On Penrose’s Concept of Soul & God’s Computer

This posting continues and completes the discussion on the physiology of [--]—[--]—[--] by commenting on Roger Penrose’s Microtubules Model of Consciousness and the Soul. The concept of a Non-Local (i.e., non-material) Logic-Information Nanotube (replacing Penrose’s Microtubules) will be introduced. At the same time, this posting summarizes the Paradigm’s formula for God’s Computer, including a resolution to Bell’s Non-Local Theorem. Within this conclusion the specific-details of the Being concepts of Nonlocality as defined within the Matter-Being Paradigm will be proposed in which the Physicist’s concept of space-time will no-longer be valid. In connection with this introduction, the difficulties encountered in Penrose’s model will be resolved.

On Consciousness and the Soul: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Penrose

He claims that the present computer is unable to have intelligence because it is an algorithmically deterministic system. He argues against the viewpoint that the rational processes of the mind are completely algorithmic and can thus be duplicated by a sufficiently complex computer. This contrasts with supporters of strong artificial intelligence, who contend that thought can be simulated algorithmically. He bases this on claims that consciousness transcends formal logic because things such as the insolubility of the halting problem and Gödel’s incompleteness theorem prevent an algorithmically based system of logic from reproducing such traits of human intelligence as mathematical insight. These claims were originally espoused by the philosopher John Lucas of Merton College, Oxford. The Penrose/Lucas argument about the implications of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem for computational theories of human intelligence has been widely criticized by mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers, and the consensus among experts in these fields seems to be that the argument fails, though different authors may choose different aspects of the argument to attack.

Penrose uses a variant of Turing’s halting theorem to demonstrate that a system can be deterministic without being algorithmic. (E.g., imagine a system with only two states, ON and OFF. If the system’s state is ON if a given Turing machine halts, and OFF if the Turing machine does not halt, then the system’s state is completely determined by the Turing machine; however there is no algorithmic way to determine whether the Turing machine stops.) Penrose believes that such deterministic non-algorithmic processes may come in play in the quantum mechanical wave function reduction, and may be harnessed by the brain.

This Matter-Being Paradigm Replacing Microtubules with the Holons of a Non-Local / Local (i.e., non-material) Nanotube. The Holons that define this Nanotube are formulated inside the Logic-Information, or God’s (Non-Local) Octagon holon. Embedded in this God holon are Three Holons, namely, with Holon Components (1) [Monopole—Dipole—Free-Energy / Involution-Evolution of the Universe]; (2) [Modified Number-Tetratys—God’s-Octagon—Phi-Sacred-Geometry] inside (3) [Non-Local / Local—folded-Unfolded—Spiraling Nanotube], where the specifics are formulated in Physiology 3 of the previous posting.

The Key Word here is Non-Local / Local in understanding this Matter-Being concept of a Nanotube:

Non-Local / Local holon depends on “who” the Observer is rather than the Observer’s existence defined in Space-time; namely the Soul—Spirit—Reference-Frame that defines the Observer.  Both Soul (defined by its Information-Energy within the Information Vacuum) — Spirit (defined by its Logic-Information within the Logic Vacuum) are Non-Local; while Reference Frame is the Local / Non-Local Holon of the Observer’s Knowingness—Belief—Fate, which depends on the Space-time existence of the Observer’s brain (the body component).  Thus, the “dimensions”, the “locations”, and the 2-D Logic-Information or the 3-D Information-Energy of the defined Nanotube has no meaning in the concept of space-time.  The 2-D is defined in the Base 9 qualitative systems of numbers. On the other hand, the 3-D is defined in Base 10 qualitative-quantitative systems of number connected to the Phi ratios with the embedded Sacred Geometry. The Base-9—Base-10 interactions, in algorithmic formulation, are shown below:


To be specific, logic of the neutral lines embedded in the Tao Te Ching represents free will interactions within the matter universe. The neutral lines in T’ai Huang Ching have to do with Being-Matter interactions in the universe’s psychology. It is these free wills that formed (1) the self-programmable computer; (2) also the Participatory Universe; and (3) God’s Involution Logic. This then is the Holon of God’s Creation hidden in the above line-diagram algorithmic formulation. On the other hand, the Programmer’s Free Will started the Logic Big Bang and the logic of evolution. Furthermore, Remember, Free Will is imprinted in light, or photons:

  • -- —-> Octave 36 -72,
  • --—-> Octave 0 – 36,
  • 靈 -魂-魄 —-> Octave 72 – 108

Thus, The Matter-Being Model of the Nanotube satisfies also the computation side of Penrose’s Microtubules formula, namely the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer. Can we build this computer?

In short, it is the Being Dimensions of the Nanotube that matters, rather than the Nanotube’s space-time Dimensions. Remember, time in the Being Dimension is an In-Out Vortex operator, while space is defined in the soul-mind operator connected-psychologically to the information-energy vacuum rather than energy-mass (the concept-definition of a particle). Notice, energy is a common factor between the information vacuum in Being and physical mass in Matter. It is this common factor that defines the term psychologically with connection to the term Locality within the soul-mind (—> soul-brain interactions) component. Therefore, for a complete understanding of Matter-Being Reality, one needs to step out of the physicist’s concept of space-time for this is a psychological concept that depends on the evolutionary stage (which is a local connotation) of the Observer’s Reference Frame. This Paradigm also suggests that God’s Octagon is in both our brain and our Universe’s brain (at least the non-local involution side). When one’s evolutionary state satisfies the state defined as the image of God, then there exists a one-one-onto mapping between Our brain and the Universe’s brain. See diagram shown below.


This resolves the Gödel’s problem encountered in all closed systems and in Penrose’s model.

In conclusion, the final analysis, based on these two diagrams, is that all free will is interconnected back to the Involution Logic of God that is also encoded in the Vacuum Computer as inputs to this Universe, namely back to the Holon [9—9—9]—[3—3—3]—[6—6—6]. Within the left brain perspective, this interconnectedness explains the Participatory Universe Hypothesis together with Bell’s Theorem of Non-Locality. In short, Bell’s Theorem applies to a mechanical reference frame, such as ping pong balls, observed by a Mechanical Observer without Being interactions. This interconnected phenomenon also explains the right-brain concept of collective consciousness and the existence of a cosmic memory and the Akasha Record.

Base 9—Base 10 Meanings of the Holons [3—3—3]—[6—6—6]—[9—9—9]


The Big Bang in the Concept of the Tao:

  • The Tao produced the One.
  • The One produced the Two.
  • The Two produced the Three.
  • The Three (The Holon 3—3—3) produced All Things.

6—6—6 Symbolized the Beast in Humans

Masculine —> Dominance of All Things (External Behavior) <—-> All Mighty, the negative side  (~ Tw Acu-Point Circuit —> Ck6–Ck-5–Ck-1, see below)

1080 Symbolized the Compassion in Humans

Feminine —> Breath, Mind-Soul-Spirit (Internal Health) <—-> Unconditional Love (~ HC Acu-Point Circuit —> Ck7–Ck4–Ck-2)

All Mighty + Unconditional Love <—–> Image of God: This balance between Unconditional love and negative All Mighty is through the balance of the Mind-Soul-Spirit Heath by (1) balancing HC (ying) and Tw (yang) or the two Chakra Holons [ck-7—ck4—ck2] with [ck6—ck5—ck-1] and (2) approaching the optimum Holon metabolic rate as derived in 1080 Human Physiology.

In short, the beast inside Humans is generated by the Dipole Impulse between Ck-6 and Ck-1 or between Fire (Ck-1) and Air (Ck-6); namely the Kundalini-Fire. The Monopole here has to do with the element Water generated by Ck-7 forming the Holon of Water (Ck-7)—-Fire (Ck-1)—-Air (Ck-6). See Bipolar Theory of Living Processes, By George Washington Crile. In George Crile’s Theory, this Dipole or Beast nature is connected to the Bipolar nature of the Adrenal [Ck-1] and the Thyroid/Sympathetic glands [Ck-5/Ck-6].

Thus, without balancing 666 by 1080, Beast nature in Humans will definitely surface.

1080 in Human Physiology

1080 Symbolizes the Number of breaths drawn in one hour —> 18 breaths per min (See John Michell, The New View Over Atlantis, pp 156-157.

  • 1080 = number of breaths drawn in one hour

    • = the Holy Spirit
    • = the spirit of the earth
    • = the fountain of wisdom
    • = radius of the moon in miles

And in Chinese Medical Philosophy:

  • Pulse = 4 x Respiration = 4 x 18 —> 72 counts/min
  • Temperature = 2 x 18 Respiration —> 36 degree C.

Thus, the Optimum Humans Metabolic Holon is 18—36—72 <—-> Respiration—Temperature C—Pulse. The integrator of all these Holons (the chakra + the Metabolic) is the Craniosacral circuit where an optimum flow equals is 9 cycles per min. Together the Breath symbolized by 1080 and forms the Holon with its components Compassion—Metabolic—Chakra.


  • 6—6—6 & 1080 see John Michell, The Dimensions of Paradise; pp 185-193 & 178-185; respectively
  • Left-right spiral universe, see Martin Gardner, The New Ambidextrous Universe: Symmetry and Asymmetry from Mirror Reflections to Superstrings
  • Examples of Symmetry and Asymmetry:
    • God Created our Universe Left-Handed (the Fall, a matter rather than anti-matter universe)
    • Humans are mostly right-handed (the Rise, Ascension)