions, and Soul-Spirit Physiology)

Glossary E-G (2004)


Ebits/Qubits: Ebits are units of measure of entangled quantum information. Specifically, the measure of two entangled pairs of quantum information, that is one ebit, where the qubit of one will be the opposite of the other; i.e., if one gives 0, the other returns 1, and vice versa. Qubits are units of measure of quantum information, or the quantum version of a bit. Specifying any one word from a list of two (such as “yes” and “no”, or “0” and “1”, or “yin” and “yang”) takes one bit of information. A qubit is defined as the superposition of these two states such as “0” and “1”, thus potentially a qubit contains an infinite amount of information, for example any and all multiple combinations of 0s and 1s, (e.g., one 0 and one 1, two 0s and one 1, one 0 and two 1s, three 0s and two 1s, two 0s and two 1s and so on, to infinity). In the process of actualization through quantum observation, a qubit reduces to a bit of information of either 0 or 1, from a continuous function between 0 and 1. Quantum observation is an act of intentional free-will. It is this third free will state that reduces a potentially infinite set of qubits into a disentangled finite set of bits of information (a finite sets of 0s and 1s). (See Superposition)

In the Holon Theory, the yin-line and yang-line are used to define the two states. That is to say, the yin-line and yang-line are used to symbolize a unit of information, namely a bit. Thus, supposition of (or combining) these yin and yang lines would produce a qubit state of a yin-trigram/hexagram or a yang-trigram/hexagram. That is to say, superposition of three of these binary lines forms a trigram, and the superposition of two trigrams (or six lines) form a hexagram. In this simulated system, for example, the eight trigrams can potentially produce 56 sets of two entangled trigram pairs. Adding eight pairs of trigrams (the partner in each of these pairs is itself), we then have a total of 64 hexagrams, or pairs of entangled trigrams, rather than infinite pairs. Sixty-four is exactly the number of hexagrams used in the I-Ching set of logic-information. The entanglement of any two pairs of trigrams forming a hexagram is obtained through intention, assisted by the mechanical means of picking a trigram by tossing three coins. (See Yin-Yang)

Next, a third neutral-line denoting free will is introduced for simulating the act of disentanglement via free will. With this third line, the Holon Theory combines the tetragram system of the Tao Te Ching and the trigram/hexagram logic of the I-Ching to produce a system of disentangled sets of tetragram/hexagram pairs based on the mechanical process of simulating the free-will ternary logic of the yin-line, yang-line and the neutral-line (again like the I-Ching method) by the tossing of three coins. In this ternary logic, the state of free will is denoted by the neutral-line. Notice that the ternary logic-tetragram of the Tao Te Ching is embedded inside the binary logic-hexagram of the I-Ching. In addition, the top and bottom lines of the hexagram correspond to constraints on the free-will, or the tetragram. (See Vol 2, and I-Ching/Tao Te Ching)

Electromagnetic Field: (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Electroweak Field: Integration of electromagnetic and weak forces.

Elementary Particle: A particle that it is believed cannot be subdivided. In the perspective of the Holon Theory, the ability for a particle to subdivide stops at the quark-lepton-boson level. These are the particles integrated within the Standard Model, including the logic aspects of these particles. The logic of these particles are Created by design, i.e., each of their logic is in correspondence to the binary-ternary logic of the First Cause. Graviton, the gravitational particle, is not an elementary particle because its logic is Co-created from the logic of two photons or two bosons. The three levels of elementary particles are explained, in the Holon Theory, by the embedded ternary logic of a trigram. With its corresponding mass logic trigram, the logic component of an elementary particle is formulated within the hexagram logic of the I-Ching. (See Vol 2 for detais)

From this perspective, strings and superstrings are the information-energy aspects of these particles. These information-energy aspects are the intermediate, or the mirror boundary, between logic and their mass aspects. This information-energy aspect can also be referred to as the wave-energy aspect of the particle, which is a temporary particle appearing in a state of observation. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Strings, and Orbifolds)

Embryology: Here, embryology refers to the co-creation of mind-soul-spirit within a singularity state that defines a reincarnation event. It is interesting to notice that there exists a direct correspondence between this embryological event and the logic co-creation of an elementary particle. To begin seeing this correspondence, I need to go back to the physics of an orbifold when applied within the Superstring Theory. I need to examine the correspondences of this orbifold with the body-mind/soul-spirit dimensional logic and superstring topology, as shown below.


This correspondence has to do with a common coordinate system defined by 27 logic variables. As shown in this diagram, this set of 27 variables connects the topology of superstrings in post-modern physics, the logic components of elementary particles within the I-Ching logic of trigrams and hexagram, and the embryology of co-creating the state of mind-soul-spirit at an embryological singularity.

The top half of this diagram has been fully discussed and needs no elaboration (See Strings and Orbifolds, Numbers, and Elementary Particle). I shall in what follows concentrate on the bottom half of the diagram. The connection between the top and the bottom is this integer 27, which reduces to 9 in base 9 arithmetic. It is also a number within the gnomonic path of expansion-contraction that connects both bases 9 and 10 arithmetic at their mutual centers and at their relative logic of motion governed by the light constant cn for n = 1,2,3…11. In short, the top and the bottom are connected at singularities actualized by this integer 9. The way to singularities from the top is through teleportation operators i, w, and e. On the bottom, the way to singularities is consciousness in an intentional state at the Moment of Now. Remember, in the Holon Theory, consciousness corresponds to activities inside of a singularity. The three orbifolds with 27 singularities are connected to a set of 27 strings in both the top and bottom. The top set of 27 strings is identified as particles in a micro world; whereas, the bottom set of 27 strings has to do with the cord connections between body-mind activities and soul-spirit physiology. This cord connecting body-mind with soul-spirit at singularities is an ancient observation via spirit-knowingness and/or soul-perceptions.

The Holon concept of embryology starts with the following Holon components: Genetic, microenvironment, and mind-soul-spirit communications in space-time continuum or in soul-time. The first two components are topics of studies in biological sciences (particularly, in cell differentiation and embryological developments).  The third component, which is connected to the 27 variables and is depicted in the above diagram that needs consideration here. Remember, mind is defined as soul-brain communication. In addition, one reincarnates before one is brain dead. Thus, the brain here refers to the brain of the “old body” before death. Remember also, soul-perception (or its interface with the genetic and microenvironment components) implies lock-key interactions where the lock is the logic defined in one’s spirit, while the key is generated by one’s brain. Thus, this is the process of how karma and destiny are transferred from one incarnation to another. The transferred information is encoded in one’s acu-points and controlled by one’s acu-brain. (See Acu-Points, and Acu-Brain)

Next, the relationship between the 27 variables and the encoded information in one’s acu-points need to be examined (shown in the diagram with the 27 meridians). This has to do with the Holon whose components are birth date, name, and free will. The time of birth is the singularity that causes the symmetry break between the two reincarnations. The event of this singularity also causes a break in the symmetry of the universe to include in its symmetric reformation the newly reincarnated state of body-mind/soul-spirit. The extent to which one’s birth affects the universe’s symmetry; i.e., the breaking and reconnecting, depends directly on the maturity of the individual’s spirit. That is to say, the number and the strength of reconnections after the universe’s symmetry break caused by the birth of a new reincarnated body are directly proportional to the maturity of one’s spirit. The stronger one’s connection is to the universe’s symmetry, the higher knowingness there is in one’s spiritual physiology. This singularity can be computed in a set of equations formulated from 22 variables. Besides the birth date and time, these 22 variables capture also the vibration signature of one’s name. The embedded vibration signature hidden in the logic-Information of these 22 variables, if formulated correctly, is depicted in the diagram shown below.

tem2 1

The correspondence between the 27 coordinates and frequencies is shown above, namely, the first eight partial tones represent a set of sine curves. One can count the number of times the above set of vibrations crosses the horizontal axis and find that the number is 22 times. That is, shown above is the sine curve of the first partial tones, which intersect the main axis 22 times. The 23rd point of intersection corresponds to the first again. Thus, this formulation not only captures one’s karma and destiny hidden in the symmetry break caused by one’s birth, but also, the vibrational signature of one’s name given at birth.

Next, one can further rearrange these 22 variables into five different categories representing, in embryology, the five karmic states of an acu-point, their five element classifications, their five predestined personalities, and so on. Thus, with the input of your birth date, time of birth, and name, the embryological mathematics will compute your karma, destiny, personality, times of significant life changes, and the nature of those changes in five-year periods, genetic strengths and weaknesses, and others. Some people will question: “Is this Astrology? Numerology? While this embryological mathematics appears to have some similarity to these popularized systems, it is based on a much deeper paradigm of reality, which unifies physics with ancient and Eastern wisdom, which is not available in any other system. Lastly, on the component of free will, as related to embryological development, the following describes its function.

Here, we emphasize the component of informed free will, i.e., making a free-will decision with informed knowledge. There are two components of knowledge. First, the knowledge of one’s karma, destiny, personalities, etc. that is in the solution coming from the birth date and name inputs. The second part is from inputting the real time electrical measurements of one’s acu-points status. Since all Logic-information is encoded in the acu-points, the mathematics on this second part has to do with (1) the information-communication disturbances and possible functional symptoms of the individual’s neuro-endocrine-functional networks in real-time and (2) the remedies corresponding to these disturbances. These remedies, mathematically computed, are herbs, homeopathics (including Bach flowers and Cell or Tissue Salts), natural oils, food recommendations, and acupuncture points for acupressure or use by an acupuncturist. Although it is difficult to confirm the accuracy of the computed individual’s karmic patterns and destiny, the individual’s health conditions, based on these real time acu-points input, evaluated by this embryological mathematical system are accurate, when compared with an individual’s health records. (See Reincarnation, Chakra, and Health/Illness)

With these two parts of knowledge, informed free will can be made to not only maintain one’s health, which include genetic-mind/soul-spirit disturbances, but also correct any karmic patterns that satisfy one’s destiny. A word on satisfying one’s destiny is in order. The embryological dynamics of reincarnation, as described here, has to do with uninformed astroprojection or soul-perception in space-time continuum. What is possible, with future researches, is informed astroprojection. This informed knowledge is from the first part of the embryological mathematics. This is in fact the purpose of astroprojection, namely, to control one’s own reincarnation toward the formation of an optimum body-brain network. (See Time, Astroprojection, and Evolution/Involution)

Energy: Actualized information or production of entropy. The former satisfies the conservation between information and energy, while the latter has to do with disturbance generated in the probabilistic process of the key “looking” for the lock.

Entropy: The difference, caused by uninformed free will, in states between involution and evolution. The cause of this difference is the act of uninformed free will. A free-will state is generated by actualized intention on the logic-information component of matter. This difference in state is the disorder state of a system. Thus, entropy is a measure of the deviation in state from the destiny of the system, which is defined by the involution-evolutionary state.

Entanglement: Described by Bell’s Theorem of Non-Local Influences, all objects are connected and thus entangled in their non-local logic aspect. (See Ebits/Qubits) In addition, in the Holon Theory, there is also the entanglement of intentions, especially human intention, and the logic aspect of all animate and inanimate objects. The former can be referred to as entanglement by design at Creation, while the latter is entanglement in Co-Creation by intention of free-will, informed or uninformed. Uninformed free-will generates incoherent entropy states. Informed free will generates Co-Created logic. The principle of correspondence categorizes non-local connectivity with the intention to disentangle the entangled logic. (See Free Will)

Ether: A hypothetical nonmaterial medium once supposed to fill all space. The idea that such a medium is required for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation is no longer tenable. In the Holon Theory, ether is defined as an information encodable medium. This is a non-local medium existing outside space-time where the logic component of matter is encoded including the logic of space, the logic of time, the logic of motion, the logic of an elementary particle, and so on. This medium is referred to as the vacuum, or the space inside zero, or the zero-point.

Event-Time: (See Time)

Evolution/Involution: The state of involution defines the logic-state of an object such as the logic of a chair; whereas the state of evolution is the constructed object itself at each stage of its construction, such as the constructed chair at each stage of its construction leading to duplicating the logic chair. Thus, the state of evolution is a state of the constructed object at each stage of its construction leading to the final stage where the constructed object equals the logic-object. The difference between the constructed state and the logic state is equal to the state of entropy. In addition, the change in the state of evolution is an event with a beginning and an end; whereas a change in the state of involution is a discrete jump, or a singularity. That is to say, changes in the state of evolution have to do with the process, i.e., the construction of a chair, while the change in the state of involution corresponds to the completion of this process, i.e., a completed chair. Thus, the state of involution occurs only at the moment of completing the chair. (See Ascension, Parallel Universe, spiral Geometry, and Embryology)

ESP: (See Spirit Knowingness)


Faith: Non-Local knowing, or spirit knowing, received by an observer.

Belief: Knowing by reason, or body-brain knowing, relative to the observer’s learned knowledge and/or experiences.

Fall: Co-Creation away from or in conflict with, God’s Encoded Logic. (See Spin)

Intellectual Fall: A Fall caused by uninformed use of technology. Up to now, the philosophy of technology and its use is based on the survival of the fittest theory. Rather than survival of the fittest, our ideology in the use and the development of technology must be based on Co-Creation, in the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. (See Lock-Key Technology, and Technology)

Feng Shui: (See Acu-Point)

Fermion: (See Boson)

Fibonacci: A special additive progression series of numbers, as shown below, in which the two initial terms are added together to form the third term.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, …

These numbers are recognized as part of the Fibonacci Series, which is represented by f, which has the value equal to 1.618…, an irrational number. The Fibonacci series is such that any two successive terms tend to be approximately in relation to one another as 1: f.

Finality: (See Time)

First Cause: A logic Holon that is believed to be the simplest correspondence to all other logic Holons, which defines the logic component of matter. This simplest logic Holon is Holon 1-2-3. Remember that the principle of correspondence is a non-local principle, which brings together the non-local connectivity of the logic aspect in all matter.

Force: (See Momentum)

Fractals: Objects constructed from fractional dimensions, dimensions less than 3, i.e., 1.2, 2.3, 2.6, etc. (See Gnomonic)

Fractal Scales: Similar to the concept of gnomonic expansion-contraction. That is the degree of regularity or irregularity remains constant over different scales. (See Gnomonic Expansion, Gnomonic Contraction)

Attractor: The Logic that governs motion, such as the golden proportion of f, an attractor in spiral motion. The shape that defines the regularity in fractal scales is an attractor. (See Gnomonic Spiral)

Fractional Dimensions: Here, the Holon concept of a fractional dimension will be proposed. The logic of a line is an ideal one-dimensional object. The logic of a Platonic Solid is an ideal three-dimensional object. An observer inside of a three-dimensional space recreating or co-creating this ideal three-dimensional solid is an imperfect Platonic Solid. The conjecture here is that this copy, recreated inside a three-dimensional space, is a fractional object of less than three-dimensions. Therefore, while the ideal is a three-dimensional object, the copy is a fractional object (i.e., a fractal) between dimensions 2 and 3. The ideal is a logic object, while the copy is an information object relative to the observer. Remember, the observer is inside the dimension of the ideal. One can also say that the ideal is God’s Free-Will, Created by the ideal resonance between base-9 and base-10 arithmetic, see Universe’s Origin. The copy produced our fractal world.

Fragmented Soul: (See Soul)

Free energy: Energy generated by the conversion of logic-information. The conversion occurs at the mirror boundary, or in the topological universe, between logic-information and energy, satisfying the conservation of logic-information and the conservation of information-energy. The former, logic and information, is bound together by the logic force of color gluons; while the binding force of the latter, information and energy, is the electroweak force. Strictly speaking, pure free energy is the actualization of the potential energy, from the vacuum, embedded in the encoded logic-information component of matter. The process of atomic-molecular transmutation (such as cold fusion), on the other hand, generates the conversion of information into energy, namely the changes in the information stored in the end product of the transmuted chemical reaction.

Transmutation: Chemical reactions based on information encoded in the neutrons rather than on electron or valence configurations. Remember, information is stored in the magnetic monopoles where the neutron serves as the magnetic charge and the anti-neutrino as the magnetic current. This dependence on the neutrons explains why isotopes and magnetism are so important in the process of transmutation. In addition, since the transmutation process depends on communicated information, mind communication from the experimenters and the information changes in the space-time environment (such as seasons and photon radiations) will influence its outcome. These influences explain some of the recorded findings of the alchemists. Recent experimental findings on the radiation of solar neutrinos perhaps help explain the possibility of these seasonal and photon influences to the transmutation process. Kamland’s experiment (2002) detects oscillation of anti-neutrinos emitted from nuclear reactors and from the direct nuclear fusion of the sun. Notice, to promote the process of transmutation, the standard electron-valence reaction, which is the natural reaction process, must be prevented from occurring, (see “Solving the Neutrino Mystery”, Scientific American, April 2003. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, and Human Atomic Table in Symmetry)

Free-Will: Unlike reactions, with or without thinking, to cause and effects, free will involves responding to non-local influences at the Moment of Now.

Informed Free-Will: Responding to non-local influences with knowledge of the information encoded in the logic of these non-local influences.

Uninformed Free Will: Responding to non-local influences without any knowledge of the nature of these influences.

Instinct: Uninformed Free Will. Here the response is survival, thus referred to as survival instinct.

Actionless Free Will: Unaware of any directed non-local influences, as such, no action taken. Most of the responses directed to non-local influences are actionless free will, thus no changes are made in the existing states of information-energy. Although Co-Creation/Creation happens at each Moment of Now, but without informed free-will in the actualization of new changes, no changes in the encoded logic-information occurs.

Free-Will Actualization: One’s free-will, even informed with the proper understanding, can be satisfied or actualized if and only if its non-local action is not entangled with another individual’s free-will. In other words, successful actualization depends on disentanglement of other free-wills, and the negations of other non-local influences. (See I-Ching, and Hexagrams).

Free Radicals: Atoms or molecules with an electron stripped away at one location and the capture or recapture of the same or another electron at the same or different location. These locations where electrons have been stripped away or captured are the free radicals in atoms or molecules. Free radicals are produced in a normal oxidation-reduction process. The oxidation-reduction process is a large and diverse class of chemical processes mostly involving the transfer of electrons from one substance to another or from one location of a molecule to another. In fact, in our opinion, free radicals are necessary for life, which are a part of the information encoding and transfer processes in biological chemistry. However, extensive free radical production created through radiation, toxins, or in an extensive biased force environment are usually damaging to the original purpose of the molecule, namely destroying the original information carried by the molecules. What cause free radical reactions to be damaging?

Let us examine one possible explanation. To do this, we shall consider the polarity produced by the free radical reactions on a molecule. Certain polarities, when viewed optically, spin light either to the right or the left. Those polarities that spin light to the right are called dextrorotary, while those that spin to the left are called laevorotary. Neutral molecules are so, either because they are composed of equal parts of dextro and laevo, or because they are neutral on account of internal compensation, i.e., the molecule is so arranged that one-half of the molecules balance the others. Below shows the three possible spin polarizations of Tartaric acid.

tem2 2

For our purpose, we shall concentrate our discussion, not on the chemistry of the OH radical as shown in the above diagram, but on the right-left spin caused by the OH radical reaction. In short, we shall look at the following correspondences caused by the free radical reaction.

  • Left Spin —> Outward Spiral relative toward South Pole, Evolution
  • Right Spin —> Inward Spiral relative toward North Pole, Involution


  • Involution —> Toward Logic-Information Aspect of Matter, Programmable, Deterministic Information
  • Evolution —> Toward Wave-Energy Aspect of Matter, Changing, Not Programmable, Probabilistic Information
  • Entropy —> Involution –Evolution, thus Entropy increases as Involution Logic diminishes its guidance on Evolution

Therefore, from these correspondences, if the free radical reaction causes a neutral spin state, a Mesorotary molecule, or a right spin Dextrorotary molecule, to become a left spin Laevorotary molecule, the result would be an increase in the system’s entropy, or disorder. This explains the negative effects of free radicals.

On the other hand, there is a positive effect embedded in a free radical reaction if the result is in the production of a right spin Dextrorotary molecule. From the above set of correspondences, a right spin state involves the encoding or transmitting of Involution Logic, which affects a higher and/or stronger guidance on the evolving state of Evolution. For this reason, we might propose a further conjecture about the positive side of a free radical reaction. This conjecture is: Free radical reaction in the positive direction contributes to bio-molecular learning, which is also a mind-programmable process. The following example, in the programming of water using magnets, illustrates the mind-programming ability in a right spin Dextrorotary molecule. It has been demonstrated that water is susceptive to mind programming, when a beaker of water is placed on the North Pole side of a magnet that promote right spin free radical reactions. Mind programming is not possible if the beaker of water is placed on the South Pole side of a magnet, a correspondence between South Pole and left spin state. In short, positive free radical reaction responds to informed intention. Yet, negative free radical reactions can be caused by radiation, toxins, or by being in an extensive biased force environment such as prolonged stress either internal or external.

In health and illness, the importance of dextro- and laevo-rotation in biological molecules has only recently been recognized, and making sure drugs are the correct stereoisomer (i.e., dextro- or laevo-rotatory, one is a mirror image of the other) has in some cases proven to be crucial. Giving the wrong isomeric drug form was responsible for the Thalidomide tragedy. Healthy blood is in the dextrorotatory form, while urine normally appears to be laevorotatory. The dextro- or laevo-rotatory state of an individual’s blood is computed mathematically in the Health Computer.


General Theory of Relativity: Explains the force of gravity in terms of the curvature of a four-dimensional space-time. (Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Geomancy: (See Feng Shui in Acu-Point)

Ghost: An individual’s soul information-energy is trapped within a house or a physical confinement. Ghost is the vision of the memory of a lost soul, namely, the information-energy of the soul locked inside of a physical confinement. This vision is in the mind’s eye of the observer’s psyche. The vision or the presence of this information-energy body can also be captured or recorded with a magnetic instrument. Notice, since this memory is locked in the continuum of space-time, there is no connection with the appearance of time, i.e., the ghost’s physical body-brain system could have died, in Earth time, long ago. (See Soul, and Time)

Glands: Mirror of Self. (See Chakra, Symmetry, Health/Illness, Yin-Gin/Shii-Soei Ching, and Tree of Life)

The following diagram depicts the archetypal/gestalt formulation in Li-Logic, namely the Tree of Life, of the logic-information aspect of the entire glandular system.

tem2 3

The following characteristics, in the sense of Logic-Information/Energy-Chemistry, for each of these glands are listed below.

  • Pineal: Psychological Brain, Regulating Mind/Soul-Spirit activities, Synchronize the cycles of birth as well as the cycles of physical and mental enfoldment, Synchronizes the rhythmic activity of each gland as well as the integrated rhythm of the entire glandular system.
  • Thymus: A Sense of Self, Mind/Soul-Spirit signature, Defends Self from Non-Self, Partners with the Pineal Gland, and the Wisdom of  the heart
  • Posterior Pituitary: Influence activities of the Kidneys, Uterus, and Mammary Gland, Partners with the Hypothalamus, which produces the link between psychic self and  the glandular system, i.e., between the inner and the outer.
  • Anterior Pituitary: Gland of physiological-chemical intelligence, Master gland on physiological-mental activities.
  • Parathyroid: Influence mineral metabolism and excitability of nerves.
  • Thyroid: Glands of fight or flight, rate of energy release, influence metabolic activities, especially in the Brain, which regulate reasoning, judgment, and perception, essential to memory and regulates the interchange or flow of energy between past and present.
  • Pancreas/Hara: Energy production, energy store house
  • Adrenal Cortex: Integration and interpretation of sensory input, influences the production of male sex hormone, influences fat in metabolism
  • Adrenal Medulla: Mobilization of energy especially in the Thymus gland, Awareness of self
  • Gonads: Seeds of becoming, Self-perpetuation

Gluons: A form of quantum chromodynamics which carry the strong color “force” from one quark to another. In the Holon Theory, color gluons exist only within the logic aspect of the quark structure. This color “force” serves as the glue that binds the quark’s logic and its information aspect together. On the other hand, weak gluons, and the w+ and z0, bind the information and its energy aspect during quark-lepton communications.

Gnomonic: The logic of motion referred to as a “gnomon”, which state that any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves the resultant figure similar to the original figure.

Gnomonic Expansion: Growth by accretion or accumulative increase in which the old form is contained within the new.

Gnomonic Contraction: Logical movement opposite to gnomonic expansion.

Gnomonic Spiral: Spirals in the form of gnomonic growth whose geometrical curvature satisfies the progressions of a Fibonacci, or a logarithmic, series.

God/Creator: The programmer of the binary/ternary logic, a set of non-local encoded logic input into the vacuum in which the First Cause is Created. This programmer is referred to as God, or the Creator. Thus, we cannot understand who or what God is, with respect to physical and personal characteristics, because God is outside of our Universe. We can only make an attempt to understand what this First Cause is, and how this universe is Created from this First Cause. Therefore, the only characteristic that can be associated with God is Knowledge, Absolute Knowledge, more specifically, knowledge of beauty, simplicity, and so on. This set of Absolute Knowledge reduces in the form of non-local correspondence to the Holon of 9 and its symmetry break into the Thought Octagon.

In addition, we can understand God through the number Holon 9-9-9 in a base nine arithmetic. This Holon 9-9-9 represents a tri-state of the Thought Octagon, see Volume 4. The makeup of this number 9, in base nine arithmetic, contains all numbers; that is,

0 + 1 + 2 +3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 —> 45 —>  4 + 5 —> 9

Therefore, a tri-state parallel universe of numbers, embedded in the number 9, can also represent our Universe. (See 999, Parallel Universe, Universe’s Origin)

In-God’s-Image: (See Immortality)

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem: The theorem indicates the impossibility of establishing an internal logical consistency of a very large class of deductive system — e.g., elementary arithmetic — unless one adopts principles of reasoning so complex that their internal consistency is itself open to doubt. That is to say, the truth of this class of deductive systems cannot be formally deduced from any given set of axioms within its own closed set of rules of inference. From the perspective of the Holon Theory, this theorem suggests that for any proof of truth to be self-consistent and complete, the deductive system must rely on inputs coming from outside of the system. From this perspective, with the correspondence between incompleteness and entropy production in a closed system, Godel’s Theorem is connected in principle to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. (See Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Godliness in Self: A spiritual state of self, living in a transcendental state of spirit-knowingness, which possesses knowledge beyond learned knowledge like knowledge in Co-Creating one’s body-brain. The prerequisite to this state of Godliness in Self is the state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without. To fully complete this state of Godliness in Self implies not only that this knowingness has no bounds; but also he or she is also able of actualizing any part of this unlimited knowledge with intentions. In fact, it is within this state of unlimited knowledge that both ascended humans and us can co-create our immortal body at well. Co-creating an immortal body for ourselves is the requirement for entering into tri-universe 8-9-0.

Exception: The state of Godliness in Self can also be obtained through satisfying a perfect state in unconditional love. A few advanced spirits have completed this state and have ascended into tri-universe (or tri-state) 6-7-8 from 4-5-6. But these ascended spirits still need to complete the state of Sagness Within and Kingliness Without, which is intellectual love. This is the reason why both ascended humans and us must work together to complete involutionary state 8. Mass ascension is ascension from tri-universes 4-5-6 and 6-7-8 to 8-9-0. Christ lives in tri-universe 8-9-0. Ascended humans living in tri-universe 6-7-8 can also be advanced spirits who have completed the perfection in intellectual love, namely evolutionary state 7. Both, these ascended humans need to complete state 8, a state of immortal body, before entering into tri-universe 8-9-0.

Good/Evil: Good is a logic state in the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. Therefore, a state of good or evil must be evaluated relative to the state of knowing-understanding God’s encoded logic, rather than blindly following cultural logic. On the other hand, evil is a logic state that opposes God’s State of Encoded Logic. Yet evil is needed to understand the condition of doing good. (See 666)

Gravitational/Electromagnetic Wave: Waves generated by the connectivity of photons. When two photons are strongly connected, fused into one unit of wholeness, the waves of these strongly coupled photons, which turn into a graviton, are referred to as a gravitational waves. On the other hand, the wave generated by two photons vibrating in a love-hate scenario is an electromagnetic wave.

General Theory of Relativity: Gravitation is described as the warping of space-time by an object possessing mass-energy. The resulting curvature generated by this warping of space-time guides the paths of moving objects. In other words, mass warps space-time, telling it how to curve, and space-time grips mass, telling it how to move. In the Holon Theory the messengers in this communication are the n0, e+, e-, p+, neutrino, and anti-neutrino.

Special Theory of Relativity: Establishes the requirement that the speed of light is a constant (3 x 10-10 cm/sec), i.e., regardless of the motion of anyone measuring it, and the requirement that mass and energy are equivalent (E = mc2). In the Holon Theory, this speed of light takes the form of a light constant, a component in the teleportation operator [ ict ]. (See Teleportation, and Imaginary Number)

Graviton: The gravitational particle. In the Holon Theory, the graviton is not an elementary particle because its logic is co-created from the logic of two photons. (See elementary particle)

Guardian Angels: Actualizable non-local connections to spirit knowingness via spirit-spirit communications. These other spirits are Guardian Angels.

GUT Monopole: A logic-information particle formed between 10-43 sec (Planck time) and 10-35 sec (Grand Unification time, or GUT). A dipole was formed, at 10-35 sec, between this logic-information monopole and the magnetic monopole. (See Magnetic Monopole)

QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary)

The preliminary stage of the top-down summary on the Matter-Being Paradigm is presented in the posting: QA: What is Quantum Meditation (Paradigm Summary). The bottom-up Summary of the Paradigm, in preliminary stages, are in this posting: QA: What is Quantum Logic (Paradigm Summary) and the posting: QA: What is Quantum Computer (Paradigm Summary).

This posting summarizes the preliminary discussions in:

  • QA: What is graviton—free-will—photon?
  • QA: What is the Universe Accelerating?
  • Defining Love <——> Gravitation
  • Defining Aether in the Logic and Information Vacuum (within the BIG BANG <— MANDALA —> I-CHING Holon, discussed in the posting: QA: What is the Gene
  • Defining, in the form of Mandalas, the Logic Component of Matter or its Spirit Component in Logic Line Diagrams



tem-2 1

This diagram contains the following summaries (see Book and the discussions below for details).

  • Radial lines —> Gnomonic Expansion (Hate) /Contraction (Love)
  • Circles/Yin-Yang Wave —> Gnomonic Spiral/Vortex (crossover, in-out discontinuity —> Phi (collapse of Information-Energy onto Energy-Mass —> generates the physical constants and space)
  • 9 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 in Base 9
  • 9 = 3–3–3, 3 sets of numbers, 3 Octagons, 3 Circles —> Holon of Everything, 1 produce 2, 2 produce 3, 3 produce the Holon of Everything.  3 generates --神, 3+3 generates --, 3+3+3 generates 靈 -魂-魄.
  • 3 Octagons: Pre (outside octagon), Post (middle octagon), Thought (inside octagon, Free Will)
  • —  —, Yin ——, Yang —> Trigrams —> Logic of Quarks and Leptons (No free will line –> Very Strong Logic-Information Potentials)
  • Logic of Free will —> Neutral Line — — —, (hidden, decision of picking Yin or Yang) —> Photon (the light in decision making)
  • Two Photons jointed together in Lock-Key —> Graviton (Strong Spirit Love, Logic-Information Potential)
  • Three Photons (3 neutral line) —> Love-Hate Soul-Paths
  • Adding a neutral line to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Tetragram (Electro-Weak Boson Logic, weak with one free will line –>Love-Hate in Soul-Logic, Information-Energy Path)
  • Adding two neutral lines to a Yin-Yang Trigram —> Petagram (Gravitation, Very weak in physical love with two free will lines, Energy-Mass Path)
  • Hexagram —> Collapsed State of Matter –> 64 Hexagrams –> 10, Base 10
  • Ten Logic Potentials: yin, yang, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, pre-heaven octagon, post-heaven octagon, thought octagon with neutral lines.
  • Aether: the mandala inside the inner octagon, which is the Holon of 3-circles—yin-yang lines—9.
  • Space is generated by collapsing three sets of yin-yang wave functions generated by the yin-trigram logic of neutrino and the yang-trigram logic of electrons.  The boundary in collapsing these three sets of wave forms a physical space. One yin-yang pair of wave function is shown in the inner diagram.
  • ETC


The Logic components of quarks and leptons, namely their Logic-Information potentials (see Book for notations and explanation).



tem-2 1

The Love-Hate Logic of Elementary Particles


The bottom diagram denotes the formation of a Graviton with the love of two photon jointing together. The above diagram depicts the collapsing of a Graviton in the hate of two photons leaving each other to produce gravitation. This explains why gravitation is weak while the gravitons are strong in the lock-key configuration.

This explains the love-hate logic in matter; however, the love-hate logic in Being (for examples Humans) is much stronger. Thus, explains the increasing acceleration of the Universe due to today’s human conditions (see PostING, QA: Why Universe Accelerating, and QA: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer).

Next, the Holon of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Energy-Mass for elementary particles is shown in the diagram below



tem-2 3

The following are depicted in the above diagram.

  • God’s Inputs in Logic-Information of Matter
  1. Octagon—Yin-Yang—Ch’i Holon
  2. Logic Potential 9 in Base-9
  3. Octagon Holon: Pre—Post—Thought <—->Final—Initial—Now State Conditions
  • God’s Inputs in Spirit-Being Potential
  1. Holon of Free-Will—Photon—Neutral Line
  2. Crossover / Soul-State of Becoming —Neutral Bigram — Graviton
  3. Logic-Information in Free Will Potential Crossover into Information-Energy Path of the Photon
  • Crossovers / Collaspses
  1. No Neutral Line (Free Will Decided, Very Strong) with Yin-Yang Trigram: (a) Formation of Quakes and Leptons in Logic-Information Potentials and Information-Energy Paths, (b)Collapsed into Quakes and Leptons with Masses
  2. One Neutral Line (Free will, Weak) / Yin-Yang Lines to form Bigrams & Trigrams: (a) Formation of the Information-energy Paths of Boson-Electroweak, W+, W-, Z Particle in Soul-Wave States, (b) Collapsed into Electromagnetic
  3. Two Lock-Key Neutral Lines (Free Wills Decided, Infinitely Strong) No Yin-Yang Lines: (a) Bigram for two Decided Neutral Lines, Glueon / Spirit Potential, (b) Formation of Graviton Information-Energy Path in Soul-State of Becoming
  4. Two Neutral Lines (Free Will Undecided, Very Weak) No Yin-Yang Lines: Collapsed into Gravitation
  • Resolving Difficulties in Today’s Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  1. Completing the Model by adding the Logic / Spirit Component
  2. Explains and Define Aether and the Vaccums
  3. Explains the Strength of Particles and their Forces as the Numbers of Neutral Line in Collapsed States, Strength in Decreasing Order: 1-Photon, 2-Graviton, 3-Quarks & Leptons, 4-Bosons, 5-electroweak, 6-Electromagnetic, 7-Gravity
  4. Explains the tremendous difference in Strength between Graviton and Gravity; thus offers a Matter-Being Paradigm explanation for the similar observation on gravity given in Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions.
  5. Bosons are in Soul-Wave Information-Energy states, thus resolved the Boson Coulomb difficulty.

To complete the explanation of the above elementary particle diagram, the following three diagrams are needed.





tem-2 1

The total Hexagrams shown in the above two tables equal to 37



tem-2 2




The Yin-Yang line diagrams (bigrams, trigrams, hexagrams) are from the Chinese I-Ching Classic. The tetragrams are from the Chinese Classics T’ai Hsuan Ching and Tao Te Ching.


QA: What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential


The question should be: (1) What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential for this Observer. Thus, to answer this question, I have to answer two other connected questions: (2) What is my connecting reference frame in answering question (1), and (3) what is the set of constraints in which this frame of reference is based on This set is a Holon.


  • Answer to (1): The TEN Logic-Potentials are shown in the I-Ching Octagon; represented by the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 [the Creations of all 8 numbers] at the middle. Now add free will to this set of states represented by 9-numbers, which gives 10. These TEN States are this observer’s TEN Logic-Potentials.
  • Answer to (2): This Observer’s Reference of Frame is the Matter-Being Paradigm as presented in this Website and in all other Observer’s writings.
  • Answer to (3): The constraints in this set of Reference of Frame [namely the Matter-Being Paradigm] is the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching, namely, octaves of 0 and 1, and the 64-Hexagrams, in short, the Yin-Yang line-diagram logic set. Notice, including free will represented by the neutral line, we have the complete set of line diagrams for the “virtual machine language” of the Vacuum Computer.

Combining the I-Ching 64-Hexagram Yin-Yang Logic [which, according to GNOSIS, represents TRUTH] and the Tao-Te-Ching 81-Tetragram Yin-Yang-Neutral Logic, the events of the entire universe from the Big Bang to Now and to the Potential Future can be self-coded by this set of 64-81 line diagrams in the Vacuum Computer.

Number Game in Base-9

  • 64 reduces to 1, the Spirit of the Universe. However, it is not complete and needs 2 (the Soul) and 3 (the Mind) to form the Holon. As said in the Tao-Te-Ching, One produce the Two, The Two produce the Three, The Three produce to 10-Thousand Things. Finally, comes the 4 (the Brain that is part of the Mind = Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit Communication) to complete the Creation. In other words, 4 represents interactions in unity within the 1–2–3 Holon.
  • 81, with its neutral lines represents free will in picking the observer’s Trigrams and Hexagrams, by changing one or more Yin and/or Yang lines within these line diagrams. Notice, a Tetragram is formed by adding one neutral line to a Trigram, or two neutral lines to a Bigram. In addition, a Pentagram is formed by adding two neutral lines to a Trigram, and so on. Remember, adding a neutral line implies exercising  the Observer’s Free Will.
  • Lastly, let us divide 81 by 64, we have

81 / 64 = 1.265625 –> 1 + 2 + 6 + 5 +6 + 2 + 5 –> 27

Namely, the 27 Information-Energy Paths is the hexagram set derived from the Observer’s 10 Logic-Information Potentials. Furthermore this 27 Information-Energy Paths in turn reduces to the 27 Mind-Soul-Spirit paths within the 3 Octave Levels, namely 3-Mind x 3-Soul x 3-Spirit = 27 defined in a 6-D Triangle Holon Mandala.


The above derived set of 10–27 is the base set in which all other event sets in the universe are reduced to. Remember, this is “My Set, or this particular Observer’s Set.” Other Observer can derive the Observer’s own set of 10–27 with the Observer’s Free Will. All sets are non-locally connected and/or entangled; thus all set are reducible to the basic number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10–27 Set.

Once an Observer derived the Observer’s Set that answer will satisfy the three questions posted, all events of the universe should be able to reduce back to this set of 10-27 except, when error and/or difficulty in the Observer Logic occurs, modification of the set is expected.

Therefore, the key in understanding the universe is to reduce all questions-answers on How the Universe Function back to this Basic Number / Mind-Soul-Spirit 10-27 set.


  • Modern Physics: 10 —> String Dimensions, 27 —> Orbifold Dimensions, in a Six-Dimensional Triangle
  • Spirit-Chemistry: 10 —> Categories I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII [Noble Gas], IX [Meta Noble Gas] and Free Will, 27 —> the S-B-D Isotopes [27 Nuclear Tunneling Elements]. See Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics and QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry. Collapse of (10, 27) —> the 81 Stable Atoms. The corresponding ten Logic Potentials are the 8 Meta-Elements plus Occultum and Adyarium (See Book).
  • Kabbalah: 10 —> Sephira, 27 —> 22- Hebrew Letters plus 5-Consonances
  • Virtual Machine Code [I-Ching–Tao-Te-Ching]: 10 —> Six Line-Diagrams Logic [binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, pentagram, hexagram, and thir logic-information octagon coordinates [pre-heaven, post-heaven and the thought octagon, see page: God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution] that correspond to x-y-z coordinates. 27 —> The Manifested [in Divination, by consulting the Brain-Soul operator] line-diagram logic, which co-created the Observer’s Own Hexagram Set.
  • WebHealth: 10 —> Acu-Points, 27 —> 22- Individual’s Health Path plus 5-Stabilizing Elements. Collapse of (10, 27) —> Individual Recovery of Ill-Health.
  • Human Destiny: 10 —>4-Pairs of Birth Coordinates = 8 plus place of birth = 9 and Free Will make 10, 27 —> 10 Celestial Stems, 12 Terrestrial Branches, and 5 Elements. This in WebHealth, this is referred to as SOUL-GENETIC. Next Collapse of (10, 27) —> Genetic Chemistry.
  • Etc.

Within each of these examples, there are still many unanswered questions. Notice, the Free Will component is most important in the collapse of any (10, 27) sets or in the Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy.

All (10, 27) sets are reducible to

  • 10 —> Nine Numbers + Free Will, 27 —> Mind-Soul-Spirit in each of the three octagons, which manifest the Observer’s Hexagram Set within the 64 Hexagrams.


A Brief Summary

This paradigm is a synthesis of metaphysics in ancient philosophy and quantum-relativistic physics of today. Also, Included in this synthesis is a 3-dimensional world of substances.

(1) In metaphysics, the emphasis is the concept of Being embedded in understanding mind-soul-spirit and free will. Embedded in mind-soul-spirit and free will is the concept of God, or the Creator, or the First Cause. All these metaphysical issues taken together are referred to as the Logic of Being.
(2) In quantum-relativistic physics the emphasis is in understanding local/non-local space-time interactions of quanta. Embedded in these interactions are the phenomena of observer-observed reality in the frame of reference of the observer and the observed whose frame of reference can be different from each other. These observer-observed phenomena form the reality for both the observer and the observed. All these observer-observed interplays taken together are referred to as the Logic of Matter-Being interactions.
(3) In the world of substances, the emphasis is in understanding the concepts of space, time, motions, and atomic-molecular formation. Embedded in these concepts are the meanings of action-at-a-distance, the vacuum as related to the metaphysical idea of an aether, and the question of existences.
It is in this world of substances that space in the sense of 3-dimensional, time in the sense of durations, velocity in the sense of continuous motions, masses in the sense of rigid bodies or molecules-atoms, and forces in the sense of push-pull are co-created in the collapsed outputs of the soul-particle singularity crossover. Taken together is an attempt to explain the existence of matter. This existence is embedded in the Logic of Matter.

In the Matter-Being Paradigm:

(1) → The Logic of Being, (2) → The Logic of Matter-Being, or Being-Matter, or observer-observed interplays, and (3) → The Logic of Matter. All three can be taken together or (1)—(2)—(3) referred to as a Holon, the unit of wholeness among Being, Matter, and their interactions (see diagram below). Thus, Matter-Being Paradigm can be referred to as a Paradigm of Holons. In this Holon paradigm, there exists a first observer, a first being observed, and a first observer-observed interplay; or a First Holon.

The Holon (1—2—3) is more than the Sum (1+2+3)

The boundaries in the above diagram are imaginary. Inside these boundaries are logic contents. For example:

1 → Heaven, Yang or Positive Contents (e.g., Love)
3 → Hell, Yin or Negative Contents (e.g., Hate)
2 → Free Wills, a choice to be in Heaven or in Hell, or just be Human

Both Heaven and Hell is in us Human, defined by Free Will—Love—Hate, the Holon 1—2—3. Love and Hate are imaginary operators executed by Free Will. This imaginary operator is consciousness, while Free Will is intention.
In the logic of 3-dimensional space, this imaginary operator is [ i ], the square root of a negative number. In addition time, the moment of Now, is also an imaginary operator. These imaginary operators are referred to as the teleportation operator, i.e., it teleport us Human into Heaven or into Hell. Since all equations of motions (defined by ψ) for quanta in relativistic-quantum physics contain the operator [ i ], ψ is a teleportation operator.

Teleportation Operator -> Teleport to the Boundary, at the crossover

Crossover is defined as infinity in the logic of matter. In the Matter-Being Paradigm, Infinity is also an imaginary number. That is to say, infinity is at the junction where two or more imaginary boundaries meet. It is at this junction that the observer (the key, ψ) meets with the observed (the lock, ψ∗). And the lock-key state (or ψ∗ψ) is a state at which the observer communicates perfectly with the observed. If one needs to give a number for this junction, this can be either infinity or zero. In metaphysics, this imaginary number is the Tao (for the junction between Human and Heaven). Perhaps, in this case, one can argue that when the Tao is zero, Human is in perfect harmony with God. When the Tao takes on the number infinity, Human becomes the image of God.

The lock ←→ key interactions at crossovers
Brain-Spirit Crossover

Spiral—Vortex—Spin ←→ Numbers—Line Diagrams—Intentions

Brain-Soul Crossover
Spiral—Vortex—Spin ←→ Sacred Geometry—Polyhedrons—Intentions

Holon Definitions
Spiral—Vortex—Spin → Storage of Information
Numbers—Line Diagrams—Intentions → Convert Intentions into Computer Code
Sacred Geometry—Polyhedrons—Intentions → Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction in the observer-observed intended frames of references

The First Holon is the Self-Programmable Vacuum (or God’s) Computer:

The first observer is taken as God. The first being observed is number 9 in base-9 (or modulo 9). The observer-observed interplay is the symmetry breaks of number 9 into many logic components of 10 according to the free will of the observer.
There is One, the Observer (or God). One produces Two, which is Number 9. Two produce Three from the free will of breaking 9 into its components. And Three produces everything in the involution-evolution logic of 10 (see the various 10-logic potentials in the papers on the Acu-Brain and the Creation: Universe’s Many 10-Logic Potentials). This First Holon is the first cause, generating the universe inside the self-programming vacuum computer.

The Universe inside the Vacuum Computer:

(1) → The Logic Encoded inside a program named The Universe. (2) → The Execution of the modules and the paths within each of the modules in the Universe program. (3) → The outputs of the Vacuum Computer. In Being Logic: (1) → The Spirit. (2) → The Soul in an ever-changing state of becoming. (3) → The Mind, defined as Brain-Soul and/or Brain-Spirit interface. In Matter Logic: (1) → The Logic-information component (or Dark-Matter). (2) → The quanta, in an ever-changing state of information-energy (or Dark Energy). (3) → The particle, collapsed quanta state of energy-masses (or Visible Matter). This Universe is generated by the Observer-Observed inside the First Holon following the involution-evolution logic of free will. In this paradigm, entropy is the logic differences between involution and evolution.
The Universe inside the Computer
(Illustrated by the Laptop, as shown, where the entire Universe goes into)

tem2 2

The Invisible Universe of Logic-Information including the Laptop is shown in the top diagram (except the laptop shown at the end of the chain of creations). The Visible (created from invisible or the computer outputs), the bottom diagram, is taken from Seth Lloyd, “Programming the Universe.” “Is the universe actually a giant quantum computer? According to Seth Lloyd–Professor of Quantum-Mechanical Engineering at MIT and originator of the first technologically feasible design for a working quantum computer–the answer is yes.”

Resolving Quantum Difficulties

Probability of Observer’s Reality:

Observer → The Key, Observed → The Lock, Observation → Key looking for the Lock, Observer’s interplay with the Observed → (The probability of) Key found Lock, Observer’s Reality → (The probability of) The Lock is opened. Quantum Determinism: (1) Informed on “making, or knowing” the key logic corresponds to lock logic. (2) The Key knows the where about of the Lock. (3) The Lock is opened. Again it is a Holon. The logic of connecting the Key with the Lock is the quantum operator i (the imaginary number) in the logic of the quanta, and consciousness in the logic of intention inside mind-soul-spirit. Taking i as the teleportation operator, (1) → ψ, (2) → ψ∗, (3) → ψψ∗.Thus, both the imaginary number i and consciousness including time-instinct are teleportation operators connecting the key in the brain and the lock in the spirit. This explains the fact that space-time continuum is formulated with the space-teleportation Holon operator i—c—t, where c is the light constant and t is the time-instinct. In this paradigm, both t and i are teleportation operators while c is a constant together with all other physical constants generated at the brain-spirit/brain-soul singularity crossovers.

Heisenberg Uncertainty is

the conflicts between thinking with knowledge and knowing with the “heart” (defined by acu-point circuits). The former is the physical mind with the brain operator. The later is the mind of the soul with the heart operator referred to as the Acu-Brain.

Conservation of Being with Matter:

In the Logic Vacuum
Dark Matter -> Logic – Information Conserved

In the Information Vacuum
Dark Energy -> Information – Energy Conserved

In the Visible Universe
Visible Matter -> Energy – Mass Conserved

Local/Non-Local Entanglement → Conflicts between information-energy in the soul world and the energy-mass in the physical world, namely the energy entangled at the singularity crossover between the soul and the physical.
For deterministic quantum technology, these entangled information-energy (or magnetic monopoles) generated between soul activities in the information vacuum and energy-mass in the physical space must be shielded. In addition, the computer learned and encoded the intentions of both the technology designer-operator and the logic of the technology in such a way that computer execution and outputs become a natural observer-observed lock-key respondence at their intended frame of reference.

AND SO ON…(See Website and the Book)

In Being-Matter Interface Logic:


For qualitative meanings of these numbers, see the Book for details. For the meanings of these Chinese Characters, see the page on Purpose and the Book.

The ancient philosophers “see” number at the brain-spirit crossover between the logic-information vacuum and the observer’s brain. Thus, as John Michell puts it in “The Dimensions of Paradise:”

In the writings of the old philosophers, there is common agreement that the true purpose of number is for investigating the universe. Traditional cosmogonies tell how he Creator dream up a scheme of numbers, and from that original thought everything else proceeded.

Number in its qualitative sense formed the First Paradigm, or the First Cause. On the other hand, sacred geometry ranks next to number, as the Queen of science, expressing through visible and invisible shapes expressed itself at the brain-soul crossover between the information-energy vacuum and the observer’s brain. In short, number and form at Creation, namely at the First Cause, were One.

AND SO ON…(See Postings of later dates)


These line diagrams embedded in the hexagrams (outer symbol) are

Yin or Yang Lines
Yin or Yang or neutral Bigrams
Yin or Yang Trigrams
Yin or Yang or neutral Hexagrams

Forming 28 Pairs of trigrams plus 8 single hexagrams in a set of 64 Hexagrams as shown below

The above 36 Coordinates plus one of the Observer-Observed pair equals 37. This is the Observed free will determined by the numbers of heads or tails in your coin-throw to obtain the hexagrams. The other half of the Observer-Observed interplay is embedded in the Observer’s mind interacting with the Tetragram symbols. Formed by the Free Wills of picking Yin or Yang lines symbolized by the Holon of 27 yin—27 yang—27 neutral Bigrams in forming the 81 Tetragrams (inter symbol), where the neutral line symbolizes free will.

The 64 Hexagrams are visible logic, while the 27 line diagram-Holon that formed the Tetragrams are invisible logic, due to the Observer’s free will. This explains why the 64 Hexagrms are used in the I-Ching Logic, while the meanings of the 81 Tetragrams are hidden in the Logic of the T’ai Hsuan Ching (a Lost companion of the I-Ching). The Hexagram line diagrams symbolized Matter Logic, while the Tetragram line diagrams denote Being Logic.

The ratio of Matter Logic divided by Being Logic equals

37 / 27 = 1.37037037…

The value 137 is the fine structure constant. One can also call this fine structure constant, namely the logic of binding light with matter or:

Fine Structure Constant → Binds Together Matter Logic with Being Logic to form the encoding logic of a Matter-Being Universe inside the computer.

The I Ching is claimed by learned Chinese scholars of all the dynasties in Chinese history and among European scholars as the most remarkable book of the world  literature. However, the Matter-Being Paradigm’s involvement with the I Ching is not its literature but its line diagram logic to be used as machine language for the Vacuum Computer. Leibniz first brings the line diagram logic of the I Ching hexagrams to the consciousness of modern binary arithmetic. The present paradigm expands the binary arithmetic of yin and yang into a set of 10-dimensional machine logic of the vacuum computer. This set of 10-dimensional logic is one of many 10-logic potential, as described in this Website.

Physics is the paradigm for all Western material sciences. On the other hand, I Ching is the paradigm for all Chinese sciences that involves the logic in Being, especially health. Thus, besides borrowing the I Ching line diagrams for use in defining the machine language of the vacuum computer, those Being Logics in Chinese sciences were also integrated with Matter Logic in quantum-relativistic physics. In this respect, the logic in Nei Ching (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) was especially important in this integration.

AND SO ON… (See Postings of later dates the derivations of all other physical constants and the integration of Chinese concepts of Health with the quantum observer-observed concept. Vice versa, the concept of an acu-point is integrated into the notion of a monopole or information potential, and the concept of mind-soul-spirit health in Nei Ching is integrated into the three levels of Matter Logic.)


AND SO ON… (See Book for details)


The Universe modeled as a Computer Program inside the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer has a direct correspondence with the Akasha Chronicle of the mystic. In Rudolf Steiner’s explanation:

Everything which comes into being in time has its origin in the eternal. But the eternal is not accessible to sensory perception. Nevertheless, the ways to the perception of the eternal are open for man… Then he can see in events what is not perceptible to the senses, that part which time cannot destroy. He penetrates from transitory to non-transitory history. It is a fact that this history is written in other characters than in ordinary history. In gnosis and in theosophy it is called the “Akasha Chronicle.” Only a faint conception of this chronicle can be given in our language. For our language corresponds to the world of the senses… To the uninitiated, who cannot yet convince himself of the reality of a separate spiritual world through his own experience, the initiate easily appears to be a visionary, if not something worse.

The language of this non-transitory history is an observer-observed interface language. The observer is the intention inside the programmer’s mind. While the observed are the interplay inside the Holon of [observer’s intention]—[the computer’s machine language]—[ computer execution and/or outputs]. This interplay is a lock-key Holon. It is through this lock-key Holon that realities are formed in the observer’s mind (at the brain-soul and/or brain-spirit crossovers), in the computer’s encoded modules (the 10-logic-potential mondalas), and in the Akasha Chronicle (the paths of the mondalas). These realities again form a Holon. These paths are based on either the mathematical (or topological) logic of the physicists or the visions of the mystics.

Crossover Holon of Observer–Akasha Chronicle–Observed
At Brain-Soul Crossover

Mystic -> Quantum Observer

Radionics -> Executing Information-Energy (or Subtle Energy) at Holon of brain-soul crossover. The Information-Energy is unstable and temporary due to the ever-changing state of the soul. Radionics are produced temporarially Holon Implant on the Observed (”object”).

Psychic Visions -> Executing Information-Energy at Holon of brain-soul crossover. Information-energy appeared as visions in the mind of the observer.

Psychic Attack or Healing -> Executing Information-Energy directed to the Observed. In the Attack case, the Information-Energy is negative. In the Healing case, the Information-Energy is positive.

At Brain-Spirit Crossover

Conscious-Intentions -> Reading of Logic-Information at the Holon of brain-spirit crossover for answers to a particular question. Accuracy depends on the specificity of the question and its “logic-accuracy”. Reading of computer program modules may initiate encoding of logic-information into the computer modules and their paths (see quantum experiments).

Dowsing –> Reading of Logic-Information at brain-spirit crossover for yes-no answers to simple questions, whose answers are already in the computer module.

Quantum Experiments -> The Computer learned the Observer’s (or Experimenter’s) Intention and self-programmed the intention into the program module by converting intention into computer machine logic. Yet these experiments will be disturbed by soul-particle entanglements, thus information shielding is necessary.

Repeatability in Quantum Technology

Holons of Creation → Self-Programming in the Vacuum Computer between Logic H(172) and Information H(172) in Natural Creation

Mind-Spirit Actions

Mind-Spirit Action in forming the Bio-Molecular Logic H(172):

    Lock Logic → Pre-Haven Octagon Trigram Logic
    Lock-Key Logic → Thought Octagon Bigrm Logic

Mind-Soul Action in forming the Bio-Molecular Information H(172)

    Key Logic → Post-Heaven Octagon Trigram Logic
    Key-Lock Logic → Thought Octagon Bigram Logic

Mind -> Soul-Spirit Communication: The Tetraktys

Key finding Lock and Opening it

    • Tetraktys → Involution-Evolution between Logic-Information H(172)s
      Lock-Key Formation → Bio-Molecular Hexagram, Information-Energy Structure
      Information-Energy → Free Energy, Energy-Mass (structure formed from condensed energy)
      Monopoles → Dipole, Superconductivity in formation of Atomic-Molecules
  • Key Finding Lock

    Opening (Outputs)

This is Creation with involution logic as the Mind.
Notice the lock-key formation between the 81-tetragram table and the 64-hexagram table binds Matter-Being logic together with the fine structure constant as shown below.

    81 ←→ 9 → 27 ←→fine structure constant←→ 37 ← 1 ←→ 64

Thus, Creation, with self-programming vacuum computer’s lock-key logic, binds Matter-Being together via the fine structure constant.

Creation, as described above follows the natural process of involution-evolution. This process generates entropy, the logic difference between involution and evolution. This state of entropy is from a non-local/local free will field of uncontrolled-unknown monopoles (or information-entropy potentials of line-diagram logic). This process is started from the logic-information vacuum with a particular set of involution logic. Quantum technology is the reverse operation of this process, using the observer’s mind to start the creation (or co-creation) from outside of the vacuum in the three dimensional world.



  • (1) All self-consistence logic can be programmed into a set of hexagrams embedded in two trigrams. One trigram represents the Matter-Logic of potential mass-structure while the other trigram contains its corresponding Being-Logic that binds Matter-Being together to the fine structure constant.(2) God’s vacuum computer has the self-programming ability to convert logical intention of the observer into computer lock-key logic of line diagrams.With these two hypotheses, self-creation from the observer’s intention can be performed by satisfying the following criteria:
      (1) the logic of the experiment must be self-consistent in the experimenter’s intention, in addition,
      (2) this logic must include the logic of breaking the 3-D space via electron tunneling and
      (3) into H(172) with nuclear tunneling,
      (4) the experiment itself must learn its experimenter’s intention, which implies that this intention is self-programmed in the hexagram logic and encoded inside God’s Vacuum Computer, and
      (5) the experiment must be performed inside a bio-quantum Faraday Cage for shielding unwanted information-entropy.

    • Shielding of Unwanted Free Will/Entropy

    Low-Energy Transmutation
    Presented in this section are data supporting this bio-atomic model, at least showing that this model is heading in the correct direction. The above two diagrams show that low-energy transmutation is possible. In addition, illustrated in this website, Transmutation—Fee Energy—Superconductivity behaves as a Holon in such a way that there is one single explanation for all three activities. That is to say, all three activities make use of the tunneling property of one or more of 27 isotope-elements, in combination with other non-isotope elements or by itself.
    These two tables contain the record of some of the major experiments conducted from 1990 to 1995. The total number of experiments performed over this period approaches two thousand. (Experiments designed and performed by Gary Kissler). There are two interesting data points shown in this table. These two points are

      (1) The repeatability of most of these information-energy transmutations has an experimental success percentage of 75% or higher. The success percentage of transmuting Boron/Copper to a 10% yield of Silicon is 90% repeatable.
      (2) The 4.34% yield in Tungsten transmuting from Nickel/Aluminum/Oxygen with an experimental success percentage of 75% is commercially important. This is also true for the transmutation of Palladium from Nickel /Aluminum with a yield of 1,200 parts per million.

    In reviewing these tables, one must also take into consideration that these experiments were performed in an unequipped laboratory. That is to say, they were performed without equipment for precise quantitative measurements, environmental control, and professional assistance. In short, these experiments were performed in a garage-type of setting.
    NO SHIELDING WAS USED IN THESE EXPERIMENTS and at that time shielding was not known to be a necessary condition. In fact, this concept of shielding the unwanted monopole was not at all in our thinking.

    This self-programming ability to convert intention onto line diagram logic of pairs of lock-key trigrams is embedded in the First Cause, while the involution-evolution creations are in the Second Cause.

    First and Second Cause in Symmetry Break of Number 9 Logic and Topology/Gnomonic expansion-contraction of Information

    First Cause → Creation of the Computer and the Formation of

      Being Logic ← Computer → Matter Logic
      Spirit ← Computer Modules → Logic
      Soul ← Computer Executions → Bio-Quantum

    Observer’s Actions

      Mind → Reading of Computer Code ← Brain-Spirit Interaction
      Mind → Executing Computer Code ← Brain-Soul Interaction

    Second Cause → Creation of Space and the 3-D Universe

      Body-Brain ← Computer Outputs → Particle
      Gnomonic → Inflationary Universe

    Computer/Aether Physics

      Logic Vacuum ←→ Logic Potentials → Program Modules ← Monopoles
      Information Vacuum ←→ Information Potentials → Program Execution ← Magnetic Monopoles

      • Dark Matter -> Information Potentials (Magnetic Monopoles)
        Dark Energy -> Logic Potentials

    • BEING: the Invisible Universe at the top of the diagram

      MATTER: the Visible Universe at the bottom of the diagram
      (bottom from Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe)

    Dimensional Comparison between Today’s Computer and the Vacuum Computer

    Today’s Computer in 5-D + Free Will

      • 3-D in x, y, z
        2-D binary, 0 or 1
    • (a) Space

      (b) Computer Logic

      (b) Free will, 1-D (Programmer)

    God’s Vacuum Computer in 10-D + Free Will

      • Pre-Octagon
        Binary, 0, 1
    • (a) 3-Sets of Information Coordinates

      (b) 7-D Computer Logic

      (c) Free Will, 1-D, (Neutral Lines <–> Photons <- 3-6-9)

    Mind-Soul-Spirit in Involution Logic of Numbers

    [1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5], [64->1, 128->2, 256->4, 512->8, 1024->7, 2048->5]… is known as the music of the sphere together with 3-6-9 and the Tetraktys, as shown in the above diagram, they formed the involution-evolution vortexes in a nano-tube.

    The Music of the Sphere Cycle

    Applying these two series to model the DNA, we have

    This dimensional comparison illustrates the power and flexibility of the vacuum computer in comparison to today’s computer technology. Notice, there is a direct correlation between dimensions and the power-flexibility of the computer’s encoding software. Thus, the ability of God’s Vacuum Computer to translate the observer’s intention into line diagram codes is not at all impossible, especially since the observer’s intention is a form of Being-Logic that is bound together with Matter-Logic. Even in today’s computer technology, many different categories of language softwares exist, i.e.: Language learning software, Translation software, Dictionary software or Grammar software, just to name a few. In addition there are Language translation programs that not only translate and transform your written words into other languages, but also help you to find appropriate words and synonyms.
    (This page continues in Repeatability and Deterministic Quantum, under construction)

  • God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution

    Continued from Alchemist and ORMUS Elements
    Co-Creation Chemistry: Co-Creation follows the following three steps: (b) formed by the atom-soul-actions of H(172) inside Set-3 (0-36 Octaves); (c) guided by the atoms respective spirit-potentials embedded in the involution logic of H(172) inside Set-1 (72-108 Octaves); and (a) output in groups of atoms forming molecules into Set-2 (36-72 Octaves).

    The atom in these molecules contains a physical nucleus bound with an electron shell separated by a 3-D space. Notice, the outputs are molecules rather than atoms. The atoms are always in a semi-stable state of becoming a stable molecule. These semi-stable states are the changing logic of the periodic table, or the changing magnetic potentials (or monopoles) to stable electric dipoles. All three steps are bound together by the fine structure constant and number constants together with other physical constants.
    A Matter-Being Paradigm
    Matter-Being physics is the physics at the crossover, where the non-local Holon Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution operates in creating a possible synthesis between Creationism with Cosmology, Intelligent Design with Evolution, Spirit with Non-locality in Logic, Soul with Quantum Wave … and finally Ancient Wisdom (e.g., I-Ching logic as shown below) with Modern Physics. Here involution is defined as the logic that guides evolution, with their differences equal to entropy.
    First Cause, Biblical Logic: “As for God, His WAY is perfect”. “The Law of the Lord is perfect”. E. W. Bullinger stated in Number in Scripture, “They are both perfect in power, perfect in holiness and righteousness, perfect in design, perfect in execution, perfect in their object and end, and may we not say, perfect in number.” And I would say, God’s Law is locked in number 9.
    God is a non-local observer. His input that started the First Cause is locked in number 9, operated non-locally in base-9 (i.e., modular 9) arithmetic. Number 9 is not in the pre-heaven octagon (see diagram below). Locked in number 9 is the pre-heaven octagon with numbers 1 to 8 and their corresponding line diagram logic; namely trigrams of yin (— —) and yang (——) lines. Also, locked in number 9 is free will, denoted by a neutral line (— — —). Thus, in these trigrams, the free wills to pick yin or yang lines in their formation has been decided. These trigrams are referred to as thought particles in forming the logic components of elementary particles (see Part III of Chapter Two). In addition number 5 is not in the post-heaven octagon. Embedded in number 5 is the post-heaven octagon with its mappings of numbers and trigrams. Notice the symbolic similarity between yin-yang lines and open-closed strings in String/M-Theory.

    Conservation of Matter: d(Logic potential + Information potential) = d(Energy Mass)

    Logic potential -> Dark Energy, Information Potential -> Dark Matter,

    Quantum Probability -> the probability of the lock finding the key and opening it

    Heisenberg Uncertainty -> Thinks, where the lock is located, is often in conflict with knowing where the lock is located. The former is a brain operator while the latter is a heart acu-point operator

    The Logic of free will is symbolized by neutral line (see coordinate below) as formulated in the Tao Te Ching -> Free will in Matter (Nature), Tai Hsuan Ching -> Free Will in Being (Human mind). In addition, each number 1 to 9 generates infinite series in Bases 2 to base 9. Creation is in the Holon of Line-Diagrams–Bases-Numbers–Singularities (Crossovers)

      modular 9 -> 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6+ 7 + 8 + -> 36 -> 9

    In the logic of the virtual-vacuum computer, yin-yang lines are the bits, while yin—yang—neutral lines are the qubits. God’s First Cause is a Vacuum Computer. This computer is in inner space, i.e., inside zero. Outer Space is outside zero. Numbers in inner space are qualitatively defined and have personalities correlated to line logic diagrams. Numbers in outer space is quantitatively defined, e.g., in meter readings, and formulated by math operators. In addition to wave and particle, the logic component of elementary particles is defined with computer logic line diagrams (see Part III of Chapter Two of the Book).

    Their activities are in 11 logic-information dimensions, rather than physical dimensions (i.e., 9-number, free will, plus the dimension of love in inner space that corresponds to gravity in outer space). The 9 number dimensions are mapped into the following 9 line diagram dimensions: yin, yang, neutral line, and the six line dimensions in the hexagrams. This map, in the form of trigrams, is shown in the above diagram by 3-octagon arrangements. These dimensions are entangled in an uninformed observer state in a field of free wills, which are illustrated in the above building an Ark diagram. The diagram below illustrates the communication between the line diagrams, namely between tetragrams with the changing neutral lines (the key) and hexagrams (the lock) and between their embedded bigrams, trigrams, and the yin-yang bits.

    Being Logic at Crossover, the Transition Now State: At the crossover, transition between Matter Logic and Being Logic is where the programs of the virtual computer are created and co-created. The transition physics involves the non-local connectivity of the following Holons: Symmetry Breaks in Number-Dimensions—Line-Diagrams—Free-Wills, Conservations of Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Involution-Evolution, and the formation of Holographic grids in 3-D Space—Physical-Constants—172 Bio-Atoms, Nuclear—Atomic—Particle, Connectivity of Isotopes—Fermionic-Condensates—Bosonic-Condensates, Particle-Antiparticle coupling in β—γ—α Decay/Synthesis, Living-Nonliving connected via information and/or magnetic monopoles in DNA—Acu-Points—Chakras, Junk-DNA—RNA—Crossover, etc.. These non-locally connected Holons are modules within God’s Vacuum Computer, self-programmed in line diagrams. Formulated in these modules are the logic-information potentials of the universe. Their corresponding physical forms are monopoles and magnetic monopoles. In short, this is a 10-information-dimension spintronic living computer. A very primitive example of a line diagram computer is the Lo Pan, an ancient 18-ring (18 -> 9 + free will is 10 information dimensions) slide rule as show below.

    The Lo Pan calculations are based on the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams plus free will, in 27 information dimensions namely, 10 stems, 12 branches, and 5 elements. The Lo Pan is not only an astrological computer but also a diviner’s plate to compute the astrological-human (or the observer) non-local/local information/entropy connections (or Ch’i/Qi connections).

    The examples for the H(172) non-local/local logic for the three categories of (a) Bio-Atoms in 36-72 Octaves, (b) DNA in 0-36 Octaves, and (c) Acu-Points in 36-72 Octaves are formulated in line-diagrams, the language of God’s Vacuum Computer. The three modules of H(172) are self-encoded in a common program. The transitions at the singularity crossover inside the information vacuum between (c)-(a) and (c)-(b) are a computer execution of this computer program in the form of information-energy satisfying the related logic potentials known as information-magnetic monopoles. Finally Creation or Co-Creation is, the outputs, of God’s computer. The details are discussed together with the illustration of the line diagram models for elementary particles, bio-atoms, DNA, Acu-Points, and so on are in various Chapters Two and Three of the Book.

    Paradigm-God Summary
    The design, as argued in this book, is created / co-created by a set of common involution logic encoded in God’s vacuum computer. I use the word God because there exists no term to identify the input of number 9 that started this self-programming vacuum computer via symmetry breaks into the three-octagon coordinate system. The word God is as good as any other term such as the Creator, the Inputer, and so on. The Who-What of God is unknowable, since He, She or It is outside of our universe and thus outside of human understandings.
    This universe started with a First Cause by God’s input of intelligence into number 9 and it’s embedded in three Octagons as an absolute set of coordinates. In this First Cause, the thought octagon contains the free-will of God. Embedded in number 9 are the involution logic for pre-post heaven octagons and the logic-language for His self-programmable vacuum computer. This set of logic [e.g., yin-yang lines] represents the universe’s (initial-conditions)—(Evolution-logic)—(Final-conditions) and became a set of locks. The Second Cause has to do with co-creations by the Thought Octagon in an observer-observed state that satisfies the lock-key relationships. Entropy is those misinformed logic differences between involution and evolution. This set of locks became the fine tuning instructions. Involution—Entropy—Evolution are encoded in the computer connected to the singularity of Mind—Soul—Spirit and Logic—Information—Energy crossovers.

    (This page continues in Repeatability in Quantum Technology, a page under construction)