QA: What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience


From this Website and the Book, the reader should have a notion that Reality is very much Observer-Observed dependent, i.e.,

  • The Observer-Observed Co-Created the Reality
  • The Co-Created Reality is Constrained by the Observer-Observed Reference Frame
  • The Being of the Observer Participates, however small, in the Construction of this Reality

Thus, until this Reality is accepted by its Peer Review, this Matter-Being Paradigm is still Wing Y. Pon’s Paradigm.

Therefore, what is the Being that defines Wing Y. Pon is also important in understanding this Paradigm. The Biography page alone cannot fully define the Being of Wing Y. Pon. Hopefully the following brief autobiography on his growing up might offer additional valuable insights into the mind-soul-spirit of Wing Y. Pon.


What I am about to report is perhaps to some a strange story, and perhaps to others, especially my old friends, a sign that I have lost my mind. To me what I am about to report is not a story, but a depiction of my own true belief. All my life, I have carried an internal feeling of strangeness with an abnormal sense of self in conflict with the expectations of others. I was, however, fortunate. After going through many changes in my self-structure, I was able to adjust to the demands of the groups (family, playmates, schools, jobs, etc.) in which I sought membership.

On the outside, I did very well. I graduated magna cum laude, received the “Most Outstanding Scholar in Physics Award”, and obtained a Master of Science degree from Stanford University. In addition, I am a very successful entrepreneur. Therefore, in the eyes of others, I am living the American dream. What a happy and lucky person he must be. On the inside, however, my feelings of fear, insecurity and withdrawal have never left me. Besides being moody and withdrawn from any group participation, I constantly carried a strong sense of inner feelings that no accomplishments, however exceptional, are adequate. There always exists an inner push to be better, to accomplish unaccomplishable tasks. Two main tasks, the integration of Eastern philosophy with Western science and the creation of a Unified Field Theory in physics, were always in the back of my mind. These were my hobbies from childhood onward. No matter what happened, I could not stay away from them. It was not until I discovered the mathematics for the Holon Life Profile [WebHealth], describing the inner and outer communication of body-soul-spirit, did I begin to understand why.

Let me give a few examples so the reader will understand the craziness of this manic urge to accomplish the tasks of East-West Integration and Unified Field Theory. In the East-West Integration, I was always fascinated with the Chinese arts of self-defense and mystery in mind–soul–spirit readings of Acu-Points performed by my uncle, a Chinese medical doctor. Both self-defense and Acu-Point reading are connected.

From the age of nine to thirteen, I delivered newspapers to help with my family’s financial needs. As an example of accomplishing the unaccomplishable in these arts, I seriously attempted to gain the ability to jump in a straight-up posture to an expected height of eight feet, I ran up and down the streets of San Francisco delivering newspaper at 6 a.m. every morning weighted down with lead on both legs. After six months of practicing, I increased these weights to 35 pounds on each ankle. This was only one of many crazy practices in my attempt to become the best of the best.

To name only a few, the following examples are definitely crazy, absolutely not normal, manic behavior attached to this urge of finding resolutions to the dualities between East and West.  In high school, I wrote a research paper on healing cancer with acupuncture, and I took it to a professor of biology at San Francisco State University for review. The reader can definitely guess the outcome of this event. My first breakthrough was in a foxhole in Vietnam in 1965. It was there that I discovered the conceptual invariant in the duality of entropy and information in any open system and that this duality had a direct correspondence with the duality of Yin and Yang in Chinese cosmology. During my first R & R (rest and relaxation), I spent the entire period either in the library of Tokyo University, Japan, or in the university’s book store going through books in quantum and relativistic physics. I completed my double majors in mathematics and physics in my junior year and spent my senior year as an undergraduate taking special study courses (physics 199).

I completed nine units of special studies. Six units were on literature studies related to the Unified Field Theory of Physics. The other three units were in biophysics, the development of an Energy Cell Model based on Chinese medical and philosophical concepts. In my graduate studies at Stanford finding the need to develop the tools with interdisciplinary knowledge for my research hobbies, I attempted to gain a renaissance education so I could understand the invariance hidden in general systems. There were no academic studies of this nature at Stanford at that time. I was not able to find a graduate committee to sponsor my research in the area of East-West integration or the Unified Field Theory in Physics using invariant principles in general systems theory. Frustrated, I left Stanford with a Master Degree in science.

Now, at the age of sixty, my feelings of fear, insecurity and withdrawal have left me. But, even though I retired 24 years ago, after I encountered the Kundalini (or Revelation) experiences at the age of 48, the strong and sometimes maniacal urges to accomplish the unaccomplishable are still very much with me. This time it is, however, different than those of my childhood. The big change of events occurred fifteen years ago, when I found God. Before that, the word “God” was never part of my vocabulary. I was neither a believer nor a nonbeliever. God, or religion, was something I was just not interested in. In fact, I wasn’t interested in too many topics outside of those belonging to the East-West Integration and the Unified Field Theory. You might say that I am addicted to my childhood hobbies. Now, this unaccomplishable task is my mission from God.

Looking back at my life, especially with the understanding of my destiny and karma through the Holon Life Profile, I begin to sense that God was always the one doing all the pushing. This childhood hobby and my entrepreneurship turned out to be the preparation for this mission from God. At least deep inside of my soul and spirit, I strongly feel that this is what God wanted me to do. In the last five years, I began to have a feeling of knowing God, His Creation, and His purpose for this Universe and for us humans. The God I referred to, is the One defined within this Paradigm, namely my ability to “read” the Vacuum Computer code.

Kundalini Experience

This happened in February 1986. The symptoms of this illness began with hives all over my body, very rapid heart beat, severe insomnia, extreme random hot spells and cold spells, and skin so sensitive that clothes irritated me. The symptoms that were signs of kundalini, at least to me, were those involved with inner body sensations and mental creative madness. Randomly, I felt sensations like electrical current running from my head down my spine and other parts of my body. The feeling is more of discomfort rather than pain. On the mental side (even with these uncomfortable symptoms), during the limited amount of time I spent in writing each day, any questions I asked I received an answer directly from my higher self.

My medical doctor, our family doctor for the prior eighteen years, had no idea of the cause of these symptoms. At first, he told me that the symptoms are probably due to stress and perhaps all in my mind. He helped me with remedies for my hives and gave me sleep medication. I was on leave at the time. One day, in his office, during a medical examination, my heartbeat was extremely rapid to a point where medication was needed. He sent me to have a complete check-up (blood test, x-ray, ultrasound, and the works) at El Camino Hospital. All the results were negative except my blood chemistry was abnormal but without explanation of the cause or causes. I was than sent to Stanford Medical Center’s Psychiatry department. The diagnosis was manic depression. My response to that was yes, I am manic, but not depressed at all, perhaps more in a state of over joy (from the answers I got to the questions asked of my higher self), which I also told the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist did not appreciate my responses at the time.  Valium was prescribed. I not only refused the valium; but also decided to take myself out of the hands of these medical doctors. I reasoned, if I can obtain answers in asking my higher self, why don’t I ask my higher self to tell me what to do to heal myself. This I did.

It was through this feedback process of asking, studying, going and asking in a continuous process that I healed myself. This entire process took almost the remainder of the year of 1986. It was through this feedback process that I healed and experienced this holon paradigm. I think it will be helpful to the reader that I describe some of the details of the feedback in both the techniques and their theoretical reasoning as related to the Holon Theory.

Here are some general comments to prepare the reader for the details of this feedback process. The answers coming from the higher self are always general and holistic with respect to the area asked. The answers by themselves cannot be applied. Details must be provided by one’s own intelligence with studies. In researching these details (or in performing the healing techniques as determined from the above two steps), other questions develope. These questions must be precisely structured before asking the higher self. The process repeats many times until the entire job is completed. Furthermore, after awhile, you will develop a body sensation in delineating the correct answers compared to incorrect answers. If the answer is incorrect, you will know that the question was structured incorrectly. You will restructure the question and ask again. This then is the feedback process. Notice, the structuring of the questions is from the intellect of the left-brain; receiving the answer from the higher self is through one’s intuition of the right-brain; finally, the dedication of researching the details to the holistic answer given by the higher self represents a love communication. This is what I call “intellectual channeling” as compared to normal “right-brain channeling.”


Summary of Being Experience associated with the development of this Matter-Being Paradigm:

  • Experiencing My Uncle’s Mind-Soul-Spirit Healing
  • The Kundalini Experience and My Own Healing via asking specific questions and receiving answers from my “Higher-Self”
  • Experiencing the Acu-Brain Mandala as it developed
  • Experiencing and Learning the responses from hundreds of WebHealth Mind-Soul-Spirit evaluations
  • Finally, experiencing the Mind-Being Paradigm as it developed, especially the intuitive feeling of the nine Chinese Characters --神, --靈, 靈 -魂-魄. Remember that these Characters are left-Brain Mandala or Radionics experiencing right-brain visions.


There is much difficulty of finding peer review for this Paradigm because of the fact that this Paradigm was developed with both the Observer’s scientific experiences and Kundalini-Being experience plus the Observer’s use of Ancient Chinese-Hindu Philosophies, especially  in mind-soul-spirit health.