Channeling-Prophecies with 靈-魂-魄— 身-心-靈—精-氣-神

In this posting, the diagram formula for Channeling-Prophecies (Transmitted Receiving Dynamics) will be derived through the local / non-local connections of eight Chinese Manadalas, forming three Holons as the components for a Participatory Universe Holon.


Next, we ca define these eight Chinese Mandalas by conceptually mapping these mandalas onto the Being in Numbers, Physics, Physiology, as formulated below.

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This Matter-Being Paradigm cannot be completed until Wing Pon was able to put the Paradigm onto this eight Chinese Mandala platform. This implies that Wing Pon is able to form a mutual feeling between his Mind—Soul—Spirit and each of these eight Chinese Mandalas hidden in the Beings of Numbers, Physics, and Physiology as illustrated in the above diagram. That is to say, Wing Pon’s -- Holon is able to non-locally connected to the -- Holon of the Universe. This condition, in the Chinese literature, is referred to as connecting the two mandalas. The reader of this Website can definitely notice an increase in maturity of this connection as Wing Pon’s writings progresses, from the first post, to the last post.