QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence-2

The Mandalas–Diagrams–Flow Charts illustrated in this posting completes the 10–22–27 formula and its properties as discussed in this Website. This formula captures both concepts in quantum-relativistic physics and metaphysics hidden in the five human sciences of I-Ching logic, (see previous posting). It is in this East-West integration (putting mind-soul-spirit into quantum-relativistic physics) that the understanding of a Bio-quantum (hidden in the 10–22–27 formula) is necessary. This posting completes the concepts of the last six postings:

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We shall start with the I-Ching formula on Base-9 arithmetic given in posting, QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers).


tem-2 2

Notice, each number contains a Logic-Information Holon of mind-soul-spirit.

Combining both the Bio-Quantum concepts and I-Ching Logic in mind–soul–spirit, we have the following explanatory diagram.

tem-2 6For Tetraktys / Physical Constants, see postings:

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In finding the Elixir of Immortality, all five human sciences in the I-Ching must be involved (see posting, QA: What is the Formula for Being-Matter Interactions). In these human sciences, there are internal and external practices toward Immortality and Enlightenment. The mandala shown at the beginning of this posting, The Mind–Soul–Spirit of Numbers, has to do with internal practice, namely exercises on perfecting Mind entries into the Vacuum Computer, the number 10.

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There is an external practice, which has to do with finding the Elixir of Immortality through Alchemy. Both practices need to understand and avoid those Perverse Information-Energy as addressed in the 10–22–27 formula.

For a Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science / Technology and the Internal Practice of Enlightenment, the following are necessary:

  • Understanding and avoiding the Perverse Information-Energy formulated by the 10–22–27 formula
  • Teaching Nature, via the vacuum computer, about  the Information-Energy Paths of Chakra Health and the Cold Fusion / Superconductivity Reactions
  • Avoid the disturbance in the Free Will Field, and if necessary use monopole shielding

Another aspect of this formula is shown below, which contains further details on the Base-9 logic connected to the hidden five-element door.

tem-2 7

The I-Ching logic of the five elements and their number connections are obtained from the diagram below, except the number 7 (which is not in the diagram and is referred to as spirit fire) and the numbers 3, 6, and 9 have no five-element correspondences.



Finally, the 9-Octagon Arrays shown in the above diagram form the following two Holons.



The top is the Observer Holon, the bottom is the Observed Holon. In addition, the Holon for the reference frame is


Lo Pan, see God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution. The Chinese Characters are those of the I-Ching terms and are conceptually mapped onto the terms derived from the Paradigm.

Presented in this 10–22–27 formula is only the beginning of the creation of a “scientific right-left brain” language in defining a path for much further research and experimentations.

The perverse, benefit, or neutral interactions between the spin vortexes of Qi  and Ch’i (as shown in the above diagrams) as defined by the five-element Information-Energy interactions. These interactions are calculated with the 10–22–27 celestial stems and terrestrial branches formula as a function of date, time and directions. These calculations are listed in the Chinese Calendar within the combination of the 10-stems and 12-branches tables. In short, these perverse Information-Energy are the sum of Non-Local / Local Acu-Point (or Monopole) entangled-disinformation in their Logic-Information Potentials, namely the non-local logic disturbance from the Acu-Points of the earth, sun, moon, zodiacs, constellations, and so on.

The terms reference frames, observer, and the observed are interchangeable, namely the observer is being observed by the observed or by the reference frames. It is within these interchangeable components that entanglements and disinformation occur.  In addition, the fact that the observed and the reference frames exist in the vacuum, which is without space and without time, the observations and reference frames can be in the “earth-future”  or the “earth-past”.  These past-future connections to the moment of Now via the vacuum computer are properties of our Participatory Universe. Thus, explains the Information-Energy Phenomena of UFO and Crop Circles. In addition, these ancient mandalas exist in the 10–22–27 formula. Derived from I-Ching logic are psychic formulations dating back to the ancient spiritual sciences. These origins could date back to the same era as the Pyramids where right-brain maturity is at its highest. As a note, through this formula, predicting one’s health via one’s birthday is possible.

What percentage of entanglements and disturbances can this formula capture is a question, which at present has no answer. But, within this Participatory Universe, the following input Holon is at work


to help our Research—Development—Execution of this 10—22—27 formula.

Notice, all metaphysical–quantum formulations presented in this Matter-Being Paradigm (including the logic of elementary particles, the logic of the atomic elements, and so on) can be addressed via the line diagram logic, as shown in this Website. In conclusion, three more examples of these line diagram mandalas are illustrated below.


tem-2 3


tem-2 5


tem-2 8

It is not easy to understand the Paradigm presented in this Website, for it contains the background of almost all subjects of knowledge. This backgrounds is presented in most previous writings as listed in the posting, Wing Pon’s Writings and Videos. One may also obtain these background by Googling it.