Holon Physiology-VI

Our presentation of the Holon Physiology topic continues again with the use of diagram  diagram formulations.

tem2An Individual’s Optimum Function—Information—Energy Healing Path

tem2 1

These 5-Elements Causal Chains are referred to as Causal Paths, illustrated in a previous posting, and it is again shown below.


CHINESE TERMINOLOGY: The Chinese Concept of Blood—-Qi-Ch’i—-Pulse-Acu-Points

In Holon Physiology IV, the confusing-intermingled concept of Qi and Xue (Blood) had been clarified via the Holon Theory. Next, the confusing-intermingled concept of Xue-Qi with the term Mai also needs clarification. For example, this term Mai simultaneously means Pulse and/or Acu-Points, while Acu-Points (acupuncture points) also applies to the terms Meridian and Vessels (ching-lo).  This clarification of Pusle—Acu-Points with Qi—Ch’i—Xue (blood) is illustrated in the Holon diagram below.

tem2 2

Thus explains the importance of Junk DNA as compared to DNA, and their connection.

To further understand the importance of Junk DNA, the Holon  mechanism for Spin—Ion—Molecule Transport needs further discussion.

tem2 3

Isotope Tunneling Elements

tem2 4

Isotope Tunneling Elements Na, K, Fe

tem2 5

The above 172 Hydrogen Atomic Table also contain the Holon of Hydrogen, which is shown below.


The results in this Holon Physiology explain why Chinese Medical Philosophy believes that Genetic Information is in the Blood.

Lastly, the connected yet different functions between Junk DNA are illustrated in the diagram below.


This explains the findings that over 98-percent of DNA is classified as Junk (or non-coding) DNA with only two-percent as coding DNA.

This concludes Holon Physiology-VI.