The Creation Holon

Creation involves full maturity of both left-right brain, namely both sides of our brain must be at a state of full maturity forming a whole-brain. This whole brain maturity must occur within an individual. Unfortunately we are now in a full left-brain maturity society. Our right-brain had been fully matured at an ancient civilization in the past. Today, this past right-brain maturity has been and still is slowly returning to some individuals.

The left-brain matured individuals are referred to as scientists, while the returned right-brain individuals are called intuits or psychics. Unfortunately, the scientists and the psychics are at odds with each other.  The requirement for any individual to possess the creation ability is that both his or her left and right brain must be simultaneously at a fully matured state. Yet, at today’s stage of evolution, an individual is either left-brain mature or right-brain mature.

I hope, this Matter-Being Paradigm can provide a mutual language-bridge that can joints together the Intuits and the Scientists. This whole brain creation Holon is shown below.


Models are usually the logic formulated by the left-brain. In this integration right-brain visions must also be included (e.g., the diagram formulas presented in this Website).

Remember, the term Collapse implies the actions inside the three Holon components of bio-quantum-collapses; namely, from Logic onto information [computer reading of spirit logic], information onto energy [computer execution of spirit logic in formation of the soul], and energy onto mass [computer outputs]. To execute these collapses correctly, computer drivers (denoted simply as drivers) must be written by the observer’s mind with the spirit-mind and soul-mind components. Furthermore, radionics are collapses of logic onto information-energy executed via psychics with only the soul-mind component. Technology has to do with collapses of logic-information onto energy-mass with only the spirit-mind component and the instrumental assistance of a laboratory. Thus, both radionics and/or technology are not true Creation, as depicted in the diagram formula above. They are components of true Creation. Integrating radionics with technology (refers to as bio-quantum technology integrated with pure love) by an integrated spirit-soul computer driver via the individual’s whole mind is what the Matter-Being Paradigm refers to as true Creation. In short, true Creation is obtained via a future technology of Love, as depicted, which becomes the final advancement in bio-quantum technology as depicted.

Radionics, outputs of the soul in the form of information-energy without the guidance of logic-spirit, are unstable and uncontrollable. On the other hand, technologies, lab outputs of brain-spirit logic, without the understanding of soul-spirit connections and its joint collapses, are also unstable and uncontrollable like free energy and superconductivity.