Christ Holon: Conception–Resurrection–Ascension

From the assumption of the Matter-Being Paradigm: All ancient findings are assumed accurate in our Participatory Universe until proven otherwise, and these findings are formulated in the Logic Potential of Mind/Body—Soul—Spirit. One such set of logic is Christ Conception—Resurrection—Ascension Holon, as stated below.


The canonical gospels of Matthew (Matthew 1:18)[1:18] and Luke[1:26-35] say that Mary was a virgin and that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. These gospels, later tradition and current doctrine present Jesus’ conception as a miracle involving no natural father, no sexual intercourse, and no male seed in any form, but instead brought about by the Holy Spirit.[5][6][7][8]

…the conception of Jesus is seen as a strictly miraculous occurrence, not explainable as a natural process, no matter how exceptional, or as a scientific achievement.[60][61] Similarly, Christian belief in Mary’s virginal conception of and giving birth to Jesus is unrelated to processes such as artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and human cloning.

The Logic Flow-Chart formulation for this Holon is structured below.



The Holon of Evolution—Involution—Ascension

in Humans

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In connection with Christ Holon of Conception—Resurrection—Ascension is the Mystery in the Formation of the Shroud of Turin as shown below.

Shroud of Turin

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No Explanation of its formulation, Especially in its Energy Sorce

Energy Source

Many believe the shroud is the same cloth that Jesus was wrapped in after his death and the resurrection process exerted such energy that his image was imprinted on the cloth.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

This section discusses energy source hypotheses. However, the hypotheses presented here do not account for where the energy came from, e.g. the corona discharge requires high levels of energy, which would have needed to have been generated from a human body. None of the papers cited in this section have presented a detailed analysis regarding the application of the law of conservation of energy [Remember, in the Matter-Being Paradigm, the New Conservation Law for Matter-Being is the Holon of Information—Energy—Mass] with respect to the generation of the energy needed to support the hypotheses presented.

Results of some new experiments propose that a Corona discharge mechanism [Analogous to the Kirilan Photographic image of Acu-Points] could have been involved in the Turin Shroud body image formation, but it is impossible to reproduce all the characteristics of the image in a laboratory because the energy source required is too high.[131][140] This theory and the experiment have not addressed a method by which the high level of energy could have been controlled and directed, without damaging the Shroud.[dubiousdiscuss]

In the Anglican Continuum: The Shroud of Turin, the Work of Ray Downing

Apr 27, 2011 … Studying the Shroud [of Turin] to produce the 3D face of Jesus, … created by a kind of energy as yet unknown to the most advanced science.

Example of Kirilan Photographic Image:

From Energy Emission Analysis, by Peter Mandel:

It is an age old belief that man is surrounded by an invisible energy shell. Names for this phenomenon include astral body, sideral body, aura body, energy body, second or soul body or that which is used in the Soviet Union, bioplasma.

A Kirilan Photographic image of Acu-Points is shown below


Using the Matter-Being Paradigm explanation, this image mechanism is from the conversion of Vacuum Energy contained in the Logic-Information Potential of the object [the spirit state of Christ’s] onto its Information-Energy component [the soul state of Christ], as shown in the Flow-Chart formula below.

Energy Mechanism in the Formation of the Shroud

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Spontaneous Human Combustion: Examples on the Magnitude of Energy Generated are illustrated in the following two diagrams.

tem2 1


tem2 2

How Spontaneous Human Combustion Works by Stempanie Watson,

In December 1966, the body of 92-year-old Dr. J. Irvin­g Bentley was discovered in his Pennsylvania home by a meter reader. Actually, only part of Dr. Bentley’s leg and slippered foot were found. The rest of his body had been burned to ashes. A hole in the bathroom floor was the only evidence of the fire that had killed him; the rest of the house remained perfectly intact.

How could a man catch fire — with no apparent source of a spark or flame — and then burn so completely without igniting anything around him? Dr. Bentley’s case and several hundred others like it have been labeled “spontaneous human combustion” (SHC). Although he and other victims of the phenomenon burned almost completely, their surroundings, and even sometimes their clothes, remained virtually untouched.

Can humans spontaneously burst into flames? A lot of people think spontaneous human combustion is a real occurrence, but most scientists aren’t convinced.