Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer

EDITED (10/31/2011, no modification from 1/19/2010) version of Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer


This Posting concludes the first phase of the Matter-Being Project, which has to do with: (1) integrating-synthesizing Ancient Wisdom and Modern Physics by putting Mind—Soul—Spirit into Health—Physics—Technology; and (2) if successful, provides a futuristic path for humanistic science within the matter-being paradigm. [Humanistic → an integrated view of Being. Science → an integrated view of Matter] The fact that I am writing this Posting means that this first phase was successfully completed and the discovered path is a deterministic bio-quantum technological one. For a through understanding of this path (an Observer’s Path in Prophecies-Predictions, as written in Chinese below), the reader needs to study the entire website with the book at hand and an open mind.


A more precise meaning on the above two phases in defining the optimum observer-observed process is: The highly educated observer in each observation must free his or her mind by emptying all knowledge in order to receive the “true” observer-observed information from the universe-collective-spirit, and then form his or her knowingness of the observation by integrating-synthesizing the learned-received knowledge-information as a whole. This is the path in forming the logic-information of each observation with a proper frame of reference.


I.1 The 2012 Phenomenon

What does the future hold for us? Are we on the brink of enlightenment—or the eve of destruction! This message was collectively made by Prophets from Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce — from the Hopis, the Mayans, Babylonian, the Bible, and the Great Pyramid, all of them. This message is referred to in today’s discussions as the 2012 phenomenon. The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that posit that cataclysmic or spiritual transformative events will occur on December 21 or December 23, 2012, which is said to be the end date of a 2,125-year-long Mayan calendar. These 2012 phenomena (well documented in the internet) are derived in part from archaeo-astronomical prediction, interpretations of mythology, numerological constructions, or alleged prophecies from extraterrestrial beings. Yet the 2012 beliefs corroborated with the collective prophecies of the ages as listed above.

What are prophecies-predictions in the view of the Matter-Being Paradigm?

I.2 Prophecies-Predictions in the concept of the Matter-Being Paradigm

Within the Matter-Being Paradigm, Prophecies are right-brain vision via the mind of the Observer’s Soul, defined as Brain-Soul Communication. Remember in this Paradigm all matter, living or non-living, contain a soul-spirit and a brain. The brain for non-living or lower living states are a right-brain phenomenon (e.g., from feedback-control to feelings and to emotions). On the other hand, Predictions are the outcome of the Observer’s Brain-Spirit Communication. This is a left-brain phenomenon involving thinking (from knowledge to intelligence), and hence more toward the higher human capability. In human: (1) The highest form of left-brain thinking is scientific knowledge that leads to today’s atomic-nuclear technology. (2) The highest form of right-brain visions is ancient Atlantean right-brain radionic technology. Finally, (3) the fusion of right-left brain technology will lead to the quantum technology of the future, namely the deterministic understanding of the bio-quantum. In short, Prophecies-Predictions are the Observer’s mind-connections to the many local—Space—Non-Local Holons as presented in this paradigm.

tem2 4


  • Spirit: Logic-Information<–Crossover –> Soul: Information-Energy.
    This defines its information component, which is non-local.
  • Soul: Information-Energy<–Collapse–>Matter: Energy-Mass
    This defines its “energy” component, vacuum free-energy.

The above diagram illustrates the local—non-local connections via putting holes in space. There are other local/non-local connections by non-locally connecting to the vacuum computer without putting holes in space. These connected communications are continuous. Examples for these are:

  • Sound-Frequencies<–Space–>Heterodyne-Series
  • Forming Audible-Sound<–Space–>Inaudible-Sound

Minds<–Space–>Vacuum Computer
Time (Now)<–Space–>Vacuum Computer

  • Past and Potential-Future events are recorded by the
    Holon Time (Now)<–Space–>Vacuum Computer
  • Mass-Energy<–Space–>Energy-Information
  • Non-locally connected by Free-Energy of the Vacuum
  • Math Operators<–Space–>Vacuum Computer

Forms the Logic component of Matter; especially the operator i that connects local–non-local logic

  • Arts/Concepts<–Space–>Vacuum Computer


In short, all the Holons are connected together to form our Universe. The Observer and his frame of reference at the time of the observation will determine which Holon will be involvlved. Notice, time is the non-local teleportation operator of Now. Thus, all informed or dis-informed events at Now (time operator) are self-programmed in the Vacuum Computer. These self-programs are either modification of existing programs and/or new sub-routines. The main directories are very stable and contain the First and Second Causes; namely the initial and potential future conditions of the universe that represents the non-local Holon for all matter-being logic. Remember, these Directories, with their programs and subroutines, are the spirit-physiology of the Universe, while their executions form the universe’s soul and their outputs form the physical universe.


Let us begin with an understanding of today’s concept of radionics and its Technology.

II.1 Today’s Concept of Radionics and its Technology

The quotation that follows on radionics and its technology, is taken from Wikipedia, the free encylopedia (

“According to radionics practitioners, a healthy person will have certain energy frequencies moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy person will exhibit other, different energy frequencies that define disorders. Radionic devices purport to diagnose and heal by applying appropriate frequencies to balance the discordant frequencies of sickness. Radionics uses “frequency” not in its standard meaning but to describe an imputed energy type, which does not correspond to any property of energy in the scientific sense
“Radionics devices contradict principles of biology and physics, and no scientifically plausible mechanism of function is posited. In this sense, they can be described as magical in operation. No plausible biophysical basis for the “putative energy fields” has been proposed, and neither the fields themselves nor their purported therapeutic effects have been convincingly demonstrated.
“Modern practitioners now conceptualize these devices merely as a focusing aid to the practitioner’s proclaimed dowsing abilities, and claim that there is no longer any need for the device to have any demonstrable function.”

From the Matter-Being Paradigm, radionics is an observer technology formed by the right-brain, a technology based on the communication between the observer’s right-brain and his soul. The communication is in the form of information/disinformation within the observer’s local space of mass/chemical-energy and the non-local networks of information-energy. Notice, energy (namely the vacuum free-energy) is the connector. Thus, explains the non biophysical basis of the term “energy” used in the above quotation.

II.2 Prophecies in immature psychic visions or channeling

The two components of Information-Energy Connected to the Observer’s Soul-Spirit

  • when information dominates → channeling
  • when Energy dominates → Visions

The immaturity in these prophecies is due to the observer’s immature right-brain development in the context of understanding his or her visions and his or her left-brain knowledge in understanding channeled information.
The 2012 phenomenon is a collective vision provided by a few matured individuals from the Bible to the Hopi and from Nostradamus to Edgar Cayce. These are only visions that are somewhat verifiable, i.e., one must “read into” today’s events to fit the visions. In short, the Prophets are not in a state of maturity to affects the visions and provide detailed understanding of the causes-effects within these visual events. The ability to affect reality via psychic visions is what I meant by matured soul-brain radionic technology in the days of Atlantis. Yet the Atlantean also do not possess the intellectual knowledge on the connecting causes in their visual events.
In the author’s literature search, there is no reliable channeled information. To be reliable, the chandler’s left-brain must have the proper knowledge to understand the information. All channeled information is biased by the chandler’s immaturity or by his having no knowledge in understanding the information. This maturity needs the integration of both left and right brains, which is a future state of development, from 2033 on-ward (discussed in a later section).

II.3 Health in Immature Radionic Technology

As stated in the book and in a previous Posting, illness and healing have to do with obtaining the harmonization of the following two Holons

Information–Energy–Chemistry <—-> Body–Soul–Spirit

Immature Right-Brain Radionic Soul-Technology using the observer-observed information-energy connection via the Holon Information-Energy<–Space–>Energy-Chemistry:

Examples are laying of hand, spiritual-distance healing, homeopathic, acupuncture, herbs and folk medicine, etc

Mature Left-Brain Scientific–Biotechnology–Nanotechnology in Modern Medicine using electro-nano-chemistry to affect brain-body physiology, which in turn affect soul-spirit via the brain connections to these two components.

  • Today’s Allopathic Medicine. The right-brain connection is in magnetic components of the electro-nanotechnology)
  • Immature Left-Right Healing leading to the beginning of a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Medicine (to be discussed in a later section):

Examples of this beginning stage of integration are Electroacupuncture in its various components supported by the many form of radionic equipments.
Webhealth, as discussed in its own Posting. In fact, Webhealth takes electroacupuncture to the next step closure to the goal of Bio-Quantum Medicine. The attempt here is replace radionics with math-operators.

II.4 Evolution in Maturity: From Right-Brain to Left-Brain to Left-Right Brain

Maturity Evolution:

Mature Right-Brain –> In the Atlantean Civilization

Ability for the Observer to control his or her mind (Brain-Soul Execution) in collapsing the observer-observed Information-Energy in the co-creation of Energy-Mass/Chemistry; namely co-creating the vision of the Soul into Physical Reality by controlling input-output of the Vacuum Computer. (Continue in Section III)

Mature Left-Brain –> Begins with the Nuclear and Computer Era

The ability for the Observer’s Mind (brain-spirit communication) to capture the laws of Nature (both living and non-living) by understanding the conversion between Logic-Information into Information Energy; namely by knowing–assessing–understanding the proper set of program codes and/or subroutines (Continued in Section IV)

Mature Left/Immature Right –> Modern Era of New Age & Feminist Movements See Section V

Left-Right Maturity –> Begins 2033, Bio-Quantum Technology

1) Matured Left-Brain produces Logic Codes/Subroutines satisfying observer-observed logic in the computer’s connected matter-being reality within the observer’s frame of reference. 2) Simultaneously these Codes/Subroutine execute harmoniously in a Matured Right-Brain environment without any entanglements. 3) The outputs from these matured left-right brain execution co-created the physical reality conceived in the observer’s mind.
In a non-local computer, not only entanglements but also erroneous non-local unwanted execution comments occur (non-local viruses) and must be shielded with an “information Faraday Cage” (non-local viruses protection). (Continue in Section VI)

The above outline represents both the involution and evolution of human soul-spirit. In a matured state of soul-spirit involution-evolution, there is zero entropy (defined as Involution minus evolution) and the observer is able to co-create his or her observer-observed reality. This is the state heaven on earth.

II.5 Immature Radionic Warfare-Aether Technology Viewed in Today’s Left-Brain Perspective as Pseudoscience

Radionic Technology is also associated with scalar wave, Orgone energy, Ch’i, and so on. Please search the Web for these associations. The next two sections are quotes from the Web, which represent the wide use of the word radionics in describing the non-local/free-energy aspects of Right-Brain matured Soul-Spirit/Logic-Information Vacuum Technology.

II.5.1 Non-Hertzen (Scalar/Gravitational/Tesla) Wave and Zero-Point Energy

The following two quotes on scalar-wave and orgone energy are from Wikipedia:

“Scalar Field Theory (SFT) is a set of theories popularized by Thomas E. Bearden (and often rejected by mainstream science) which are claimed to restore certain aspects of electromagnetic theory discarded in the 19th Century by John Henry Poynthing and Oliver Heaviside.
“Scalar waves in these theories (as opposed to a scalar field in mainstream physics) are hypothetical wave, which differ from the conventional electromagnetic transverse waves by having two oscillations anti-parallel with each other, each originating from opposite charge sources, thereby lacking any net directionality. Such waves are claimed to be conjugates of each other, and as a result, if left unperturbed, can pass through ordinary matter with relative ease, so they are not included in mainstream physics. Although they have characteristics of longitudinal waves, they are unlike well-understood physical phenomenon such as sound waves or ocean waves. Scalar waves are called also ‘electromagnetic longitudinal waves’, ‘Maxwellian waves’, or ‘Teslawellen’ (tr., “Tesla waves”).
“Variants of the theory claim that Scalar electromagnetics (also known as scalar energy) is the background quantum mechanical fluctuations associated with zero-point energies (in contrast to ‘vector energies’ which sum to zero). The scalar energy ocean is sometimes called zero point energy—the all-pervading energy that fills the fabric of space. The term ‘Zero point’ refers to zero degrees Kelvin and it means the energy is not thermal in nature. Quantum electrodynamics theorizes that all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction with zero point energy.”

II.5.2 Orgone/Aether Technology

“Orgone energy is a hypothetical form of energy first proposed and promoted in the 1930s bypsychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.. He saw orgone as a universal bioenergetic force lying behind and causing much, if not all, of the observable phenomena. Reich’s followers, such as Charles R. Kelley, went so far as to claim that orgone was the creative substratum in all of nature, comparable to Mesmer’s animal magnetism, the Odic force of Carl Reichenbach and Henri Bergson’s élan vital.. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the charge that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims. The judge’s injunction specified that all accumulators rented or owned by Reich and his associates and all labeling referring to orgone energy were to be destroyed.
“Reich was concerned with experimental verification from other scientists. Albert Einstein famously agreed to participate, but thought Reich’s research lacked scientific detachment and experimental rigor; he found Reich’s demonstrations of ‘orgone heat’ inconclusive. The overarching concept of orgone has not been validated by experiments in the physical sciences outside of the work of Reich’s own circle of students, though some of the specific observations have been replicated.”

Cloud Busters

“In Reich’s view, clouds and rainfall were natural accumulations of orgone energy, and cloud busters used “orgone accumulators” attached to pipes. These were intended to focus and direct the collected energy into the atmosphere, thus stimulating cloud growth and rainfall. This is considered pseudoscience, despite Reich’s claims of evidence of their operation in experiments he undertook.”


  • Immature Logic-Information <– Entangle –> Mature
  • Information-Energy Entangled in Computer Logic/Subroutine

Logic Vacuum <– Entangle –> Information Vacuum–> Potential Destructive Physical Output; e.g.

  • Entangled Acu-Point/Chakra Holon
  • Psyche <– Karma –> Anti-Social that Collapsed into a Destructive Personality with negative effect to Civilization via Mind-Radionic Warfare

It is the matured right-brain that collapsed the observer-observed vision that built the Pyramids and the Atlantis civilization. Yet, on the other hand, it is the left-brain’s immaturity in understanding entangled non-local connections (between Humans and Nature) that the Alantian’s mind-radionics crystal technology destroyed its civilization. Destruction caused by floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the shift of Earth’s magnetic poles, unintentionally generated.


  • Mature Logic-Information <– Entangle –> Immature –> Information-Energy Entangled in Computer Execution
  • Logic-Vacuum <– Entangle –> Information Vacuum –>Potential Destructive Physical Output

E.g., in Nuclear Logic (the Large Hadron Collider) or Radionics (the HAARP), Entangled Holon: Black-Hole–Baby-Universes–ley-lines that collapse weather and cause movements of the Earth’s magnetic-poles

HAARP/Tesla-Wave: Soul Information-Energy Entanglement (Radionic Firing into Soul/Information Vacuum) Taken from

It’s not only greenhouse gas emissions: Washington’s new world order weapons
have the ability to trigger climate change.
By Michel Chossudovsky – Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa
The important debate on global warming under UN auspices provides but a partial picture of climate change; in addition to the devastating impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer, the World’s climate can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated “non-lethal weapons.” Both the Americans and the Russians have developed capabilities to manipulate the World’s climate.
In the US, the technology is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) as part of the (”Star Wars”) Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes.”

The HAARP is an example of left-brain construction of right-brain matured technology. Instead of using the observer’s mind ability to collapse soul-energy into physical-energy in the days of Atlantis, electromagnetic energy is used.

Large Hadron Collider: Spirit Logic-Information Entanglement (Putting Holes in Space)
Quoted from

Discovery News > Space News > Man-Made (But Very Tiny) Black Holes Possible
By Ian O’Neill | Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:27 AM ET
“Hold on, isn’t there a mixed message here? On the one hand, we have conspiracy nuts scaring the world (yet thrilling the tabloid press), saying that “reckless” physicists could destroy the world with a black hole, and then we have physicists confirming that they would love to see black holes generated in the LHC. What’s going on?
It’s a little thing called mass, and the micro-black holes that are theorized to be produced by the LHC simply do not have enough of it to cause any damage.
Cosmic black holes are created after the collapse of a massive star. They are, by definition, massive. If something is massive, it has a strong gravitational field. Any planets, stars or space cows that stray too close will be sucked in, making the black hole more massive.
Micro-black holes are miniscule. They have next to no mass, exert a near-zero gravitational pull on matter, and therefore do not grow. In fact, they most likely do the opposite; they evaporate. Fast.
Even if they had the opportunity to grow, they would accrete matter so slowly that they still wouldn’t attain any measurable growth for billions and billions of years.”

The destruction caused by the micro black-holes and the HAARP is in their entangled non-local connections; namely, the left-brain repeat of the right-brain Atlantean Destruction. Remember:

  • Today’s Matured Left-Brain Destruction is on the Logic Vacuum
  • Atlantian Matured Right-Brain Destruction is on the Information Vacuum


V.1 Immaturity in Left-Right Brain Conflicts: Feminine and New-Age Movements

Defining the Feminist movement according to the wikipedia

“The history of feminist movements has been divided into three “waves” by feminist scholars. …The first wave refers to the feminism movement of the 18th through early 20th centuries, which dealt mainly with the Suffrage movement. …The second wave (1960s-1980s) dealt gender inequality in laws and culture …The Third wave of Feminism (1990s-current), is seen as both a continuation and a response to the perceived failures of the second-wave.”

The purpose of these three waves in the Feminist movement is to provide an environment for left-brain development to enhance their natural right-brain dominate as compared to male’s left-brain dominate.

Defining New-Age movement according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“The New Age (also referred to as the New Age Movement, New Age spirituality, and Cosmic Humanism) is a decentralized Western social and spiritual movement that seeks “Universal Truth” and the attainment of the highest individual human potential. It includes aspects of astrology, esotericism, metaphysics, alternative medicine, music, collectivism, sustainability, and nature. New Age spirituality is characterized by an individual approach to spiritual practices and philosophies, and the rejection of religious doctrine and dogma.
The modern New Age Movement emerged in a distinct form in the late 1960s and early 1970s, although its roots can be traced back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. … Diverse individuals from around the world practice New Age spirituality.”

In Matter-Being Paradigm, the Feminist movement is tied together with the New-Age movement to bring back the Right-Brain Maturity to integrated and synthesize with the male’s left-brain maturity. Notice, the emphasis as stated in the above quotations, for both Feminist and New Age movements are on body/mind-soul-spirit health and spirituality, which are directly related to the final understanding of left-right brain matured unconditional love, a prerequisite for the technology of 2033. Notice also most New-Age individuals are Females.

V.2 2001-2033: Transition from Brahma Night to Brahma Day, From Cataclysmic-Destruction to Heaven on Earth

An outline on the age of the Universe derived from the day-night cycles of Brahma.

Universe’s Age: Scientific observations; Age → 13.72 Billion Years.

The age of the universe calculated from the Brahma day-night cycles, the following outline obtained: the universe has gone through the first pre-heaven Brahma day (4.32 Billions) and the first post-heaven Brahma day-night cycle (8.64 Billions),

Universe’s First Two Days + One Night; Age → 3 x 4.32 Billion = 12.96 Billion Years (within free will perturbations of the scientific value).

Outline on Creations/Co-Creations:

  • Pre-Heaven, the Logic-Information-Energy Universe: First day: Age → 4.32 Billion Years
  • Post-Heaven, the Information-Energy-Mass Universe: Second day: Age → 8.64 Billion Years
  • First Night: Living Matter to Us Humans: Universe’s present Age →12.96 Billion Years

The Universe is at present in a transitional state; namely, from Brahma Night (Now) to Brahma Day (Beginning 2033).

  • Brahma Night –> Entangle in night of darkness, Hate, Destruction
  • Brahma Day –> Un-entangle in the light of day, Love, Integrate

3rd Brahma Day, Beyond 2033: If we don’t destroy ourselves between now and 2033 we are at the end of the Brahma night and the beginning of the third Brahma day, leaving the night of hell and entering the day of accession. Here survival is crucial. Our bodies have evolved from animals to humans. Our intuitions have evolved to the final state of right brain soul-maturity. Our knowledge has evolved to the final state of left brain maturity. What follow are left-right brain (Being-Matter) maturity and knowing the technology of ascension, which is love (Deterministic Un-entangled Bio-Quantum). This is our destiny beyond 2033.

  • Assumption: Love –> Monopole produces Un-entangled Dipoles.
  • In the Chinese Classic I-Ching: Monopole –> The Tai Chi, Dipoles –> Yin-Yang –> Un-entangled Right-Left Brain –> Toward Chakra-8 Maturity

Notice, to arrive at 2033 without self-destruct, humanity (at least 33.34 percent of earth citizens, especially the Intellectual/Intuitive/scientists) need to understand Love from the science and technology of a deterministic bio-quantum.



Brahma Night-Day Quantum Jump
The prophecies for destruction and spiritual transformations are the soul-visions of the right-brain. These are visions coming from the transitions of Brahma Night into Brahma Day, or the quantum jump from Night into Day. Like any quantum jump, the events around this jump are the most active. On the Night side, the event is destructive. On the Day side, the event is spiritual enlightenment. This event is unique, and has never before happened before in the entire history of the universe. Nor it will again happen in the universe’s future.

Logic-Information Vacuum Entanglement
Another uniqueness of the above event is its cause associated with entanglements in the logic vacuum due to left-brain maturity in human observers. This uniqueness is also because it’s never happened before in the entire history of the universe, nor will it ever happen again in the universe’s future.

Creating Little Big Bangs
A Unique Little Big Bang cause by LHC. The LHC energy is:

“The protons will each have an energy of 7 TeV, giving a total collision energy of 14 TeV. At this energy the protons have a Lorentz factor of about 7,500 and move at about 99.9999991% of the speed of light.”

With these energies, the holes produced in the Logic Vacuum can definitely cause destructive nuclear entanglements that collapsed into the physical energy-mass universe.

Information-Energy Vacuum Entanglement
On the Right-Brain side, a similar phenomenon is happening within the Information Vacuum created by the HAARP and others. This information vacuum entanglement is similar to the one’s that destroyed Atlantis as discussed above.

In view of non-local connections, the Human Mind (Good or Evil), Ley-lines, Earth’s Magnetic Poles, are all parts of the Spirit-Soul Vacuum Entanglement Sets.

Taking all the Unique Events stated above as a non-local connected set, the probability of initial destruction and then spiritual transformation could be high and thus explains the 2012 phenomenon from the Matter-Being Paradigm point of view.



Scientific evidences for Matter-Being Interactions were indicated in Princeton’s Global
The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. … A GLOBAL NETWORK of electronic devices produces continuous random data sequences. Subtle patterns in the data are linked with events that cause shared thoughts and emotions in millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected patterns, and also indicate that they cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields. We don’t yet know how to explain the subtle correlations between events of importance to humans and the GCP data, but they are quite clear. The results are evidence that the physical world and our mental world of information and meaning are linked in ways that we don’t yet understand.
“We have made over 170 formal tests as of the end of 2004. Each is defined by a prediction that the data will deviate from its usual random behavior during special times such as the celebration of New Years, shocking events like the disaster on September 11 2001, natural tragedies such as the great earthquake in Turkey, or the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and large-scale meditation and prayer events like the Kumbh Mela in India. Our results indicate strong correlations in some cases and virtually none in others, but overall they show significant evidence that something remarkable happens when we all are drawn into a community of interest and emotion.”

Model for Global Consciousness

  • Matter-Being Interactive Model → The Vacuum Computer
  • Codes/Subroutines (the Spirit) → in the Logic Vacuum
  • Program Executions (the Soul) → in Information Vacuum
  • Outputs (Mass/Chemistry) → into Physical Universe

Cause of Randomness and Un-repeatability

Non-local Entanglements → in Codes and Code Executions

Matured Left-Brain → Generates Un-entangled Codes
Matured Right-Brain → Output only Un-entangled Executions

  • Disturbances → Non-local Viruses
  • Execution Protections → Faraday Cage for unwanted Non-local Information/dis-Information

Non-local Information → Monopoles
Non-local Information Victors → Magnetic Monopoles

Input/Output Protections → Faraday Cage for Monopoles and Magnetic Monopoles Signals

Strength of the Signal → Non-entangled Synchronicity in Collective Consciousness (33.34 percent of Earth Citizen) in Matured Left-Brain Knowledge integrated into Matured Right-Brain Vision

Common Meaning Formed in Collective Consciousness

  • Left-Brain (Group) –> Knowledge/Understanding the Logic-Information of the Signal (In the “language” of the Group)
  • Right-Brain (Group) –> Vision on the Information-Energy generated by this Signal
  • Left-Right Brain (both Groups together)–> Information in Left Brain match Information in Right Brain

Example, language of the Least Action Principle in Physics:

  • Logic-Information –> the Lagrangian for the Signal & its Constraints
  • Information –> the Least Action Solution Subjects to the Constraints
  • Understanding –> Language must be translated for Group Understanding


Collapse of Group Information-Energy

  • Logic-Information-1 <–> Information-2-Energy-1 <–> Energy-2-Mass Information-1<–>Information-2 (Match Spirit-Soul Information)
  • Energy-1<–>Energy-2 (Match Soul-Particle Energy)
  • Energy-2–>Collapsed Group Meditation into A Single Purpose in the Harmonization of Humanity–Earth–Universe

This Single Group Purpose must approach an integrated information-energy state: A group state of matured left-brain understanding of the state’s logic-information and the matched matured right-brain vision of this information-energy. This combined single task must be accomplished through education and with an unconditional love for the group and humanity

  • Group Members –> Begin with Individuals from the New Age-Feminine Movements and Scientists in Alternative Technologies –> Scientists as a Group –> 33.34 Earth Citizen.
  • Convince Today’s Quantum/High-Energy Physicists and the Group
  • Verify by Today’s Physicists

First, Verification: Introduce this Paradigm to these Physicists for Review, Confirm/Dis-confirm, if confirm, taken it to the next stage and stop all high energy experiments

Develops the Message for Convergence

Second, the next stage: Develop the message so that its logic-information can be understood by the left-brain members in the Group, and this information is matched by the vision (in the form of information-energy) generated by the Group’s right-brain members

Convince the Group

Third, Implementation: Develop the Paradigm for lay understanding, then convince its value in helping to resolve the 2012 phenomenon. Educate the Group within their respective right and/or left brain. Combine/Integrate the two for Harmonic