A Summary of Vol 2-6 Contents (2004)

These Summaries provide a general, or a holistic view, of the Matter-Being Paradigm as of 2004. These summaries offer the readers a holistic understanding of this Matter-Being Paradigm. What remains, after this posting, is in the completion of the posting on Positive Living from the Practical Side, and redesigning of this Website by an expert Web Master of which this Author is not. The practical side of Positive Living involves optimizing the daily practices of one’s body-soul-spirit physiology and characters guided by WebHealth and the Acu-Brain.

This Author is not an expert in any of the fields integrated in this Paradigm.  In looking into the mind-soul-spirit of the Universe from the ancient to the modern and to the future, he tries to be a Systems Scientist (a Holistic Thinker).  In fact, the Author’s first book, Journey into a Science of Reality: An East West View of Reality, Vol 1, 1978, depicts his beginning understanding of the Universe as a Holistic Thinker. The Six Volumes in 2004 summarized in this posting represents the Second stage of this Author’s understanding of Reality, as a Holistic Thinker. This Website and the Book: The Matter-Being Project, Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics-Chemistry-Genetics-Technology, 2009, represents the Author’s latest views.

With this posting, what remains are its applications in the form of bio-quanta experiments and the completion of the formulations and testing of body-soul-spirit human physiologies.

SUMMARY OF VOL 2-6 (2004)

Knowing the Unknowable: Physics of a Non-Local World

Volume 2 of 6

Volume One established the Holon Paradigm: a quantum observer paradigm based on (1) mind-soul-spirit key-logic of the observer; (2) the lock-logic of the object being observed; and (3) the observation where the probability of which the key found its lock inside the quantum-correspondence mirror. These three components, taken as a unit of wholeness, are referred to as a Holon. In addition, this paradigm is based on a three-component matter model; namely logic-wave-particle. The wave-particle components are well known in physics. The logic component and its non-local information are discussed in Volumes Two and Four. Volume Two establishes this non-local logic component of matter from the perspective of God’s non-local inputs to the binary-ternary logic of the I-Ching; from defining the logic of elementary particles (formulated in the Standard Model) to the logic of space and time; and from the qualitative logic of a Base 9 world to the quantitative logic of a Base 10 world.

Putting the elementary particles into their logic components seem to resolved their unresolved issues; such as, particle family generations and their mass; spins in supersymmetry; fractional charges; and proliferation of particles. The line diagrams (bigrams, trigrams, etc) in the I-Ching offer an alternative/qualitative interpretation of non-local information with the correspondences between bits <—-> bigrams, qubits <—-> trigrams, and quantum logic <—-> free will. The component of logic-information also provides the mappings of correspondences such as the Moment of Now <—-> consciousness, non-local observation <—-> spirit knowingness, space-time continuum <—-> soul observation, and logic-information potential <—-> radionic-scalar energy; and also explains the inflationary and the accelerated expansion of the universe, dark energy and dark matter. In addition, the resonance between Base 9 and Base 10 generated the physical constants in connection to the speed of light. Base 9 logic helps explains the logic origin of the universe before the Big Bang. It is the break in Base 9 logic symmetry that generated the Big Bang (see Volume 6, Epilogue H).

These mappings are modeled using a quantum-correspondent mirror and a set of teleportation operators, which carries information through and across both sides of the mirror. The imaginary number i is such an operator, so is informed intention: again a correspondence, i.e., i—intention. In fact, as established in Volume six: it is the uninformed intentions, as teleportation operators, that cause difficulties in all quantum-nano technologies. In addition, these teleportation operators are non-local logic-information objects, as such, their speeds are “far greater than” the speed of light. The Lorentz Transform for these objects should generate a logic-mass and an information-mass like the energy-mass for objects whose speeds are less than that of light.

Knowing the Unknowable: Body-Soul-Spirit Health

Toward Ascension, Volume 3 of 6

Science is taking on a new aspect, which is neither purely physical, nor purely biological. It is becoming the study of organisms. Biology is the study of the larger organisms; whereas physics is the study of the smaller organisms. There is another difference between the two divisions of science. The organisms of biology include as ingredients the smaller organisms of physics … Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern World

This paradigm extends Whitehead’s philosophy of organisms into the potential of becoming a quantitative-qualitative physics of the spirit and developed it into a future technology of co-creation with application in human ascension as defined in the Holon paradigm.

Matter according to the Holon Paradigm has three components, in the form of logic-wave-particle, and the correspondence mappings depicted as logic ßà spirit, wave <—-> soul, and particle <—-> body-brain. Mind is defined as brain-soul interactions. Thus, from the Holon paradigm, we have spirit <—-> non-local lock-logic, soul <—-> quantum-correspondent mirror, and body-brain <—-> constrained key-logic of informed intention. Bringing in the physiology, we form the mappings: spirit <—-> non-local knowingness <—-> acu-point networks (acu-brain), soul <—-> quantum observations <—-> chakra communications, and body-brain <—-> anatomic-physiological constraints <—-> neuro-endocrines; in addition, spirit <—-> consciousness <—-> logic-information potential, and mind <—-> intention <—-> information-energy field.  In short, these mappings establish the Holon of evolution-involution-ascension physiology, and the tools for explaining (in a subjective <—-> objective scientific way) the Taoist-Hindu immortality practice.

The connecting reasons behind these mappings, besides the correspondences between spirit and matter, is the mapping of qualitative-quantitative rules of numbers: Base-9—Base-10—Base 9/10 reasoning <—-> soul-physiology of Charkas 7—8—5 <—-> vibration frequencies of 36—108—72 Octaves, where each chakra is formed by a Holon of three acu-point networks. As discussed in Volume Two, the Number 3 generated the physical constant matrix for outer world of things, likewise the number 6 formed human personalities for the inner world of values. Thus, these mappings establish the mind-matter connections in psychology, parapsychology, Radionics, occult philosophy, and spirit-mind-matter (or scalar) technologies in areas such as bio-superconductivity, bio-transmutations, and cold fusions. In addition, a mathematical theory of spirit-soul-body/brain can be formulated for defining health-medicine in the Holon of Information-Energy-Chemistry: more specifically, in the fractals of 5/7 elemental acu-point spirals. (Also see Volumes 5 & 6).

Knowing the Unknowable: Putting God Back into Physics

Volume 4 of 6

How did our Universe Originated? If our Universe originated from a Big Bang, what caused the Big Bang? One might say that energy from virtual reactions of matter and anti-matter generated the Big Bang. What created matter and anti-matter? Thus, to explain the origin of our Universe, one needs to put God back into physics as the Creator of the First Cause. God is a non-local observer. His input Created the non-local logic component of matter. The symmetry break of the logic component formed the wave-particle components of matter. Thus, its logic aspect harmonizes the dual conflicts of wave-particle, and formed the Holon of matter.

God’s input is the number 9 in Base 9. Thus, the number 9 is God’s number, which contains all numbers: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 —> 9. This Base 9 equation is hidden in the I-Ching’s pre-heaven octagon mandala. Thus, the Big Bang was Created when number 9 in its symmetry break formed the pre-heave octagon, which contains the logic-information component of our Universe. The break in the pre-heaven octagon formed the post-heaven octagon, which contains the Universe’s particle logic. The state of energy-mass is the interactions of these two sets of lock-key logic. Examples in logic symmetry breaks are: 9 —> 3 + 6, where 3 <—-> Nature’s number, generating constants of nature that guide the formation of the physical world, and 6 <—-> human’s number, which guides the formation of the mind; 9 —> 36/72/108 octaves in the vibration of strings of sound-light-information that generated the world of things. Notice that the hidden number in the post-heaven octagon is the number 6, (i.e., 15 —> 6, the inverse image of the number 9).

To understand the quantitative-qualitative formation of this Universe, the following correspondence mappings are helpful: Void <—-> Wu Chi, Logic <—-> Li, Yang <—-> Wave, Yin <—-> Particle, Logic-Information Potential <—-> Tai Chi, Information-Energy Field <—-> Tao, GUT Monopole <—-> Yin-Yang phase changes in Pre-Heaven Octagon and the 64 pre-heaven Hexagrams, Magnetic Monopole <—-> Yin-Yang phase changes in Post-Heaven Octagon and the 64 post-heaven Hexagrams, Bits <—-> phases changes in a Bigrams, Qubits <—-> phases changes in a Trigrams, Quantum Logic <—-> Free Will. Thus, qualitative dynamics in the logic component corresponds to phase transformations of yin-yang to form bigrams, bigrams to form trigrams, and the phase transformation of trigrams to form hexagrams. These phase transformations are subject to free will denoted by a neutral line.  From the above mappings, these phase dynamics non-locally affect the states (i.e., the wave functions and/or quantum collapses) of the wave-particle aspects via the quantum-correspondent mirror. In addition, the phases of the spin Holon mapped onto the 5 phases of the 5-element spiral.  Thus, the mapping of states suggests that Extra-dimensions in strings and M-theory <—-> information dimension in I-Ching logic of line diagrams. These mappings are all hidden in the mandalas of the pre- and post-heaven octagons.

Knowing the Unknowable: Soul-Spirit Chemistry—Health–Medicine and Creation—Co-Creation—Free Energy

Volume 5/6 of 6, Epilogues: Monopole Technologies

The Lorentz Transform for spirit-soul-body generated the Holon of logic-mass, Information-mass, and Energy-mass. Likewise, from the Holon connection of space-time-matter, we have the inner and outer Holons of space: the inner-outer of Creator’s space—logic space—information space. These inner-outer space interactions are categorized into intimate distance (love), personal distance (love-hate), social distance (love-hate), and public distance (neither love nor hate). These love-hate relationships generate the forces of Nature: Strong, Weak, Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity. Symmetry breaks (expansions) are acts of hate. Symmetric unifications (contractions) are acts of love. The forces and the magnetic spin Holon of the dipole pair generate nature’s love-hate relations in outer space: the dipole pairs of GUT—magnetic monopole and magnetic monopole—electron orbits. There are also the love-hate relations in inner space generated by the fields of logic-information and the spin Holon of the information dipole-pair: spirit—acu-brain and mind—Vortexes, deposition angles in cell membranes.

Dipoles are formed between two spaces: GUT in Creator’s space and magnetic monopole in logic space; while electron orbits are in information space. Outside the information space is the nano-space of atomic lattices. Likewise, spirit is in Creator’s space, and acu-brain in logic space; in addition, mind in logic space and Vortexes in information space. The Holons of Soul-Spirit Chemistry—Health—Medicine and Creation—Co-Creation—Free Energy are directly involved with the inner-outer space dynamics of these dipole pairs. The applications of these inner-outer space dynamics are what I refer to as monopole technologies, (see Volume 6).  The following correspondences will help in understanding these monopole technologies: GUT—magnetic-monopole <—-> spirit—acu-brain, Magnetic-monopole—electron-orbits <—-> mind—Vortexes; and logic-information-potential <—-> spirit, information-energy-field <—-> mind, logic-information of atoms <—-> acu-point networks, magnetic monopole <—-> red blood cells, 5 categories of magnetic properties in atomic elements <—-> phase spirals of the 5 acu-point networks, and 12 zodiac <—-> 12 acu-point networks <—-> 12 Bach flowers <—-> 12 cell salts. From these mappings, monopole dynamics (and its technologies) are entangled between the outer world of electromagnetic waves and the inner world of thoughts generated by our mind. Thus to obtain stability in monopole technologies, such as cold fusion and room temperature superconductivity, the entire system must be shielded from negativities coming from both the outer space in the form of electromagnetic waves and inner space in the form of thoughts. These negativities are what the physicists refer to as quantum objective-subjective entanglements.

Knowing the Unknowable: Epilogues; Monopole Technologies

Volume 6 of 6

Wing Pon developed an insight into how we can achieve our highest potentials using scientific technology. This is a radical departure from previous paradigms of human reality and the achievement of our potential that has never before been promoted in human history. This [Holon Method] is truly an insight without match. As we study history and analyze scientific breakthroughs, this achievement is something in the tradition of Aristotle, Galileo and Einstein. Wing Pon’s concept, as we look back on history, will be seen as the high water mark. Romeo Di Benedetto, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology El Paso Community College, El Paso, Texas, USA, Television Host of “The Emerging Renaissance … An Odyssey of Spirit”

What is the language of nature? Where is it encoded? How does nature communicate? It took 45 years and a common/precise definition of soul-spirit, amongst the diverse left-right brain subjects of cultural knowledge, to answer the above three questions:

  • a soul-spirit definition that expands the quantum-relativistic understanding of non-local actions in physical matter; a soul-spirit definition that offers a qualitative informational understanding of the extra dimensions in string theory;
  • a soul-spirit definition that offers a solid-intellectual foundation to explain the extrasensory perceptions reported in the occult and metaphysical literatures for living matter;
  • a soul-spirit definition that puts God back into physics by resolving the duality between creationism and evolutionism in cosmology;
  • a definition that expands the physical concepts of evolution-entropy to include the soul-spirit concepts of involution-ascension with free will;
  • a soul-spirit definition that expands the quantitative meaning of numbers in outer space-time to include their qualitative meaning in inner space-time.

The three outer-inner spaces (i.e., Creator’s space—logic space—information space) form Nature’s spectronic computer (Vol. 6).

The common denominator hidden in this soul-spirit definition is logic, a non-local component added to today’s wave-particle definition of matter. This expansion also expanded the conservation components of matter. Added to the conservation of mass-energy are the conservations of logic-information and information-energy.  The byproducts of these two added conservation components, discussed in Volumes 5 and 6, provide the solutions to the following technologies: the three components of medicine in Information—Energy—Chemistry; the information-energy technology of Free Energy—Superconductivity—Antigravity, and the spintronic technology of a nano-computer. These are the future technologies based on the invisible energy hidden in logic-information potentials and dark matters in the form of information-energy. In short, these six volumes recorded Pon’s inputs to and outputs from Nature’s spintronic computer.

Wing Y. Pon grew up in a dialectical environment amongst Chinese and Western medical doctors. He was their patient. Pon has a M.S. in Engineering Science from Stanford University and continued at Stanford with his interdisciplinary studies into the invariance of Biological-Physical-Engineering Systems in the form of a Renaissance Education.